5 Unusual Teas You Need to Try this Winter

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Image via Vogue Korea

Image via Vogue Korea

If you need minimum eight glasses of water per day, why not infuse that water with the added health benefits of herbs?

You most likely know about the slimming wonders of green tea, and the eye-circle erasing secrets of black tea—but what about local herbs found in North America? Why haven’t you heard about these as much?  

If you love eating local, love taking walks in nature, or are just simply obsessed with plants, you need to check out these five herbal teas.

5 Unusual Teas You Need to Try this Winter

1. Nettle Tea

When found in nature, nettle can cause you break out in hives (like poison ivy). However, when you ingest this plant in tea form, it has the opposite effect. This plant it packed with anti-inflammatory benefits and can help people with acne, psoriasis, or inflamed muscles and joints. This plant’s silica content helps increase bone density, and also boosts your immune system by supporting healthy organ function.

2. Horsetail tea

Horsetail is very similar to nettle tea. It’s packed with anti-inflammatory properties, silica, and is great for immune support. The major difference here is that horsetail tea contains anti-fungal properties. If you believe you may have candida or suffer from growing fungus in your body, reach for horsetail tea over nettle tea. Take note of the difference you feel after you have had the tea regularly for a few weeks, and work it into your diet regularly if you are looking for a strong immune support.

3. Comfrey tea

Comfrey is a strong yin herb that is used in Chinese medicine to cool and calm the body. This herb is packed with silica, and it’s chemical make-up is used in many cosmetics to help keep the skin soft, supple, and hydrated. Drink this tea for a beauty boost, and to bring in a sense of calm and relaxation into your day-to-day life.

4. Pau d’arco tea

Pau d’arco tea is on of the best body strengtheners out there. This plant will help restore your body from the inside out. This tea has a wood-like taste, and is packed with anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This tea supports your organs, and help kill off any foreign parasites that may be living in your body (including candida). This tea will also help dissolve acne from the skin, and will help increase your body’s vibrancy.

5. Reishi mushroom tea

Yes, mushroom tea. Consider this to be a medicinal mushroom. There are no psychedelic properties, but there are great immune boosting properties. This tea’s strong anti-fungal properties make it the supreme candida fighter, and it’s nutritional benefits surge into your body, fueling you with clean energy (no harm to your body, and no extra energy needed to metabolize these benefits). You can blend this mushroom with a mix of other herbs listed above and create a "super-tea," with crazy amounts of antioxidant power. 

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