#FutureForecasts: Week of October 17th - October 22nd, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of October 17th – October 22nd, 2017.

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Photo via Vogue India 

Photo via Vogue India 

My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…


Hi Aries,


How did you past week turn out? Were you able to lighten up on indulging in the anxious energy?


The best way to take care of anxiety is to go for long walks, swap espresso for matcha, switch on some reggae (it helps drop your heart rate), and breathe.


You have been so worried about ‘looking like the bad guy.’ You’re obsessed with distancing yourself (or maybe just appearing to have distanced yourself) from toxic people in order to look like you’re on the same page as the people who are out there living their best lives.


You’re too much inside of your head. You’re clogging your mind and your heart with stories of the past. Talking yourself out of acknowledging your darkness—so stop right there.


We are all made up of light and dark. We are all positive and negative. We all have yin to balance out our yang.


Allow yourself to own the darkness that’s inside of you. Look at it, give it a hug, and release it so that the space within you that now holds darkness can then hold light.


You can be dark, heavy, and toxic—and you can evolve.


Think of the people you most wish to have in your life (the loving life partners that stand by your side). Do they deserve the toxicity you’ve thrown their way? Or can you catch yourself before it’s too late, and redirect your energy into self-healing to heal your toxic patterns for once and for all?


There is serious stability flying into your life this week. It’s something that is so much yours that you know it’s for you even before you get it. A job, a home, a city; a new life path.


The key to unlocking your stability is to allow yourself to see the truth of all situations. Allow yourself to see everything from an objective point of view (even if you don’t think you want to see what’s hiding behind the curtain).


Allow disappointment to propel you closer to the things you deeply desire.


Reach out to others. Set yourself up for success. Share your heart felt feelings—and go out of your way to do it with a meaningful delivery.


Knock their socks off. Be an amazing friend, and even better partner. Show your support in undeniable ways—and don’t expect to receive anything back.


Give because you want to give—and allow your whole heart to marinate your week with love, peace, and care.


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Hi Taurus,


I have a challenge for you this week: Anytime you’re encountered with a bad mood, challenge yourself to overcome it by seeing yourself as a child in the situation. How would you guide that child through your current happenings? What would you say to that child? What would you do for them?


Do those things for yourself, and you will have unlocked the key to cultivating happiness.


This week is presenting you with people, situations, and experiences that are meant to help you feel alive. These experiences will spark you out of ‘simply existing,’ and believe me—you are going to be feeling all kinds of emotions.


Ride your emotional waves.


You don’t have to talk about your feelings with anyone, but I do suggest you write out how you’re feeling and communicate with yourself.


Connecting back in with your spiritual practices is essential this week—and I urge you to do it alone.


It seems like you need to hit pause on the activities you have going on, and come back to you.


Your intuition is running rampant. If you take the time to slow down and cut out unnecessary things from your schedule, your mind will clear, the dust will settle, and you will at last see things clearly.


It’s time to jet off in your own direction. It’s time to venture into new, fresh territory. It’s itime to view yourself as the prize. Allow things to pull you—and when you feel that positive pull, don’t hesitate to move in that direction.


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Financial stability is yours! Your foundations are coming in strong, and only getting stronger.


Teaming up with other people over the past few months has been your best move so far in 2017. Do you see how much you’ve accomplished? Do you see how many people you’re able to positively affect now?


The best friendships are the ones where creativity and stability fuse into one. Ideas turn into action. Action turns into impact. Impact creates change.


Your friends may come to you this week with beautiful, creative ideas. Listen to them, and if you can, get involved.


The moon cycles are tying in strongly to your week. We’re heading for a new moon. That means, keep working on what you’re working on, and release excess baggage.


Your hands are full. Your world is stable—so use that stability to help you chart out a solid roadmap of where you are going in the next six months, and also how you will get there. Plans may change, but it’s good to start thinking far in advance.


The advice for you this week is to visualize this new phase that’s happening in your life. What are your next steps? Where do you see yourself in five years? And what scares you the most?


You must identify and address your fears if you are going to conquer them. You are seeing everything accurately—which means that there’s no better time to map out a plan.


It’s scary to admit things that you don’t like about your situation, or your behavior, or yourself—but admit them. See them. Feel them. Let them go. Appreciate the things you do like about yourself, and give those things space to grow.


