#FutureForecasts: Week of August 28th - September 3rd, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of August 28th - September 3rd, 2017.

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Photo via Google Images.

Photo via Google Images.

My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Aries, this week is all about speaking your truth!


Write it down, speak it out—whatever you do… don’t hold back.


Nourish yourself with healthy foods, healthy thoughts, and healthy habits.


Do not give in to bad habits.


Do not give in to bad thoughts.


Do not give your light away, your food away, your money away to people who don’t deserve it.


Right now it’s your time to shine. It’s your time to set yourself up for success in the months ahead.


It may feel like you’re walking around in darkness, tripping, and stumbling—but this is a learning curve my friend. Your eyes are going through a metaphorical adjustment period. Your eyes are adjusting to see the things that are valuable to your soul; the things that will nourish you in the long run (not in the short sprint).


This week focus on feeling the embers of passion that live within you. Can you pay enough attention to them that you can build those glowing embers into a passionate burning fire?


If there’s a will, there certainly is a way, so don’t shy away from your passion by saying it’s unreliable, not stable, or ‘not worth it.’


Your passions are always worth it—you know it; you can feel it in your heart.


Not everyone will support you—but don’t give their words any attention. The ones who don’t support you and your soul’s deepest desires are the people who suppress their own desires. They are the people who have tried with every attempt to kill off their passion—but passion is warm. It always glows. It can never die.


With that in mind—think about what makes you passionate. Think about why you may be holding yourself back from expressing those passions. Then communicate. Write. Sing. Teach. Speak. Be honest. Be true.


And don’t filter out a word… you know exactly what to do.


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Hi Taurus!


Look at you–so beautiful, so golden, so positive, so strong, so warm.


Take your time this week. Do not rush a thing! Taking time and space for yourself to do things at your own pace ensures that you give the world your best end result and that alone is priceless.


You’re looking at your current path and asking yourself: “Is this my highest destiny?”


You are always on your path, but did you make a detour that’s dragging you down? You’re looking ahead with heaviness in your eyes. You can feel the universe urging you to keep going, telling you that if you just keep moving forward you will be able to achieve what you need to achieve, and overcome the challenges that come your way.


You are about to get your second wind, so do not give up too soon!


Switch on music that ignites your soul. Make sure your environment allows you to unwind and feel amazing. Light candles. Light sage. Light up the stove and cook up food that feeds your soul.


Being the best version of yourself can be challenging. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine. It’s tiring, it makes you question yourself and the things you do… It’s testing!


So when you feel tested, feel the heat of the situation. Breathe it in. Let it kill the bacteria that lives within your lungs, and allow anything that is not meant to be part of you and your world meeeeeellllllt.


You’re in a good place. You’re learning how to communicate who you are to the world. You are learning to use your voice to empower your actions and empower the world that surrounds you.


Whether you can see it or not—you’re so incredibly strong.


I’m proud of you. Let your confidence shine, and don’t dim down your light. No apologies.


Love you.


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Hi Gemini,


What’s happening my friend? Are you trembling? Are you not sure what comes next? Are you feeling the ominous haze that surrounds you at this time?


Mysteries can be scary, or they can be enchanting. It’s up to you.


Will you be inspired by the mystery? Will you allow it to empower you? To lift you up to new heights that previously scared you?


The only thing you need to know is that you shouldn’t feel like you have to go at things alone. Find a steady, stable partner who can enjoy the journey with you.

Share the mysteries that shroud your past. Communicate about the experiences that have made you strong over time. Your stories will inspire your partner. Your stories aren’t stories at all—they’re part of your life; they are part of your reality.


Hidden influences are that you want to share, but you just don’t know how… Or you don’t think that other people will be there for you in the way you need them to be.


It’s okay. When the moment is right, you will know. The only advice I can give you is to tell you to not take someone else’s emotional blockages personally. They are blocked because of the stories that they are holding onto—and maybe sharing your stories will help that other person unlock the harmful, toxic patterns that they hold so close to themselves.


While you’re sharing your stories, go for a walk. Release the energy. Get moving. Even travel if you can!


And what’s more fun than traveling with a special someone? Nothing! Drag them along. They want to join you; they just don’t feel invited.


Make them know 100000% that they are invited, and that you would LOVE to have them there.


