#FutureForecasts: Week of October 9th - October 16th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of October 9th – October 16th, 2017.

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Image via Vogue Archives

Image via Vogue Archives

My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Hi Aries,


Sorry that this is coming to you a day off schedule. I’ve been feeling your energy really strongly and I feel like you needed this one pronto!


Here you are:

First of all, be proud of yourself for where you are today. When you click in with the feelings of inner-peace and happiness, you open the doors to allow others to connect with you.


It’s as if you’re tapping into this ancient energy that is just having things flow right to you—and these things give you the pieces and the feelings and the emotions and the inspiration to be more of yourself in this present day.


For some of you, what’s coming to you is tied to past lives, but for others it’s just helping you illuminate your inner-darkness—it’s helping you lighten up.


This comes at a big surprise, because you’ve taken everything so seriously the last few years. You’ve been my way or the highway—and now you’re just showing up to have a good time. You’re over the forest fires of your life. You’re walking away from the ravaged forests of your mind, and you’re stepping into something completely (and life changingly) new.


So what is it? It’s a change within you.


It’s a growing up of sorts. It’s you taking responsibility for yourself, your happiness, your joy, your appearance, and your location on this earth.


It’s you, refusing to blame others.


The cards are showing that you’re feeling like an emperor with no clothes—and the cards are also showing that it’s time to rock what you have, and be proud.


No one is expecting you to have it all. In fact, there’s no need to feel like you have to impress anyone at all. You don’t. Just show up, even if it’s empty handed. Your company is enough for the people who love you the most.


I know it’s scary to allow others to see the real you. I know it’s hard to allow yourself to have that special bond. It’s otherworldly, and it’s beautiful. Let yourself blur the lines. Let yourself get lost in your life. Let yourself feel again.


It’s time to embrace the being you are today—you’re right on time.


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Hi Taurus,


How are you? It looks like you’re thinking so much about the words others have said—almost as if their tone just can’t get out of your head.


What gives, bebecitos?


You are your own best partner. You are your own best companion. So when it comes to other people, I urge you to ask yourself: If you’re not receiving what you want, are you being a good partner to yourself?


Are you meeting your own needs? Are you giving others the love and affection that you want to give them?


It’s time to ask yourself: what do I want to authentically give because I want to give?


What do I want to do with the partners in my life? Where do I want to go with them? What do I want to see? What pieces of my partner do I want to allow to touch my soul? Is it their humor, their creativity, their writing, or their words?


Sometimes we have to let go of our own expectations, and just follow the journey of our life. Sometimes we have to float down the river to get to the destination. Sometimes the river winds and bends, sometimes we feel like we’re going backwards—but the end destination is all the same.


Say that your current situations are blessings (and if you don’t believe that then say they are blessings in disguise). You are already charted for success, abundance, and windfalls.


All you need to do is stop trying to manage everything. Stop trying to force things to happen.


Take many steps back, and allow the universe to do her thing. Allow the life force to take hold of your hand and guide you to where you need to be, who you need to be with, saying the things your soul needs to say, and receiving the things you need to receive—yes, right in this moment.


You’re already here. So dig deep, and don’t be afraid of your own darkness.


It’s in the darkest depths of ourselves where we find the lightest pieces of ourselves.


Destiny times everything, and although you’re in the depths of your shadows, your timing will click things into place and you will light up like a bulb that has been waiting for electricity.


You are electricity. You decide if you are on (or if you are off). So what will it be this week? Winner or winner? I love you.


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Hi Gemini,


This week, you get your wings back.


It’s as if you’ve come back to life after a very sleepy, very heavy hibernation.


Your confidence in your own ideas is reaching new heights, and the fresh horizons in your life are infusing you with clarity, peace of mind, and strength.


You have your eyes open, searching for someone or something that will rock your stability. Just know that whatever chaos you are seeing is just chaos. It’s not directed toward you (right now), so don’t engage.


What you’re feeling is past pain that is holding you back from believing that all of this good can be yours. You’ve been sabotaged, you’ve self-sabotaged, you’ve sabotaged others—and now it’s time to stop it all.


When you feel anger, pain, resentment, or any other lower vibrational feeling—sink into it and send love into those crevices of your mind to heal the self-destructive pattern.


