#FutureForecasts: Week of September 4th - September 10th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of September 4th - September 10th, 2017.

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My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Aries, hello!


Listen, if you take your time this week to go slow—your endeavors will turn into gold.


This reads as financial success, personal happiness, and an overall joyful life.


That’s beautiful.


Something to note is to ‘fake it until you make it.’ While I despise that phrase—it really means dress up, pull yourself together. Get all your facts straight, and do not let fear hold you back.


You’re ready to soar—and you finally feel confident about yourself and your self-worth.


Can you team up with people who are on your sparkling level? Is there someone around you that just blows everything out of the park, and can turn the biggest disaster into the biggest success?


If the answer is yes, go out of your way to meet up with them in person. This person moves at a super fast pace, and if you don’t show up in the physical world, you’ll never get to be with them. They will never lock eyes with you through a digital message. The feeling will be lost; the sparks will dull.


For (what feels like) years, you’ve been asking for your destiny to take reign and bring you to the people, places, business contracts that you so desperately need.


You’ve been patient, you’ve traveled through rocky roads, and now you are HERE. It’s time.




It’s only scary if you take too long to move forward. If you stop and think, instead of going with your gut reaction—it could all fall. Go where YOU believe your mission is taking you.


Cheers, my dears.


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Who are you, Taurus?


What is your life all about?


What is your one soul’s mission in life? It doesn’t have to be serious.


In fact, the serious nature is what you have to let go of this week. Let go of the need to FORCE.


Let go of the need to have structure. Let go of the need to be ‘type A.’


It’s not who you are at your core.


You have been feeling like a drained, angry child, and the reason you’re feeling like that is because you are not allowing yourself to enjoy your life and have fun! I can hear so many of you responding by saying, “I can’t play, I am an adult. I need to take care of myself, and get my schedule in order, and my money, and all of it.”


Tell that part of you to STFU, and then go do what you want to do. I know, it seems crazy—but sometimes we need to let our crazy run wild.


So what do you want to do? It feels like you want to create something. What is it? The first thing that comes to mind is it. Go do it, and find someone caring and reliable and kind to do it with.


I’m not talking about just friends, maybe it’s someone who is more than just a friend.


Lean into your feelings this week. It might feel murky, but the smoke will clear and you will see that your emotions are leading you to the best place possible for you today.


There’s a challenge for you this week: send love and compassion to those who have done you wrong. Elevate yourself out of toxic relationship habits. Don’t stoop to anyone’s low levels. Just send them compassion, and get out. I’m serious—don’t even linger. Clip, clip.


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Hi, Gemini.


Truthfully, your life could go in any direction at this time. The only constant you see is yourself, and the fact that you will be healthily challenged. It’s a battle of the wits for you—whether you’re sitting in a board room or just driving through traffic.


It’s fine—it puts you on your ‘A-Game,’ and increases your chances of achieving success.


Don’t tell everyone about your next big action steps. Other people don’t have your level of foresight. Other people don’t see the future the way you see it.


Other people are afraid of transformation.


Keep yourself surrounded by like-minded peers at this time. The ones who see your light and see the potential in your ideas. Those people will help you continue to structure your thoughts in ways that will elevate not only your life but the lives of millions.


It’s a big task, and there’s no way you can do it alone. For maximum effect, you must partner. You must team up with people and give them your trust. Lean on them for support, and ask for their help.


Go to people with whom you have partnered well with in the past. The people who have always showed up for you. The people who you could say you’ve dedicated your life to…


This is a strong period filled with new beginnings—and the new beginning is sparked by positively transforming the way you think about yourself…


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Hi Cancer,


Are you feeling challenged this week?


The cards are showing that you would benefit from the need to impress others.


Let go of your ego. The most beautiful strength shines through when you stop trying to impress the world, and start by going after what it is you really want.


You’ve been focused on impressing others around you. You’ve been obsessed with showing off how strong you are—how you don’t need anyone to make you happy.


But what if a person, place, or situation really does make you happy? Would you let go of it? Or run towards it?


You keep feeling like you’re going to be disappointed if you allow yourself to be happy, but that’s a self-fulfilled prophecy.


Allow yourself to be happy.


Feel the pain of your past, and reach for what you want anyway. Reach, reach, reach. It’s at the tip of your fingertips, and slides so easily in the palm of your hand.


It’s colorful, it’s lively, it’s honest, and it’s pure.


Don’t contaminate your own water by infusing it with bad thoughts.


