The Goddess Guide to Breaking Up With Fear

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Photo via Vogue Archives

Photo via Vogue Archives

You won’t solve scarcity issues with a negative mindset. You’ll solve them when you start viewing the world as a place of possibility.

If you're suffering from scarcity issues, chances are you’ve been trying a combination of different tactics to overcome your fears. These fears may be centered on the idea that there isn’t enough to go around, that there isn’t enough for your family, or that there isn’t enough for your business to thrive.

But what you need to know is that abundance isn’t a theme or a topic, it’s a lifestyle. The abundant person doesn’t fear that there’s lack in the world. The abundant person knows that there is an infinite supply—of time, of money, of joy, and of laughter. Abundant people tap into their feminine energy, allowing the world’s supercharged goodness to flow to them, through them, and out into the world.

Once you start to shift into that groove, you’ll start to notice that the universe really does have your back, but oftentimes, your ego doesn’t want you to succeed. And when this occurs, your ego is speaking from a place of fear.

So how do you let go of that fear?

Scarcity fears are real, they are dark, and they are heavy. Don’t focus on overcoming fears, because if you try to overcome them, you will still hold them in your mental, emotional, physical, and energetic bodies. Instead, focus on releasing fear, clearing it out completely, and not allowing it to return. Acknowledge it, thank it for its care, and release it.

Because abundance is such a feminine principle, I consulted the Doreen Virtue Goddess Oracle Deck to bring you solutions to heal your scarcity issues. These goddesses come from around the world, from a variety of different cultures, and they ask you to dig deep because these solutions are based in your foundation and in your core. Use the tools below to open up to a space of honesty, and know that you have everything you need to make the belief changes you so greatly crave.

5 Ways to Let Go of Scarcity Issues

1. Coventina says: “Purify Your Intentions.”

Coventina is the environmental Celtic Goddess of water. She helps you strengthen yourself through purification of the body and mind.

It’s time for you to cleanse your body and mind, so that you can operate from a space of clarity. Action steps include drinking large amounts of water, going on a gentle cleanse to detox your system, and avoiding harsh chemicals and impurities.

By purifying your body, you are also helping to purify your mind—which ultimately lifts you into a higher vibration. When you operate from a higher energetic vibration, you operate from a space of clarity. Clarity is the perfect mental state to create and affirm positive intentions. This process will help bring you to a space of increased positivity, which helps open up the doors of opportunity for you.

Need to detox your environment, but can’t get out? Envision a waterfall creating vibrant colors of the rainbow. Call that to you, and envision your body and your aura being filled with that rainbow-filled waterfall. Ask it to stay with you until you are able to leave the location or situation. This visualization helps you shield off energetic impurities, and helps keep you in a state of clarity.

2. Dana says: “Acknowledge Your Divine Energy.”

Dana is the ancient Celtic Goddess of creation. Her power helps you with your manifestation abilities, and she asks you to spend more time in nature.

In order to embrace your power, and embrace your talents, you must express yourself. What are your talents? How can you bring them to other people?

Start with small action steps, and keep moving forward from there. For example, if you are a talented painter and want to have a gallery show, focus on creating a new art piece every two weeks, and soon you’ll have enough to fill a gallery. The first step in manifesting is creating. Create the initial piece of opportunity—share your intentions, and share your work. When you do this, you will align yourself with the perfect opportunities to enhance your projects and put the limelight on your talents—so go ahead, unleash that light.

3. Vesta says: “Look at Your Home.”

Vesta is the Roman Fire-Goddess of households. She helps you warm up your home physically and emotionally.

What do you need to feel secure? Your home represents your foundation and your hearth. Is your home giving you everything that you need? Answer honestly.

Your home is a sanctuary, a place where you can rest and recharge every single time you walk in your front door. Do you feel comfortable in your home? If the answer is no, write down what you need—more candles, serene art, positive roommates, etc.—and go find it. You deserve to feel comfortable in your living space.

4. Lakshmi says: “Feel Your Bright Future.”

Lakshmi is the Indian goddess of wealth, prosperity, and generosity. She helps bring you an abundance of money and opportunity.

Take a moment to close your eyes. What would it feel like to trust the universe? There would be no blocks or tests in your way, no obstacles, and no feelings of fear in your present and future moments.

Your energy is filled with the belief that when you shine, the world shines with you. This is your new energy. Do you feel that in your heart center? If not, use this affirmation to help get you there: “Thank you for helping me accept my abundant supply of time, money, knowledge, and opportunity.”

5. Brigit says: “Don’t Back Down.”

Brigit is the Celtic Goddess of purity, wisdom, and protection. She helps you fiercely protect your inner flame.

Don’t accept less than what you deserve, don’t be afraid to speak up, and don’t back down from following your heart. You are in charge of your abundance and your prosperity, and you have the power to take the action needed to accomplish your goals.

Protecting your inner flame actually means trusting yourself. When you trust yourself, you allow yourself to show up in full capacity—and that’s what life is all about—showing up and being the person you came here to be. Do this, and you’ll never feel more abundant, more prosperous, or more alive.