#Tarottea: Oracle card readings

These #TarotTea card readings are designed to help you untangle any seeming problems in your life.

The insights from this reading are focused on you and your actions, rather than the actions of others.

By doing this, we put the power in your hands by focusing on what you can control, rather than what you can't control. This dissolves your mental blind-spots, and helps you take empowered action in the best direction for you (and for everyone you connect with). 

Upon purchase, you fill out a form with your question, I respond within 2-4 days (oftentimes sooner), and you receive your answers straight to your inbox. You are gifted three follow up questions—use them wisely! 

Background via Vogue Japan

Background via Vogue Japan


The lazy girl's guide to eating a healthy breakfast

7 Recipes, 7 Weeks.

If you're anything like me: you're super driven in your outward life, but when it comes to the kitchen you are lazy AF. The phrase, "Shouldn't someone be cooking for me?" probably crosses your mind at least 20 times per week, and yet... you are still without chef. 

This book helps you get in and out of your kitchen within 10 minutes each day, feeds you so that you're full and don't have to eat again for hours, and helps fuel your brain so you can continue to kill it in all other areas of your life.