Watch your mental patterns this week.


Travel if you feel called to go somewhere to meet someone, or do something that speaks to your soul.


I know it makes you feel vulnerable, but your vulnerability is beautiful—and what you want wants you, too.


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Hi Leo.


How are you feeling? I’m seeing that your emotions are flooding you with questions about your self-worth, your unique (and delicious) flavor, and your creative self-expression.


Do you care if other people like you? Or do you just want to be happy and enjoy yourself?


You’ve been managing a lot—there’s been a lot of emotion, there has been a lot asked of you in terms of your time and your schedule, and there has been a lot weighing you down.


Your hands are tied—you are extremely busy, and you are starting to become strained.


It’s the same way strength training strains your body—it weighs you down for a period of time, and then helps your muscles build into stronger fibers.


But what’s with the strength test? Why exactly are you being built up?


For most of you, it’s so that you will be a stronger, more confident human being.


And that’s the easy answer. However, the real answer is that you are opening up to a new phase. One of more ease and emotional stability. You are partnering up (this may be with a romantic partner, business partner, new roomies, anything).


This new phase is igniting new feelings, and that is bringing up new insecurities. Let those insecurities go. Breathe through them.


Write out your feelings. Communicate with the people around you. Allow yourself to shine brightly and do not apologize for being who you are!


Allow yourself to be big. Allow yourself to take up space. Allow yourself to be seen for who you are right now—allow yourself to live up to the potential of your highest destiny.


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Hi Virgo.


The theme for your week is connection. You need to reconnect yourself with something that makes you feel confident and joyful.


It’s something that takes you back to the ancient seat of your soul. Something that makes you feel adorned even when you are wearing nothing. It’s something colorful, it’s nourishing—and chances are it may be far away from you.


There’s a strong need to step up and spread your wings—possibly through long distance travel.


For others of you this may mean simply living the best version of you, wherever you are right now.


Look at the past two years—how have you moved? How have you transformed? What changes have you gone through? What has helped make you more stable? Whatever transformed you in a positive way needs to acknowledged at this time.


Your friendships need to be acknowledged. Who has stood next to you? Who has helped you become who you are? Who has shown you who you are? And revealed deeper pieces of yourself that help you show up in more positive ways??


You’re focused on work, work, work, work. It’s not a bad thing—but what about the big picture of life? Is working all you want to do? Is your life really dedicated to making money? Or is it dedicated to something more?


You’re lost in your daily routine, and you’ve forgotten how to blossom and sparkle.


You’re forgetting what it feels like to be alive—and now is the time to reconnect with the life that is currently pulsing through your veins.


Don’t lock into panic and fear—relax.


Sometimes we have to lean into the past pain and into our fears to really discover our truth.


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Libra, success is your middle name!!!!


All good vibes. What a time to be alive.


You have the Midas touch and you should work it to your advantage.


Good luck streaks like this don’t happen every day, so soak it all in. Upgrade your style, upgrade your home, upgrade your look, upgrade your wardrobe—upgrade it all.


The stable partnerships that you’ve experienced in the past are only getting stronger.


You are getting stronger.


But strength doesn’t come without being tested.


Right now you’re getting the chance to let go of something for once and for all—it may be a mindset, it may be a partner, it may be the first thing that pops into your mind while reading this.


Whatever it is—don’t rush into action. Don’t slam the door shut. Just let everything melt. Let yourself be lifted out of struggle and into comfort.


Use your emotions as your guide. Be a bigger, kinder version of you than you are today.


Allow your vulnerabilities to ignite and understanding of what is holding you back from being the best version of yourself in this lifetime. Let it burn—and let it heal.


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Hi Scorpio.


Your foundational stability looks great.


It’s at the forefront of your week, and it’s shedding light on all the good things that are happening in regards to your finances, your home, your food, and your basic needs.


Your intuition has been off the wall the past few months (meaning your instincts have been incredibly accurate).


Hopefully you’ve learned to trust your intuition because this week you’ll need to rely on it when it comes to your judgement of people, situations, and work-related opportunities.


If something feels off, it means something is off. Feel free to investigate or even walk away with no apologies and no questions asked.


You smell bad fish when you see one—so don’t let yourself talk your way out of your intuitive knowing.


Your first impressions always stand the test of time; and this week you’ll be wanting to scream “I told you so.”


Instead of screaming “I told you so,” let go.


