#FutureForecasts: Week of September 11th - September 17th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of September 11th - September 17th, 2017.

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My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…





While I was pulling your cards, it just felt like you were trying to reach for a quick fix. You’re denying something. You’re not wanting to look at a situation for what it truly is, and you are searching for a band aid.


What’s going on bae?


It’s showing that your partnerships are pulling you into dark places within yourself. They’re pulling you to the rooms of your soul that harbor your biggest insecurities and your biggest fears.


I know, it’s scary to see yourself for who you really are (flaws and all).


It’s as if you’re trying to hold back the tears. You’re trying to only expose the positive (and impressive) aspects of your life—but you’re failing to see that vulnerability makes you beautiful.


It makes you approachable. It makes you human.


If you don’t step out of the shadows—the universe will kick you out (and that will be even more uncomfortable than just stepping forward and saying how you really feel).


A fear of something doesn’t mean you should shut it down. However, you should share that you feel fear. Let things be blurry. Let things smudge themselves into a beautiful picture.


You are the artist of your life and one brush stroke doesn’t make or break your masterpiece. You never know how it will look, you never know how it will feel, if you don’t give it a try.


Yes, you will need to step outside of your comfort zone. You may have to venture out on your own. So do it, and enjoy the journey.


Do you know how many amazing people you will meet if you step out of your same old routines? Same old cities? Same old friend groups?


Do you know how much you will see and feel and accomplish?


You don’t know—and that’s why you’re looking for the quick fix.


Babe, there’s no quick fix.


So when you feel the fear; stop yourself from judging. Stop lashing out at others. Stop your toxic tendencies. You think it looks good to make someone else look bad—but that’s not nice, it leaves a deep cut (and you’re the one with blood on your hands).


Embrace the unknown—and venture out. You need it.


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Taurus! You are a beauty.


Your timing is just right, your presentation is just right, the lighting is just right… everything is just right.


The more you let go of holding onto what you have and open up to receive the new, the more nurtured you will become.


There’s no right and wrong. That’s what you need to remember this week. There’s no wrong choice you could make—because we live in a self-correcting universe.


When we ‘make a mistake’ or block something from coming to us—the universe shuffles, and the path to receiving what you need becomes modified.


What’s yours is yours, and it will always be yours.


That’s your motto BB.


So let life challenge you. Feel the challenge. Feel the burn—and let it all melt.


Let it all crash, and take a step back.


Who is to say a crash is bad? Who is to say that letting go will stop something better from coming to you? Don’t get it twisted. The crash could be the sound of millions of coins falling at your footsteps.


Move forward.


Connect with your loved ones.


Create something fun.


Let go of your need to control.


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Hi Gemini,


Where are your spiritual practices this week? Where is your grounding routine? It feels as though you aren’t taking care of yourself, and you need to get back to doing the things that are good for you.


All is stable in your world in regards to money, home, finances—you’re moving from a period of chaos into one of peace and harmony. So when the chaos stops—ask yourself if you are addicted to creating more of it?


Or can you create an environment and mental pattern for peace?


You have a need to reach out to others to make them see the light. You’re trying to show them a world that they aren’t interested in entering at this time.


I encourage you to pause and to allow others to grow their confidence and grow their strength. You can’t do the work for other people; you can only do it for yourself.


So let go of the reigns, and know that it is all working out for the best.


That’s how you become a warrior for peace, rather than a mercenary for chaos.


As you sink your teeth into those ideas, ask yourself: what can I do to strengthen myself? What can I do to share my voice with others in healthy ways that improves who I am as a person?


The immediate answer is to let go. Let go of the fire. Let go of the need to monitor and ‘assign.’ Just let go.


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Omg Cancer, so many cards popped out for you.


This is going to sound strange to some—but you’re finally breaking out of your shell. It’s great, but you didn’t do it without breaking some connections.


You’re feeling confident and you’re feeling strong–and that’s amazing—however, your process wasn’t good.


You build up your inner-strength by tearig other people down—and while you may be flying high right now it will come back to bite you (if you don’t stop right now).


Continue to live in a confident place, but know that your confidence doesn’t have to take away from the confidence of others. The best you will also bring out the best in others, and if you can’t be your best self without tearing people down then you’re not really being your best self—are you?


It kind of feels like you’ve been throwing a close partnership under the bus—hiding it in a dark closet, or just straight up abandoning someone (or something) that is nothing but great to you (and for you).


