The Sound of Alchemy: Mercury F&^*&ing Retrograde Playlist

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Ah, mercury retrograde. A time of miscommunication, reformation, and reconnection with the mishaps of your past. The only way out is through, so embrace this cosmic backspin with this drama-free playlist.

Playlist Curator: The Alchemist

This Playlist's Vibe:

It's a show me some love kind of playlist. Awareness and acknowledgement of the crazy things in life, but a complete boundary setting that screams: "This chaos will not affect me." 

When Should You Listen?

Listen alllllllll day. Morning to night. This playlist is over five hours long and has a fun flow of emotional ballads and motivational heavy hitters. Change your EQ on your speakers or headphones to amp up the bass. You'll want to feel this one vibrate your core. 

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