#FutureForecasts: Week of November 6th - November 12th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of November 6th – November 12th, 2017.

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Photo via Vogue Japan 2014

Photo via Vogue Japan 2014

My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Hi Aries,


This week you need to be real with yourself: how do you feel? What are you scared of? What do you need to love about yourself? What have you tried to hide that keeps coming back?


Dark secrets won’t stay hidden for long. Hold them, embrace them, unpack them, and then breathe air into them to heal the root cause of the pain, and replace that pain with acceptance.


You have such strong creative potential, and your energy has the ability to shift a room. Why are you selling yourself short with toxic behaviors?


Stop fearing that you’re not good enough. Stop fearing that the people you care about aren’t good enough for some ideal that someone else has created.


You love who you love.


And do you love yourself?


If yes, do you love yourself enough to change? To be a better person? To show up for other people without ego-driven motives? Do you love yourself enough to clear the air? And set things straight with your loved ones?


If you start being honest about who you are, where you want to be, who you want to be with, and the way you want to see it all come together—you’ll be successful. You’ll be vibrant. You’ll be happy.


Do you know what that feels like? It feels like the opposite of all the heaviness and childish antics you’ve been living, and surrounding yourself with…


If you have toxic friends, or toxic relationship patterns: you yourself are toxic. Lift yourself out of it. You are way too talented to keep selling yourself short like this.


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Hi Taurus,


How are your relationships doing? This week highlights your sector of love, romance, and spicy connections.


It’s passion central for you—and you have no idea where anything is leading.


That’s the most beautiful space to live in. You can make anything happen. You can dance to any tune, and you can make the impossible real.


What does that even mean? It means it’s time to believe in your own magic and time to allow yourself to upgrade every area of your life.


Spin. Get dizzy. Get lost. Get found.


Stop trying to plan what you are doing. There’s no plan on the road that’s less traveled. In fact, there’s no road at all.


You have to just roam and just ride. Wind in your hair. Salt of the earth on your tongue.


How can you be with the best partner if you’re neglecting to be your best self?


Light your passion.


Your soul wants you to be open and to be free.


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Hi Gemini,


Financial security, stability, home, family, your roots—they’re all just pouring in with positivity and stability.


There’s only one way to go and it is forward. You never get another day like today. You can’t spend your minutes mulling over the past. Those minutes add up to hours and those hours add up to days and those days add up to years. What good is that?


Ground yourself with your spirituality this week. Meditate. Go for a walk in nature to clear your mind. Ring a special bell. Light incense. Light a candle. Do your chants. Do your thing.


When you honor your daily rituals, you show up as a better friend, a better colleague, a happier person, and a more joyful force in the world.


Do you know what people are attracted to? Joyful people. They get invitations, phone calls, and good vibes all around.


So the advice is to watch out for the ways you steal your own joy. Catch yourself in those moments, and REVERSE OUT OF THERE.


There’s no room for ugly mental patterns.


Life is short, fragile, meaningful, and entirely in your hands.


It’s time to let go of what you think should happen and just embrace what is happening.


Your anthem this week is Fergie’s song, “Life Goes On”—with or without you ;)


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Hi Cancer,


What’s going on? It seems like you’re so busy you’re in three places at once.


Work, work, work, life goals, seizing potential, being, doing—it’s all good. Just make sure you take time to center yourself before you go all out throughout your day.


Meditation and personal space are your two best friends this week. They will help you tap into your creative potential, and you need all the help you can get in that department.


Being creative doesn’t mean painting something, writing something, or being ‘artsy.’


You can be creative with your business proposals, your cover letters, your cooking, your plans for the day, or even with ways to surprise the ones you love.


The more you venture out into the world the more you realize that you want to explore. You want a change in scenery, and you want to let go of something related to your lifestyle. This could be in regards to the way you think, or what you share about yourself with other people, where you live, or even where you work.


Keep venturing.


This exploration is helping you reconnect with life.


You know it’s time to make that change, and right now there is absolutely nothing holding you back. You know what you want to change, and I want you to write it down right now.


Now write down one thing you can do easily that will help you make that change to achieve your life goals. Then do it.


Start celebrating your small wins. You’re too hard on yourself sometimes, and you need to lighten up if you want to have fun in your life.


Less is more.


It’s time to commit to being the best version of yourself so that you can be the best for others. Don’t overshare yourself. Oversharing is where you lose your connection to your personal power. Oversharing causes you to feel confused about your direction and your wants and your needs. Just be you—just you—and see what happens.


