#FutureForecasts: Week of May 22nd - May 28th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of May 22nd - May 28th, 2017.

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Image via The Libertine

Image via The Libertine


YOUR CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS: Life isn’t always going to be easy, and this week you might be feeling challenged when it comes to your friendships and personal relationships. Are you being a force of positivity in your relationships? You know it is a two-way street, and by the laws of the universe, what you put in is what you will get out of it. That doesn’t mean fake it. It means acknowledge what you can change and what you can’t change, and don’t be distraught over the things that are out of your control. There’s a specific message for one of you to respect the free will choices of others (because you can’t change them or their life path—stay in your own lane).


THE WORLD: The world is willing to see you as the best version of yourself. In fact, the world is waiting for you to elevate yourself out of your bad moods, bad habits, self-sabotaging behaviors, and childish antics. The world—in the form of external people and situations that are out of your control—wishes for you to overcome the poisons of your past and present. Rise up to your potential.


THE MESSAGE: Your opinions are flying out and flying out fast—be sure to think before you speak. Why? You’re moving out of a period of stagnation and into a period of beautiful growth. As you do this, you will benefit from shifting the focus from others to yourself.


Hidden influences this week are that you have the ability to set the tone for your new phase. You are gifted with a blank page. Will you fill it with happiness? Or sorrow? Or a continuous hope for a new tomorrow?


Where you go is up to you. The advice to help you choose is to get to work. Drop procrastination, focus on long-term goals, and don’t be afraid of doing the behind the scenes work! Behind the scenes work may include changing/re-organizing your relationship with the following: working out, meditation, healthy eating, morning routines, evening routines, communication styles (i.e. are you speaking from a genuine care or an artificial care? What can you do to be more of yourself while still respecting others when you communicate?).


The second piece of advice is to acknowledge and be grateful for all of the stability in your life. When you are grateful for the resources that you can access from the tips of your fingertips, you will start to see even more resources that you didn’t even now existed. Why? Because you’re in a mode fueled by productive patterning—like this Alana Fairchild quote states, “Your focus and will and determination end fear doubt and procrastination.”


The outcome is that hard work is always rewarded. Try to fix the leaks in your life—where are you leaking out energy? Finances? Kindness? Care? Love?


When you heal your emotional and energetic wounds, you elevate out of past patterning and into a more connected sense of being and seeing. Good luck.


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The world works in mysterious ways, my darling.


There is no pain that you can’t learn from, so this week dive deep into the reservoirs of your personal pain. When you get there, into those dark spaces, envision the spark of your soul emitting a light—lighting up the dark corridors of your emotions.


Look at everything in those dark spaces. Send those dark spaces love via rose-quartz colored light—then send more, and more, and more. You’re growing and expanding at the rate in which you are willing to release old heaviness, pain, and strain.


Make this deep healing work part of your routine for the month (or even for the summer). It Will change your way of life slowly and surely. It helps you open up to the love within yourself, and attract the purest love from others.


Your presence is a blessing, and you will be recognized in that way—if and when you acknowledge that nothing happens without reason. If you can’t see the reason, send love to the situation and ask for the knowledge to keep you moving towards greater clarity.


You’ll begin to see a new story—you’ll begin to see the same situations from a different perspective, and you will start to see that the same way a book can be interpreted in many different ways, the same goes for your life story.


That power allows you to creatively narrate your own story (these are some Carrie Bradshaw vibes, sweetie pies, wink wink). The good news about narrating your own story is that you can select who hears what information in your life. You can anchor yourself in adventure, and you can recognize the things you will have in your story and the things you will not have…  


So take a look around… do you want to have all of what you see in your story? Or is it time to edit? Edit to your heart’s desire.


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Are your needs being met, Gemini? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you supporting your highest destiny and your personal foundations?


It looks like you have a lot of activity going on, and you are doing your best to get as much done as you can, but is that really bringing you the success you want and need?


You’re being pulled (or pushing yourself) in too many directions. You will benefit from not doing everything at the same time, but rather staying focused on one goal until it is complete, and then moving on to the next pieces of your master plan.


Rome was not build in a day, and you do not have to be a super human with a super ego! You can slow it down, reconnect with your true intentions of what you would like to create and make happen in this lifetime, and then find the right partners to help you do it.


