#FutureForecasts: Week of August 21st - August 27th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of August 21st - August 27th, 2017.

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Hi, Aries!


How are you? It seems like you are connecting in with ancient pieces of yourself that you had previously forgotten. This can come in the form of past partnerships, reconnecting with visions from past lives, and even reconnecting with past pain.


You know (and can visibly see) that you are entering into a new phase. In fact, you’re in it. You’ve been in it for a few months, and you’re starting to realize that you are more ‘adult’ than you previously realized.


You’re growing up and you are taking responsibility for who you are, what you do, and what you bring into this world.


The hidden influences this week are that your work kicks up a few notches. If you put in extra thought, time, and effort—you will reap rewards. Push past fatigue. Push past your excuses. Get to it—and thank yourself for doing it.


The advice is centered around a very ugly situation that’s before you. This is something that’s already happened. It’s toxic, it’s judgmental, it’s unkind, and it’s just rude. The advice is to elevate yourself out of judgement (by being the most kind, the most genuine human being you can be this week).


You’re attracted to something that’s bringing up the feelings of lack, of missing something, of regret. You’re missing it, and you’re judging yourself for missing it.


The timing is right now. You can reach out. You never know unless you try—and when you’re successful in your endeavors, it all just clicks together in beautiful ways.


No love lost.


How good does that feel? Turning pain into personal power? It looks like it feels pretty good, but you tell me… ;)


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Oh, Taurus—when you’re dancing to the beat of your own drum, you have to understand that the beat that comes next is unpredictable.


That’s why you have to get lost in the beat, the mood, and the scene.


You have to open up to let yourself be free (and fun).


Life is throwing some curveball tests your way right now. What’s that all about? It’s about making you stronger. It’s about trimming off excess weight that’s holding you back and holding you down.


The good news is that these are test from the universe—which means that all you have to do is stay centered in who you are, and you can let the universe take care of the rest of it.


If someone’s not right for you, continue to ‘do you,’ and they will naturally fall back.


You don’t have to go out of your way to be yourself, and that’s the beauty and the magic in it all!


Hidden influences: Sage your bedroom. Sage your crystals. Sage your creative spaces.


There’s energy lingering in your space and in your energy field that is not yours. It’s honestly throwing a bucket of water on your hot fire—and who wants that when you just want to let your embers burn? I’ll tell you: No one.


When you sage envision golden light (or pink light, or purple light, whatever calls to you) filling your body and your object and your personal space. Set an intention that anything that no longer serves you will dissipate, and the things that you need most will appear at the right time in the right ways for you to live out your highest purpose.


The biggest piece of advice for you this week is to set your sights on the horizon. Look at the big picture of your life, and then close your eyes. What do you want to see?


Monday’s eclipse is all about living out your highest life purpose, and the best way to ground that down and remind yourself of who you are and what you wish to do and see in the world is to make a vision board. Make one and make it big. Don’t hold back, and don’t judge yourself for putting what you want on there.


Once you are clear about who you are and what you want, you can show up as a more compassionate friend, partner, mother, lover…


Your friends need you right now. They need the warmth of your light, and your healing kindness. Send some invitations their way, and help them heal their own pain (it will create a beautiful light for you all).


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Gemini, destiny is taking over!


Your visions are super strong this week, which means your manifestation power is super strong as well.


Watch your words. Watch your thoughts. Watch your actions. What road are you driving down? Will it get you to where you want to go? If not, change course NOW.


You’re feeling so disappointed about a certain situation—but it’s not what you think… what you are really disappointed about is something from the far, far past.


What you are feeling are the pangs of regret, of ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda.’


Don’t let that hold you back. Don’t steal someone else’s fire to make yourself feel better about not having what you want.


Instead use the energy from Monday’s eclipse to help you uncover your own insecurities. Allow yourself to see your pain in all parts, and then heal that pain by taking the best possible care of yourself in this moment (and then the next moment, and then the next moment).


We don’t heal by ripping other people down when we feel pangs of anxiety.


It’s not right, and it’s not healthy.


When you reach out to others from a place of heartfelt care, they will feel the kindness in yours (rather than the chains of your pain).


No more complaining. No more seeing yourself as a child. No more unreasonable expectations. Take responsibility for your moods. Take responsibility for your thoughts, for your emotions, and for your location on this earth.


You are the reason why you are standing where you are standing. You are the reasons you are feeling what you are feeling. If you don’t like it—grow up and grow out of it.


If you feel like you have no where else to go, use it as an opportunity to start anew.


There’s no life phase where you won’t have things that are constantly changing. Let your life change. Rip the Band-Aid off. Call your friends, and start planning this exciting new phase in your life.


It’s only a downer if you make it one.


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Clean it up, Cancer.


Monday’s eclipse was a gateway for you to explore your foundations and your finances.


The sun is hitting you in all the right ways, highlighting your best angles—and you finally have a chance to let your dark and heavy baggage leave you for good.


The best thing for you to do is to write a letter to the universe and write down three wishes you have for your life.


