ClassPass Is Now More Expensive Than Equinox

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

Yes, it's true. In New York City, ClassPass will now be more expensive than Equinox.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ClassPass, it's a membership service that connects users to the top fitness classes in their city so that members pay for a discounted service, rather than paying for individual classes at different locations. It's best used to ensure teacher quality, and give price point discounts for fitness junkies around the country. 

When the company started their service in 2013, their monthly unlimited price was $99 per month, which increased two years later to $125 per month—and now this summer it will cost $200 per month for new ClassPass members, and only $190 per month for existing ClassPass members.

Users are outraged, sad, and looking for answers as to why the company has decided to hike it's prices once again. Diana Tsui sums up the public sentiment with her tweet, "Well @classpass it was nice knowing you but when you cost more than @Equinox, what's the point? #classpass"

Diya SenGupta