Meditation: The Silence Busy Professionals Need

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

Meditation in the West is now longer limited to the ultra-spiritual yogis—this practice is now making its way to busy professionals.

Dina Kaplan, founder of The Path, speaks about her relationship with meditation in this interview with Fox News. Kaplan speaks about how her life in the tech start-up world was so stressful, that it was paralyzing.

It was so paralyzing that it led Kaplan to take a two-year sabbatical to travel the world and uncover the best pieces of herself that she had shoved down in the corporate world. The result? A soulful company that brings guided meditations to busy professionals in New York City.

The Path targets more than just your typical meditators—they are reaching out to the “non-believers” as well—and their reactions have been nothing but positive. One participant states, “I feel 100 percent more relaxed than I did when I walked through the door and I still have 5,000 things to do, but I feel much calmer about how I’m going to take care of it.”

Guided meditations are easy ways to introduce friends or family members to a meditation practice without overwhelming them. The group setting may help them stay focused on their meditation, while having someone guide them through the steps will help keep their mind chatter in check—especially the first few times they make it to a meditation mat.

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