Be selfish with these wishes, and break out of your daily norms.


You have a chance to follow your heart and your intuition, and I feel like you really need a good hard firm push to get you out the door! Take action and initiative NOW, or the universe will kick you where it hurts to get you moving.


You have the friends and familial support that you need—and if someone is weighing you down with judgmental words, let it (and them) go. They’re leading you in the wrong direction. It’s the direction that’s not aligned with your heart’s desires.


Don’t follow other people because you don’t know how to lead yourself on your own. Follow the light. Follow your strength—and stop thinking you have to suffer to find success (you don’t).


This weekend team up with a fun partner or friend. Do something that’s different, new and adventurous. It’s time to see the bright side of the moon.


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Leo, your intuition is ON this week.


You are just knowing where to go, what to say, who to say it to, and what to do to put yourself in the best possible place on earth.


The eclipse happened in your sign. This means you may have experienced sudden changes, emotional tests, and spiritual tests as well.


The universe is always supporting us, and when we experience these ‘tests’ it’s so that we can get to know ourselves on a deeper level. What is it that we really believe? And is what we really believe the thing that we say we believe to the outside world?


You may have been feeling a lack of light lately. You may be feeling exhausted, insecure, tired, confused, unhappy with your style and physical appearance—and these feelings are asking you to take note of who you are right now, and clean out the dark closets.


You’re refreshing every single aspect of yourself, and it’s good to grow.


With growth comes growing pains—so feel the pain and send yourself love the same way you would pile your body with shea butter and coconut oil to heal the skin and prevent stretch marks from forming.


I know, it’s a graphic vision, but this is what’s happening to you on an emotional level! Take care of every single aspect of yourself. Heal and repair. Love yourself more than you fear yourself. It’s a beautiful feeling.


It’s also the perfect way to wash the slate clean. Feel the feelings. Feel the music of the sounds, feel the emotion that your life’s rhythms are bringing to the surface—and dance the metaphorical night away.


Whether you can see it or not, you’re in a phase where you are resetting the tons. You are moving from rags to riches. You’ve wished for this phase, you’ve worked for this phase, and you deserve to have everything that you’ve ever wanted.


Invite yourself to live the best life possible. Accept your own invitation. Accept invitations from others to do the same.


Forget the superficiality of it all—dive into the life your soul has in mind (and don’t bother looking back).


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Virgo, you are barreling down the path of independence!


You are blowing up in the best of ways, and your personal truths can no longer hide (it’s a good thing).


Everyone had their life slate wiped clean with Monday’s eclipse, and for you this signals a new life phase. One with more color, growth, grounding, and familial support.


Beware—your old belief system may be limiting you. For one (or more of you) you are failing to realize that certain friends are your family, and your family isn’t really your family (if that makes sense).


Pay attention to your thoughts this week, and start taking action on those bright ideas. They are leading you to new and exciting places—and you’ll be glad you didn’t wait.


There is so much success happening in your financial sector, and it’s important to congratulate yourself for all of the hours and hard work you’ve poured in so that you can reap bountiful rewards.


Your hard work paid off. Don’t downplay your success—let your success give you a confident glow.


You are a valuable person, and it’s time to recognize your worth!


A past partnership may have challenged you to be a stronger human being, and it may have gotten you down. Let those experiences build you up. Noticing your weak points and then strengthening them is something to be proud of (not ashamed).


By the end of the week, you’re floating again! Many of you will be traveling (quite a long distance), and others of you will simply be enjoying the thrills of life.


Continue to be the stronger version of yourself. Be confident in who you are, and feel the heat of life. The things that aren’t meant to stay will always melt when they need to… don’t fight it.


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Libra, what is with all the suspicion?


I see you standing tall and standing in the light—but you’re doing it in a way that mimics that of a hovering mother. A mother who is waiting for their child to come home, and it’s past their curfew.


I feel like you’re in a bad mood and you want to scold someone for all the things the yare doing wrong—you’re so focused on them that you’ve forgotten about yourself.


For most of you—you aren’t focused on a real child (as described above). You’re focused on a full grown adult who makes their own decisions, and instead of getting wrapped up in some petty drama, it’s important for you to walk away from this battle.


What you are feeling are old wounds that most likely stem from your childhood, and it’s time to heal those wounds through self care.


 No one ever knows that comes next. We can predict, we can assess, we can try to force people into doing what we would do in that situation, but that doesn’t always yield results.


You need to let go. You need to light some Palo Santo and clear out your energy. You need to allow yourself to be the best version of you. It’s the only way you’ll be able to be someone else’s better half.


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Scorpio, this is a loaded week for you! Wow.


Take a look back into your past. Look at the past ten minutes, the past ten months, and then the past ten years.


How were your finances during those periods? How was your home? How was your personal foundation? Can you give yourself some constructive feedback on your behavior?


You need to walk away from something, and you know exactly what it is… it’s draining your confidence, it’s starving your passion. It’s heavy. It’s annoying.