The outcome is a beautiful relationship. That relationship will bring out some insecurities either in you or your partner. Don’t pay attention to that. Don’t discuss that. Don’t focus on that. Focus on building a bond.


Dress up, and get out of the house.


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Cancer, look at you!


You are not allowing your emotions to RULE you, you are using them to guide you!


This is a big step—especially for a water sign.


The thing is you’re shrouded in the unknown right now.


The good news is that you know that, and you also know that you can use this time period to your advantage.


What do you really want? What has your heart been singing for? Why not go after it? Why not send that message, write that letter, send those flowers?


You never know unless you try—and right now you need to lean into trying new things.


Long term partners are at the forefront of your world right now. Your minds are in the same place, but there’s distance between you. Why should there be distance when you’re on the same page?


The hilarious thing is that you don’t know what the other person is thinking, you don’t know what they are feeling, and you don’t always know what they are doing. That’s why it’s so important to reach out to connect and touch base.


Make them feel like they are part of the infrastructure of your life—because right now they just feel the gap.


You’re changing lanes, and there’s a lot of baggage falling off of you. You’re easing into the dawn of a new day, and you need to allow yourself to breathe. Don’t choke yourself with your own expectations. No one is expecting anything of you, all they want is for you to just show up and be there.


There’s no need to try to impress anyone—just be.


And by ‘be,’ I mean be happy. Sprawl out your limbs. Enjoy the tastes of life, and don’t think that you can’t be happy! You can absolutely be happy when you don’t know what comes next.


The world isn’t where you find your stability, inside is where you find your stability—which means you are stable everywhere you go.


When you’re feeling scared, breathe. Breathe and envision light filling the spaces where the fear lives within your body. You can be a pillar of light if you ground your energy (check out my YouTube channel, I have meditation playlists that you’ll like). 


The outcome for the week is that you finally step out of the shadows of your desires, and you walk toward them. Walk toward them confidently, breathe into the fear.


Here we go…


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LEO—you are shining this week! What!!!


Even in your darkest spaces, you still glimmer like polished gold. That’s incredible, and what’s even more incredible is that you can’t even see how much you glow, and that is what makes you so wildly humble this week.


Go look at yourself in the mirror. Look into your eyes. Ask yourself; how are my foundations? How do I feel about them? What can I strengthen in regards to my first chakra, relating to home, finances, foundations, and basic needs?


This is where you find your stability. This is where you feel the traction and you ride your wave.


We are still in the throws of mercury retrograde—people are acting out. Communication is getting jumbled, and it can be a frustrating time for many people.


Don’t engage with those people who are living in a constant state of frustration. Leave them. You are busy. You have to go. You can’t talk to them right now.


You have beautiful energy, especially through this retrograde period. You are acknowledging that you are the master of your own destiny—and you need to keep yourself, your mind, and your home as positive as possible.


Acknowledge the root causes of hiccups that are happening, and make a plan to heal those hiccups. Let any hyper emotion move through you the way electricity moves through the ground. The ground doesn’t hold it; it channels it away.


Take time and space for yourself this week. Your destiny is asking for your full attention. Where are you? What’s around you? Where are you going? What are your dreams showing you?


Write them down as soon as you wake up, and read them at the end of the week. What was the pattern that came through? What do you need to do?


Your work will take up most of your time this week—and that’s good. That means your world will be raining with gold. Keep cultivating it. Like attracts like. Money attracts money. Confidence attracts confident people. Keep going.


The note to take time out for yourself is VERY strong here. Use your work as an excuse to avoid people. Everyone understands the need for money—not everyone understands the need to stay away from negativity, LOL. Also, when you feed into other people’s dramas your energy is drained and you aren’t able to work as hard and make as much money. It’s a deadly cycle.


The advice is to seek out new partnerships, new contacts, new business opportunities. There’s a lot happening in your financial sector—and it’s upgrading you!


Don’t feel the need to rush and sign anything. Make sure your current contracts are being fulfilled and make sure that you are reviewing all of the details so that you don’t miss anything once you do put pen to paper and sign that agreement.


By the weekend, you are going to need to fill yourself with compassion. The flies will want to hover around your light, so spray some natural bug spray and then spray some more.


Say it with me, “I attract positive people, places, situations, and learn through experiences of pure love.”


Stay away from friends who really feel like foes. Fly out of there.


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The intensity is on high this week, Virgo.


