Is Your Ex SERIOUSLY Showing Up During Mercury Retrograde?!

Video via Beyonce Lemonade

Video via Beyonce Lemonade

Mercury is the messenger. Mercury rules communication, teaching, writing, and speaking—and for some reason when it's in retrograde it loves to PULL YOUR EX's OUT OF THE ASHES and place them right on your doorstep. 

What gives? Well... it's the perfect time to clear up the miscommunications of your past so that you can finally put the last pieces of the puzzle together and move forward for once and for all. 

For some us this means we get an opportunity to draw a line in the sand; to set boundaries.

For others, you could realize that you could give your ex another chance to declare loyalties and bond again. 

In this article, we're not talking about bonding again with ex's you've formerly kicked to the curb. Instead, we'll be talking about five ways to avoid a meltdown, boost your confidence, and move forward when your ex returns during mercury's backspin. 

5 Tricks to Avoid an

Emotional Meltdown

When Your Ex Hits Your Inbox

1. Ask yourself: "What have I learned since the last time I saw my ex?"

The best thing for you to acknowledge is that you learn something new every single day. You aren't the same person you were yesterday. You aren't the same person you were six months ago. What have you learned about yourself (and the world) at large since you last saw your ex? 

How can you use that new information to make better decisions today? Write it down. 


2. Get clear about your intentions/boundaries

Before you engage in a conversation, clear up your own emotions.

What are you willing to discuss? What's interesting to you? What's not interesting? 

Do you want to keep a connection? Do you want to mend a broken bridge? What do you get out of it?

The answer doesn't have to be complex. It can be as simple as: I want closure, and I have some questions I'd like to be answered—or it can be as simple as saying, "I'm just not interested in continuing conversations with you." Be clear. Be kind (you'll thank yourself later). 


3. Share one of your major life accomplishments with your social media feed

What is something that is just out of this world that YOU have accomplished in your lifetime? Remind yourself of it, and remind the whole entire world by posting it on your social media feed. 

It can be as simple as, "I still can't believe this life accomplishment! Proud to have this be part of my life." This way you show up to the world with confidence and are proud of yourself, rather than deflated by conversations that go nowhere. 


4. Give yourself time to decompress 

Meditate, journal, paint, work out, cook, watch TV—do you

It's important to give yourself room to release your feelings, and get it out of your system in creative ways. We oftentimes hold tension in our muscles when we feel ultra-emotional. It's not healthy to keep it pent up or to brush things under the rug, but it is healthy to speak about how we feel and emotionally process events that occurred so that we can let things go. 

Recommendation: write a letter to the universe, ask the universe for help releasing anything from the situation that's weighing you down and stopping you from living your best life—then burn that sh*! (outside of course). 


5. Shake it out

After taking time out for yourself turn up the music, the friends, and the fun. The only thing that is stopping you from moving forward is your own mind.

If you choose to move forward and be the BEST person you can be right now, then you'll be so much happier than if you 'waited around' for someone to get on the same page as you. No one wants to hear, "He treated me so badly, but he's my souuulllmaaaaaaate. It has to be okay; he's back again." That bitch is back for an ego boost. Drop it like it's hot. 

If someone's right for you, you won't get them back by waiting around. You'll get them back when you start valuing yourself, because that by virtue teaches other people to value you as well. 

Get out and live.

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