#FutureForecasts: Week of October 2nd – October 8th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of October 2nd – October 8th, 2017.

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Photo via Google Images 

My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Hi Aries,


This Friday’s full moon is all about letting go.


Letting go of expectations, letting go of people, letting go of physical things, and letting go of the mental chatter that is holding you back from being your best self.


What can you do to strengthen your stability? What can you do to mend the cracks in your foundations? Can you put a little money away? Or even invest some money in a brand new home?


The answer to what strengthens your stability will be different for every single one of you. That’s how it’s meant to be—so it’s imperative that you quiet your mind and ask yourself, “what is it that I need to do to show up as a stronger, more stable human being?”


The options are endless, but whatever comes up for you it’s important that you focus on healing any lingering wounds that are sitting with you now. For some of you this may just mean spreading your wings and hopping over to a different location to explore more of who you are.


The past few months I’ve mentioned to you that you’re outgrowing your nest—this week, you’ve officially outgrown it.


Where do you want to go next? What do you want to explore? What ideas are you confident in?


Elevating your life isn’t all chocolate and roses. There will be times where you feel tested, but just know that those tests are part of the process.


As long as you have the idea at hand and the vision in mind, you can make anything happen.


The key piece of advice for you this week is to believe in yourself. You have resources available. You have time. You have the light You have the talent. Just keep moving forward one step after another after another.


Soon enough, you’ll be swallowed whole by this new life you’ve created—and although it’s drastically different from where you are now, it’s the right move for you.


Keep moving.


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You are golden this week. You have your vision set and you are making moves.


So proud of you.


Whether you’re just starting to concept your vision, or are already raking in the cash—it’s important to recognize that great things take time to build. Yes, you could land that killer contract in one day, but that’s not what this is about…


This is about recognizing how far you’ve come, and how much you have grown, and how much you will grow in the future.


Your talents, and your personal vibrancy increase when you take time out for yourself. So why not make that a regular practice in your day to day life?


Your recharged energy lights up the room, and quite literally turns heads.


Do you know what else will turn heads? Taking extra time to feel incredible about your physical appearance. That’s not shallow. When you are proud of the way you look (from your hair to your clothes to your accessories), it will show.


Studies have been conducted on this principal, and do you know what they found? Your appearance affects your productivity. Game changer, right?


So why not do this… why not address your physical appearance the same way you do your spiritual practices?


Show up for them, do the best you can, and use it as a healing practice.


You can even work with gem stones to lift your energetic vibration (amethyst), protect you at work (onyx or black obsidian), and boost your levels of confidence and joy (citrine).


You look good. You’re making important decisions right now, and the life of your dreams is coming into fruition. Keep watering the seeds—a beautiful, lush garden is growing.


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The person who feels the most insecurity is the one with the most ground breaking potential.


They know that the world doesn’t fit with their current beliefs. They know that they are here to shift things and change the status quo.


That’s not an easy thing to do if your main goal in life is to be liked… and there in lies the problem you’re dealing with this week. It’s an emotional ‘problem.’


It’s a desire to live up to your highest potential, and a fear of not being liked.


It seems simple, right? Just move forward? Forget the rest of them?


So that’s what you should do. Elevate your life. Lead by example. Don’t be worried about what other people will think, just keep going.


Life always has its twists and turns, its highs and its lows—so why not use those dark points as places to grow?


Feel the pain, and heal it with self love. Feel the fear, and love yourself more than you love the fear. Sometimes we get addicted to the ‘failing’ patterns of woe is me.


Sometimes we rely on conflict to propel us forward, rather than moving forward with every positive enforcement we receive. Sometimes we ignore the positive all together in search of what makes us remember our past pains.


Be more than your addiction to ‘woe is me.’ Rise to the occasion with confidence in your mind, and give things the space and air they need in order to breathe.


Everything is more stable than you realize. You just have to create the emotional stability so that your eyes can adjust to see it.


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There are so many big ideas on your mind this week. So many amazing projects to tackle. So many people to connect with, and so much good to make your heart dazzle.


Finally, you feel like your life is back on track. You feel abundant, strong, and beautiful.


You feel like you are someone worth desiring—and this is amazing.


You’re here because you’ve done an amazing job with self-care the last few weeks (and months). So keep it up. Just because you are feeling good, doesn’t mean you should stop.


It’s about the journey, not the destination.


This Friday’s full moon is illuminating secrets hidden beneath the surface. Things that can only be seen under the full moon light. When this light comes forward, can you use it to heal the pain of a past situation? Or acknowledge the part you played in making these things happen?


