#SkinSecrets: Don't Eat Eggs, Apply Them

Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

Egg Yolk Face Mask:
1 Egg Yolk
1 tbsp. Honey
1 tsp. Whole Wheat Flour
1 slice of Lemon or Lime

Directions: Separate egg white and egg yolk, and place the egg yolk in a separate bowl. Mix in honey, whole wheat flour, and squeeze in lemon. Put a thin layer of the mask onto your face, and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off mask with cold water.

This Egg Yolk face mask is great for smoothening, softening, adding moisture, and nourishing your skin with vitamins and minerals.  This is a great anti-aging, acne fighting, and skin-tone evening mask. This recipe makes enough for 3-4 masks, and can be used everyday for up to 15 days.

Egg Yolk Fills Skin with Vitamins and Minerals
The egg yolk nutrients that are able to be aborbed through your skin are vitamin A, Vitamin E, and potassium. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is an antioxidant that helps fight acne by repelling bacteria. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects your skin from damaging particles by stimulating the production of anti-inflammatory compounds. Potassium is an elecrolyte and mineral helps your cells & tissues function at their optimum.

Honey Nourishes Skin and Protects Against Bacteria
Honey is a natural antioxidant, and speeds up healing to any imperfection on your face because of it’s antibacterial properties. Honey also acts as a humectant, helping prevent dryness and irritation.

Whole Wheat Flour Protects the Skin
The whole wheat flour is a gentle exfoliant that is rich in vitamin E. It works with smooth edges to smooth out any superficial bumps on skin when you gently rub off the face mask.

Lemon Evens Skin Tone
Lemon is antibacterial and anti-fungal. It kills any bad bacterias living on your face, making it is a great natural way to heal blemishes. The citric acid in the lemon helps even your skin tone by fading dark spots and scars. Added benefit? Lemon helps tame oil production for oily skin.

Overall, this egg yolk mask results in a glowy, nourished, blemish free complexion. If you have dark marks or rough skin, I strongly recommend using this mask for a few days in a row, until you see your spots and dark marks lighten. 

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Diya SenGupta