About The Alchemist

This site is run by writer, and holistic nutritionist, Diya SenGupta. She lives in New York City and travels everywhere.

She's obsessed with culture, food, and fashion.

Her professional background stems from the world of business: She began her career working on consulting projects for P&G’s Beinggirl initiative for the Tampax/Always brands, shifted into the world of publishing working for Men’s Health + Women’s Health Magazines (in the U.S. and Australia), served as the NYC Anchor for Z Living’s Go Well Weekly Series in 2014, worked in fashion (Alice+Olivia and GQ)—and now runs a holistic supplement line,  Jiva Bhaksa, while she writes love letters to you on the daily.

The Alchemist is a character that she plays while she is writing to you. It's not meant to be "entirely human," but rather an elevated sense of being that directs you at the right moment; presenting you with advice, guidance, and solutions. An Alchemist's words of wisdom help you transform the elements of your life into that which is golden for you. 

Diya is into dreaming big, listening to your body, and being real.
She meditates every day, sing mantras at the top of her lungs, reads tarot cards, and sees auric fields. As she says, "I’m a little weird, but baby, I was born this way—so, I might as well use these gifts to benefit myself, and those around me."
This site is all about practical solutions (baby steps), and aims to stay away from hype, so that you can dive deeply into the depths of life without feeling artificial.
All content on this site is meant to be uplifting. So, consider this to be the sanctuary that will help you create a life that works with you and for you.
May you have all the time, energy, motivation—and anything else you need—to make changes, to shake things up, and say yes to the adventure that lies beneath your feet.
You deserve to be the best you. Do you.