#FutureForecasts: Week of May 15th - May 21st, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of May 15th - May 21st, 2017.

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images


What you want is so close that you can taste it. Say what’s on the tip of your tongue. Speak. Write. Communicate.


Communicate about the things in life that are the most real to you—is it love? Is it a passion project? Is it a new home? What do you want?


You know who you really are, but the thing is… you rarely share that unique person with other people. That pattern of hiding your real self ends this week.


Create fires that you don’t have to put out. Let the house burn down—it was caging you in, keeping you hidden away, confined, and lonely. 


Make the commitment to be honest with yourself (and others) as you burn your restraints, and don’t let anyone’s negative words get you down. You will be sharing who you are, and it will disrupt people. You can’t make everyone happy (and you shouldn’t).


Commit to living out the truest version of yourself. What does that person look like? What do they wear? What do they do each day? Who do they go home to? And what do you need to change so that you can be that person (which is YOURSELF)?


If you can, plan a trip to get away from where you are now. You’re going to need space from what you know to embrace your creative freedoms—you need a bigger pond, and fresh soil.


Note: If you don’t know where you want to go—ask a female figure to join you on a mini-adventure. She’ll bring in grounding and stability where you need it most.



Taurus, you have to let go of something this week, and that something is the idea that you have to be venturing outside of yourself to be happy.


You can be happy right where you are. You can embrace peace in moments of haste by looking yourself in the eye, and accepting where you feel you’ve fallen short.


Support won't come in the form of an external relationship, and that’s the point. Security comes from within yourself.


Security flocks to you when you are secure in your abilities to make your dreams come true. Security comes to you when you invite stability into your heart’s home.


Instead of stressing out about why the right things aren’t in front of you, start saying: “I will receive all that is divinely ordained for me.” As you say this, you are going to receive intuitive thoughts and ideas about things you want to do and people you want to see.


Write those things down, and get busy in making them happen. Say it with me: “The right information comes to me at the right time.”


When you feel insecure, envision your body becoming a pillar of light as you envision the warmth of the sun traveling down your entire spine, and locking into the core of the earth. Allow that sunlight to rise up (the same way the sun rises as a new day begins). Allow the light of golden suns to roll up through your body and out through the top of your head like a waterfall.


The outcome for this week is that success comes in different forms at different times. What’s successful today in your life? Is it that you made it to a workout class? Or that you love your outfit? Or cooked an amazing dinner for your friends? The kind of success you’re craving is a by-product of a life filled with love. Start there, and the rest will follow.



Gemini! This week signals a shift out of your 12th house of self-sabotage and into your 1st house, which relates to your sense of self. This is great news!


For the next month, please know that your intuition and personal power is SPOT ON. Trust your instincts, and make your moves. Think outside of the box, and travel outside of your personal boundaries (mentally, emotionally, physically).


This week it’s all about inviting care back into your life, recognizing stability, and recognizing that you have it all. Appreciate all the wonders coming into your life. The more you appreciate, the more you will have to share.



Options, options, options, options. There are so many ways to grow your sense of self you’re your intuition. Yoga retreat, certification courses, books, and more.


You’re craving something new that you’ve never done before—so sift through your options and cross off the things you’ve already explored from your to-do list.


The truth of the matter is that you know what you want to do, and now is the time to admit it to yourself.


You want to create something. You want to feel passion day in and day out. You expect it’s going to be hard work, and you might not know where to turn or where to go… but you do know where to go!


It’s time to go within, and address your deepest fears. Feel those fears, and send love to those pieces of yourself that need it most. As you do this, you set yourself free from past pain and shame—and then all the bright ideas come in.


Do you have a solid friend with whom you can talk it out with? Share your ideas with them. Tell them your ideas aren’t fully formed, and ask them for their two cents of feedback. Let them know it’s not easy for you to share too much about our dreams because you’ve never believed you could do it, but now you’ve changed your mind and you’re going for gold.


Dress the part, pack your bags, and get moving. The only thing that matters is that you are passionate about your plans—after all, these plans are part of your destiny.


Persevere through it all—through the good, the bad, the ugly. It’s worth it. You’re stronger than you think you are…



Wow, Leo. Everything you want is coming to you each and every day. The key here is to open your heart to love, invite abundance into not only your life but your sense of self. Affirm what you want as if it's already true.


Things outside of yourself are coming to you like a magnet—and you determine whether the things that are being pulled to you are good or bad, alive or dead.


I’ve never seen you so stable and grounded. It’s beautiful, open, and free—there’s a lightness in your being… like you’re alive again after a long period of darkness.


When the going gets good, it means it’s time to connect with your spirituality even more. Express your gratitude twice as much as you normally do. Share your good vibes, and communicate from the purest parts of your being. You’re on a threshold from good to even better. Keep floating up. Elevate. Rejuvenate.


Experiences from your past have polished you and you are like a gleaming gem, glittering with gold finishes.


For many of you there’s more travel in the cards—and as you travel be sure to try something new. Step outside of your normal box. If you love to talk and share your experiences with the world, it might be a good time to pull back and only share your experiences with a rare few. It keeps things special, more honest, and most of all truer to the eternal part of you that lives not just here but everywhere.


