#FutureForecasts: Week of May 29th - June 4th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of May 29th - June 4th, 2017.

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Snapshot: If you stay focused on being a “pillar of light” you will overcome any poison in your life and you will be able to move forward in the best possible direction. Do not be controlled by your mood, be stronger than any negativity present in your life, and fuel yourself with compassion.


There’s a need to ground your energy this week—envision the sun coming down through the top of you head, filling your body with pure light. Allow this golden sunlight to fill your mind, glide down your spine, fill your chest, fill your abdomen, anchor into your hips, and flow down your legs, and knees, and ankles, and plug into the earth’s core. Allow the light to rise again into your feet, floating up your entire body, and connect in with the sun.


You can do this meditation anytime, and anywhere. Use it when you’re feeling ‘tested.’


You’re in a building phase where you are working hard and your work will be rewarded—but you have yet to see the fruits of your labors. You are financially stable because of the financial flow of your past. Your needs are taken care of, and it gives you an opportunity to slow down.


There are pieces of information coming to you in the near future that you need to be aware of—these pieces of information may not be exciting to hear (they may be that someone you trusted is not trustworthy, or maybe an employee just isn’t working out on your team), but you have to listen to the truth of the situation, and take action accordingly.


Be honest right now (both with yourself and with others). Raise your standards, and do not compromise on your core beliefs. For example, if you do not think it’s appropriate to cheat on a romantic partner, and you find out that you’ve been dating a serial cheater, it might be best for you to not compromise your core belief of undying loyalty, and move on from the situation.


The more honest you are, the more you will be aware of the lies and deceptions within others. The key to handling this with grace and ease is to be compassionate. Recognize that the other party is living in a state of fear, and send yourself love to free yourself from the situation.


You have the ability to release the chains of your past (and present), so let them go.


When you do let them go, be very gentle with yourself. Set the personal intention to learn and grow through love rather than pain.


Sometimes it takes the biggest emotional disasters for us to wake up and start living the live of our dreams, and this week it feels like you are being faced with a situation that will do that for you.


Step up, meet the challenge, and rise out of it—like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


The pitfall to avoid is seeing the truth of the situation and failing to take action. Take action. Move forward, and live according to you own ideals (not the ideals of people around you).


You will have to leave a situation this week that’s been draining you. It’s time to take time out for yourself, travel if you can, and nourish the hungry (maybe even malnourished) pieces of your soul. 


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Taurus, you want to let go of something this week. It’s something that’s blocking you from being productive: it’s something that’s polluting your schedule. It’s keeping you busy, but it adds nothing valuable to your life.


You’re in a phase now where you want to stop “existing” and start living. Have you been caught up in day to day routines? Not willing to see the beauty that lies within each breath you are currently breathing?


The heart of the issue is that you need to accept that you’re going to have to venture outside of your comfort zones to live the life you want to life. Say yes to odd invitations, go out to dinner with that ‘could be friend’ you just met.


You’ve been saying you want to expand your horizons for the past few months now, and now it the time to fully dive into doing it.


When you dive in you get presented with situations that add vibrancy and contrast into your frame of life. You’re going to have feelings of “what am I doing? Do I deserve all the good I have in my life? Will I lose it all?”


Let those feelings come, and meet them with compassion and care. You do deserve the good in your life, and no it will not disappear tomorrow.


What’s in your control right now is your ability to sift out the gold from the clutter. There are a lot of options in front of you—and only few are deserving of your precious time! Weigh the pros and cons of offers + opportunities + invitations that fly your way, and get out into the world.


Don’t let your moods drive your behavior or your decision making this week. The advice is for you to act in your highest and best interests. Be the strongest version of you. Balance the feminine and masculine within you—and know that you don’t need another person’s permission to do what you want to do.


Avoid dismissing your intuition this week! It’s vital. The theme is to clear things out. Your intuition will show you where to go—if you choose to use it.


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You’re not seeing yourself in the best light. You’re not seeing yourself for the strong being you are—you have more control over your situation than you are willing to accept, or willing to realize.


You are not a young child anymore, Gemini. You have the ability to heal and repair any situation that you feel is “broken.”


The truth is there is no such thing as being broken. You’re just stretched, and you’re stretching so that you can grow.