It’s time to blow sh** up. It’s time to break out of the fearful cycle that’s locking you into this partnership agreement, and it’s time to get creative. You know what I’m talking about.


Are you an artist? Are you an actor? Are you a creator of content? Why aren’t you creating? Acting? Making music? You have the power to use your struggles to fuel your creativity and product work that’s meaningful and worthwhile.


Why aren’t you doing it, Scorpio???


This is a new phase. The stars are aligned in such a way that you can do anything and everything that you want. Don’t hold back. If you want to make it big with your career, put in the hours and hard work.


It’s like having a baby—there is no start time and stop time every day. It’s an all day, all consuming thing. Allow yourself to support your baby. Show up for it. Let it lift up your world.


You’re bound for success, recognition, contracts, and straight up cash.


Go far—get your gold.


(For many of you this means you may have to travel for an incredible, money making gig. DO IT).


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Sag, you are straight fire this week!


You are catching eyes, and catching hearts. You are creatively exploding, and you want to share that passion and that fire with the special people in your life.


Don’t forget to keep up your meditative practices. For some of you this is relating to doing yoga every morning, chanting, engaging in spiritual practices, and even doing things like painting (creative work that puts you in a meditative zone).


You’ve had a rough couple of months. It’s like you were on a streak of PMSing without a break. How horrible!


Good news is that you are using that period of growth and heaviness to motivate you to break out of your norms. You are cultivating better friendships, better finances, and improved modes of self-expression.


Monday’s eclipse highlights a beautiful relationship (or relationships) in your life. These relationships aren’t new, they are old, and they feed you in the best of ways.


Lean upon those relationships now. They make you feel whole, peaceful, confident, and stable.


They allow you to feed your crazy without going off the rails into self-destruction.


These partnerships are part of your personal destiny. Let them feed you. Let them heal you. Let them cure your pains. These relationships are all powerful. Enjoy them.


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Capricorn, the cards are flying out of this deck.


Are you hyper this week? Anxious? Eager? It’s so cute, and you have so much energy.


This week, use that energy to fuel your passions. Allow yourself to connect with things that speak to your soul. This will be in relation to art, relationships, clothing, accessories, and all things related to art and creativity.


It’s taken a lot of time to get to where you are now. During that time, you’ve experienced heartache and heartbreak—but it was all for your highest good.


You’re evaluating your relationships right now. You are seeing the potential in everyone, but don’t get so blinded by potential that you fail to see the person for who they are right now.


You may be seeing a pigeon for an eagle—thinking they will grow into a different breed, when they will just stay the same the whole time.


I know, it’s not easy to admit that a person isn’t right for you—especially when you just wish they were… the fact is: they need to work on themselves and you can’t do it for them.


Give them space. Give yourself space. Stretch out your limbs and your wings, and your emotions, and enjoy where you are right now.


The advice is to enjoy the journey—and don’t stop where you are right now. Keep going.


You are happy, but you know you want more in the long run. Go for the long run, you’ve got this.


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Awe, you are so cute this week!


You are beautifully self-conscious.


The vision I’m getting is a beautiful person looking in the mirror and genuinely asking: Do I look okay? Am I okay in this?


And the answer is: YES. You are so beautiful you can’t even see it.


It’s as if you’re blinded by your own light and you can see how gorgeous you really are…


You’re self conscious because of bad things that happened in your past. People were not so kind, they stole your power, and now you have this void in your subconscious. You’re trying to figure out where it all went wrong—and you’re feeling hazy because you can’t connect where it went wrong inside of you.


Nothing is wrong inside of you. You were pricked by someone who was hurt. You are feeling their pain. It’s not your pain.


So stretch out, let it go. Don’t go down the rabbit hole of self-sabotage.


Allow yourself to stay afloat. Glide down the river of life—feeling all the feels.


You’re stable and you are strong. You are beautiful, and you are clear.


Allow things to unfold at their own pace this week. It will all make sense soon.


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Hello, Pisces!


I am so happy I’m writing this for you this week. Thank you for being here for you.


You are gliding on the wings of life. Look at you, getting everything in your foundations strong and stable.


You’re doing a great job with work, and home, and being an adult. However, you’re starting to forget your body! Eat healthy foods. Exercise.


Are your clothes fitting you tighter? Do you need to watch what you’re drinking? Go on a cleanse?


This message is coming up in every single card; you need to cut something out of your diet.


You need to be focused on being the best you. You need to spend your money wisely (maybe not so much cash on alcohol), and you need to see yourself for the person that you are (not for the person you think you are).


This isn’t a bash you session—it’s a strengthening session! You are so successful, and such a joy to be around, and you need to remember to take care of yourself because you are so caring that you care for others more than you do for your own needs.


Hidden influences are that you will do well go have a workout buddy, or a friend who helps you achieve your optimal health.


Invite people to exercise with you, go for a hike, or a walk in the park. Don’t try to do it all alone. Make it inviting. Make it fun. Make a trip out of it.


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