The Sound of Alchemy: Past Lives

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Photo via pinterest.

Photo via pinterest.

I stopped making these playlists because a ‘musician’ who doesn’t even make music told me I had ‘strange taste in music’—f*ck that. Monthly playlists are back.  

Playlist Curator: The Alchemist

This Playlist's Vibe:

This month I have been struggling with boredom and the realization that in many ways I’ve lost touch with my creative freedom. I used to live to create—and lately, I haven’t been creating anything for myself. This playlist is a mix of sounds that remind me of my bigger artistic dreams, and the magic of doing it for you and for your art. Let’s get into it…

When Should You Listen?

When you’re feeling melancholy, summertime sadness, or anytime you are bearing the brunt of a creative block. Blast this, sing it out, clear it out—and get your creativity flowing again.



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