The past taught you important lessons about self-worth, and your ability to persist though any painful situation. You’re good at what you do, and you are a valuable person within society.


So in the near future, it’s important that you team up with people who fill in where your weak spots lie. You know what I’m talking about—you know what you’re not good at—and you need help.


You’ll find this help by accepting partnerships that have walked into your life. You’re stronger and more stable together than you are apart.


The world is shifting and changing (as it always does), and you have to shift and change with it if you want to be in the best place on your life path.


It’s almost like you’re holding yourself back from blossoming and having a life that’s brilliant and new.


Don’t hold back! Your fears are real, but they are there for you to overcome the potential for failure, and know that what’s yours is always meant to be yours. The path you are on is your divine destiny.


Don’t deny it by denying the truth of who you are and who you want to be… It’s a new phase, Gemini.


Embrace the warmth of a new day.


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Last week was so intense for you, Cancer. So it’s no surprise that this week the central message of your reading is to connect with your dearest friends, and supportive companions. Spend time with the people you love, and the people who love you back.


 Each morning set the intention to connect with like-minded individuals who will build you up (rather than tear you down)—and may you do the same for them.


The situations you’ve broken free from are one’s that have possibly left old emotional scars. Build yourself up this week with self-care. Wear clothes you love, get your nails done, or even get a massage.


You’re a nurturing sign, Cancer. It’s time to nurture yourself and squash the voices in your head that say you don’t deserve it.


This week focus on clearing your mind with meditations, mantras, or prayers. Connect with your spiritual side to clear out the cobwebs from your home, finances, and your foundations.


The only person you can control is yourself. Allow your intuition to show you who you should connect with this week, and who you should avoid.


It’s time to be more honest with yourself (more honest than you’ve ever been in your whole life). Then from that honest place in your heart, get moving. Start planning, start preparing, start physically releasing the clutter.


If you want to have the best partners in life, it means you have to be your best self. Don’t forget that this week, Cancer. 


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The immediate message that pops up for you this week is that you are not your pain. You are not your mood. You are not your disappointments. You are powerful. You set the tone for the movie playing out before your eyes.


When you see things you don’t like, allow it to ‘set a preference’ within your life. Say it with me: “I know what I prefer, and I choose to elevate my life choices to be in alignment with my highest destiny.”


You’re in a restorative phase, Leo. You’ve taken your time this spring season. You haven’t been rushes. You’ve been allowing the pieces of your life to move forward at their own pace, and you’ve allowed the things you need to come to you by landing right in the palm of your hands (at just the right time).


It’s been a time of change, a time of releasing the old, and awaking new piece within you that were once tattered, worn out, and torn.


You think other people have influence over you, but the truth of the matter is that you have influence over them.  You are the one setting the tone and setting the scene, and this week it’s time for you to decide: Do you want rags or do you want riches?


Partnerships will be a big theme for you this week, and destiny has a way of winding the path you are on—guiding you into deep forests, where you’re unsure where the next turn will lead you. 


Drive slow, Leo. While you’re on the windy path this week, you don’t want to hit a deer, or lose sight of the joy of the journey.


Focus on the sensual side of life. Feel the warmth of your inner fire. Feel the power of your presence. Ground your energy each day with meditations.


Give yourself more credit for the amazing work you share with the world. You might be disappointed with others, but they are in awe of you.


When you feel impatient this week, focus on your spirituality. Reconnect with your divine mission in the world. Meditate. Allow old pieces of your life to pass away, allowing you to be reborn into the new dawn of a new day.


You’re a warrior, a leader, and a lover. It’s time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and accept the spiritual tests that come your way. You’re more than qualified to tackle your present situation with ease—and you are free to do what you please.


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Something is weighing heavily upon you, Virgo. You’re feeling like you’re in the depths of life, and there’s minimal light at this time. As if you’re stumbling through a dark forest, navigating your way with only moonlight available to you now.


This is one of those times where you should allow the universe to talk to you. Open your eyes, open your ears. Feel the power of your surroundings, and begin to fell a connection with something bigger within you.


There’s a note that you may benefit from wearing gem stones, or a special piece of jewelry. A necklace, earrings, a hat or headdress. Wear something that makes you feel like you’re connected to the ‘truest version of you.’