Relationships move in phases. This is hitting the phase of completion. Are you willing to complete it and move on to something more? Are you willing to put down your fighting swords and accept others for who they are at their core?


Once you do that, you’ll be able to accept yourself. And then more joy, more money, more happiness comes your way. What blocks you gets dissolved, and you’re more connected to the things that mean the world to do.


So ask yourself: what means the world to you? And what can you to do amplify that in all areas of your life now?


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Darkness is lurking around you. Inhale a soft pink light, and exhale an even lighter warmer soft-pink light.


This light is compassion, and you will need to breathe it in the same way you breathe air.


Take nothing personally (even if it is personal). Watch out for ulterior motives, and know when to say enough is enough.


You are glistening.


Do you know what happens to lights that glisten? The flies come to devour it—and this week you’re going to need a heavy dose of bug repellent.


When the going gets tough, take is as a sign that an equal and opposite action is about to occur. Where there are challenges, there is success. Where there is a low point, there is an equally high point. Keep going.


Allow the things that you need to fall directly into your lap. Ask the universe for help in having those needs met, and stay open to unexpected resources coming your way.


In the areas of your life where you feel there is the most darkness, ask a friend to help you out to guide the way.


Ask yourself to brighten up and lighten up so that your vision can adjust and you can navigate your way out of the dark caves of your emotions.


You have to let go and allow life to bring you what your soul needs. You need freedom. You need karmic release. You need balance.


Allow the world to do this for you. The full moon on Friday will bring everything to light.  


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Hi Virgo,


What’s with the insecurity this week? What? Do you not love yourself? Do you not appreciate yourself? Do you not see the beautiful person with potential that’s staring back at you in the mirror?


We are all flawed. We all make mistakes. We all deserve to give ourselves a shot at being better people.


I know, it looks like you ‘have it all’ on the outside, but on the inside you feel like you have nothing at all. Cry it out. Feel your feelings. Feel the loneliness, and then show up for yourself.


When you treat people like they are ‘just an option,’ they will leave you and they will not look back.


When you treat people like an option, they feel it—and it hurts.


When you treat people like an option, you’re asking them to treat you as an option because you don’t feel like you could be anything more to them than a back up. In fact, you wouldn’t respect them if they treated you as valuable part of their lives.


It all ties back to self-esteem.


Are you being honest with yourself about what you like about the you that stares back at you in the mirror? Could you communicate with yourself and write a letter asking yourself to change the things you desperately want to change? Can you make a pact that you will make all of your desires come to the forefront of your present day reality?


You need to know that ‘what you seek is seeking you.’


What you seek is in your present moment. It’s not hiding in your past, or lurking in your future.


It’s here. It’s now. It’s everywhere. It’s inside of everyone. You can’t force yourself to love other people, and you can’t force them to love you.


You just have to show up the best you can in this moment, and pray that the others show up for you as well.


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Hello Libra,


How are you today?


It seems like you’ve been all work and no play—and ordinarily I would suggest for you to lighten up… however, the work seems to be working in your favor and you are on the brink of breakthroughs.


You’re letting go of fear and you are diving into the life you want, taking action into your own hands.


There’s no such thing as a prince marching in on a white horse to save you—you don’t need it.


If anything, the prince could march in and you two could trot away on your matching horses to create a beautiful kingdom together.


Although it’s tempting to get caught up in other people’s lives and scenarios—focus on yourself this week.


Your intuition is strong, and it’s important that you trust your gut instincts (even when you are telling yourself to stop doubting the world, and even when your best friends are telling you that you’re being crazy). You are an intuitive creature. You are not crazy. Your intuition NEVER lies.


So what is it that your intuition is telling you? Can you take a few moments to sit back, relax, and integrate everything that you’re feeling and experiencing right now? It’s important that you create balance.


It’s important that you don’t drown out your emotions with activity. Don’t hide from your feelings, embrace them and then take action.


Everything you need is coming towards you right now. Don’t worry about the how, just focus on the what and the answers will appear. Trust me. You’ll get there.


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Scorpio, who do you want to be?


Do you want to be the beauty or the beast?


Unfortunately, this isn’t a reference to a love story (for most of you). This is just referencing your behavior in your typical day to day life.


It seems as if ‘a new dawn’ is upon us. You’re feeling brighter, more confident, more honest, and ready to give ‘your baby’ the life it deserves.


What is ‘the baby’ I’m referencing to? Well, it will be different for all of you. For some of you it is referencing to a passion project, a new work endeavor, a new home, a romantic partner, or even yourself. Gasp!


