20 People You Didn't Know Meditate

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

Come on guys, even Kanye meditates

Meditation has become more and more mainstream over the years, and these days you won't see anyone being quiet about their meditation practice. From lyrically graphic artists, like Big Sean to media moguls, like Martin Scorsese, everyone is seeing the benefits of meditation. 

...Guess who else is meditating?

20 People You Didn't Know Meditate

1. Big Sean

2. Russell Simmons

3. Macklemore

4. Gisele Bündchen

5. Lena Dunham

6. Clint Eastwood

7. Stevie Wonder

8. Lykke Li

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger

10. Miguel

11. Santigold

12. Martin Scorsese

13. Ivanka Trump

14. Donna Karan

15. Jerry Seinfeld

16. Howard Stern

17. Ellen DeGeneres

18. Kourtney Kardashian

19. Beyoncé

20. Kanye West

Photos via Google Images.