You’re going to need more help as you move along. Reach out to others.


You’re only as alone as you think you are—so get out of your own head.


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Where is your mind this week? What are you mentally focusing on? What are the stories that you keep repeating to yourself? What are the bright ideas that are coming to you?


The beginning of this week is showing that you may be experiencing some anxious energy around the stability in your life. I’m here to assure you that everything is fine.


Anything that may be melting away from you is not meant for you. It was only weighing you down, and as you let go and allow it to fall out of your life, you will see that you can do and be so much more than you ever thought you could be.


Think back to when you were a child. What kind of life did you envision for yourself? Where have you surpassed those expectations? No one is perfect, but I bet you can make a list of 5 things you have done that you never would have believed you could do.


The cards are also showing that you would benefit from traveling. This is a vacation that would be for pure entertainment. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Would you be willing to allow yourself to live while you’re on this trip rather than worry?


You have highly addictive tendencies to worrying, and it has got to stop.


Open up. Say yes. Don’t question. Don’t pick things apart. When you pick things apart, you forget to look at the color they are offering you. You forget to see the vibrancy that lives in imperfection. Who wants perfect? Who wants something that’s stale?


Connect with your imperfect life. Breathe it in. Expect the unexpected, and let go of you need to control.


Work with what you have. Take small steps to expand your mind and expand your world. Get creative, and don’t let your fears hold you back.


Your fear has already taken so much from you. Why feed it anything else? Why let it live?


If you let fear live, you don’t allow yourself to live.


Life is not perfect, and it never will be. Feel your feelings, expand your horizons. Walk away from your own toxic tendencies—and people will stop walking away from you.


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Your creativity is soaring this week. It’s as if you’ve spend the last month in bed—resting and restoring yourself, and now you’re ready for action.


Orange is your color right now. Wear it. Set it as your phone background. Eat orange foods. Paint orange paintings.


Your energy is vibrant. It feels soft, the same way you might feel after you wake up from a deep sleep, or gentle nap. You have bright ideas on your mind that are not only lighting up your world, but also lighting up your confidence.


I’m happy for you because you’re finally seeing stability again. Your throat chakra was the focus of last week, and this week it is your root chakra. Focus on stabilizing and grounding your energy on a daily basis. Connect in with yourself: “Am I taking care of my basic needs? Am I taking care of my finances? Am I taking care of my home? Am I taking care of my self?”


This advice to you this week is to feel your fear. Feel your insecurities. Breathe into what you don’t like about yourself, and feel where that ‘dislike’ lives within your body. As you breathe in start to feel a soft pink light filling those dark, heavy spaces. Allow the light to penetrate in, breaking up the toxic energy, and allow it to float out of your system and into the earth’s core to be recycled into fresh, positive energy.


It’s normal to be afraid of our creative potential. It’s normal to worry about the judgment that might fall upon us if we really chose to be ourselves out in the world—but you’re not normal. You’re vibrant. You’re present. You’re here—reading this blog post.


Thank yourself for showing up and being alive today. Thank your body for the clean air surging through your lungs, the sunlight hugging your skin and lighting up your hair, and thank the world for the beautiful life you life (and the external factors that make the best parts of your life possible).


Thank the people who inspire you. Thank yourself for being open—and come back to that soft pink inhale, and exhale.


Keep this pink light with you as you move throughout your days this week. It will soften your interactions with others. It will allow you to lean into being yourself.


By the end of this week you will see that your vibrancy has a purpose on this planet. You’re here to shake things up, to set fires that set people free, and to be fully alive in this moment and the next moment and the next.


Don’t worry about how you will get there—just say yes to living your best life.


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Hi Virgo,


Partners of your past are at the forefront of your week. These partners are on the same mental wave as you. They are sturdy, they are stable and they are staying in their own lane.


It’s normal to look at partners who have pained you and feel insecure. It’s normal to feel wobbly when you can’t figure out the dark mysteries that lie within your connection. It’s normal to see someone as they were then as being that same person now.


However, I urge you to look inside of yourself: How have you changed? How have you evolved?


Allow your interactions to be playful this week. Allow yourself to be reborn from the ashes of your past.


