Don't Be Rude, Go Nude: The Buzz About Naked Yoga

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Image via Vogue Paris

Image via Vogue Paris

Apparently naked yoga is the newest trend hitting New York studios.

Maria Yagoda, a reporter for People, recently wrote about her naked yoga experience in this article. So where did she take her first naked yoga class? Bold and Naked Studios located in the heart of Chelsea.

The founders of Bold and Naked have been practicing Yoga for over a decade, and they have been sharing their nude practice with the public for just over two years. They feel that it brings the calmness back to the practice, helps you get more in touch with your muscles, and helps eliminate the competitive air that has emerged in the yoga scene.

Instead of comparing LuluLemon gear, you’ll be more focused on taking your practice inward. Maria, the People reporter, comments that in the dimly-lit Bold and Naked studio, she actually forgot that she was naked—which is actually a sentiment that most yoga practitioners feel when they flow in the nude.

So what’s the deal? Will Nude Yoga spread like wildfire the same way hot yoga did a few years ago?  Quite possibly so! It looks like nude yoga’s following has been growing around the globe.

A recent article published by an Australian News publication shared that yoga in the nude is strongly linked to helping people increase their self-acceptance. The author of this article, Stacey June, detailed nude yoga as a bonding experience for the class participants. Each yogi in her class shared why they wanted to be part of the nude practice, and the reasons all linked back to the path of empowerment—ranging from wanting to step out of unhappy marriages to diminishing body issues and overcoming alcohol addictions.

Participants all had one thing in common—they wanted to overcome a fear, and they wanted to engage in activity that took them out of their comfort zone (in a safe and caring environment).

Getting naked is personal, it’s raw, and it is very, very real. You can’t hide yourself, but you can bring a whole new connection to the body, mind, and spirit when you blend your naked-ness with yoga. Do you think you will give the nude practice a try? I think I will.

We would love to hear from you! What do you think about practicing naked? Would you try it alone or with a friend?

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