Need More Time to Meditate? Try These 4 Time Hacks

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Image via Vogue Archives

Image via Vogue Archives

If you don’t think you have time to meditate during your day—think again.

The Huffington Post just published an article that offers you four different ways to meditate at work: drink water, go to the bathroom, get grounded, and connect with nature.

These tips are designed to be practiced anywhere, at any time, with anyone around you. Many people hold themselves back from meditating because they simply feel that they don’t have the time. This article proves, however, that you have more time to meditate than you think.

Meditations don’t have to last an hour and they don’t have to be mindless. Meditations can be as short as a few minutes or even a few deep breaths. And as for the empty thoughts part—know that you are allowed to engage in mindful meditations. Mindful meditations are ones where you don’t block out all your thoughts, and instead reflect upon specific thoughts, such as: “I am so thankful for my amazing job, and the ability to have creative freedom.”  Pick a topic that resonates with you, and mindfully meditate from there.

Do you want to know the best part about these four meditation tips offered by The Huffington Post? You don’t have to be at work to use them.

Flash forward to next month’s Thanksgiving festivities. Think about hours locked in a house with your family. Think about the preparation, think about the moments you will need to stop, take a break, and recharge—does it feel overwhelming? You can use these four tips to get yourself to ease back into a state of balance. 

Do you want to meditate more often? Will you use these four tips? I love you ;)

Diya SenGupta