Someone around you wants to take something from you this week—but it’s not an object. It’s your personal power and your youth. Someone is projecting their hopes and wishes for their life onto you—and that’s why it’s important to feel like you are centered in your authentic power.


When you’re in the center of your being, anyone can say anything or do anything, and it will not harm you because you are strong within yourself—strong enough that you can withstand anything that comes your way.


As you go through this week, make it a point to spread your wings and move outside of merely “existing.” We aren’t here on this planet to exist, we are here to live, to breathe, to thrive. Your first chakra (things related to home, financial stability, work, and your roots) have been weighing you down. That heaviness has been delaying you from moving forward in brilliant new directions.


It’s as if you’re not believing that that you will be safe and protected in your new destination (whether that’s a physical destination or an emotional or spiritual destination).


Close your eyes, and ask yourself: “Why have I been holding back? What from my past has chained me down, making me believe I can’t move forward?” Don’t judge what comes up, just let it go by releasing it into the hands of higher powers and let it go.


It’s time to release all the excess baggage from your mind, body, and energy field by stating: “I am a being of love. Anything that is not aligned with unconditional love and my highest good must leave my energy field now, never to return again. I now invite restorative diamond, white light into my body, mind, and energy field, and ask that it allow negative energies to continue to leave, and positive energies to enter within my cells. Through my own free will, this is now so.”


Once you do that, you’ll begin to see a shift in your perception. Good things will multiply, You’ll begin to see who has your highest good in their hearts, and who does not. You will begin to identify those who wish to steal your youthful spirit, and those who wish to uplift your youthful spirit.


Don’t be afraid of strong individuals. When you surround yourself with truly strong beings, you will grow stronger yourself. Let go of your fears of being more, and living up to your highest potential. Say it with me: “I am comfortable with my own success. I am proud of it, and I am proud of who I am.”


This isn’t the easiest work, but you’re here, and you’re doing it! Embracing our truest selves is intimidating, but it’s so worth it in the end because it leads us to people and partnerships we never thought we could ever attain. This week is one for the books, if you allow yourself to be surrounded by power players and release intimidation, lies, and dishonesty that’s present in your life.


Keep working at it, and cultivate emotional gold mines within your heart.


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Libra, your lymph system needs to be activated this week! I could literally feel my lymph nodes clogging up as I shuffled your cards (I get intuitive feelings to help me see through your perspective so that I can present messages to you in ways that you will easily understand, and easily take action upon that guidance).


Guidance number one for this week: activate your lymph system through exercise, oil pulling (with cold-pressed coconut oil), dry brushing, and breath of fire.


I can feel how emotionally raw you’ve been feeling the last few months, and I also feel like you’ve been doing your fair share of unhealthy eating and drinking. All of this is taking a toll upon you now, and it’s time to get back in control of your health and vitality.


Team up with a loved one or a friend to get back on track together. Hold each other accountable for the ways in which you are treating yourselves, and make sure you use them as a sounding board—if you’re struggling with healthy eating, or can’t stay away from the bottle, tell them. They will be more supportive and helpful than you could even imagine.


It’s essential that you build up your self-esteem right now through self-care because you are jutting off in new directions. You are opening up to new pathways and new opportunities, and if you want to make the most of it, you’re going to have to do it with confidence in your stride.


In the past you found joy and confidence by expressing your creativity—by engaging in activities that made you feel like you were lighting up on the inside. Now in the near future, you will be doing the same thing, but you will be activating your creativity in new ways. You will be creative with the ways in which you handle your projects at work, or the ways in which you practice healthy eating (cooking up new recipes from cuisines you’ve never tried before).


Get adventurous in your day to day life. Spicing up the little things will create a huge amount of success in your personal relationships, and will transform you from a Negative Nancy into a Nautical Neutron.


Your life is in a place of true harmony, and your head is screwed on in the right direction. The only thing that needs change is your health habits. Make the necessary changes, and you will see increased clarity in your mind, increased zest for life, and new horizons to which you were once blind to seeing.


Beware: When you remove toxins from your diet, you may go through an adjustment period. You may go through cravings, mood swings, and full on withdrawal symptoms. Power through it, it is worth it in the end and you are stronger than your physical and mental addictions.