Acknowledging your dark side and leaning into it is the only way to lighten things up. Breathe into any heaviness. Breathe into fear. As you inhale and exhale know that you’ve been through this all before. You know what to do. You know how things go, and you know how to come out of it alive.


You won’t make the same mistakes as last time. You’ll be more honest. You’ll be more upfront, and you’ll be more forward with your actions.


See other people for who they are, and when they show you you are set up your boundaries respectfully. Do not place others in positions where they can disappoint you. Protect yourself.


If they don’t have access to your treasure, they can’t steal it. What’s yours is yours—remember that this week.


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Hi Cancer,


You and your partner are finally on the same page. You’re finally aligned with the end goal of stability, harmony, and happiness.


If you don’t have a partner (spouse, significant other, business partners), then this week you’re being asked: “What do you want in a partner? What can you offer? And what are your needs? What does stability look like for you?”


You’re going through a period in your life where you have either:

1.     Already let go of heavy toxicity and are keeping yourself in a ‘protective bubble’

2.     Or are experiencing heaviness, jealous feelings, toxic out lash behavior from others, and now have to release the toxicity within yourself to release it in your outside experiences


The best way to clear out toxicity in your internal world is to meditate, head to a sound bath, or spend time out in nature (just having a good time with the birds and the bees).


Hidden influences this week are that you are emerging out of a shadow period into a thriving, glowing human being. Money. Contracts. Abundance. Happiness. Everything you need.


The advice? Don’t get caught up in your addiction to insecurity. Your emotions are outlining your fears, not your potential. Can you see that? Can you feel that? Can you use the ‘shocking revelations’ you feel this week to empower you to be more confident and loving towards the people who surround you now?


You have so many facets of yourself, and it’s important to allow yourself to embrace those different sides of you at different times.

It’s okay to love eating meaty, juicy stakes in New York, and green juices in LA. It’s okay to have pieces of yourself that sit side by side (yet make no sense to other people). You don’t have to fit in a box, and you shouldn’t have to.


You’re a living breathing human being.  Let go of the pressure you’re placing upon yourself and your mind and your ideas.


Take things slow. Allow ideas to come to you. Invite others to join you. Stop judging yourself. Just keep going: “Bird can’t fly in a cage.”


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Hi Leo,


There are bright ideas on your mind. People, places, things.


There’s this excitement and potential, and then there’s this knee jerk reaction to sit and believe that those ideas, those people, those things can’t be yours.


Don’t sit there in that negativity for very long, just slide back into your place of potential. Believe that you can have the life you so desire. Believe that your ideas and actions are enough to get you to where you wish to be.


If you can, wear a lot of blue and gold this week in your clothing and jewelry, and possibly make-up. Get back to the true you. Blue is the color of communication and personal truths—and it feels like you need help getting excited about the mysteries in your life.


The unpredictable is the key to transformation. It allows you to go anywhere. So why not take your best self everywhere and see where this anywhere attitude can lead you?


I encourage you to write a letter to yourself, or to the universe. Write openly about your feelings. Write openly about your goals, and why you want to achieve them. Sing it out. Write it out. Speak it out. Teach others.


You truly are beautiful, and if you give yourself a chance to not try to conform to what other people do, you will find that people will be in awe of you and how naturally beautiful you are.


Be yourself, in your rawest, realest form.


Block out the woe is me. Block out anyone who you believe embodies negativity. Put up your boundaries. There’s a ‘do not touch’ me rope around you now—and people are beginning to recognize what a prize you are.


Let them recognize it; and feel free to embody the energy of ‘I told you so.’


People miss what they can’t have. People miss the positive people that they’ve manipulated and walked all over. People miss the people who bring them golden opportunities.


You are that person, and there’s no reason to walk back into a toxic relationship if you can’t let go fully. If you’re skeptical, don’t do it.


You have all that you need, whatever you do, wherever you go. Your support system is not external, it’s internal. Embrace your rawness.


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Hi Virgo,


You are just work, work, work, work. Wow, what’s new?! Ha!


It’s okay to work as much as you do. It makes you fee confident, powerful—like you’re worth something. Like you have the ability to change the world and elevate the lives of everyone you touch.


Dress up this week. Be in love with the way you present yourself. You’re making an entrance (whether you realize it or not). Enjoy it.


