#FutureForecasts: Week of September 25th - October 1st, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of September 25th - October 1st, 2017.

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My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Aries, a lot of hidden meaning is going to come into the forefront of your life this week.


You’re going to see things that were once hidden. Life is going to make a lot more sense (if you’re open to believing what you’re seeing and feeling).


This is a good thing, not a scary thing. It makes you stronger, more confident, and more reliable.


It’s time to actually listen to the message you’ve been getting for the last few months: It’s time to let go of the things that hold you back from your deepest desires. Get out of your comfort zone, expand your horizons, and connect with people who inspire you to be more alive.


You know what you need to do. You know you need to leave a situation. You know you need to cut ties with the things that drain your confidence. You know that it’s time to connect with people who can feel their hearts beating in their chests.


You daydream about the resolution of this situation every single day. Why not allow yourself to warm up to the idea of making it happen? I know life feels dark, I know you’re afraid you’re going to stumble—but what about the moonlight that lights up the night? Are you paying attention to that? Are you allowing the moonlight (which is associated with your feelings and intuition) to guide the way?


It’s time to recognize that your life is a prize. Spread your wings, pack your bags, prep for the adventures ahead. There’s no backing down from your highest destiny. There’s only a chance to embrace it before it swallows you whole.


You are the only you, so you have to do what only you can do.


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Taurus, all I see is your intuition, worldly whispers, tears, heat, and a whole-hearted transformation.


Close your eyes, and ask your soul to reconnect with the pieces of yourself that you’ve neglected. As you sit there, allow anything to run through your mind, and simultaneously envision the fibers of your body being flooded with healing golden light.


This is called deep soul healing. It’s going to be essential for you to practice on a daily basis right now.


You need to allow your energy to heal itself, let go of the emotional debris, and clear out past feelings of pain.


When you are in the darkest spaces within the chambers of your soul, you will have to clear your emotional body until it becomes so light that it lights up the caverns, and guides you out.


There’s no need to rush the process—the truth is we are all constantly doing this; you’re just feeling it in an extra heavy way.


Journal it out, and avoid discussing your inner turmoil with those who don’t wish for you to be happy, free, successful, and glad to be alive.


Pen to paper. Paper to fire. Let the flame burn away all that blocks you from what you desire.


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Hi Gemini,


Your constant quest for extra attention continues this week.


You’re feeling winds of change—so embrace them.


There are no voids in your life, only areas of your life to be filled with positive life habits.


How do you spend your days? How do you spend your free time? What are your hobbies? Are they healthy? Do they lift you up or weigh you down?


Quite frankly, it’s time to open the windows of your life and let some fresh air in… You need to let go, open yourself up to new experiences, and start taking responsibility for your state of being. It’s only in your hands (no one else can do it for you).


Luckily, right now you have the time, energy, and inspiration to get the changes going.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that this change is just going to ‘happen to you.’ You are an active participant, and your participation needs to be boosted (not the other way around).


You are the one who transforms your life. You do it one step at a time.


Don’t rush, take things slow. Go in the best direction for yourself in this moment, and then keep making positive micro decisions in the next moment and the next moment. It’s a slow and steady build—and amigo, you need some stability right now.


As you move through your days acknowledge the ways in which you sabotage yourself and others. Why do you do it? What triggers it? And what can you do to prevent yourself from getting into sabotage mode?


Answer honestly, and you will have the key to unlock your highest destiny.


Yes, that sounds cheesy, but it’s honest and it’s true. Get to work (on yourself).


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Cancer, you’re turning the page and you are moving forward on your life path.


Don’t get stuck in feelings of paralyzation. Don’t overthink.


Quiet the chatter of your internal mind, and start listening to the messages the world is sending you. Where are you sabotaging your confidence? Where are you letting yourself down? And can you heal those patterns so that they don’t arise again?


The thing is you are decorated in your personal truths. You are moving in the right direction You just need to see where you could treat others in caring ways.


What I’m seeing is that you have a self confidence problem. You don’t feel adequate and then you claw at others to make them feel inadequate as well. You feel like nothing, and you want everyone else to be your equal—an also nothing.


That’s not good for you! Stop.


It’s time to view others as something beautiful and also view yourself as something beautiful. Don’t go low, build yourself into someone who is strong, calm, confident.


