#FutureForecasts: Week of August 14th - August 20th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of August 14th - August 20th, 2017.

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Photo via Google Images

My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Aries—this week is all about expressing your personal truths.

Sing it. Write it. Speak it. Be it.

You’re finally stable enough in your own being to express who you are and what you’re after.

In the past you equated pleasure with pain—you sabotaged creative connections by doubting in your own abilities to genuinely connect the pieces of your life together and build strong foundations out of nothing.


You lost—and you learned.


You learned that you can have the friends, the family, the support, the heart, and the soul to light your life up in the ways you only could dream about as a child.


You learned that you have to leave things behind (including friends, teachers, and lovers) in order to live out your highest destiny.


You learned that greatness is simply a balancing act—and right now it’s time to bring it all back together.


Revisit those partnerships that you scorned long ago.


Revisit them in your heart and your mental energy and focus on feeling the pain of old scars that burned you with such immense pain. Envision soft, healing pink energy soaring in to restore those spaces within you.


Meditate and repair your wounded emotional body as much as you can this week.


You’re on the road to greatness, and no longer is it acceptable for fear (and self-doubt) to hold you back.


Love you, Aries. Mmmmmwah.


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Ooooh, Taurus. You are flying away from something this week!


Your week starts of with gentle (and subtle) reminders that life is meant to be lived.


You aren’t meant to merely exist, you’re meant to feel nourished and wild—you’re meant to thrive.


An important man comes to the forefront of the message for you this week. He’s saying that the intuitive insights you receive from your meditations and spirit guides mean nothing if you don’t take action upon them.


This man may be a literal man in your life, or it could represent the masculine energy of action, strength, and perseverance.


Be confident in your intuitive knowings this week. Trust yourself more than anyone else.


Make the changes you need to make. Clear your energy. Clean up your home. Clean up your diet. Clean up your mental habits. Clean up your emotional habits. Clean up your life.


You’re moving into the next phase of your life and it’s one that’s defined by your connection with your personal truths.


What is true to you in this life? What does it mean to communicate those truths in loving ways? How often do you authentically express yourself? And what can you do to express yourself more?  


This week ends for you on a positive note. One of elevated healing.  You’re crossing the finish line. You’re passing a test. You’re moving from muddied waters into turquoise blue paradise.


Can you feel it? Can you taste it? You’ve got one chance on life, my friend. Do not waste it.


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Gemini, this is a beautiful and positive week for you.


You are feeling more centered. You are feeling more like yourself.


Finally, your confidence has become so strong that it’s turned into gold. If you can’t see it in the physical world, don’t worry. It’s coming.


In the weeks leading up to today, you have been feeling heavy. You have been feeling childish woes. You have been feeling victimized by the mental chains that you bind yourself to…


You need to know that you—as an adult with freewill—can unbind yourself from any chains to which you feel bound. You can walk away at any moment.


But maybe those chains and that pain makes you feel secure? Maybe you wear it like a badge that you’re most proud of. Maybe you don’t wish to be free at all.


You’re feeling positive this week because you are finally realizing that you are the one that causes most (if not all) of your suffering. You are the one doubting your own greatness (not others).


You’re realizing that it’s time to stretch your wings, heal your wounds, and fly far.


Yes, taking leaps of faith can be scary—but it’s also scary to miss out on opportunities of a lifetime knowing that you will never get that time back.


So feel the emotion of fear. Feel the uncertainty in being your own leader—feel the uncertainty of being free. Then be strong.


Allow your emotions to guide the way in the ‘dark world we live in.’


The embers of your heart will grow into a powerful fire—and that fire will light the way to the things you so desperately wish to see in front of you.


Accept all invitations that come your way. You never know what a chance meeting might lead to…


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My beautiful, Cancer. You have been walking around with your hands open—open because you’re wanting special events of a lifetime to fall into the palms of your hands, and open because you’re wanting to invite your loved ones to go with you to share special experiences.


You’re on a great path right now. You’ve been toiling away at your foundations to make yourself healthier, more stable, and more fit for the life you want and desire. You now realize that what you want takes hard work, and you’re not giving up.


You’re on the cusp of having the life and the love you desire… and here’s the thing:


You have to embody the strength to have others be strong for you.


You have to see yourself as worthy and successful before others will deliver great opportunities to you.


