#FutureForecasts: Week of November 27th - December 3rd, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of November 27th – December 3rd, 2017.

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My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…


This week’s readings are paired with miracle messages from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, Miracles Now.



Aries, your miracle message is: “’No’ is a complete sentence.” – Latham Thomas




Love is creeping up on your back and holding you tight this week.


The people you carry give you as much support as you give them (and they will give that support to you in different ways because you have unique needs).


Every person is different. Every person has wounds.


Can you grow from your wounds? Can you unravel the band aid you’ve been putting on, and take a look to really see what lies there?


You might find that old wounds of yours have healed. You might find strength and an uncanny desire to partner up with positive people who are dear to your tender heart.


Your life is changing, elevating, spinning, moving—and it can be confusing. Don’t worry. All of this change is good change.


You’re getting a chance to reset your stones.


You’re getting a chance to show others the real you.


It’s normal to feel vulnerable. It’s normal to be timid—but just trust that your instincts are guiding you to better places and better things.


It’s all so beautiful, and it’s all going to come out in the light of the full moon on December 3rd.


Embrace your lighter side. Just have fun.


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Taurus, your miracle message is: “Ninety percent of the practice if creating new habits is just show up.”




Striking out on your own was the best decision you have ever made. It’s pushing your comfort zones, and it’s allowing you to see how much you have grown in the last 5-7 years.


Your style, your communication habits, your heart, your intuition—they have all evolved.


When you walk into a room people are in awe of the natural beauty and brightness you emit just from your natural state of being.


That being said: it’s important for you to embrace the moments this week when you are feeling fire.


Journal. Embrace your creative side. Rock that hot outfit. Do what sets your soul on fire.


Why? The more connected you are to the passion that lives within you, the more you will see your desires manifest out of thin air.


Don’t do it for anyone except yourself. Allow yourself to continue to grow. Allow yourself to move up in the ranks of life.


You’ve got a whole lot of slaying to do—do you.


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Gemini, your miracle message is: “Honor your commitments. Show up for yourself and the world.”




Your bad mood is showing! Grow up, grow out of those toxic patterns.


Catch yourself in the act of self-sabotage and invite your lower vibrational self into the world of compassion.


You can save your own life. You can elevate yourself to new heights—all you have to do is be willing to show up and do it.


Your hard work has reaped so many rewards. You have done so much—and now is not the time to give up on your dreams. Although you may not see the fruits of your labor in their full fruition, you need to TRUST that everything is perfect as it is.


Do not rush yourself. Do not rush others.


Everything happens in divine time.


Use this extra time to clean up your workspace, your home, your mind, your closets—anything that needs fixing.


Time is your biggest advantage this week—and if you do your homework, you will win BIG TIME.


Best of luck.


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Cancer, your miracle message is: “I am not my addictive patterns. I am happy. I am free.”




What you thought would be a horrible disaster has turned out to be one of the most liberating times in your life.


You’ve finally conquered your fears (whether you are consciously realizing it or not), and now you can trust that everything really does happen for a reason.


Without past challenges, you would never know what your creative potential could be. Without failures, you would never know your strength. Without experiencing things, people, and places that were wrong for you, you would never know what feels right.


You have to keep trusting this week. You need to know that you are here on this earth to do more than just exist, and as cheesey as that sounds it’s true.


You have so much more potential than you realize, and it’s time to get ritualistic about it.


Dedicate a time of day to a spiritual practice (for some of you this will be meditation, for others walking, for others painting). Allow your mind to wander, allow clutter to fly out, and clarity to fly in.


There’s no right or wrong way to live—but there is a question you may want to ask yourself about your presence in the world: “Am I being a positive impact on those around me? Or am I dragging them down?”


Answer honestly, and start clearing away anything that is holding you back from being your most joyful self.


Your problems do not come from other people. They come from you.


As soon as you take ownership of that fact, you will set yourself free. You are stronger than you know.


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Leo, your miracle message is: “I surrender it all.”  




Your week starts of with a bang. Passion, seduction, power—you’ve got it all.