It’s time to stretch out your limbs, and it’s time to heal and repair your heart from any situations that have gone wrong.


It’s a new day. Your life is restored. Your destiny is right back on track.


Be the beauty. Don’t be the beast.


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Hi Sag,


There are so many things on your mind, and so many people who you feel ‘deserve your attention.’


Let’s ask ourselves: What does that mean? What does it mean to say that someone is entitled to your attention? Did they do something special? Did you do something special for them? What makes them more entitled to your time and attention than you are?


It’s time to pause and take some time out for yourself to restore your personal glow.


You may be happy on the outside, but are you taking care of the person on the inside? You look a little fatigued.


So how do you adjust? You embrace the mysteries of life. You allow plans to pop up, and you allow yourself to say you will attend if you feel good.


What’s good for you is ultimately good for everyone else. No if ands or buts about it.


It’s time to let go of preconceived notions that you have to give all of your time and attention away to the others that are vying for it.


You are an independent. You are fun. You are radiant. You deserve to do what you want to do and not apologize for it any longer.


If others want to spend time with you, they can come along to your plans (if you’re open to it).


This week is all about reclaiming your space, and reclaiming your world. It’s time to shut down the things you no longer wish to allow in your life. Clear things out. Clear your head. Clear your energy. Clear your home. Clear it all, and allow something fresh and vibrant to fill that freshly cleared space. Oh, yes!


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Hi Capricorn,


Walk away from burdens this week. Walk away from stress. Walk away from obligations. Walk away from that which makes you feel depressed.


You have an idea of where you want to go. You can see who you want to be. You know the type of partner you want to be… and you have to keep going.


You have to keep on keeping on.


Timing is everything, and you are building and building and building—and when the timing is right everything will strike hot.


In the meantime, take baby steps on how to achieve your goals. Plan a dream trip (even building an itinerary will get you part of the way there). You don’t have to go right now, but you just have to acknowledge where you want to fly off to—and who you want to fly off with.


There are good things coming to you this weekend. There are great things showering down. Just let the dust settle, and prepare to seize (and store) your harvest.


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Oooh, you are showing the world what you’ve got this week.


Your confidence is on fire, and you’re not holding back. Just be careful, Aquarius, you wouldn’t want to burn anyone.


You’re way more intense than you’re realizing right now. Your baggage is heavier, your words are more forceful than you intend, and your thoughts although make sense in your own head, may not be making sense to other people.


You know that you’re doing the right thing when you are calling the shots. You know you’re great at influencing others in positive ways, and that you’re incredible at making money.


The thing to watch out for is preaching to the wrong choir.


Listen to those who want your advice, and seek out your advice. Otherwise, you’ll be giving all of the information and all of the golden nuggets to people who will put it to no good use.


So what is the key piece of advice for you this week? Be strong. Be patient. Be determined. Be confident when you act on your bright ideas.


The right things will meet you where you are—so don’t feel like you have to venture far to get started on the projects of your dreams.


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Hi Pisces,


So your week is DEFINED by this Friday’s full moon. The biggest note is that you need to not embrace the fire, but rather embrace the peace.


There are two ways this week could go—in one direction you are moved to act out in anger and heat and fire. This will do nothing but place you in a deep hole that you will have a very tough time getting out of…


Or you could ‘rise above it all’ and embrace peace. Embrace time. Embrace the cool air.


Acknowledge that everything moves in cycles. Right now you are moving with that cycle, and where are you going? You may not be able to see the end destination, but you will know if you are headed in the right direction. Be a navigator not an instigator.


It’s important to take your time this week to make sure you and any of your partners (meaning romantic partners, business partners, etc.) are all on the same page. Where are you? Where are they? How can you create a meeting of the minds?


If and when you are faced with frustration—don’t dive into action. Take a step away, let things breathe, dive into your work (or maybe even a work out), and let your mind wander.


When you try to force something to happen, everything falls apart (not for you specifically, but for everyone in general). No one likes having their hand forced.


So if you are looking for a fresh start, new growth opportunities, and a sense of confidence and joy—then look no further than expanding your mental horizons.


When we explore new ideologies, we open ourselves up to something bigger. So go ahead—watch a documentary, head to a museum, try a new food cuisine. Do anything to get yourself out of stagnation (as long as you are not hurting yourself or others).


Your passion soars into the weekend, and you’ll be happy you gave things the breathing room that they so desperately need. Keep breathing, Pisces. Keep breathing.


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