4 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body (No Cleanse Needed)

Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

4 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

1) Drink a Detoxifying Tea Blend
Drinking one cup of "detox tea" per day is an easy way to help flush out impurities that are roaming around in your body. Not only does it wean you off of caffeine (and other harsh chemicals that make it into your daily diet... like pesticides), but it also helps calm inflammation in the body. 

Not sure what to get? Look for teas that contain ingredients that focus on flushing out your liver and kidneys (think: burdock, dandelion, berries, licorice and ginger), rather than focusing on a laxative tea. That way you are working to purify your blood, rather than purging out the contents of your colon. (It is as gross as it sounds!)

2) Yoga & Exercise
 Yoga is a gentle way to cleanse out toxins and increase the amount of oxygen reaching your muscles and organs. Even basic yoga poses twist and squeeze your muscles, which flush out toxins, chemicals, and residues and make room for nourishing fluids in your muscles.

The deep breathing in yoga brings more oxygen to your bloodstream on the inhale, and releases a portion of toxins brought to the lungs by the bloodstream on the exhale.

Cardio exercise is also a great way to engage in deep breathing, and sweat out toxins that make it into your body through polluted air, polluted water, and impure foods. 

Even just exercising once per week will make you feel lighter and clearer. Your body functions more effectively with more oxygen flowing in your blood stream, and you are releasing the muck stuck in your body through twisting & squeezing your muscles, breathing, or sweating it out.

3) Drink Purified Water Only
The best way to flush out toxins in your kidneys is to drink more water—but what good does that do if the water you're drinking is full of toxic chemicals as well?! None. 

Opt for purified water (a simple Brita filter, and an additional charcoal stick within that Brita will do wonders for your health). 

When you flush your body with clean water, your kidneys are finally able to remove toxins from your blood, and regulate the water levels in your body.

4) Eat Fresh, Plant-Based Foods
The most effective way to keep toxins out of your body is to avoid them. Avoid packaged and processed foods, and start eating fresh foods.

Yes, you can still have pizza, but make it a pizza with a cauliflower crust to increase your intake of veggies.

When you improve your diet, you will have more energy, you will have clearer thoughts, and your skin will be more radiant.

You are in charge of your body and you can easily avoid toxins in your diet, your lotions, and the air you breathe (steering clear of smoking or getting an air purifier if you live in a heavily polluted area). 

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Happy detoxing!

Diya SenGupta