Start your mornings with grounding activities that help channel out intensity. Good things to do include: working out, meditating, walking in nature, or simply lying on the grass (it’s called #earthing).


Another way out from this intensity is to give yourself a huge hug, and then call a person you love. Ask them about their day, and their life, and don’t emotionally dump your intense baggage on the floor. Just be there to hold someone and hug them; make them feel cared for.


If you can, travel together this weekend. Do something that boosts your confidence, and makes your loved ones feel special.


Showing up for the people we care about most is the biggest thing you can do for your overall health. Companionship is more powerful than money.


Your head has been buried in the sand. You’re focused on work work work, survival survival survival. But what’s with all the survival if you can’t take a second to breathe it all in and enjoy the fruits of your labor?


Maybe you feel like you can’t make ends meet emotionally, financially, or foundationally. The missing piece is connection to others. Allowing yourself to ask for help, and to not judge yourself for not being able to do everything on your own. It’s unrealistic to hold those expectations, and you need to drop a few things off of your plate.


Hidden influences show that you are a joy to be around—in fact, you don’t even realize it. You think you show up as a muddy, dull brown—but people see you for a shining, shimmering gold.


That being said, it’s important for you to stop throwing tantrums and to rise out of your childish behaviors. Seriously.


Grow up, get up, show up.


It’s not easy—but it’s necessary. You need to address the darkness within yourself if you ever want to let go of seeing it appear in your life through others.


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Libra, where are you right now? Where were you last week?


I’m not necessarily talking about where you were in the physical world, but rather where you were in your emotional world. Are you feeling positive? Negative? Disappointed? What are your emotions looking and feeling like?


It’s important to step away from others at this time who you are emotionally involved with so that you can fine tune your energy. Are you harboring old resentment from issues that have passed? Are you disappointed in one area of your life and lashing out in another?


Your friendships are at the forefront of this—specifically friendships between people who are often times ‘more than friends.’


You want deeper levels of commitment from another party. You may have the label, but you might not have much emotional presence in the relationship (either from you or them).


The feeling that comes through is that it’s a crowded relationship—where there are more than two people involved. This could involve cheating. This could involve an emotional relationship that doesn’t involve physical cheating, but the heart is there.


Can you clear the air to bring this up? This issue might not even be occurring right now; it feels like something that has already happened (something you already know about). What a headache of a situation if you ask me.


You need to air your feelings about everything and leave nothing unsaid. Communication is key to getting yourself out of this toxic emotional rut.


You are feeling low. You are feeling childish—and your childish antics (if left unresolved) will result in your own demise.


Be confident in yourself. You are a human being who is worth something.


Your intuition is speaking to you strongly at this time, and it’s best that you take a few minutes to listen.


Focus your energy on building new connections with people who support you and help you enjoy yourself. This will take the pressure off of any relationship that seems to be ‘stressing you out.’


Then you heal the root cause of the issue and can resume living a happy life.


Remember: stability comes from within.


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Scorpio! You are so cool and calm on the outside.


You’ve worked on healing your insecurities, you’ve worked to be a more positive person, and you are finally in a space where you are living your truth.


Keep up that personal work right now.


You are breaking through bad habits, and forming positive habits to replace them.


Do not slow your pace. Do not keep your eyes off of the prize. Work, and work out, and work on expanding your mind (by reading inspirational books like You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero).


Travel (even if it’s just a day drip to some place nearby).


Be stronger than any annoyance or pain that comes your way. Stretch out, and know that you have nothing to worry about.


Rely on your daily meditations (chanting, walking, or yoga for some of you) to keep you stable and grounded this week. Do not miss a day, listen to what you body and mind need. No excuses.


Partner up with others and lean into your relationships. Love is on for you right now. Hug them close, and then closer.


There’s a lot of life and color all around you, and this is the time for you to thrive.


Don’t take anyone else’s bad mood or aggressive behavior personally. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Let it go, and know that you are a valuable human being.


You are stronger than your triggers.


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Hi Sag.


How is it going? Your energy is on fire.


It’s as if your engines have been fueled up and you are ready to set out to conquer the world (in a good way).


You’re feeling so good and so successful. You feel like you are taking responsibility for your life and for your health and for your wealth, and it’s coming together so nicely.


You’re taking care of yourself again, and it shows.


This week you may be feeling extra passionate, so watch out for a fiery temper that comes with passion as well.


