Your Secret for Stunning Hair

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Let's be honest, we all want gorgeous hair—but what do you do when your hair just isn't feeling it? You feed it with all natural, organic ingredients.

The real secret behind "I just woke up like this" is this fortifying hair mask. This mask is a tried and true recipe that comes from East India—it's used to re-infuse your hair with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as lock in a gorgeous shine. Strong hair isn't necessarily born, it's maintained. So even if you have the finest of strands, you'll still be feeling a long-term boost from this mask. 

Remember, if you want a hot body, it's going to take some work, and the same goes for your hair. Your hair can withstand the blow-drying, the chlorine, the chemicals, and the pollution—as long as it's getting deeply nourishing love to revive and restore itself. 

Shine and Strengthen: DIY Natural Hair Mask

DIY Hair Mask Recipe:
1 tablespoon Cold-Pressed Olive Oil
1 ½ tablespoons Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
1 tablespoon Raw Honey

Directions: Mix room temperature olive oil and coconut oil into a creamy spread. Stir in honey. Heat if desired and place onto hair from root to tip. Let sit for 1 hour, wash with cleansing shampoo, and follow with conditioner.

Benefits of Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is the only oil that is anatomically light enough to enter into your hair shafts. That means that this oil can actually go inside of your hair cuticle and moisture from within. Yes, that means that all those other oils you’ve been putting on your hair have only been moisturizing the hair on the surface, rather than plumping the actual hair with moisturized goodness.

Benefits of Olive Oil
David Wolfe’s book Eating for Beauty, he states that “olive oil is a soothing fat for damaged and dry skin, hair, and nails.” In this mask, the olive oil works to soften your hair on the outside, help it retain outer shine, and infuse your hair with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Honey
Honey is food for hair. Honey is filled with vitamins and minerals, is antiseptic, and acts as a humectant. This ingredient moisturizes and strengthens your hair, while simultaneously adding volume and shine. Not to mention, the humectant properties work in this mask to seal in the coconut oil and the olive oil, leaving you with a boost of strength

This shine-inducing and strengthening hair mask is able to deeply nourish inside the hair cuticle while fortifying and smoothening the outer ends. This rich formula should be applied to hair every 2 weeks to maintain smooth, strong, shiny hair.