You have to be the best partner for your partner to be the best partner to you.


You have to be the one to say that you are up for being ‘tested,’ because you know you’ll pass with no scratches on your hand.


You have to see it first with your intuition if you ever want to map a path to get there.


You have to see yourself as successful, as creative, as sexy, as whole, as daring, as one that stands out from the pack.


This is who you are… will you show everyone already? They’ve been waiting for you—the real you.


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Leo, you are riding on the wings of your spirituality this week.


I’m proud of you. You’re finally taking note of all the signs and symbols that are constantly floating your way.


You are seeing yourself as a human being, rather than a human doing—and the results are that you are more connected with your mind, your visions, and your desires.


Your friends will play a key part in your week. They lift you to new creative heights. They boost your foundations. They take something that would be mundane and they infuse it with genuine laughter and mischievous fun.


Your friends make your world go round, and you couldn’t be happier of prouder to have them in your life.


Your creativity, your sexuality, your appetites—your second chakra—is on fire. You are burning so bright that you could make something dull look like it’s a limited edition collector’s item. It’s not smoke and mirrors. It is you. Your energy. It’s real—and it’s hot.


You’re still recovering from disappointments of lovers (or opportunities) past—but don’t let it get you down. You have so much to offer, and all you have to do is surrender the fear and the disappointment and let the experience of ‘surrendering’ transform you.


Let it transform you into a lighter being (a lighter being with immense strength). Let that fluidity cascade into every area of your life, and trust that when things fall apart it’s so that something so much better can take its place.


You have to be up for the heat if you want to live your best life. You have to allow the plastic to melt out of your life so that the gold underneath can shine bright and true.


Not everyone is going to like you—and you don’t need them to… you just have to be strong within yourself and ride on the strength of who you are and how it benefits the world at large.


You are stable. You are successful. You are wise. Say it with me…


“I am stable. I am successful. I am wise.”


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Virgo, you just walked away from the partnership of a lifetime.


Why did you do it? It’s as if you couldn’t recognize the beauty of the individual when they were right before your eyes. It’s as if you were looking at a beautiful gemstone, and you believed that all rocks were made with equal beauty.


You walked away only to find out that what you had was a diamond in the rough.


You let your toxic tendencies overtake you and swallow you whole.


Playing the dangerous game of egos is all fun and games until you’re the one who gets hurt.


This beautiful babe got up and walked straight out of your life—not even blinking. Not even batting an eyelash.


The sad thing is that you had a solid foundation with this person and were on track for a very successful venture together!


You wanted to bring out the bad in you because you wanted to see the bad that lies within them. What you found, to your surprise is that there wasn’t anything bad within THEM. There was just a sensitive being filled with insecurities and peculiarities.


Head to the mirror, and look yourself straight in the eyes. There is not a toxic person inside of you. There is just a sensitive being filled with insecurities and peculiarities.


What we view as ugly within ourselves isn’t necessarily labeled as ‘ugly’ when we look at it from the eyes of another being.


This week you have the chance to catch yourself in the act of judging yourself, and polluting your own mental environment with thoughts that hold you back from experiencing true partnership and true love.


It’s never too late to rebuild and repair the liaisons within your heart and mind.  


It’s never too late to correct yourself when you see you’re headed towards the same behavioral patterns that have kept you stuck in your past.


Take everything slow, and then take it slower.


Observe yourself this week, Virgo.


This story has a lesson for you. It hits close to home.


The world is inviting you to heal and repair. The world is inviting you to lighten up, and glide on the wings of those who wish the best for you and support you in whatever direction you’re willing to take.


It’s not about their path; it’s not about their vision—it’s about yours.


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Heal and repair, Libra. Heal and repair.


This is a time where if you nourish and feed yourself with the right foods, mental thoughts, financial behaviors, and more—then you will heal from the stagnant patterns of your past.


You have to decide this week: “Will I live up to my highest potential? Will I go for it? Will I be the person I believe I am?”


This week might present you with some metaphorical fires. This week might even make you sweat—but can you stay in the kitchen a few minutes longer? Can you take yourself to new heights? Can you push past your mental limits?


You’ve taken too much time to yourself as of late. It’s time to integrate yourself back into society. It’s time to stop backing away from the love and the life that you desire.