This reading is a continuation of the messages you’ve been receiving all month: Slow down, stop trying to do it all yourself, ask for help, and open up to receive the help with gratitude in your heart.


Asking for help isn’t weak. It opens up your mind, allows you to take persona vacations, clears your mind, and helps you fill up your mental, emotional, financial, and physical reserves.


It’s not always easy to ask for help—but this time it’s necessary. Being grateful for the help you receive is key, and it doesn’t mean that you love yourself any less than you did before you asked for help. Just do it.


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Cancer, these readings are gifted to you with the best intentions possible. As the cards are pulled, they are asked to come out with messages put forth for your highest good (the best possible life outcomes).


This week, you will be confronted with people who lie, drain your energy, and may not wish the best for you. Have you ever heard of cords of attachment? Right now these people (or situations) have energetic strings tied to you—and it’s time to dissolve those cords for good.


Watch this video by Teal Swan on how to dissolve energetic cords that drain you so that they never come back. This is one of the only meditations where I truly feel like the cords of attachment do not come back.


When you are confronted with darkness, allow it to teach you something about yourself. Allow it to show you what your real preferences are in regards to the topic/situation that it’s tied to, and start voicing your preferences. Get honest with yourself before being honest with others.


When you are able to be clear within yourself and speak from a place of genuine honesty, you’ll find that your voice flows more freely, you aren’t susceptible to emotional manipulation, and you can leave the conversation knowing that you’ve set clear boundaries in regards to what you will accept and what you will not accept.


You’ve been expecting that you’ve been needing to let go of this friendship, relationship, or emotional connection to this for a long time. Right now, you’re at a turning point in your destiny (this may have a lot to do with the Gemini New Moon happening on Thursday).


If you can, take a few days to yourself—maybe go away for the weekend if you can get away from your normal circumstances.


Embrace the unknown, and allow your old wounds to heal once and for all. Acknowledging the truths of all situations allows you to move out of victim mode, and into a place of empowerment.


Explode your connections with people who do not wish for your heart to be happy. Do it with love, and do it with conviction. You are strong enough to withstand any blows—because you have been coming from a good place this whole time.


The universe is fair. Allow it to guide you elsewhere to situations that are better suited for your inner planes and away from outer pains.


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It’s the dawn of a new day, Leo—another day another dollar, right? It looks like in recent week’s you’ve gotten a boost in your creativity. You’ve overcome the chains of your past and you are moving forward, charting an exciting new path for yourself.


Let your fire burn, bae. The light you are giving off is allowing you to be noticed by new faces and experience opportunity in the most unlikely of places—and it’s keeping the flies away. Flies will fly to the light, but never will they fly into a fire… remember that this week, Leo, as you set out to allow your inner fire to burn even brighter.


The great thing about all the new in your life is that you get to completely clear out everything from toxic friendships to toxic business partnerships. It may seem scary at first, but as you release these things you should acknowledge that only the good will stay.


People who aren’t good for you will come forward from time to time, and you will be able to see them for who they are because you are experiencing greater clarity within yourself.


Hidden influences are that you would really benefit from daily journaling. If you can, write down your dreams when you wake up every morning. Make it easy for yourself by writing it in your phone or setting a piece of paper and pen next to your bed. If you can’t remember your dreams, just write anything that flows out of you (even if you are just saying, “I’m happy to be alive”).


This exercise will help you clear the fog and zero in on the path of your highest destiny. Your subconscious speaks, and it’s a great time to clear it out, and listen to what it has to say. You’re looking for motivation from external sources, but the true motivator lives within—wake that motivator up from his/her slumber.


As I said earlier in this reading, you have leapt forward on your own path. That means there’s no wrong way, or right way to go—all roads are leading you to Rome. Pull up your inner strength, allow your foundations to be supported by your success and emotional stability, and get moving.


Your horizons are spanning far and wide—you are in for quite a ride this week, Leo.


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Virgo, what was going on for you mid-February? After the 14th? What were you discussing, plotting, planning?


Your cards are asking you to go back in time and see what was happening for you from an objective point of view. There was something holding you back at that time from feeling and reeling in abundance and success.


Was it a mindset? Was it a lack of action? Personal distraction? It’s time to address that draining problem of yours that affected you then, and release it.