I think you’re realizing that the pain you wanted that person to feel didn’t hurt anyone but yourself.


Amazing people with beautiful hearts know that they deserve love. If you treat them badly, chances are they won’t be there for you.


You’re trying to chalk up this void to the fact that life is unpredictable and ‘everything is a fun party.’


I have to tell you that’s not true. You’re feeling the void and you are avoiding the truth of the situation.


There’s a chance for you to look at someone who is confident and has a lot to offer—and to not try to tear them down. You have an opportunity to end the unhealthy cycle that robs others from their personal power.


If you feel yourself making a judgemental comment—stop yourself.


If you feel yourself about to undermine someone’s accopmlishments—stop yourself.


If you feel like you can’t greet someone with love—politely remove yourself.


Your toxic tendencies need to be acknowledged. It’s like a bad smell that needs to be infused with some fresh air.


Open a window, upgrade your home, clean out your closets. You need fresh energy to replace your bad energy.


It starts with you and ends with you—this is all about you. This isn’t about other people.


Be a nice person. Be kind. Be thoughtful, and don’t take this lightly.


You’ve already seen a handful of people walk away from you—and others are only growing in their light. If you don’t change your patterns now, expect many more to walk out.


Another person’s light does not dim your own—that’s the message for you this week.


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Oooh, Leo.


Past partnerships on your mind? There’s something coming in that either is from your past or closely resembles your past.


It was solid, long-lasting, beautiful, and meant for two.


I’m seeing that your circumstances have changed. You’ve grown older, wiser, and more confident than you were back then.


You know what you need, you know how to supply it for yourself, and you are capable now of taking care of others.


The biggest difference is that you are confident in your ideas now (and you weren’t back then).


Many of you are independent. You expect to be alone, you don’t like to be tied down, and you are incredibly adventurous. You want to feel the wind in your hair, you want to feel the heat of life’s fire, and you want to be wrapped in the warm embrace of a luxurious life.


Close your eyes and allow yourself to see who you are at your core.


Sit there and really feel it.


Now open your eyes.


What actions can you take in your life today to get there?


The cards are showing that the best action steps you can take are to:

1.     Truly let go of all expectation

2.     Embrace your friendships


Each relationship brings something special and unique to us. Each relationship has its own dynamic.


If we let go of what we think our relationships should be, and allow them to have a life of their own, we will find that our whole lives become transformed.


The outcome card (which also relates to the weekend), is showing high amounts of color, vibrancy, time, joy, freedom, and gifts. Be open to saying yes, and allow yourself to receive.


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Virgo, it’s time to travel!


For many of you this means physically traveling to a new city, and for others it just means that it’s time to get out of your comfort zone!


Take a big leap toward something you desire—spread your wings, and trust that it’s all going to work out.


Don’t harbor any doubt (not even an inch) because it will spoil your plans. Positive thinking only.


To put it bluntly, you’ve been in a period of darkness. You’ve been trying to think your way out of it—and you have an idea in your mind that will bring you back to the light.


It requires you to go through some sort of transformation (transforming the way you think, the way you communicate, the way you bond with others, the way you share your life with others).


It requires you to let go of the things that hold you back from being the best you. It requires for you to be stable and committed (which you can also read as confident and strong).


You are not a jellyfish, you have a spine. You have ideas, you have wants, you have needs—you are by no means a pushover—and neither is the person that you are running towards.


This means you should go out of your way to show that you respect their needs, their stability, their strength, and their confidence. It’s not a battle of who is better, it’s a connection between two strong entities.


The parts together are stronger when bonded.


Many of you will have to go way, way out of your comfort zone—and you’ll need to begin with an apology (if you’ve previously done something wrong). Be caring, be kind.


Be respectful of the boundaries that others put up with you. All they are doing is protecting the fruits of their labors.


If you feel you can be caring and nurturing to someone, don’t talk about it—just show them.


And if you’ve hurt them, stolen their fire, or worn their truth as your own—then reverse it.


Give the things that are theirs back to them—give them back their fire.


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You’re heating up!


Just make sure your heat doesn’t turn into hot headed tendencies.


The best way to do this is to connect with friends, focus on self-care, clean out your closets, and engage in creative activities.


You’re out on a mission and you feel like you hve a lot to prove. Where’s the peace? Where’s the center of your personal power?


For the last few weeks, you’ve been in a bad mood. You’ve not been feeling like your beautiful self, and you’ve been feeling like a damaged child.