Start doing this with your close partnerships. Start brightening up your world view. Acknowledge that your heavy mental habits are not aligned with your personal truth, and let them go.


To be the most stable version of yourself is simple—care for yourself and your basic needs first, and the rest will fall into place.


That’s the message for you this week, Cancer—take care of yourself. Take up space. Take some time.


There’s no need to rush.


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Hi Leo!


This week is pouring with emotion. It’s flooding into your body and soul, and dripping down with cascades of moonlight.


This has been a pattern for the last few months: you’re not seeing how beautiful and valuable you are.


It’s okay. Don’t worry about anything. Don’t feel like you have to hide from your feelings, or fro mother people, or from who you wish to be. Don’t feel like you have to go through things alone. You have so much love that is easily accessible to you—you’re just running away from it.  


The key to getting your mojo back on track is to spend time with people who light up your inner fire. The people who you can bounce back and forth with—sharing your biggest and brightest ideas. These people will not tear you down, they will allow you to believe anything is possible.


They could help you feel like a million bucks in a ten-dollar outfit. It’s about intention and attention. These lovely friends of yours will gift you with their attention, you won’t have to force them to spend time with you.


When you connect with them allow yourself to open up and set your wildest ideas free. Don’t hold back. Don’t dull your color, and don’t be afraid of showing others the beauty that lies inside of your heart.


The universe will respond to your energy instantaneously. When you are aligned with your personal truths, everything around you will match that… it is that easy.


So use this week’s happenings as a way to learn who is a magical friend, and who is not—and when you see people for who they really are… take note, and adjust your behavior.


You are a gem. You need to have fun, play, and be open to the magic of life. It’s hardwired in your emotional DNA. Don’t deny yourself beautiful things because other people can’t have them. That’s silly.


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Hi Virgo!


Such beautiful things on your mind this week. You’re connecting the dots—just make sure you’re not leaving someone out of your plans!


You’re such a fun person to be around, and your popularity is impressive, but it’s time to ask yourself: Am I giving my loved ones the time and attention they need?


You’ve been so focused on yourself and healing your insecurities that you’ve forgotten to connect with the people that mean the most to you.


Now that you’re realizing it, you can adjust your behavior.


You can step up to the plate and be the person that you want to be for them—they’ll forgive you for any wrong doings. They’re happy to simply have you around.


You’ve worked so hard the last few months, and you’re really seeing the fruits of your labor come to life. It’s an exciting time for you, and you finally feel like your life is lit up with the harmony you’ve been seeking for years.


The key piece of advice is to not hide from your deepest and darkest feelings, but rather acknowledge them, hug them tight, and set them free.


It’s time to stop dreaming about living and start actually being alive. Life isn’t all about the Benjamins. It’s about emotional stability, love, creating a warm home, and having people to share that home with (in a way that embodies unconditional love).


So go ahead, put yourself out there.


Do you think all people who ‘go into battle’ believe they will come out alive? Victorious?


You have to give your best self a try (for yourself, not for anyone else).


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How amazing is it when you pause to recognize all of the amazing people who are in your life right now?


How good do you feel when you choose to appreciate what’s in front of you, instead of complain about what’s not?


The last few months have been testing for you. You’ve had to boost up your inner strength, go with the flow, and acknowledge that you don’t need all the fluff in your life that you once believed you did.


You’re elevating your baseline standards. You’re improving your day-to-day mood. You’re turning everything up a notch.


Whatever you do, don’t give up on yourself now. You’ve come so far, and the transformation is not yet complete. Keep holding your cards close to your heart.


Keep learning about yourself, your needs, and how to be your best self.


It hasn’t come easily. That’s why it’s important for you to cherish the good you have right now.


Be the best you, and you’ll get the best of everyone else as well.


It’s good to be proud of yourself.


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Life is blossoming for you, Scorpio.


You’ve taken your time to get to know yourself, and now you’re moving from a period of darkness into a period of contemptment.


Yes, you will have days where you feel like your fears could just take over your body and possess your soul—but you won’t let that happen.


Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Cry. Journal. Talk it out. Then talk yourself up, and put your money where your mouth is.