You are at the dawn of a new day—new love, new cities, new connection are all spinning webs of divine perfection.


Are you comfortable with personal success? You should be, because right now you are on fire and if you could make one wish, it would be granted.


The changes you’ve been experiencing are all positive ones, they make you feel like your creativity and personal power are soaring to new heights.


You’ve worked so hard for your stability and success, and what’s in your cards right now is a long-lasting foundational support.


This week you’re going to keep working hard. You are going to keep reeling in the cash, the contracts, and the personal partnerships.


Don’t discuss things publically until all t’s are crossed and all dotted lines are signed. When things are in formation period, let them sit behind closed doors—it’s how you get the best outcome, and the longest lasting stability.


They say don’t do business with friends—but babe, partnerships are forming left and right, and when you know it’s right, it’s right. Approach all situations with the intention to create a win-win–that way everyone gets gold.


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Libra! Your destiny is at play in a big way. You’ve been through (what feels like) the biggest challenges. In the past you felt like you weren’t prepared to handle the repercussions of what you felt was your highest destiny—and now you’re being rewarded with good news.


You’ve done the inner work, you’ve overcome the challenges, and you’re now in a period where you can truly say that what is in front of you and what is being offered to you is meant for you (and it’s absolutely something you can handle—with all its good and all its bad).


You are feeling good, and you are expecting others to match the #goodvibes that you’re emitting. This is a good thing, and it’s actually helping you bring out the best in yourself and others!


Hidden influences are that this week’s new moon in Gemini (happening on Thursday) will bring you a much needed pause to the action. On Thursday carve out some time to relax, breathe, and receive.


Be extremely patient this week, and when it gets tough tell yourself that patience is always rewarded. If that doesn’t work, tune into the vibration of this quote from A Course in Miracles: “Those who are certain of the outcome, can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”


Embrace all the newness in your life by shoring up your personal strength and power. Your outcome will be revealed to you in the right way at the right time. For now, just focus on strengthening (and trusting) your intuition.


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YOU: Are going through a period of growth and transformation. Go into the darkest places of yourself—the spaces that contain the feelings, dreams, and emotions that you reject.


You could be a magnet for opportunity this week—if you are willing to stare your bad vibes straight in the mirror, send them love, and let them go.


I can hear you sitting there saying, “I wouldn’t get so annoyed if people weren’t annoying to begin with…” and this is the exact problem you need to address.


When people (or situations) trigger you, recognize that a piece of what you are annoyed with lives in yourself. There’s a super easy fix for this—a mantra written by Doreen Virtue that says, “I release that in me which angers me when I think of you.”


Another great mantra for you this week is one perpetuated by Deepak Chopra, look a situation in the face and say, “We are not the same.”


For a long time, you have been patiently waiting for all of the pieces of your life to come together—for everything to click into place.


Unfortunately, your challenges aren’t over! You signed up for this ride, so don’t play the role of a victim. Be a warrior. Send your fears into the fire, and set forth with belief in yourself.


The hidden influences in this situation are that you are tied to the narrative of your past. You need to let that go, and let it leave with the intention that the narrative that’s holding you back will never return to your life again.


Envision a pyramid of light forming around you. Ask this pyramid of light to protect you by emitting a beautiful and powerful golden light, ask this pyramid to allow negative energies to leave, and ask this pyramid to allow positive energies to enter to take the place of the bad vibes exiting your energy field now. (This energy healing technique is one written by Alana Fairchild in her ISIS Oracle Card deck).


The advice to you is to look for the best in yourself, and to send positivity to the areas of your life that seem to poison your mood and weigh you down.


If you can do that, you’ll set yourself up for success.


There’s an additional note to pay attention to Thursday’s New Moon in Gemini. Use it to write down your intentions for the next lunar cycle. This will help you clearly map out your goals, which ultimately helps you take action towards those goals.


You’re on the right path. Keep going. Do not give up right before the miracle hits.


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Sag, it’s all about setting yourself up for success. The best way for you to do this right now is to get clear on what you are wishing and hoping for, and to share that message with others (to those who will find the message to be relevant).


You’re in a place where you are dripping in proverbial gold. Your successes and winnings are coming in left and right. You may be seeing a boost in your finances and career as well!


