The Sound of Alchemy: November Shockwaves Playlist

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images

Playlist Curator: The Alchemist

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This Playlist's Vibe:

This playlist goes in and out of your emotional depths. It glides you through motivating heavy hitters like Shockandawe, glides into a soulful journey with Man O To, and washes out the highs and lows of your day. 


When Should You Listen?

When you feel like you want to sing, dance, meditate, or vibrate at a higher frequency (yeah, I went there). 


The Sound of Alchemy: November Shockwaves

1. Shockandawe - Miguel

2. Higher Ground (feat. Naomi Wild) - ODESZA

3. Dysfunctional (feat. SAKIMA) - SATICA

4. What I Know Now (feat. AOBeats) - SAKIMA

5. Man O To Be, Svendsen Remix - NU

6. Trees on Fire - DJDS, Amber Mark, Marco Mckinnis

7. Free Room (feat. Appleby), Tep No Remix - Ravyn Lenae

8. Blow You Up (feat AlunaGeorge & Less Is Moore) - Yogi

9. Something Sweet, Exit Friendzone Remix - Madison Beer

10. Sky Walker - Miguel, Travis Scott

11. Ex Calling - 6lack

12. When It's Over - Sugar Ray

13. Ride or Die - Evalyn

14. Crowded Places - Banks

15. Remember Me (Dúo) from "Coco" - Miguel, Natalia Lafourcade 

16. New Rules (Acoustic) - Dua Lipa

17. Bad At Love - Halsey

18. Should I - Phoebe Ryan

19. Nobody - Niia

20. Fire - Louis The Child, Evalyn

21. Right To It (feat. Ashe) - Louis The Child, Ashe

22. Love Is Alive - Louis The Child, Elohim

23. Fly Away (feat. Haley Larson) - Nathaniel Knows, Scissors



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