You’re well set up for beautiful success. Allow yourself to flourish.


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There’s ease in your breath, and a tender tiredness in your heart. It’s beautiful, it’s calm, it’s grounded.


The next time you leave the house pick up a candle that’s either yellow or orange. When you take it home, grab a piece of paper and a pen, and think about what you would like to create in your life. What do you want to release? What do you want to create? What do you want to embrace? Write down what you want to see on a day to day basis. Write down where you want to travel, and then hold the candle ever so close to your heart, and allow it to connect with your body, mind, and energy field.


Say this: “As this candle lights, I ask that all of my wishes manifest in real time for the highest good of all people, with joy, with ease, and happiness. I’m forever grateful for all of the blessings in my life, may I use them and share them with perfect discernment—so it is.”


Light your candle on fire, and burn the piece of paper with the candle’s flame, allowing your intentions to be released into the air of the world.


Allow yourself and your life to be transformed.


In your recent past, you’ve settled for less than you deserved. It’s only recently that you’ve really realized this, and now that it has been brought to your attention, you can change things.


We don’t change things through will and force, but rather by commanding that the universe matches our standards—right when we decide to elevate them from low to high. Be confident in your ability to make your desires reality.


It’s not difficult—if you get your timing right.


And right now, the universe is serving you what you wish to see. You set the pace, you set the tone. You are the director, and the universe is the collaborator. Do you understand what I’m saying?


You’re well into a new phase, and it’s time to brighten up the scene, it’s time to hit the refresh button on every aspect of your life.


Surround yourself with powerfully positive people. Do not judge yourself, or resist that it is you want… Your heart will only speak stronger and louder until you give it what it wants.


If you’re in a partnership, start planning a trip together. Your love will ground itself into a unified force where you and your partner are mutually supported, loved, and embraced by the big changes occurring in YOUR sphere.


Rise up, spread your wings, fly away.


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As I shuffle your cards, my throat chakra is clogging up—but my heart chakra feels like there’s cool water spilling in from my heat to my heart.


You’re connected with your true nature. You are opening up in the most beautiful ways. It’s so natural. So why is it so hard for you to share who you are with the people and projects in front of you?


The answer: fear of rejection. Fear of not being good enough. Fear that it won’t work out.


Babe, it’s working out, and it’s working out well. Expressing yourself in unfiltered and un-morphed ways is where you will find your best possible treasures. It’s where you’ll make the most money, it’s where you’ll experience the most joy. It’s where you will experience the most connection. It’s all divine perfection.


I don’t even have to tell you that because you know that! You are an incredible human being, and anytime you put your heart and mind to something you knock it out of this world like an unstoppable force from outer space.


Clear out the beliefs that you’re ‘too normal’ to go for your dreams. You’re not.


Sage your apartment, light some palo santo, do a cleansing ceremony, and then decorate your home to have it match your personality. Your home is now your sanctuary, and it needs to reflect that in every aspect of its being.


You’ve known this for some time, and it looks like you have your eye on a certain design or a certain painting, or light fixture you’d like to put into your space—but at the core of it you feel like you don’t deserve to live in a sanctuary. This is another belief you need to let go of.


Why aren’t you allowing yourself to love yourself? Tongue twister, right?


Why aren’t you allowing yourself to love yourself? Allow the answer to come at the right time with zero judgement.


When that answer does come forward this week, address the heart of the issue. Get to work in clearing out cluttering thoughts, and beliefs that are holding you back. Start embracing the money you make, start upgrading your clothes, start planning trips to places you’ve been dying to see, and allow fear to fade away.


Your phone is ringing, and it’s destiny calling: will you say yes to what’s she’s asking you to do?


There’s no right or wrong choice to be made. There’s just enjoyment of life, and experiences to bring more of our soul selves forward. Will you do it? Your cards say you should totally do it.


You pulled the success card. The partnerships card. The money card. The abundance card. You’re blowing up like a firework, Sagi.


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Nervous energy. Eagerness. Desire to get going, yet timidity holding you back. You want to jump; you want to leap—you are feeling it this week.


You are right to feel excited, and you are right to hold back (for now). This situation needs time to mature and come full circle before you pounce.