People are recognizing that you aren’t a Plain Jane. You’re complex, you’re intricate, you’re unique—and you’re also radiating with positive energy right now.


There are so many people in your life who enjoy your presence and have a great time with you. Even those who you’ve done wrong to don’t look back at their memories with you with feelings of distain.


It’s time to start viewing yourself in the same light.


Reach out to friends who make you feel whole. Share a conversation. Share a meal. Share what’s in your heart.


You’ve done the emotional work to heal yourself, and it’s time to show how far you’ve come.


Give yourself more credit, and get out the door. Any relationship you want right now is yours.


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Hi Libra,


Stretch out your wings—you’re coming back to life.


You’re ready to leap, and you’re having fun whether you fail or fly.


The key to having a killer week is to allow things to come to you. Say yes to invitations, say yes to doing something out of the norm. Say yes to wearing more color, to eating more colorful foods, and say yes to feeling confident about yourself.


Your timing is perfect—the right things are coming to you at the right times. You’re doing the right things, talking to the right people, and getting noticed for your natural vibrancy.


You’re humble about who you are, and that’s why people like you so much. You make everyone feel comfortable. You make everyone feel confident about who they are and where they can go and what they can be.


That’s not an easy skill to master, and you have it in your bag.


So give yourself more credit. Recognize yourself for the beautiful being that you are. Recognize the power that runs through you, and also recognize how well you use that power. It’s for the good of yourself and the good of everyone around you, for the good of all beings involved.


You’re remarkable, and you’re already a success. (This week think nothing less).


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Hi Scorpio,


It’s great to see you somewhere other than reading your emails and messages. Cool it!


I see you. You’re wanting to embody power, strength, personal impact, focus, and all things that scream masculinity (no matter what gender you are)—but what you’ve failed to realize is that you need feminine energy just as much as you need masculine.


Your feminine energy is your intuition, your ideas, your creativity.


Your masculine energy is tied to action.


Without ideas and creativity, what would you be putting into action?


What makes you think femininity isn’t powerful? Or impactful? Or game changing? 


It takes two to tango, and you need to allow the femininity inside of you come to life so that it can blend with your strong masculine qualities and create a powerful synergy within you.


Hidden influences are that your creativity and ‘bright ideas’ are soaring. However, you’re failing to recognize that you are operating as part of a team. What would have flied when you were solo won’t fly now because of the alliances you have built. You need to take everyone’s input into consideration for maximum success—and you need to open up about the real impact that your ideas will have on your work, your world, and your team members.


Communicate clearly and confidently. Walk into a room and instead of feeling the urge to create chaos, cultivate positive stability.


Please consider that your actions may be driven by fear. Watch your behavior this week. What drives you to move forward? Is it great ideas and possibility? Or is it fear of the unknown?


Be honest with yourself, and work on healing the patterns of go, go, go (or fear, fear, fear).


When you’re true to who you are, it all works out in the end—and it’s stable. Don’t be afraid to pause and take inventory of everything going on in your life right now.


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Hi Sag,


This is so sweet: half of you is feeling vulnerable, tender, raw and sweet—and the other half of you is feeling so afraid.


You’re moving out of darkness and into a period where you need to fuel your words and your actions with self-love.


How does that change what you do? Where you go? Who you see?


What does being fueled with self-love look like to you? Write it down. Anywhere. On your phone. On a piece of paper. On Facebook.

The fear you once held onto is breaking apart, and its allowing life-force to surge in and heal anything that needs to be healed.


If you use this time wisely, you will cultivate crazy amounts of success. The key to doing this is to stop ‘weighing your options.’


You’re overthinking. Overanalyzing. Overcomplicating. You don’t even have to make decisions right now; you can just do what you feel like doing.


Don’t waste your time trying to map out the best path for success. Just ask yourself: is this good for me? Does this empower me with love and kindness? Or does it fuel me with self-destruction?


You’re already experiencing high amounts of success (without even really trying). Do you know how incredible that is? It seems like you don’t, so I’m going to remind you right now—that’s so incredible it’s almost unheard of. Give yourself a pat on the back.


Good job, you. Good job.


So while you roam through this week, don’t feel like you need to find confidence in anyone other than yourself. Don’t feel like you need to find stability in anyone other than yourself. Breathe. Enjoy your life Spread your wings, and look at where you want to go in the next six months.


