#StreetStyle: Warm Up With This Natural Beauty Look

Don't drown yourself in bronzer, ever.

Even when your'e missing the sun, and it's the middle of the dark depths of winter. Don't do it


Instead, boost your bone structure with soft, natural shades

that highlight the natural chisel that already exists within your face.


It will help you look alive and youthful (rather than desperate and orange—haaaaha!).

Photo via  @lovethealchemist

Let's get started...

Eye + Brow Contouring

Step 1: The eyes.

Do you want people to look into your eyes to see your soul? Say a hell YES with me and follow along...

Take a matte bronze color-shade and blend over the base of your lid up to the crease of your eye (right where the bone hits). Don't be a perfectionist—you'll clean it up later.

Take a shimmering bronze shade and glide over your lids to add warmth + dimension. 

Take a dark brown and glide over eyeliner zones (base of the lid, and right under the eye). Drag it out into a slight cat eye to open up your eyes. 

Step 2: The brows.

Honey, if you have thin brows (like me)—you've gotta fill them in, or look like ALIEN.

Lightly fill in your brows with the dark brown shade you just used as your liner, and know that less is more.

You can always add on, but trying to take it off is nothing but a disaster zone in the making.

After filling in your brows, put a hint more emphasis on the lash lines with the brown shadow (and maybe throw in a little bit of black shadow if you're feeling like you need an extra oomph). 

Photo via  @lovethealchemist

Let's continue...

Facial Contouring

The Base

Grab your foundation and place small amounts on your forehead, your cheeks (directly under your eyes), your nose, chin, and neck. Don't blend. 


The Structure

Place a warm contouring powder under your cheek bones, jaw bone, and collar bones. Gently glide it using a lighter fluffier brush. 


The Blend

Now that the base contouring powder is down, blend your foundation over your face. Feel free to mix it into your powder, and go over any spots that look like they need a little more contour with the fluffy brush after you're done blending.

Stick with your facial bones as your guide (this way you won't look like you made any wrong moves). 


The Highlight

Take an eyeshadow brush, and lightly blend your contouring powder into the bone structure above your eye lids (just in the crease area).

When it looks blended, and you feel the rest of your face looks warmed up—take a highlighter brush and blend right under the eyebrows, underneath your eyes, the top of your nose, above your eye brows, above your lip, and above your chin. Mix that s&*!.

This will give you face a nice lift like you've sprung back to life.

No vacation to Mexico needed (wink, wink). Emotional crisis avoided, ha!

@RodialSkinCare sent me three products that I used to create this warm natural beauty look:

  • Smokey Eye Sculpt Eyeshadow Palette
    • Shade 2: blended on eye bone
    • Shade 3: blended on lid
    • Shade 5: used as liner, and brow filler
  • Instaglam Compact Deluxe Contouring Powder
    • Under the cheek bones, under the jaw bones, on the collar bones
  • Banana Lowlighter
    • Used under eyebrows, under eyes, nose, chin, and top of cheek bones

This post is an #ad sponsored by #Rodial, and you can find these products on my face, at Saks, or at SpaceNK USA. If you buy them, I get no benefit—but I can guarantee you'll have a lot of fun playing with the different shades. The color pallet is coincidentally better suited for my skin tone than my own make up (so definitely a win for anyone with tan skin and yellow undertones).  I hope you enjoyed this post! 

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