#FutureForecasts: Week of December 4th - 10th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of December 4th - 10th, 2017.

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Image via Prabuddha Dasgupta

Image via Prabuddha Dasgupta

My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…


This week’s readings are paired with mantras from Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now.



Aries, your miracle message is: “Your presence is your power.”




This week is a time for you to hone in on your personal magic.


You have the ability to move from rags to riches this week. Your mind is focused, your presence is shining, and you somehow have the ability to read the situation in the right way to get you the things you need.


You’re not all take and no give though. You’re making sure events turn into a win-win. That’s a good thing to do when you have the Midas touch.


If you’ve been worrying about your timing—let those fears go. In fact, let everything go.


Right now is time to clear out space in your mind, your heart, and your world.


New things are dying to enter, and as soon as you make space; they will come flying into your life with a positive UMPH.


Girl, go get it. This week is a game changer for you.


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Taurus, your miracle message is: “I speak with confidence because the world needs my light.”




Why are you holding back? It’s time to send that message, invite your friends out for a fun date, and get your life buzzing with creativity again.


You’ve been squeezing into your life. Trying to make it all fit—when really it’s time to realize that you’ve moved up… you need more space… you need more room to breathe… you need more comfort… you need to let things go.


So let go of the clutter within your home. Let go of the emotions that come from the stories that no longer positively serve you.


Be honest with yourself; are you building a life of light or a life of dark? And why? Why are you feeding the things you are feeding? Is it because they make you stronger? A better person? A happier person?


If you don’t know the answer just ask yourself: “does this strengthen my personal foundation and open up room for more creativity?”


If the answer is no, drop it.


Seriously, drop it like it’s hot.


You have big wings that will take you to far places. Your wings take up space. Stop trying to fit yourself in small places. You’re bigger (and better) than what you’ve been receiving. Allow yourself to move up.


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Gemini, your miracle message is: “Mastering your mind helps unlock the mystery of existence.”




Your communication is where your strength lies.


Speak up and take things to the next level. You are going places. You are doing things. You are inspiring me.


Don’t worry if things feel like they are chaotic, or feel like they are spinning out of control. Everything is spinning to a positive place of being. You are where you need to be. You are doing everything you need to be doing. You are a success.


Helping someone will help you feel better about yourself. It will increase your sense of purpose. It will give you perspective to see how far you have come—and that you were once the person who needed help; and now you (that same person) are able to help others in that same exact way.


That is so beautiful, and so powerful, and so moving.


You’re a big deal, Gemini. You mean the world to other people. You inspire them (even if you don’t realize it). So just focus on taking one step after the other after the other.


Small bites.


You are shaking things up and changing the game of your industry or your world. It’s all positive, and it’s all awe-inspiring.


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Cancer, your miracle message is: “To truly flourish is to release all the tension that holds you back from letting your love pour through you.”




It’s you and the moon this week. December 3rd’s full moon is in the sign of Gemini—which is in your 12th house of self-sabotage!


Be careful of what you say, and what you communicate. Your words may not go over so well with other parties. They aren’t with you. They don’t see your ‘humor,’ or they’re just not on board to fuel your negative patterns.


Why are you indulging in your negative patterns? Why are you self-sabotaging?


If you think your self-sabotage is going to get you front and center in front of your desired audience—you are wrong!


What you’re getting is a front row seat to your own life of big-time settling.


Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with what you have in front of you. But is it for you? Is it right for what your soul and spirit need? Are you having the creative freedom you desire? Or is everything just beige?


You know what you’re craving in life. You know that there is real color out there!!!!


So the next time colorful people, experiences, and opportunities come in front of you—embrace them! Treat them like they are gold, and do everything you can to eliminate your self sabotage.


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Leo, your miracle message is: “Ancient pain can be released simply by feeling it.”




How are you my cutie?! Feeling fluffy, are we?!


All it takes is a little cuddling and sweet talk to get you back into a great mood. It’s simple. You just want (and need) love. So give love to yourself. Treat yourself the same way you would the love of your life or your pet or your child.


You are out of this world (in the best of ways). It’s important for you to realize this week that you are THE LIGHT that other people need. You are responsible for making things happen, for changing the world, and for shaking up the norms.


You are a transformational being, and you change the lives of every single person you touch. Don’t downplay this talent. It’s a gift, and you are meant to share it with the world.


The important thing for you to note is that you may need some extra time and space to yourself this week. You may need to say no to a person, partner, or friend that is truly a foe.


It’s okay to take time and take space. It’s okay to tell people that they are no longer welcome in your space (after they’ve done you wrong). It’s okay be valued by the people around you—and it’s not okay to not allow yourself to be surrounded by people who share your light.


The people who drain you have got to go. In fact, many of them have already gone, but your mind is still lingering over them. Let this go. Feel the pain, release it—then rinse and repeat.


Destiny always takes precedence. If someone is meant to be in your life, they will be there IN THE FLESH. If you are meant to get a job, you will get it. It’s timing. It’s belief in your journey. It’s belief in the power of the universe that flows through every breath you take.


It’s you. It’s the world. It’s connected. It’s responsive. It’s powerful. It’s real.


Trust your journey. Feel the feelings. Be the vibe. That’s all I can say to you (and I love you!).


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Virgo, your miracle message is: “To truly flourish is to release all the tension that holds you back from letting your love pour through you.”



