You Can Now Listen to Movements in Outer Space

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

It's official—now not only can we see the stars in space, but we can also hear their vibrational frequencies as well. 

The NY Times published this article last week, detailing the recent discovery of gravitational waves flowing through space. Einstein speculated that there were gravitational waves flowing throughout space (that move in the ethers the same way physical waves move in the ocean) in his general theory of relativity—however his theory wasn't officially proved until the ladder half of 2015. 

The existence of gravitational waves now makes it possible to hear what's happening in space, rather than just viewing it from telescopes, and incredible satellite images. Columbia University professor, Szabolcs Marka, believes that this advancement "will be one of the major breakthroughs in physics for a long time."

To hear the gravitational waves with your own ears, listen here

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