Some experiences are just meant for you. Keep them private, keep them sacred. 


You’re in the center of your power this week. Use that personal power to break out on your own, make new friendships, glow with zero inhibitions.


If you think things are good now, then babe, just wait... by the end of the week, you will feel like your life is out of this galaxy. Keep up the gratitude, and it will keep coming.


When it rains, it pours.



Virgo, you’re feeling so gentle and careful this week! Chances are you are feeling timid because you’re letting go of certain relationships to make room for an even bigger, meaningful one.


It’s a fresh phase, and you’re feeling it. You’re upgrading everything you can, and that’s because you’re ready to be with the person of your dreams—so that means freshest face forward. No bad impressions, only light.


This new phase is inherently stabilizing and grounding—even if you feel like all the cards are up in the air. You know that the cards are landing in the right spot at the right time, and it's a gorgeous picture to watch.


Don't sit back for too long though—you want to be an active player in this scene.


If you feel like you aren't prepared to 'make the change,' you're wrong. You, my friend, are prepared. However, the people in your life might not be prepared for you to make this change. If they don't understand what's going on with you, don't worry about it. They just can't see the full picture, and that's why they are critiquing you. 


Keeping things personal, and keep things quiet. People from your past don't want your happiness to last. They'd love to see your life crash and burn, and you need to be aware of that so that you can take their opinions about your life with a grain of salt.


Not everyone will be happy for you. So instead of getting dragged down to their level, simply say “it’s okay for you to not understand,” and get moving.


Your presence in the world is a blessing, and you yourself know that you are on the right path.


To truly feel the warmth of all the good things in your sphere, you may have to go off in your own direction for awhile. Stay true and be centered in your personal power.


You feel like it’s not working out for you, but it’s all incredible! These moments of doubt are pushing you to recognize that you may still be holding onto past pain—take this as a cue to let the pain of the past go. 


I promise you, if believe in yourself and believe that the things coming to you are honest and true, you will never feel happier!


When you drop that heavy pain, you'll feel less fatigue, less confusion, more clarity, more light, more purity, more peace.


You are on the right track this time. Others will catch on in their own time…



Lovely, Libra. This week is all about turning pain and insecurity into self confidence. Wear your insecurities on your sleeve this week. Acknowledge them, stop hiding them; give them care.


Your imperfections are what make you interesting, intriguing, and dynamic. You’re beautiful, and you’re not recognizing it.


You need to hear this again—it's time to pull your fear out from the back of your dark closet, and wear it as your best accessory.


You don’t know what’s coming up next, and that’s a blessing. It means anything could come up, including the circumstances of your dreams.


You’re looking for other people to take the lead, and in this case, you’re right to do so. Let “the man” handle “the plan.” You can still keep your eye out for details and things that your “man” might not spot as easily as you do, but when you bring these things up, don’t make them feel like they’ve overlooked key pieces. Instead, present the information like an equal partner that’s there to support and help (rather than embarrass and critique).


Hidden influences are that you need to get more of your independence back. You need to communicate as “me, myself, and I” rather than “we.”


Have you lost yourself in material items, status figures, and fake images? If so, don’t worry. It’s not too late to get out of your own way. Stop sabotaging the beautiful things in your life. No more nit-picking. Focus on yourself, and your personal goals of WHO YOU WANT TO BE, not “what you want to wear, or what car you want to drive.”


It’s not going to be easy to make this mental shift, but it will be worth it.


Go to the mirror, and stare at your soul that lives in the eyes inside of your head. Cry if you have to cry. Put on make up if you have to. Put on make up and then cry it all off—I don’t care what you do, just as long as you do what you need to do for your emotional self to feel like it's being heard.


Sometimes we have to be lost before we can be “found.” I love you.



Last week’s full moon affected you so much that a full moon card and “you are seeing everything accurately” card FLEW out of the deck.


So… what is it that was so important about last week’s full moon? First of all: full moons are all about completions, and releasing things that are clogging up your flow. Last week’s full moon brought you big realizations about who in your life wishes you well, and who wishes to throw you into a well.


It’s part of your destiny to learn certain lessons, and the lesson you're working through has been a big one. Keep your personal life close to your heart—hidden from the vultures who are pillaging through your life right now.


Hide your valuable emotional pieces the same way you hide your jewels inside your home—locked up in a heavy save that’s too heavy to carry. Allow your emotions to just be, and don't confide in people you can't trust. 


It's time to keep a tight ship and cultivate more stability. 


How did you cultivate stability in the past? How did you invite the energy of abundance into your life? Affirmation, prayer, candles, writing down your goals and resiliently going after them? Whatever worked for you in the past will work for you now, so do it again.


It’s a time of elevation for you: you’re getting insights as to who is good and who is bad so that you can elevate out of your current state.


Life’s one big test—and the question being asked is: What is too burdensome for you right now? Answer honestly, and consciously throw your burdens into the fire to feed the flames.


You can’t carry it all yourself, so don’t even try. Ask for help. Thank the beautiful people around you for being there for you—show your appreciation.


