5 Ways to Heal from Romantic Disappointments

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Photo via Google Images

Mistakes only happen if you refuse to learn from situations that truly tug on your heart.

No matter how hard you try, you will encounter disappointments within your relationships at one time or another. It’s not about how tightly you hold on to the words that were said, or tracking tick for tack—it’s about learning how to listen to the love behind every negative situation, and it’s about taking away key pieces from your disappointments so that you can elevate your life (rather than sabotage it).

5 Ways to Cope with Romantic Disappointments

1. Think long-term

Flash to 20 years from now, do you really want this person by your side? And if yes, would they make you happy? Or would they keep disappointing you? If you’re chained down by unhealthy patterns, know that you have the power to break free. Do what’s right for you, and let go of resume mentality. The perfect match on paper is rarely the perfect match in your heart.

2. Keep and open mind

If your romantic disappointment has put your current relationship at a stand still, then keep an open mind about what to do next. Taking a break from your relationship, or leaving your relationship all together, may help you learn more about yourself. Disappointments are never easy to stomach, but you can change directions so that you’re moving toward a more positive path. Ask the universe to send you signals and signs for some unbiased advice.

3. Good partners are worth waiting for

You have the same hours in the day as Beyonce. She’s killing it, are you? Don’t spend time with people who waste your time, energy, and emotional bandwidth. You deserve the best, and the best will come at it’s own pace. You can’t rush love, and you can’t chase it either. So, focus your energies on receiving. That way, when the right person comes to your door, you’ll have no blockages that stop you from saying yes.

4. Be realistic about true love

True love is really about emotional healing. It’s about being considerate, it’s about loving people through their flaws, and most importantly loving yourself. Are you bringing those intentions to your current situation? Relationships don’t fix your problems, they expose your problems—use your situation to mark at least one point of personal growth that you would like to cultivate, and start healing.

5. Connect with your true nature

Take it back to basics, and tune into the soul that lies within your heart. What is your soul saying to you about this situation? If you’re having a hard time connecting in with your inner guidance, go out in nature and just notice the thoughts and feelings that pop up. Let go of personal judgments (they hold us back more than we realize), and remember things only matter if we make them matter. And exhale a lion’s breath. 

Diya SenGupta