As you do this, others will follow suit. As you elevate (and lighten) your intentions, you’ll set yourself up for success.


People come to us for specific reasons. They come to us to help us learn things about ourselves. They come to us to help unlock hidden chambers in our souls. They come to us to change our lives.


Most connections are like this (if they are of a deep nature), and most people have a tough time showing up for the ones they love the most.


They figure that those gems will always be there to shower them with love—but it doesn’t work that way. You have to be an active participant in your relationships. You have to allow yourself to be seen and allow yourself to see others.


You have to acknowledge where you went wrong in the past so that you don’t make the same mistakes in the present. You have to give to receive, and you have to be open to receiving if you are really willing to give from your heart.


Every love is different. Every love is irreplaceable. Every love has its time and is place in its own space.


So as you rise from your ashes this week—ask yourself: “Can I be open to a new love?”


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Hi Libra,


This week, it’s important for you to accept invitations that fly your way.


Don’t stay cooped up at home, don’t say no—just say yes and follow through with those plans.


Your communication is on point this week. Bright ideas are on your mind, and if you team up with others you will find that you become so much stronger.


Your resources are not your resources alone, but rather shared resources.


This means, you can expect your big questions about how you will accomplish your big life goals to be answered in unpredictable ways.


This is a great thing, and it puts the wind in your sails.


However, it’s important to note that you let go of patterns of the past. Let go of the way you think things should turn out, and just go along for the ride. See where life takes you. Even if you commit, map things out, and over plan—you’ll never actually know what comes next.


You never know who will be there for you in the long run and who will fall off the ship.


So be easy, be flexible, and don’t take anything personally.


If you feel like things are going to fall out of your life—let them fall. The things that are yours will always stay.


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Hi Scorpio,


New week, new vibe.


Have you been meditating? Because you look great.


It’s as if your mind and your body have gone through a reboot. There’s a resurgence of energy, healing, truthfulness, and confidence in your body.


Fresh things, fresh food, fresh ideas.


Where are you in the world? And where are you mentally?


Even if you can’t see it now, you are undergoing a period of rebirth. It’s the beginning of a fresh cycle and it comes with many rewards if you take the time to journey within and unclog any pent up emotions or feelings from your past.


This will best be done in solitude through past life regression meditations, meditations in general, or even through journaling or painting.


You are addressing your masculine energy this week, and you are now seeing how it sits at a juxta potion to your feminine energy.


Do not forget about your feminine energy this week. Although it is subtly sitting in the background, it’s important to give it time space and attention in a way that feels right and comfortable for you.


As you allow old energies to fall away, and new energies to grow you will find that you are in an incredibly positive place (Thursday is going to be your day, bae).


Stay focused at work, and make sure you are keeping your eyes on the long term picture (rather than just immediate tasks at hand).


Take care of your emotional energy this week. Get out that pent up energy we spoke about earlier through exercise. Cardio is best.


Allow yourself to feel your emotions, but make sure you don’t act on them out of impulse.


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Hi Sag,


It’s very important that you take time out for yourself this week.


In fact, dedicate the whole week TO YOU.


Why? You have so many people vying for your attention that you are neglecting your basic (and creative) needs. You need to get back into your mojo. You need to feel your own spark (not the sparks of others).


Other people will understand. They know you, they see you, and after all they wish to be with you! They know you will connect with them when the timing is right.


In the meantime, explore the world of your inner-emotions. The ones that you tuck under the rug, the ones that you hide away in deep crevices of your soul and wish to hide from the external world.


What are you keeping in there, Sag? Why are you harboring it? Why not see it, feel it, and then release it?


The advice for you this week is to stand up. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions and your past and your present. Take responsibility for the way you spend your days. Take responsibility for your current confidence levels—and whip yourself back into shape.


You are perfectly fine, and you are incredibly beautiful. Sometimes it takes the prospect of having things ripped away from us to help us reach our full potential (to help us be our best selves).


Life is asking you to focus on yourself, and to not get too comfortable to the point of laziness. You have so much to offer the world, and you don’t want to get in your own way.


So how do you get out of your own way (I’m hearing you ask)? Well, you charge ahead. You do something (instead of nothing). There’s no right or wrong thing to do. Just go with your gut instinct. Don’t question it. Don’t worry about it. Just do it.