The outcome is a fresher, more honest version of you. Switch on Destiny’s Child’s Survivor because this week it’s your anthem.



Your creativity is flying off the walls right now, wow. This means anything you create will be infused with love and emit pieces of endless power.


Dive into it, and dive deep.


Your cards are showing that connecting with powerful people you are friends with will help elevate your creativity into something that you can tie into your career. Maybe meet with friends who make a living as freelance writers, photographers, or another creative field. They’ll have some insights to share on how to create more bang for your buck and how to get yourself going and flowing on a regular basis.


You’re feeling shy because you’re not sure how the world will take your work. You’ve been broken in the past, but you have every ability to heal that now. All you have to do is embrace your vulnerability, and send love to the pieces of yourself that need it most!


Hidden influences are that you are super productive this week. You are managing tons of projects and you’re doing it all wit ease. Create from the heart, and you are sure to win.


There will be people who don’t wish you well (I’m sorry, I can’t lie to you in these readings, and you’re getting this information so that you can address the situation in healthy ways). People might be acting like you are just going way too far for your dreams, and you don’t need to go do it.


They’re wrong. Don’t listen to them. They don’t know better (or maybe they do). Float away—as fast as you can.


You’ve learned your lesson: don’t share information with those who don’t love you unconditionally, especially when the projects and pursuits are attached to your heart.



Relationships are on the mind this week, and chances are you’re getting everything you want right in the palm of your hand.


Don’t take this care and stability for granted. It’s been a long journey in getting here. You’ve weathered so many disappointments, given your heart away so many times. It’s important to recognize the past to see how far you’ve come, but it’s equally as important not to dwell or pretend like things were better than they actually were.


You’re embracing the development of a new chapter in your life—one where you are exuding with freshness and confidence.


Whatever isn’t best for you is going to melt out of your life. It will just sink, and your intuition will tell you what those things will be and why they need to leave your life.


The advice is to cozy up to this heat. Feel your feelings, embrace the emotion. Let your love be wild, hot, and free. By doing this, you’re sparking new lights in your life, which turn the door knob to the life of your dreams.


You’ve got everything you need—don’t debate it.



First things first: Say yes to any invitations that come your way—even if you don’t feeeeeel like it. Just fucking go.


You have more energy than you think. You have more mental power than you think. You have more resources than you’re willing to acknowledge, and more friends than you realize.


You have your eyes on the prize, and you can sniff out other people’s motivations a mile away. So when you sense that something strong and powerful is entering your life (like an amazing new job), keep it on the down low.


It’s important to keep things quiet before they are fully developed (and before the contracts are signed), because you never know what will happen and you want your mind to stay clear and focused on positive outcomes.


Hidden influences are that you know who you can trust and who you can’t trust—it’s a gift, and it’s meant to be used!


Things are starting to heat up for you in the work sphere—you’re making waves! If you get faced with worries, use them to your advantage. Worried about the books? Check out all of your financial accounts to see where you stand.


Worried about a fellow employee? Grab coffee to check in with them. Where you smell smoke, there’s fire—so put out the fires before they get too big to handle.


You’re going to realize that some people are instigators. It sucks to realize that others aren’t what you thought they were (i.e. not good people), but don’t worry about it. Rise above, and know that you’re on fire. You’re powerful. You’re achieving what needs to be achieved, and you look amazing while doing it.


You deserve an applause, so give it to yourself—do something to celebrate your hard work. You deserve it.



First of all, Pisces… a lot of cards came out for you this week. They’re saying that you’re entering into a new phase that’s filled with new experiences, increased levels of confidence (and honesty), and grounded stability. Your life is full. It’s different from what it used to be, but special nonetheless.


You’ve been missing the spark of life that you had years ago when you were younger. You want that flare, that drama—however, you know that you’ve made the right choices because you wouldn’t be sitting here if things had gone differently. This is called the aging process. You’ve always been wise beyond your years, and right now you are feeling nostalgic because you are about to elevate from your current circumstances, and embark on your next journey.


Things are changing for you because you’ve realized that you’ve outgrown situations—and that some situations weren’t as special as you had hoped they would be. You expected everything to fit together like a beautiful puzzle, with happiness, and heartfelt joy—but you instead encountered angst and a little bit of anger because you weren’t appreciated for everything you give to others.


It’s time to clear out that resentment, and break yourself free from the ‘victim mentality.’ The disappointments of the past have taught you how to assert yourself in ways that make you feel confident, and make others value who you are and what you have to offer.


So what is it that you need to do to release those heavy feelings? Let go of items from your past that bring back haunting memories (i.e. clothing, maybe a piece of furniture, a painting—it could be anything… and only drop it if it really feels right to give it away).


The second thing you need to do is embrace not knowing what will happen in your life. Dive into the deep mysteries, and dance to the rhythm of life. Inhale, exhale. That’s how life goes.


You can never control anything, but you can continue to deliver your best—and this time you will be appreciated. It may always hurt to look back at the past, but it will never hurt to know how strong you are… you’re a positive force in this world, and people need you.