The most beautiful part about this is that you’ve been so worried about standing out from the crowd—but my beautiful Leo, there’s no way you would ever fit in with the crowd to begin with.


Please embrace your inner fire this week. Please allow your world to be warmed by the flames of life that flicker within your heart, your body, and your mind.


Heat things up with loved ones. Express yourself, and share your creative work with others.


Yes, it is a lot for people to take in—but they will enjoy every moment of it! You are naturally captivating and you are more than welcome to show it.


Other people love your outspoken nature, and are inspired by your character. Give others the room to see you for the Goddess you truly are—and feel confident about it.


You’ve ventured out on your own in much scarier places, and you have succeeded in the past. If you doubt yourself, use those times as a reference point, and allow yourself to go after what it is you feel you deserve.


Surrender the ‘how,’ and just say yes.


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Virgo, your miracle message is: “Your eyes will see what you desire.”




Why are you flying around with a semi-broken heart? It’s time to fuel yourself with self-love.


The best way to do this is to make sure you are drinking enough water, eating healthy foods, exercising (not over exercising), and taking care of anything your body and mind need for perfect harmony.


You can’t be your best self if you pack the clothes for a different climate. So pay attention to what you need. Don’t just throw things into a metaphorical bag and think it will all work out.


Planning will keep you stable. Planning will support you. Planning will guide you to where you need to be.


There’s a chance to elevate something this week—and it has to do with your emotions, your fears, and your willingness to overcome anything that holds you back.


Are you trying to make yourself ill prepared so that you have an excuse to duck out if you don’t like what you find?


It’s scary to own up to who we are (mistakes and all), but love yourself anyway. Love yourself enough to forgive yourself for any past mistakes. Love yourself enough so that you can be a radiant light of positivity even in cold, damp, darkness.


When you show up for yourself, and you give yourself space to have creative freedom, you will be amazed at the joy you will find within your heart and within your mind.


Don’t be afraid, this week is more than triumphant for you.


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Libra, your miracle message is: “Dissolve all boundaries with love.”




What is with the moods these past few weeks?! Your happiness is your responsibility; so make it happen.


What’s getting you down, my dear? A need to move up in the world, when it’s not your time?


Everything is setting itself up for success and happiness. Your job is to feel your feelings, express them in healthy ways, and enjoy the ride.


It’s as easy as it sounds, and the way out of your bad moods is taking the best care of yourself as possible.


Vibrate at such a high frequency, that nothing can get you down into your depressive tendencies.


Take vitamin D supplements, work with sweet orange oil, and exercise to get the dopamine pumping through your blood (you may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder and these are amazing tricks to elevate your mood and wellbeing).


Invite yourself to a relaxing spa day, and bring a friend if it interests you.


Do things that make you happy, and make sure you are doing things that boost your confidence.


If you think it might not boost your confidence, don’t do it!


That’s the golden ticket for you.


You are stable. You are beautiful. You are bountiful. You are strong. I love you.


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Scorpio, your miracle message is: “Honor your commitments. Show up for yourself and the world.”




What breaks your heart?


Seriously, what breaks your heart?


Answer me.


What breaks your heart?


What breaks your heart will open the door to your biggest tool in self-healing. It will guide you to your vulnerable spots and it will highlight the ideas about yourself that you have buried deep within—believing that they would just go away as soon as you tossed them into that dark abyss.


You are more beautiful than your fears. It’s okay to be self-contradictory. It’s okay to be complex. It’s okay to need time and space to heal. It’s okay for that healing process to take forever. It’s okay to age. It’s okay to be a different person today than you were six months ago.


It’s all okay.


You wear your darkness on your sleeve—it’s who you are. So instead of trying to hide it, embrace that you have extreme levels of depth. Embrace the fact that others may not easily understand you. Embrace your unique DNA patterning because no one else can breathe like you, walk like you, talk like you.


You are the moon: You are emotional. You have a gravitational pull. You light up the night sky because you know what darkness is—you are so admired, and yet so mysterious. You are complex. You sometimes hold more darkness than you do light—and that is okay!