Allow things to come to you right now. You are feeling good, and we all know that when you feel good, you’re a magnet for incredible things to appear in your life.


You’ve actually been practicing this principle for quite a long time, Capricorn! So much so that you’ve outgrown yourself. You’ve ‘given birth’ to new life.


Your positive attitude is your driving force. Make sure that in your current state of positivity you are still making tie to ground your energy, meditate, and practice all forms of self-care.


Others are inspired by your overall wellbeing, and they start to elevate their lives and confront their dark spaces the same way you did years ago.


You’re a force, but you don’t want to be pushy. You want to be grounded. You want to be a living example. Walk your talk.


Clear out old cobwebs. Energize your mind. Get inspired.


Again, it’s not time to leap forward this week. Focus on doing behind the scenes work, and when you are really ready for the next phase, you will know when to jump (it’s looking like that ideal jumping period will be on the full moon around June 9th, 2017).


In the meantime, confront any lingering skeletons in your closet, and prepare for the time of your life.


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Girl, cards are just flying out of this deck.


You’re waiting for something. You’re keeping yourself busy. You’re distracting yourself from overthinking. You want it to arrive, and you want it to arrive now.


All I can tell you is that while you wait, wait with joy in your heart that what is meant for you will always be yours—express gratitude for the blessings in your life. Be a being of peace, positivity, and pure power.


What’s coming for you are gifs related to your foundations: money coming to you, new avenues of support, new home, new job, new location.


There’s balance, there’s friendship, there’s joy and support. There’s connection with old friends, or friends that may have been dear to you in a past life. You’ve been missing these people, and now they are here in front of your eyes.


Allow these people to inspire a deeper connection with your inner-self. Allow these friendships to lift you up to new creative heights. Allow, allow, allow.


You’re going somewhere (a place that makes you feel emotionally vulnerable). Going there, whether it’s a physical place or an emotional one, will bring you great joy and great success. It’s a big opportunity, and all you have to do is say, “Yes.”


The hilarious thing is that everything is out of your control—so all you can do is use your intuition to help you map out where to go, what to say, what to do, and what to be.


You’re being presented with a new purpose in life. This new purpose requires you to repair your energetic body. It requires you to connect with your soul in a deeper way than you ever have before. It requires you to move on from unhealthy situations, and throw lies and deceptions into the fire.


Grow. Release. Be at peace.


There’s no situation you can’t overcome. There’s no situation where you can’t have a good time (even if others might not understand). Let go of the things that are clogging your pipeline.


When you let go, that new thing you’ve been waiting for will enter in—immediately, and swiftly.


It’s called getting an upgrade.


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You’re so nervous that you are blocking the messages! It’s like you don’t want me to pull any cards because you are so afraid of receiving bad news.


Don’t be afraid, Pisces. Throw your fears into the fire, and know that anything that melts away wasn’t meant for your hands to hold.


May your fire bring the warmth of everything you may need. May your open heart bring positive emotions out of others. May your resources be used wisely so that you can create more than what you were initially given… This is a cultivation period for you right now.


You’re creating and you are patiently waiting.


There’s a note that you would benefit from wearing gold this week. This can be gold jewelry, gold eye shadow, gold clothing—anything/everything gold. Mix it with browns and blues. Feel earthy this week.


Your highest destiny is activated this week. It’s being fueled by the successes from your past, and it’s motivating you to move and act fast.


How will you keep up with it all? By bringing an element of happiness into everything you do. Be friends with the people in your workplace. Be a force of positivity, and have that positivity be so strong that you leave people better than you found them.


Others really want you around at this time. They are inspired by your presence and even feel healed by you—this could be in an emotional sense, or even a physical sense for those doctors and massage therapists who are reading.


Advice: Beware of the snakes in the grass. Give them no reason to speak badly about you. Be cautious with your relationships—and go your own way with confidence and stride.


You’re burning it up over there, and you deserve to receive all the positivity that you are giving out straight back into the palms of your hands. Look to your love relationships to do this for you—out of tenderhearted kindness, not out of obligation.


Keep your big plans to yourself, and do things that boost your self confidence (like focus on making more money, upgrading your home, embracing your spirituality, and reconnecting with hobbies you love).


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