It’s a different kind of adventure ;)


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So many cards are jumping out of this deck! You’re weighing options, trying to scope a path, trying to reconnect and keep your eye on the ball.


Honey, you’ve got this—you have more support than you can even fathom right now.


First of all, your intuition is your superpower this week. Use it to boost your confidence in your ideas. Meditate. Feel the warmth of your soul.


You don’t know where you’re going to know that you’ll be safe and taken care of—you have great instincts. You have an incredible eye. You know what to do before you even get there.


Your expectations are that your friends help you turn your creativity into a solid foundation where there is wealth, health, personal stability, and more.


But what you’re failing to see is that you yourself are such a force. Your presence lights up confidence in the people around you. They see you as the stabilizing force—how beautiful is that?


Whatever you do this week—make sure it’s working toward your personal growth. Elevate. Upgrade. Be the woman or man of your dreams; the person you always dreamed of becoming.


A gateway is open for you right now, and you are channeling the highest version of you. Allow your intuition to connect you to your higher self and ask your higher self to flow through you every single day you are alive on this planet.


Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t give into insecure or petty behavior from others. Be a human being, Give a damn. Show up for your life purpose.


I know, it’s a lot to juggle. It’s a lot to show up and do it all. But you have the ability to do it. You have the resources, You have the comfort and support and the tools you need to make it all come to life.


You naturally create a beautiful picture. Embrace what is natural to you. Be yourself. Don’t fluff it up. Don’t build it up. Allow it to be what it is; in its rawest form.


“It” may be referring to a passion project, work, your home, your creations, your clothes, your face (how much make up are you wearing? Why not go nude?).


The only thing you have room for this week is positivity. Say it with me: “I attract positive people, situations, and frames of mind—and I let go of anything that doesn’t positively serve me at this time. Replacing it with pure life.”


 Pure life.


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Hi Virgo,


I’m going to lead with the advice section of this reading: follow your passion.


Follow your passion and allow it to lead you. Stop doing the tick for tat. Stop trying to map out the best strategy. Stop tallying up who has done what.


Follow your feelings. Allow them to get stronger—allow them to get so hot they might turn a piece of paper into fire.


You’ve been ignoring your personal life. You’ve been so ‘focused on working’ that you’ve intentionally pushed out passionate partners. You’ve set it up so that you’re protected, so that you won’t get hurt—but what is it doing for you? Leaving you alone, when all you want is loving hugs and cuddling kisses.


“I just can’t see myself with anyone right now.” Many of you are saying.


“I’m just doing it all.”


“I myself am two people, how could I possibly give more?”


You don’t focus on action; you just focus on living.


You just open up, let your wings extend, see where life can take you.


Get on your way towards something or someone you feel you might be able to love.


Life’s a little less lonely when you’re together.


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Hi Libra,


Where is your life headed? Where are you going? What are you doing? Are you enjoying yourself?


Connect with your childlike self this week. Have fun. Get lost.


Stop thinking about time, bills, responsibilities, childhood trauma, and past pain.


Reset the tone in your home, your life, your friendships—reset it all.


Sage the shit out of your house. Open a fucking window. Go on a goddamn vacation.


It’s time to lighten up my friend!


Invite others do fun things with you. Reach out more. Show up for yourself and for your life.


Inhale—do you feel that? That’s oxygen merging into your blood cells through your lungs.


Do you see how fragile you are? You could croak at anytime. So why not have the time of your fucking life?


You’re so worried about what people will think when they see the real you—and you’re not realizing that they would want to join in on the fun.


Other people don’t like themselves. They’ve lost their connection to their soul. They’re so focused on work, money, stability—and what does it do for them? Put them on prescription medication to cure their depression? Lead them to a bottle of wine and reality TV?


Why would you watch reality TV if you’re really living? You wouldn’t.


Get honest with yourself: where are you struggling for life? Why are you struggling? How can you get out of it? Ask for help. Breathe yourself back to life—and do it one cell at a time.


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Hi Scorpio,


It is your season right now. You are reconnecting with your colors, your vibrancy, your sense of self. You should be feeling strong right now, and you will benefit from being open to unexpected gifts and connections.


Do your best to keep your thoughts moving in a positive direction. Lift yourself up by fueling yourself with healthy foods, workouts, and just plain old parties.


You are better than your opinions of yourself. You are better than other people’s opinions of you. You are better than you can even imagine.


Clear out your emotional cavities. Let go of your need to be liked.


Let go of your fear that you are not enough.


Let go.

Now do what you can to set your world on fire. Turn fear into fuel.


Let the wind fly in your hair. Let the inspiration surge through your blood stream.


