The Unexpected Benefit of Tripping Yourself Out: Life Is But A Dream

Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

Grab a pen, and a piece of paper (or just grab your phone). Write down your answers to the questions that follow…

What were your thoughts when you woke up this morning?

What did you say to yourself?

What did you think of?

Who did you think of?

These are all clues – clueing you into the message that your subconscious just whispered in your ear while you were asleep.

An astonishing number of people say that they don’t dream, but I don’t believe that. We’re always dreaming, always making, always creating. Our day dreams create much of what we see in our external life, but our dreams at night show us something entirely different.

At night, our dreams allow us to enter into a space where options are limitless. A space where anything is possible (including flying, which I’m sure many of you know). It’s a place where you get an opportunity to open up the doors to see what you are hoping for and dreaming for in your life, and more importantly, where you are stumbling and how you can correct it – changing a situation for the better. It’s a place where you communicate with the people you cannot see, or cannot face. It’s a place where we’re flooded with messages, symbols, answers, and solutions. It’s a place where all of time runs together and you enter a world where it is all your own.

This dreamland, as I like to call it, is where magic happens. But I have one very big question for you. When we wake up, why do we think we leave the dream space? Why do we think that all of a sudden our intentions and inner-vision aren’t so powerful? Why do we keep a barrier between us and the things that we want most in this world?

A two or so years ago, I started to constantly hear this phrase, “Am I awake, or am I dreaming?” A phrase that has the power to change the way you look at the world. Just say it out loud – “Am I awake, or am I dreaming?” Are you dreaming? Are you awake?

Do you feel those words tickling you? Those little sparks of positivity coming back to you? Positivity that you lost, as you were forgetting “life is but a dream.” 

It’s a lot to take in – that feeling of coming back to life (coming back to your dream).

Let your life come flooding back to you. Let yourself make one change, right now, to make something you want emerge from your dream into reality. It’s not about making it drastic, it’s about making it real. 

“Life is but a dream.”

Diya SenGupta