You already said your peace, you already tried to wave down the smoke (showing other people that a big, unhealthy flame lied beneath it), and now you can let the burden rest on someone else’s shoulders. It’s no longer your burden to carry.


Once you’ve let go, fill the space with something honest, something colorful, something that helps you come to life.


Traveling to find that thing is always an option—but chances are, you’ll just find it within yourself.


I love you.


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Not knowing what comes next is your biggest advantage.


Take responsibility for this moment. Take responsibility for your life’s circumstances, your happiness, the amount of love you have to share, and the amount of love you are willing to receive.


You need to speak up about the things that set your soul on fire.


You’re buried under the sand, and you need to let your presence be known in healthy ways.


It’s time to come back to life, Sag.


Not everything is going to be rainbows and fairy tales—but you need to let go of your low expectations. Expect the best, and you will behave in a way that fosters happiness.


You’re overloaded with things that add no value to your life. That’s what’s throwing you off.


Do less of what drains you, do more of what fills your lungs with oxygen. More living, less complaining.


Where are your friends right now? Have you been reaching out? Calling them? Connecting? Having fun? Playing?


Get together with your fun friends—and go out for a night on the town. Get wild, and don’t hold back.


You need to stop restraining the life that pulses through your veins. Shake out the heaviness.


In fact—transform the heaviness into creativity. Write out your darkness. Paint out your darkness. Let it all out and don’t judge yourself for feeling the way you feel.


Remember: this moment is what makes the next moment worth living.  


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Where are your values, Cap?


Where do you find your truth? How do you connect with the best expression of you?


What friendships, lovers, and partners help you become stronger?


Let go of the blocks that sit upon your heart. Open up to different ways of life, and different people who enhance your being in ways you can’t even explain.


Connect more frequently with the people who have changed your life for the better.


You know who I’m talking about—but you hold back because you are afraid that people won’t see you for the person you believe you are…


Why put that pressure on yourself? Why not just live? Why not acknowledge how blessed you are in so many different ways, and let go of the insecurity?


Who cares if it doesn’t work out? Think of all that you will have gained by simply going for it.


Who cares if you aren’t meant to have that job, life in that home, drive that car—it’s all so superficial and you can build it all back.


I’m not saying ignore your basic needs—I’m saying it’s time for you to express yourself and life the full expression of you.


You have so many bright ideas, and if you take action on them when they pop into your mind you will find that your world is set on fire (in a positive way). It lights up. Things make sense. Connections become deep friendships. Your heart becomes full. Your mind becomes clear.


Why not open yourself up to that?


Why not spark those connections?


This is a new phase for you, and you can choose to elevate yourself with healthy personal growth—or you can shut your heart closed and walk away from opportunities of a lifetime.


Which one do you pick?


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Let go of your need to control outcomes this week. It’s exhausting and a waste of your time.


It’s a waste of everyone’s time—and you’re using your need to control as a distraction from what you truly need to be focusing on in your life; which are your foundations and merging your foundations with your creativity.


I know, emotions are extremely overwhelming—especially when we don’t feel like we can confide our real feelings in the hearts of others.


Sometimes going it alone is valuable. Sometimes the path less traveled shows us who we are more than the path that’s been beaten down and filled with friends.


It’s just a detour (if you choose to take it)—and the beaten path is always there for you, with tons of smiling faces to greet you.


The thing is—you want more. You crave more. You need more—and now is the tie to go for it.


You will never know unless you try, right? So why not allow yourself to grow and spread? Why not explore new facets of you?


Your destiny is asking you to stand in the center of your confidence. Let it soak into your skin—the same way the sun soaks a tan into the fibers of your being.


Breathe into it.


You’re worth a shot.  


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Pisces, a powerful feminine figure is igniting a new phase of your life.


She is giving birth to a new life for you to enjoy—you can finally rest easy and feel confident.


It’s been a long time coming. You’ve been feeling the waves. You’ve been feeling the emotion. You’ve been feeling the grind of everyday life.


It’s weighed heavily upon you—and you’ve done your best to power through it—but you’ve always known that your destiny is meant to provide you with more in life.


More confidence, more friendships, more willpower, more wisdom.


But what if you could access that if you just relaxed? That’s been the main message the past decade: relax more, enjoy more.


When you let go of the heaviness you can enjoy the sheer gold that surrounds you.


For many of you this will mean physical cash. You’ve been waiting for this payday, and here it is.


Take yourself on a well deserved vacation—and allow yourself to see that feminine woman for the rockstar she truly is.


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