Wherever you’re seeking to be in that time frame will require you to believe in yourself just as much as you believe in your dreams. Can you do it? Of course you can.


You have so much more than you realize. So many more resources. So much more talent. So much more confidence. So much more support.


Believe in your own light. Believe in your own worth. Believe that you are doing the right thing in this moment and the next moment and the next. You are already there—I promise you.


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Hi Capricorn,


How are you? I just have to tell you that as the seasons change, it’s so important to up your vitamin D intake. Your body is so used to getting ample amounts of sun, and if you’re in a place where you are getting less exposure to the outdoors—it’s time to opt for some vitamin D supplements (or maybe a sun lamp).


I feel your sleepiness and I want you to feel vibrant again.


This week it’s incredibly important to connect in with your spirituality. It’s important to allow yourself to emotionally let yourself off the hook and release any pent up thoughts, feelings, and emotions you may have.


Don’t judge yourself for wanting what you want, or for feeling that you are feeling. Let it go.


You have the room to process your emotions (and truthfully you’re still feeling the effects of last week’s full moon in Aries).


The good news is your week is filled with unexpected surprises in regards to partnerships, contracts, and money! YAY!


For some of you this means that you will need to reach out to people that you wish to connect with—and get the ball rolling. You have a Midas touch effect right now, and it’s important that you use it to your full advantage (timing like this doesn’t last forever you know).


Breathe into your future. Breathe into the mystery that lies in the present moment. You never know who is around the corner. You never know who you will meet. You never know who you will connect with—and all it takes is a simple “hello.”


Say hello this week—to everyone and everything.


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Hi Aquarius,


This week is all about ‘entering the chamber of healing.’


The chamber of healing is an emotional space that you enter to explore the depths of your soul. Sounds ominous, right?


Breathe into your darkness. Breathe into your shadows. Breathe into the things that you hide under the carpet. Breathe into the clutter that resides within your heart—now ask your energy (you know the life force that courses through your veins) to clear out the clutter.


Ask your energy to organize it. To clear it. To re-decorate all that lives below the lining of your skin.


For those of you who have a lot to clear, it will be hard to stay in it and keep breathing. You’re attached to your mess. You’re attached to your clutter. You’re attached to the things that block you from being your best self. Allow yourself to feel those attachments and then surrender them. Upgrade them for healthy attachments that positively enhance your life and your relationships.


Allow stability to crawl into your pulse, and heal your mind.


Then bring this clarity and this heart and this peace of mind with you everywhere.


Show people what lies beneath the surface of your existence. It will strengthen who you are, not diminish it.


It will allow you to flourish with minimal effort and zero manipulation.


Show everyone all pieces of you. It works.


It takes you towards people people, beautiful places, and gifts you with equally beautiful experiences.


Once you start truly living, you can never go back to the half-way love that you were once used to. Let it go.


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Hi Pisces,


Your works help you elevate out of unhealthy habits driven by insecurities. So work, work, then work some more.


Explore your career. Feel the depths, go the distance.


You, like many other signs this week, are feeling the rough of it. You are feeling dark, heavy, and possibly hopeless.


So what’s the way out of these feelings? Acknowledging the stability within your life (even if stability at this point just means that you eat breakfast each day right when you wake up).


If you can, go see a spiritual healer this week, or reading an inspiring book, watch an inspiring documentary. Exploration within the world will help you as you navigate and explore your inner world.


The most annoying thing you might need to remind yourself of is that you can’t fight your destiny. You keep trying to weigh out options and overthink things that are happening—but what you really need to do is give everyone in your life breathing room.


Not because they need it—but because you need it.


You need to feel fresh. You need to feel free. You need to start feeling alive again.


How do you do it? Do things that make you feel confident in yourself. Journal your feelings when insecurities arise within you. Don’t place blame on others, take responsibility for your happiness.


You don’t have to talk everything out—and in this situation I urge you to first go within before you speak. That way, you’re speaking from your soul, rather than your ego.


Soul is powerful. Ego is destructive. Let the ego go.


Let it all go.

What’s meant for you will always return.


So unhook yourself from the things you feel you need to have. Let yourself be free so that the joy of life can come back.


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