If you allow yourself to feel alive, you’ll allow yourself to receive heavy doses of self-love.


And do you know what self-love does? It transforms and transcends.


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Hi Sag,


How are you? It seems like you’re doing much better. The color is coming back to your face, the joy is returning to your voice, and you feel like there’s so much potential you could TOUCH IT.


So touch it. Go for it. Take action the way you wish you could and wish you would. Be stronger than any ‘woes’ that you feel.


What’s your theme song? What’s your MO? Who are you? Where are you going?


Now pause. This week I need you to do one thing: catch yourself winding up into procrastination. When you notice it count backwards from five to one, and then reverse your behavior and get the F%#$ out of that mental space.


Can you really overcome your fears by counting down, “five, four, three, two, one…”


You’ll never know unless you try.


In fact, this week is all about giving things a try. Feel the heat of the kitchen, and resist the urge to get out.


You asked for help living your best life, and it’s time to not be such a baby about it. Just go.


Put some skin in the game.


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Hi Capricorn,


Why are you thinking so much? Why are you stressing? Why are you viewing yourself as a victim?


You are not a victim. You are a beautiful soul, and you need to see yourself in a better light.


Believe that you will achieve the things that your soul has set out to achieve in this lifetime.


Yeah, that’s heavy—but so is your mood my friend. Seems like you’re down on life.


Reach out to your friends. Let loose.


Be creative. Eat food. Let yourself feel.


Give yourself a break from the mundane.


And if you’re feeling down—go help someone. Seriously, what would make you feel like you have more purpose than helping someone in need? It can be big or small. You just have to do it.


You know what else you need to do? Light up your world with those amazing ideas you’ve been getting.


Yeah, those bolts of inspiration that you don’t follow through with because they seem ‘crazy’ to you. Be crazy. Go for gold. What do you have to lose?


Seriously—what do you have to lose that’s not related to your ego? Ego has gotta go.


Partner up. Cuddle. Share your feelings. Get emotional. Be alive.


You have so much to offer the world and all it takes is you stretching one centimeter outside of your comfort zone. Go for gold.


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Hi Aquarius,


How are you? It looks like your confidence and personal power are back in full.


That’s amazing because you’ve been having people around you push you and push you to be better and better—and you’re honestly exceeding their expectations.


One thing you need to know is that it’s important to let go of what you think should happen in your life, and just keep it light and fluffy this week. Go with the flow. Enjoy the little things like the way a room smells when a jar of flowers is sitting in the center, or the way your face feels when it’s being tickled with sunlight.  


Don’t take anyone’s harsh words seriously, and keep toxic people at a distance. It’s as if you see a meltdown coming, and you’re not sure what to do about it. You know it’s not about you, but will it affect you?


Not if you play your cards right.


Start asserting your boundaries now. Start showing people how much you do for them. Make them acknowledge it. Make them understand that no one else is capable of doing what you do. They don’t have your confidence, your speech patterns, your resources, your friends, your thoughts.


Make sure your partnerships are equal partnerships. It’s time for people to stop riding your wave. It’s yours. You’re holding them up, and they are weighing you down.


Do you want to be weighed down by unnecessary baggage? The others can find their own surf board and their own waves to ride.


It’s time to think about you, and you only. You give so much, and now it’s time for you to give to the one person who matters most: yourself.


Let yourself be the better version of you. Let yourself do what you want. Let yourself life in the moment. Let yourself let go.


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Hi Pisces,


How are you feeling?


It looks like you are getting a gush of joy, creativity, and general happiness.


The past few weeks have been very heavy for you. They’ve left you feeling emotionally vulnerable and questioning every move and every motive.


Am I wearing the right thing? Should I have said that? Should I be here? Where am I going? Who do I think I am?


Well… who do you think you are? And who do you think your best self is?


Where does he or she go? What do they do? What do they wear? What do they talk about? How do they feel? Visualize it.


You’ve got to believe it in order to see it—and you also need to acknowledge that the type of wealth or stability or joy you want will take time. Start by being happy with where you are right now.


Be grateful for everything you are getting right now. Be thankful for the good, the bad, the highs, the lows—and just sink into the moment.


When you let go of your need to ‘keep everything together,’ you open up to be your best self.


You let the things that need to explode, ignite. You let yourself be free from the restrictions you impose on yourself, and you can finally live again—no chains attached.


Let go of your need to be the strongest person in the room. Let go of your need to be the alpha. Let go of everything…


Be vulnerable. Be scared. Feel your feelings, and let them ignite new life and new fire.


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