Stretch your arms out—and then literally reach out to others.


You know who you’re wishing to speak to… you know what you’re wishing to say. So say it.


Holding back only holds you back—and you don’t want to be held back right now, do you?


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Scorpio, how do you feel during a game of darts?


Do you feel thrilled by the act of throwing a needle at a target? Do you feel excited about missing and potentially hitting into a wall?


Does it make you feel like you can break all the rules? Does it make you feel increasingly connected to the adrenaline that lines the path to your destiny?


What is it that you need to allow yourself to flourish? Is it danger? Is it personal power? Is it the need to not feel like a coward?


You’re growing into an updated, newer version of yourself right now.


You’re seeing the forest for the trees—you’re no longer missing the beat.


Can you take yourself out of your regular surroundings for awhile? Can you head into the hills and reconnect with a childlike essence to become your own best friend?


The only thing you need this week is support from yourself. So can you do what you need to do in order to support your destiny? Your highest life path?


Go for it, and your life becomes stable again.


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Sag, life is messy for you right now!


You need to lighten your load. You need to stop complaining. You need to feed yourself with heavy doses of strengthening positivity.


There’s too much on your plate right now, and it’s weighing you down! Your emotions are all over the place, and there’s no need to get your ties in a knot.


You’re so much hotter than you realize you are… you’re so much more powerful. You are so much more capable of being a better version of you.


Your insecurities are blanketing others from seeing the real you.


Take off the fake veneers. Take off the bad attitude that you hide behind.


Embrace a happier version of you. Make magic. Make moves.


Your work doesn’t have to weigh you down. Your work can empower you.


Try that on for size…


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Hi Capricorn!


Hydrate this week, hydrate!


You are going the distance, and you need the fuel to get you there.


Meet up with friends at a distance. Connect with them creatively. Discuss your personal foundations, and allow your friendships to elevate your life the same way the people in America’s 1950s believed church elevated their lives.


This is an equal play though—as much as you need to be with friends right now, you also need to carve out time to be alone.


Can you meditate? Can you schedule a session with a healer or a shaman? You have a lot coming into your mind right now and you need the mental and physical space to process your thoughts.


Your bright ideas might remind you of painful heartaches. You might not want to take chances of being your best self again.


Feel the fear—and heal it when you feel it.


Write a letter to the universe explaining your feelings and ask for help in healing and releasing those feelings. Then ask for help in correcting your actions so that the pains of your past no longer hold you back in the present moment.


Life is beautiful when we choose to elevate ourselves out of our struggles.


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Your past feels very present—yet very distant.


It’s like you’re reliving memories that you wish to push far, far away from you.


So what’s going on, Aquarius. What’s happening inside your heart?


I see you—and so does every one else. You’re growing, you’re expanding, and you’re lighting up the way with explosions of fire.


You’re wishing to be the backbone of strength in all of your partnerships. You’re believing in yourself, and can finally choose to believe in love.


Yes, it’s going to take some stretching to get there. I know it’s not easy for you to believe that there’s someone perfect (and worthy) enough for you—but there is… and chances are they are right next to you.


Entering into a partnership doesn’t equate with losing your independence. Entering into a partnership means that you show up as two individuals who are coming together to be friends. To care for one other, to support each other in creative ways, and to build a steady emotional foundation so that when the two of you go off in your own directions you show up as stronger, independent human beings.  


I know, we don’t talk about love in this way (conventionally speaking)—but this is how the best partnerships are maintained. Do you think you can do it? Something’s telling me you can.


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Pisces, stop chasing things that are dead!


It’s time to acknowledge that you can only thrive where energy and attention flows. You’ve been dying to get the attention of someone who doesn’t have time, energy, space, or capacity to handle you—and you need to stop taking it personally.


There’s nothing wrong with you, and there’s nothing wrong with them. Life gets busy, that’s all.


Your destiny has important things lined up for you, and it’s time to enter into your new phase.


Staying focused on things, places, and people where you don’t belong is getting you nowhere and it’s holding you up from thriving in your life!


Why weigh out the options when one of your options isn’t even real?


Be a realist this week.


Be real with yourself.


When you’re honest about who you are, what you do in the world, and what you’re here to create—then that’s how you become perceived as valuable—not by trying to force things that aren’t.  


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