How are you my love? Are you still working yourself to the ground? Are you still obsessing so much over the small details that you’re failing to see the beauty that lies within this very moment?


I want you to calm down this week, chill out, and be your best self.


You’re glowing and vibrant when you are at your best, and I want to see you there.


 This week you are finally seeing that you are the one who leads yourself into darkness!


This is amazing because now you can catch yourself in the act and REVERSE OUT OF THERE.


Do you see that? You’re becoming a more vibrant, positive person. You finally realize that you can bring light into the world, rather than darkness—and man is that a shift.


Yes, you’re always going to be a workaholic but how about putting your eyes on your long term goals? What do you really want to be doing? And if you’re doing it already—how can you make it more enjoyable for yourself?


If you’re going to work so hard, you might as well have fun doing it—it is possible.


Your past experiences were the tools you needed to learn that you are a valuable person who is capable of incredible things. Don’t doubt your worth this week. You are worthy.


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Libra, your miracle message is: “I am not my addictive patterns. I am happy. I am free.”


The moon is making you feel alllllll the feels. It’s bringing out emotion, insecurity, insights, and intuition.


Use these feelings to your benefit by acknowledging the patterns that are being triggered. Are you over-eating? Over spending? Lashing out? Over obsessing?


Catch yourself in the act, and slap yourself back into reality. Why are you taking things to such an out of control level? Why not acknowledge the beauty in everything and feed yourself with love instead of fear?


You are the stories you tell yourself in your mind. Can you rewrite them? Can you drop the victim mentality and open up to the idea that you are a warrior who overcomes the most insane shit?


Invite yourself to heal from you past pain. It will move you to beautiful places.


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Scorpio, your miracle message is: “When you allow others to support you, you support them, too.”



Spread your wings this week!


Take up space, give yourself what you need to feel nourished and to feel free.


If you feel pangs of pain, feel them—and then invite love and compassion to fill its place. You are beautiful. All you need is to amp up your self love. Put it on high, give yourself and oversupply.


Envision yourself standing under a waterfall of pink light that is pure love. Bathe in that waterfall. Allow it to infuse itself into your skin. Drink it in—and stay in this visualization for as long as you need. Do it every single day.


It will clear up your heart, your mind, and your intentions.


Many of us carry around weird mucky intentions that we don’t even realize we have because they are so deeply lodged and linked into our core belief system.


Can you start to clear up your beliefs by catching yourself in the act of anything that is opposite of self love?  If you do, you’ll start to realize all of the beauty that surrounds you at this time.


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Sagittarius, your miracle message is: “If my environment dictates my mood, then my life will feel like a roller coaster. The way to steady ground is through my breath.”


Hi Sag,


What can you do to cultivate more balance in your life? Can you give yourself an extra hour in the morning, or before bedtime to meditate or connect with inspiring content?


It’s time to get back into your hobbies. You’ve let them go, and it’s draining the beauty and the life out of your heart and mind.

In fact, it’s blocking your heart and your mind. You need to engage with your creative side! It is such a good, healthy outlet for your pent up emotions. It stops you from lashing out and sabotaging yourself. It helps you communicate more clearly and embrace all facets of your being.


Your creativity is the center of your power. Channel your fears out through you. Allow them to go into a creative art work—and just notice how moved you feel afterwards.


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Capricorn, your miracle message is: “To relinquish control, simply let loose and be more childlike.”




New life phases are here for you now! This is an exciting time for you where you are able to grow and move up with confidence. You know who you are, you know where you are going, and you are in for the adventure of a lifetime.

No, nothing will be perfect—and that’s not the point. The point is that you are alive. You are learning, you are growing, and your life (with all of its imperfections) is beautiful.


Call your friends. Call your family. Invite them over. Share your creative ideas with them, and ask them to get involved with your life.


You can’t do everything alone. You need help. You need support. Being an adult means acknowledging where there are gaps, and asking for help in filling those gaps so that you do not suffer from the helplessness you felt as a child.


This is a beautiful transition—and you can handle anything and everything that comes your way.


I love you, and universe supports you.


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Aquarius, your miracle message is: “True abundance is an inside job.”




How are you feeling this week? Are things just getting a little too real for you right now?

It’s okay, don’t panic. Just use your emotions as a guide.


Do you like how you feel around a certain someone? If the answer is no, let it go.


Your stability is the most important thing, and if anything sets you off balance—leave it.


You are the one that dictates your moods. You are the one who decides who enters your life and who stays. You have the ability to see people for who and what they are—so when you see it believe it.


Sometimes we don’t like what we see—don’t stay just because you’re afraid of change. Allow the beams from the full moon to shine light into the dark spots. See what’s hiding in there, and listen to your intuition on how to proceed.


For most of you, the answer will be: get the f&*% out of there.


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Pisces, your miracle message is: “Honor your commitments. Show up for yourself and the world.”




Hello, the queen is in the building. Wow!


Whatever is going on in your life, it’s coming in with a bang.


Your confidence is up, your joy is radiating off of your body, and you are ready for action.


It’s okay to think that your destiny is away from you—because the moments when you realize that your destiny never leaves you are the moments where you can acknowledge how much magic is present in your day to day being.


Thank yourself for trusting your intuition. Thank yourself for speaking your mind. Thank yourself for showing up to live another day. You are here. You mean something. You are important, and you have a life purpose to live out.


Your life purpose is to be alive. Do what makes you feel alive, then do it more. Do it for yourself, do it for the world.


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