Seasonal Depression Hitting You Hard? Try This to Tackle It for Good

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Image via Marie Claire Mexico

Image via Marie Claire Mexico

Did you know that the fall season can trigger depression and anxiety?

According to this article published by WSFB, there are a number of factors that contribute to an early onset of seasonal affective disorder. From shorter days to holiday decorations that are out too early, there are things that happen in the early fall that can shift your mindset from being positive to being totally stressed out.

When you start to notice these changes, chances are you tend to look forward into what is coming in the next few months, and that is where the onset of depression happens. With less vitamin D roaming around in your blood stream, it can be hard to cope with the perceived chaos the pre-holiday season brings.

However, the article goes on to state that shorter days and holiday buzz may not be the only thing adding to your onset of seasonal depression—it may be allergies as well.

An article published earlier this year by, Everyday Health, states that depression can be “an allergic reaction to inflammation.” One way to see if this applies to you is to think of your mental history. Have you experienced depression-like symptoms and have had difficulty moving out of a depressionary mindset? Even with medication and/or mindfulness techniques? If yes, you may suffer from allergy-induced depression.

So how do you overcome allergy based depression that conceals itself as seasonal depression? Get connected with your immune system again.

Everyday Health’s article says that the easiest way to help strengthen your body is to cut out sugar. That includes everything from white starches, like pasta, to chocolate cake. The article goes on to state that “the insulin-resistant fat cells you pack on when you eat too much sugar produce nasty inflammatory messengers [which harm your body and your brain].”

So, if you can’t shake off your early onset of seasonal depression—try Everyday Health’s simple solution of weeding out sugar from your diet. This article’s author felt results within 48 hours of making that change, and we hope you feel the fast results as well!

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