What good is living life if you won’t invest in yourself? I’m not talking about just your personal business and finances—I’m talking about your emotional and physical wellbeing. Get a massage. Get a facial. Sign up for a yoga class. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself.


We never know what will come next. So don’t stress about what you don’t have, just focus on what you can do for yourself today. It’s wonderful to have high standards and big goals, but allow yourself to be happy with the climb.


Nothing happens overnight, so don’t believe that you aren’t there. You are—you just need to put yourself out there a little bit more.


Yes, just a little bit more!


Invite others to spend time with you, and go out of your way to connect with things that make you feel beautiful, powerful, and worthy of all that you desire.


When in doubt, work it out through a project or even work out physically in the gym—and give it your all. You’ll thank yourself later.


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Oooh, new phase Sagittarius!


New beginnings in regards to home, family, ideas, creative work, and an increased connection to the infinite possibilities of life.


What does being spiritual mean to you? Is it time to reframe those beliefs? Being spiritual doesn’t just mean heading into a temple, chanting, or praying. For some people, being spiritual means taking care of themselves; getting energy healing work done, meeting with a therapist, or even just taking a hot bath.


It’s essential that you connect (and clear) your subconscious this week. Why? Your ability to connect to what’s real and true to you is amplified this week; so it’s a great time to address the emotional and mental clutter laying in your closet and give those spaces an overhaul.


Don’t worry! You don’t have to announce your emotional and physical transformation to everyone that walks by, just mention it to those who wish the best for you and can help you during this period of your journey.


You’re turning the page—and for once you’re being able to paint the picture of what comes next. Enjoy it!


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Hi Capricorn,


How are you feeling this week? Be honest with yourself about how you really feel about everything. It’s okay to have high points and dull points. There’s no need to force yourself into believing that everything has to be the best possible ever, every single time.


The good news about being honest about your pains and disappointment is that you can acknowledge the part you played in making those situations come to life, and then you can work on healing the patterns that led you there.


You are such a positive person and you bring so much joy into the lives of others. These disappointments are not something you have to speak about publicly. In fact, I’m going to advise you not to speak about these disappointments in an open setting.


Keep any pain (past or present) close to your heart for right now.


You have so much good that happens for you, and there’s even more of it available for you right now.


All you have to do to receive it is to set the intention that you will allow negative energy to leave your body mind and energy field, and only allow positive energy to remain and enter your body, mind, and energy field.


You set the tone; you call the shots.


Let go of the idea that it’s all out of your control—you’re in control. Be strong, and move forward in the direction that’s best for you (not in the direction that others believe is best for you).


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Hi Aquarius.


Whether you realize it or not, you are going through a period of elevation. This is great news—and what better time to go through a transformation than with a change of the seasons?


If you get invited to go out with a group of people, say yes. It will lead you to realize the treasures you have within yourself.


It will boost your self confidence, and it will reignite your ability to feel.


Money, partnerships, and contracts will light up the corners of your life right now. You’re making positive progress, so congratulate yourself!


Maybe even take yourself on a well deserved vacation? There’s a note to use your resources wisely. Spend on things you enjoy doing, say no to the things you don’t enjoy doing. Save for a big vacation, and use your time wisely so that you are simultaneously able to work towards your big life goals (of owning a car or owning a house).


The outcome is that you become more aware of where and how and why you spend your time, money, and energy on things. It’s as if your eyes become adjusted to the night skies, and the moonlight is lighting the way.


Give yourself the things you need.


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Awe, Pisces.


There’s a certain realness that’s infiltrating every area of your life. It’s pure, it’s calm, it’s true.


The change you’re experiencing right now is one that is enhancing your life, so trust that everything is working out in your favor.


It may not feel that way from the outside, but it most certainly is…


You have everything you want and need in your life right now. So how do you make the people around you value you as much as you value them? You allow them to feel their feelings. You allow them to hone in on their personal truths.


You give them the space to come to you.


In the meantime, light up your world with things that make you feel like your colors are coming to life. Take time out for yourself. Take time to lie beneath the night sky and stare up at the stars. Connect with the ancient pieces of yourself, and dig deep to uncover something new.


Being interested in embodying your best self and creating similar experiences for others makes you attractive to others. You’re already there (so just feel it).


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