Can Infrared Therapy Really Make You Glow From the Inside Out?

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Photo via iStock

Infrared therapy is a light treatment that mimics the sun's rays. It heats your body, detoxifies harsh chemicals, burns calories, and boosts the feel good chemicals in your brain.

The result of repeated infrared therapy treatments? Hot body, reduced levels of stress, clear skin, and happiness

We sat down with Lauren Berlingeri, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, who is bringing infrared therapy around the United States to yoga studios and day spas alike. Here's what she says you need to know about far infrared therapy...  

Q: What should yogis know about far infrared rays?

A: It’s really good to pair up [infrared therapy] with something like yoga, or some sort of fitness. It heats the body naturally, and is [incredibly] energizing because it doesn’t make you feel depleted after a workout.

[By bringing infrared therapy into hot yoga studios as the primary heat source], we are marrying wellness and fitness, which is a really important next step in [the] fitness [world].  

[In hot yoga studios], there’s a lot of bacteria that grows in the heat. When you use infrared therapy as the heat source, [instead of traditional heaters], it actually kills bacteria and viruses that are in the body, and outside of the body.

So, not only does [infrared] leave you feeling amazing, but it’s also a much cleaner, healthier way to do hot yoga—especially when you’re exposed to other people’s bacteria in a yoga studio!

Q: Should I expect any changes in mood or behavior after I practice infrared yoga?

A: Infrared [therapy] actually mimics the sun’s rays—and as such, it releases serotonin in your brain, just like the sun’s rays do.

You do notice a really big mood boost from the serotonin release, but it [also] speeds up your heart rate to the pace of a really light jog—releasing endorphins, giving you euphoric energetic boost.

Q: Do I need to drink a lot of extra water after I’m exposed to the rays?

A: Anytime you are sweating a lot you should always drink more water. One of the biggest problems [I see] is that everyone walks around [being] very dehydrated, so I think it’s always really important that you drink clean water after [infrared therapy]—it leaves you feeling refreshed.

Q: Is infrared beneficial for people with certain health conditions? If so, what conditions is it particularly helpful in healing?

A: Infrared therapy heats the body, increases blood flow, and increases circulation—[all of which loosen muscle tightness]. If anyone has any joint pain, muscle pain, or all around stiffness, infrared rays make you feel better immediately.  

Infrared therapy detoxifies the body by vibrating water molecules and pulling heavy metals, radiation, and pollution out of the body through sweating.

A lot of disease and a lot of ailments come from toxicity in the body, so anytime you are reversing toxin [build up], you are going to ensure a much lighter feeling—it affects everything from your skin to your mood to [your] energy levels. So, no matter who you are or what you’re looking for, you’re going to notice the benefits of infrared.