#TarotTea: Personalized Card Reading (FEATURED IN FORBES)

#TarotTea: Personalized Card Reading (FEATURED IN FORBES)


These #TarotTea card readings are designed to help you untangle any seeming problems in your life.

The insights from this reading are focused on you and your actions, rather than the actions of others.

By doing this, we put the power in your hands by focusing on what you can control, rather than what you can't control. This dissolves your mental blind-spots, and helps you take empowered action in the best direction for you (and for everyone you connect with). 

Upon purchase, you fill out a form with your question, I respond within 2-4 days (oftentimes sooner), and you receive your answers straight to your inbox. You are gifted three follow up questions—use them wisely! 

Not sure what to ask? 

Try a general reading, or think of one area of your life where you feel that you do not have all the information you need to make accurate decisions.

As you think of this area of your life, think: "How can I drop my personal agenda and open up to even better solutions in this area of my life?" and fill out the form. 

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Your card reading will happen 2-4 days after your initial purchase, and you will receive:

1. Direct transcription of the card reading

2. Insights from the reader

3. An opportunity to ask three follow up questions about your reading 

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