Make sure you think before you speak, and that you don’t over react to situations that maybe need less taking and more action. If you see something that sets off your internal alarms, do your part to clean up your side of the street. Do not wait for others to jump into action. Move. Move slowly. Move quietly.


It’s as if you know what you want, but you’re still trying to weigh your options anyway.


It’s becoming its own form of procrastination—you know what you want so start planning to move toward it.


The outcome: financial, emotional, familial stability. This relates to the home and to your roots. All is well.


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Slow down, Capricorn.


It’s not that anything is wrong, it’s just you need some personal space!


The energy, cosmically speaking, has been thick, heavy, and dense.


Get yourself vibrating on a different frequency by moving more mindfully.


That may seem impossible for some of you—but head to the bathroom to take a minute alone.


Take a lunch break. Put your phone on airplane mode. Stop responding and reacting to things instantly. Give your mind the break it deserves.


Some of you will benefit from hiking in mountains—make sure you are doing so safely though.


Spend time with your friends who support you on a foundational level—the people who you can call and they will show up in a heart beat with loving words flowing through their mouths and an armful of things to help you repair whatever is causing your despair.


You need to be surrounded by good people right now. You need to take ownership of the energy that you allow into your life. If it’s not good, tell it to get out.


You’ve been needing to make some upgrades in your life for awhile, and you’ve been putting it off and making excuses. No more excuses—this is the last call. It’s time to upgrade (or suffer the consequences).


Don’t put yourself in a bad position because you won’t evolve and move on! Everything has its time and place and you don’t want to be stuck with old junk, when you could have something that fits you needs today.


The advice is to acknowledge that your path (your destiny) is not linear. It’s winding, it’s expansive at times and confining at others—it’s malleable, and it’s all dependent upon your willingness to be your best self.


Can you do it? You know you can.


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Dear Aquarius,


Mystery is not something simply placed down in history.


Mystery fills every part of your life. Mystery fills every part of your body (your cells, your brain, your skin, your hair).


Mystery is synonymous with potential in this case—and it’s dripping all over you.


You have so many beautiful things in your life to be grateful for—you have so many people you love (and who love you). Your circle is defined, and right now you’re choosing to venture outside of that circle.


It’s not a bad thing! It’s a wonderful thing that will lead to immense personal growth.


The thing about personal growth is that it’s not always comfortable. It’s actually quite uncomfortable at times, and it’s more important that you allow yourself to feel the ups and the downs because it is how you will learn about yourself, human nature, and the whole world at large.


When the dust settles towards the end of this week, you will have greater clarity in regards to the changes you’re looking to make in your life.


You will know what areas to elevate, and what to leave alone. These won’t be forced thoughts; you’ll feel it in your heart (or even in your soul).


Keep your decisions to yourself. It’s not time to share them with other people. It’s not time to take your new adventures public. It’s time to be yourself, bask in the light that finding yourself has made you feel—and enjoy every minute of it.


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Hello Pisces,


The theme for this week is elevation. Elevation of your thoughts, of your beliefs, your personal care practices, your relationship standards, and your work-life balance standards.


You have a lot going on—it’s almost as if you are spinning. You’re seeing black spots. You’re melting. You’re dehydrated. You’re hungry. You are flying all over the place.


It’s okay—it’s cool. You’re somehow keeping the lid on all of it. Are you a super human?


You do the work of at least three people, and yet you’re just one.


How can that BE? I’ll tell you… it’s because you enjoy your own existence.


You enjoy being alive and creating beauty for other people. You enjoy sharing space. You enjoy your partnerships. You enjoy the simple things.


Your friendships are key to your happiness this week—and for many of you this will mean a spousal relationship. Confide in your spouse. Allow them to hold you, hug you, and hear you out.


Your life has been taking a lot of you (and it’s okay). Sometimes you just need a shoulder to lean on to make it all better.


The advice is to recognize in those moments of chaos that your life is inherently stable.


Recognize that you don’t need things. Recognize that you are a human being and could be left on this earth and you are so resourceful and in love with the simple things in life that you could make it work. You could plant your own food, drink water from a river, and meditate next to the sea.


Don’t get caught up in the ‘should, would, needs’ this week. You don’t need anything except yourself. Let go of materialism, and focus on elevating your personal standards. Take care of yourself, and ask your loved ones to help you.


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