5 Steps to Manifest the Romance of a Lifetime

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Image via Vogue Archives

Image via Vogue Archives

Who doesn’t want a romance of a lifetime?

Seriously—a healthy balanced relationship has the power to expand your horizons, explore the world, and get back in touch with an exciting sense of self. It’s easy to attract a hot date, or someone who fills your time, but what about a significant partner? How do you attract one of those?

Use these five easy steps to attract a partner with whom you will slide straight into stream love (queue to blast Omi Cheerleader).

5 Steps to Manifest the Romance of a Lifetime

1. Write a love letter

Act as though your wish for the romance of a lifetime has been granted. Write a letter to the world, thanking it for ushering in a loved one, detailing everything from the places you go, to the feelings you have, to the lifestyle you share. Let your imagination rumble, and don’t hold back. There are two tricks to writing this letter of gratitude so that your desires manifest rapidly and peacefully:

Start your letter with this phrase: “I release any negativity associated with the content on this page, in all directions in time.”

End your letter with this phrase: “I call back any positivity I have lost that is related to the content on this page, in all directions in time.”

2. Let the dead leaves fall

A vibrant tree never holds onto dead leaves. The tree allows the dead leaves to live vibrantly during each cycle, and releases them when they are ready to go. You will never have the same leaf twice, but you can open up to make room for something that is better. If you are the tree in this analogy, are you holding onto any dead leaves that might block your new love from blossoming?

These dead leaves may be previous relationships, outdated beliefs about romance, or lack of belief that you can have a healthy romantic partner.

Being honest with yourself in the love department can be very hard, so if you feel like you’ve hit a mental block use this mantra: “May the limiting illusions of my mind be dissolved, and may my intuition be clear.”

3. Easy does it

This is where most people lose their manifestation ability. People get so tripped up in making it happen, that they actually block themselves from receiving what they desire (many times it’s because people subconsciously don’t think they deserve what they desire).

Avoid self-sabotage by using your emotions as a fuel for fun and internal awareness. A great way to do this is to do this mini-meditation:

Envision the light of a rainbow channeling down straight in through the top of your head, streaming down the column of your spine, filling your head, your arms, your core, your legs, and connecting in with the earth. Envision your new relationship being planted, like a seed into the ground, and ask that this rainbow energy stay with you for the rest of the day (or however long you wish). Follow by drinking ample amounts of water!

4. Work with crystals and plant essences

You’ve set your intentions, you’ve dissolved blockages, you’ve shielded your energy from harsh elements, and now it’s time to activate what you desire within your body’s energetic centers.

If you’re looking for a serious, long-term relationship, it’s essential that you have healthy connections between the first chakra (foundations), second chakra (creation, sexuality, sense of life), and fourth chakra (the heart). Meditate with crystals, sleep with crystals next to your pillow, and rub the oils on your pulse points whenever you feel the need.

Recommended crystals: bloodstone, citrine, rose quartz

Recommended essential oils: frankincense, sweet orange oil, rose hip oil

5. Connect in with the pulse of life

By this point, you’re basically on the brink of getting engaged (possibly minus the suitor?). Be sure to step out of your house, and spend time with people you find deeply interesting. If you pair your magnetized energy with a great crowd, you’ll be sure to attract an amazing partner.

Note: New relationships are beautiful and fragile, so stay away from jealous, harsh people, and only share the news about your new love with those who truly want to see you at your happiest.

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