Charge forward because ‘not making a decision is making a decision.’


Get going and embrace your destiny ahead.


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Hi Capricorn,


Look at you exuding with vibrancy!


Your energy is blossoming, and it is beautiful.


If you have an animal—spend extra time with him or her. Smothering your fluffy friend with love, hugs, and kisses. You will boost their energy and you will boost theirs. It’s a beautiful combination.


You may be feeling hyper emotional, but that’s alright! Use your emotions as a guide through your ‘dark nights.’


What emotions are popping up? How do they help you understand yourself? Can you meditate on your deeper feelings and see what comes through when you allow your mind to rest? Many people have been feeling heavy anxiety lately, and you may or may not be one of them, but regardless you are one person who knows how to charge ahead (even in the midst of fear and sadness).


Be that example for other people at this time. They need you. They need to see someone exuding peace and strength simultaneously.


They need to see someone who is confident during their dark night. They need to see what true stability looks like—and that is you.


Even if you don’t believe it’s you; it’s you.


Give yourself more credit for being out of this world. Give yourself more credit for your many accomplishments. Give yourself more credit for living out your destiny.


Breathe in subtle confidence, breathe out self-love.


Self-love empowers yourself and others. Everyone wins.


So as you head into your weekend, allow yourself to unravel into a new you. Feel the freshness of your entire being, and help others unravel that freshness hidden within themselves too.


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Hi Aquarius,


How are you feeling? It’s important to ask yourself this question at least once each day.


In fact, I urge you to check in with yourself at night right before you go to bed.


It feels like you know you’re beautiful and blah blah blah—but something just isn’t sitting right.


So what is it, Aquarius? What is going on with you?


Well, it seems as if you’re in a growth phase and your absolutely unsure of what comes next. You don’t know where you’ll be, you don’t know how you’ll feel, you don’t know who you’ll be with, or what your days will look like… but don’t fret.


This is all signaling that you need to stay focused on being in the present moment. Yes, that’s tough to do when you’re stressed out—but you can do it.


Everytime you feel fear, breathe into it. Breathe in fresh energy, fresh ideas, fresh confidence.


Acknowledge all the people and places that are currently supporting you now. Thank them (or write a letter thanking them) for all that they do for you. Thank them for lighting up your world. Thank them for boosting your confidence.


It doesn’t matter if these things are stable, or unstable.


It doesn’t matter if they are fleeting things or part of your everyday life.


Nothing you think matters really matters.


What matters is your kindness. Your appreciation. Your willingness to do the right thing and show up for the people you love.


What’s a world with a bunch of flakes? Unreliable.


So if you are unreliable (and I need you to be very honest with yourself about this), then take time for yourself. Focus on healing the cracks in your foundation—because when you do that you will be able to cultivate stability.


This doesn’t mean quit your job and leave your entire life—this means lean into your life and make some changes. Get to work. Make some money. Make some wishes, and set out to make them come true.


The only thing you have is your inner truth.


It’s okay if you’ve lost your way, but it’s time to come back to speaking, living, and being your real self (not the self you choose to show everyone else). Keep going, just keep going.   


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Hi Pisces, 

This week for you is all about reconnecting with your inner light. 

You will find your light by allowing new ideas, destinations, and experiences to come to you. 

You have to let go of expectations of the old, and lean into the new. 

Why? The only place you're going to find stability is within yourself. 

You don't know what tomorrow holds (no matter how stable your life is), so make sure that you are a kind, loving partner. Be a good person. Be a good friend. 

Let go of your need to 'look cool,' and open up to being the happiest version of yourself. 

Allow this week to show you the ways in which you stop yourself from holding happiness within your hands. Allow this week to show you how to be a better partner, and how to be a better friend. 

Your intuition is screaming. It's leading you to signs and signals, repetitive thoughts and feelings. 

Why drown those things out? Why not drag them out from under the rug and listen to what they have to say? 

You are the only one who can save yourself from your bad habits. Do it, and don't feel ashamed. We've all got bad habits to break. 

Focus on taking one step at a time—and make sure you are being the most stable grounded human being you can be in this moment then the next moment and then the next. 

Feel you feelings, listen to them, and set them free.

It's time to break your bad habits once and for all (other people are depending upon it). So do it. 

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