Embrace your personal cycles. Take care of your own being before you try to be everything for everybody else. Be firm, and be honest about who you are… this full moon is going to help you uncover ways to light up your personal fire.


Know that it’s no one else’s fire to touch—it’s all your own.


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Sagittarius, your miracle message is: “I can think my way out of fear.”




You are on FIRE this week. Partnerships, money, contracts, career, and all forms of abundance are coming your way.


The dust is settling. For some of you, you might not see that the dust has cleared. You might need a minute for your eyes to adjust—so give yourself space and time to adjust.


Feel the success that runs through your veins. Express gratitude for everything you have—and say it like you mean it (because although I know you mean it, others may not have a clue).


It’s time to balance work and personal. It’s time to make decisions. It’s time to go with what your emotions are telling you (not your logical mind).


You already know what you want out of life. You already know where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want to be with, and what you want to be wearing. You have it all lined up, and you are the only one who has access to it all.


You may be lying to yourself trying to scheme out different options to seem less ‘rash,’ but honestly it’s your life and no one else should care.


Do what you want to do.


Say yes to the full expression of your being, and the universe will say yes to you.


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Capricorn, your miracle message is: “Mala meditation deepens my awareness.”




There is no fighting your destiny. When you are meant to meet the right person, it will happen in one way or another.


Diving timing is never wrong, so put up your hands and sink into the moment.


Say yes to the unusual. Go for the adventure. Pick up your confidence, and trust that everything is happening for a reason. Let doubt fall by the wayside, and don’t stress a damn thing.


It’s time to open up to your full potential—which also means it’s time to open up to the idea that others are also reaching their full potential.


Say no to self-doubt, and don’t doubt the people around you.


Moving forward is the right move. Saying yes is the right move. Doing some investigative research is the best move.


You have the power to create something spectacular this week—and what’s needed is for you to open up to the idea that you do not know it all. If you can do that and team up with people who have strengths where your weaknesses lie, you will be all set for this journey ahead.


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Aquarius, your miracle message is: “I am ready to receive love.”




Get out of your normal habits. Step out of the house. Go on a solo adventure. Embrace warmth, sunshine, and anything that makes you feel alive.


The only thing stopping you from living your best life is the belief that others would block you out of their lives, cut communication, and only communicate with you from a place of desperation.


 Let go of that fear, and start to refocus your eyes.


You want something.


Why won’t you let yourself have it?


Is it because it makes you feel ashamed? Is it because you believe you deserve more? Is it because in your heart you know that you aren’t aligning with your soul self by doing this?


Why do you want it? Why are you judging it?


Untangle yourself from the situation and ask yourself: What is this triggering within me? And how can I use this situation as a tool to live my best life?


Here’s an example:

Tangled: Someone reading this wants a relationship. They want that relationship because the other person is at a distance, and that distance represents hope. This person hopes that they could be free form the expectations and gilded cage that they call their life—thus the relationship represents freedom.


Untangled: This person is wanting freedom, not necessarily the relationship with the person at a distance.


How does that puzzle apply to you? Write it down.


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Pisces, your miracle message is: “Ancient pain can be released by simply feeling it.”




The universe will test you right when you get to the juicy good stuff. The universe is asking you: “is this what you really want?” and the best response you can give is “I want what is best for me and the world at large.”


From there the universe melts away anything that would weigh you down, burden you, cause you to struggle, or deprive you from your metaphorical treasure.


Embrace your creativity this week. Let go of your expectations. Feel your feelings. And allow yourself to be free from the ‘rules’ that you have imposed on yourself.


You don’t need to be concerned about your image, you need to be concerned about your life.


How is the quality of your life? How can you improve it? How can you embrace your destiny right here right now?


We are never out of line with our destiny. We are living our purpose everywhere we go with every breath we take and every exhale we sigh out.


Enough is enough. It’s time to pick up your confidence and move out of the ‘dilemma phase’ and into something that is meant for you.


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