Throw off the heaviness. The only one making your life heavy is you.


You are a bombshell—so let yourself be who you are.


Stop over thinking.


Stop trying to be something you are not.


Stop letting the smoke in mirrors disguise a situation that’s only brining out angst and trauma.


You know what’s good for you. You know what’s real. You know what’s fake.


Don’t worry about fitting in with your surroundings. Adjust your surroundings so that they fit to you.


Sometimes we have to put our cares down on the table and burn them up in flames to allow situations to work themselves out.


It’s not your job to fix everyone. Just focus on yourself.


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Reach out to the ones you love this week. Reach out to the ones that you love from afar. Reach out and present an invitation that’s too good to refuse.


You’re glowing. You’re in your center. You’re sending out strong signals to everyone, and the positive responses you will receive in return will amaze you.


Yes, the full moon brought up a lot of emotion this past week (and the eclipses brought up even more emotion this past month). Don’t let any of that get to you.


If you feel overwhelmed, breathe into it. Dress up, go out. Acknowledge that you are worth something. You are a valuable person to society as a whole. Don’t ever question your worth.


Keep your things close to your chest. Don’t let anyone take anything from you Don’t let anyone tell you they know best when it comes to the happenings of your own life.


Your life is yours—you know best.


No one is going to look after the things that are yours better than yourself.


You want to elevate to new heights (where the air is clear, where happiness flows everywhere, and where you can live with ease). There’s only one way to get there this week: love yourself.


Love your fears. Love your pain. Love your broken past. Love yourself so much that your love transports you to that place of ease.


You’ve broken through to new creative heights. Go celebrate yourself.


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Hi Sag,


Meditate this week. Your mind is foggy and the only way to clear it is to breathe into the fog.


Allow your mind to float and wander, and then act on the insights that speak to you in your meditations.


Reach out to your friends more than usual this week—especially those friends who may live at a far.


You want to strengthen your bonds while you have the time and energy.


Plan a reunion. Plan for time to play.


Take your focus off of others (your romantic partner, your boss, etc.), and bring your focus back to yourself and your life.


Have you been neglecting your physical appearance? Have you been ignoring your hobbies?


When you have extra down time this week do something that re-ignites the passion in your life.


Ignite that passion and don’t give it away. Keep it, and use it as fuel to rise out of outdated tendencies.


It’s time for an overall upgrade.


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Breathe into your heart.


Breathe into your fears.


Allow them to transform into the energy of positive possibilities.


And take flight.


You’ve ended one phase and you’ve landed into the heart of another one.


Embrace it. Connect. Hear the music and get moving (into an easy and open dance). Interact with the people around you. Take your time, there’s no need to dive in and commit to anything or anyone. Just look out for the various possibilities at this time.


If you dress up for the role you want, you’ll release your insecurities. Play the part you want, and don’t hide who you are—people are loving you.


Trust your gut instincts this week, and by the weekend you’ll be soaking in nourishing stability.

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Be honest with yourself this week.


What do you want? Who do you want to be? How do you want to share your talents, gifts, and abilities?


You need to let go of something. You need to clear the air and clear the space. You need to be open to receiving messages from the universe. You need to be willing to get clear guidance from your spirit guides.


The transformation you are going through is simple—be honest with yourself, let go of expectation, and allow yourself to heal. Our bodies heal themselves. We are programmed that way.


So allow yourself to find your emotional weak spots. Feed those spots with life, and allow your body and mind to do what they do best—heal.


Less is more. Do not over-commit. You know better.


Allow things to come to you, say yes, and allow things to grow at their own pace.


Easy come, easy go.


Stop doubting yourself and allow your life to flow.


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Hi Pisces,


Financial, emotional, familial stability is the name of the game.


You’re winning.


You’re stable.


Grab the hand of your loved ones and drag them out for a night out on the town (or a fun adventure).


You haven’t felt this great and alive in years—you’re no longer hiding who you are…


Embrace the unknown. Appreciate yourself. Express gratitude for your finances.


Allow yourself to feel insecure. (It’s the only way you’ll be able to build true stability).


Let the lines and the edges blur—don’t be too obsessed with structure.


Connect with your spirit through art, through music, through books, through communication with others.


The more you connect with yourself, the more you will be able to build genuine (positive) connections with others.


By the next full moon your fears will be gone.


Stumble now, and have fun doing it—there’s nothing to worry about.


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