This is an overall trend that’s been happening for you, but you will most likely feel the beams of success during Thursday’s new moon.


You’ve been focused on working hard, and it’s coming through in a number of different ways. Specifically, it’s being seen in your personal relationships. Your recent success has made you very attractive in the eyes of others, and it looks like relationships will be reaching new heights this week.


The advice is to allow your relationships to unfold naturally. Don’t push, don’t force, don’t put pressure on anyone or anything. When you give people the space to breathe and to be who they are, they will come flying forward in the most beautiful, nourishing, and surprising ways.


Let go of self-sabotaging thoughts. Things are so good; you might not believe it’s true. You might be downplaying who you are, what you do, and the successes coming to you.


If you feel yourself doubting certain aspects of your life, think about ways in which you can work outside of the box and elevate the situation in ways that will make you (and others) happy. The solutions you come up with might surprise you.


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You’re spinning, and if you elevate your circumstances, you will soon be winning.


Your cards are referencing a friendship of the past. It felt like it was “destined” in some way (this doesn’t have to be related to a lover, it really just feels like a friend). This relationship brought out the worst in you, and you had to acknowledge the bad to elevate yourself into a better state of mind.


The relationship pointed out a blind spot that you were blocked in seeing. The other person wasn’t a bad person, and neither are you—we all are souls growing in light (which means we won’t always get it right).


Think back to how you were then when that whole situations were “going down,” and acknowledge the ways in which you have grown since then…


The truth is: you’re super competitive. You just want to “win,” in whatever way that is relevant to you. Some people see that as career success, others see winning as the amount of joy that is present in their lives. You’re acknowledging that you have grown, and that the right things come forward at the right time, and that’s all correct.


The hidden influences that you need to fill in the picture in front of you is that you have to continue to let go of your “bad traits.” The bad traits are the ones that hurt people, use them for your greater benefit, being selfish.


Everyone has bad traits, everyone needs to work on themselves in one way or another, and when you do that work, you will be propelled forward into beautiful directions.


The advice is to acknowledge where you have been wrong. There’s nothing holding you back but your own ideas about the situation. It’s time to blend in the lines, and fine-tune the shading in your life’s landscapes.


You can receive divine messages, but it’s not so much about the message, and more so about how well you take action upon the guidance coming to you now.


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Stability is the core of your week. This means your foundations are supported, and you are fully taken care of in all ways.


It’s not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. Issues come up, bumps in the road get intense—but there’s always a way out.


The way out for you this week is by embracing the elements of your life that are stable. You may be expecting that you are the one who needs to pull others into enlightenment. However, that’s just not true. You need to work on your own personal enlightenment and focus on “living it,” not preaching it.


Hidden influences are that there are pieces of yourself are being hidden so that you can be more easily accepted by others.


Don’t sell yourself short, bae. Head to the mirror and look yourself in the eyes. Apologize for holding back and hiding who you are, and send love to the person you see in the mirror.


Living out your best life isn’t always easy, but it is deeply satisfying.


Take on your challenges with ease. Know that your needs are taken care of, and go live the life of the star child that you truly are…


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As soon as I pulled these cards a wave of fatigue came over me. It’s not my fatigue, it’s your fatigue that I’m tuning into… Why are you so tired, Pisces? Are you emotionally exhausted?


The cards are showing that you’ve been working so hard lately, working to make your inner truths the pillar of your existence on this planet.


It’s been a long haul. I feel your exhaustion and I’m here to tell you to keep going. Lean on your friends at this time. Take sanctuary in the arms of your lover. Allow other people to carry the things that you cannot handle at this time.


Your hard work and ability to successfully manage many tasks at one time has created unbreakable stability in your life. Your basic needs are cared for: money, home, work—all things related to the first chakra (your root chakra).


Your expectations are that there are still wounds in your soul that you need to repair. You feel like you can’t stop because there’s too much to do…


If you feel like there’s a situation within your sense of self that you need to take care of, do it this week. Maybe an energy healing session? Maybe a reading with your psychic, or a much needed day in nature. Take care of yourself. If you sense there may be smoke in an area of your life, head towards it to put out the fire.


You’re in the midst of clearing out the old to welcome in the new. You are stronger than your fatigue, and your ability to create the life (and relationships) of your dreams will be done with ease now.


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