#FutureForecasts: Week of May 1st - May 7th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of May 1st - May 7th, 2017.

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images


What’s up bae? It’s all about relationships for you this week. New relationships, old relationships, revived relationships, destroyed relationships, family relationships, love relationships, business relationships.


Look at the dynamics within each noteworthy relationship—what part have you played in creating that dynamic? Do you want those dynamics to change? If yes, what can you do to make it happen?


Think about those answers, and take time to thoughtfully make your next move.


Can you strengthen your relationships by inviting your friends and partners to engage in fun activities with you? Think drinking and painting, fitness, and anything hobby related.


The more you share about yourself, your interests, and your likes, the more the other party feels like they know about you.


Your schedule is shifting, and you need all the good relationships you can get. Transitions are never easy.



Hi sweetheart. This week it is super important to dedicate your free time to self-care practices. Take time out to cook healthy meals for yourself, opt for some DIY spa time (bath soaks, anyone?), and bond with friends via pampering activities (like manicures and pedicures).


If you take time to slow down this week, you will be flooded with realizations and epiphanies—this will come in the form of realizations and epiphanies about OTHERS, but the true epiphany is taking a look at your realizations about others, and asking what it means and reveals about yourself.


So, what does it reveal about you?


Chances are, it’s going to reveal that you want major change. Start with your physical self. Do you want to achieve a goal weight, or land six-pack abs? Work towards it this week. Make a plan, and slowly start to put it into motion.


You will be tired this week. Don’t push yourself. Just let yourself float, and meditate.



Gemini!!!!!! Your cards are showing a serious boost in your employment (especially if you work for yourself!).


This means: contracts, money in the bank, financial success, expansion, and flourishing times. Make serving your clients with the best possible work your top priority. You may have to put in longer hours and work harder than you’ve ever worked before, but it’s paying off BIG TIME.


Be extremely gentle with yourself during your off-hours. Go for gentle walks, and make sure you are engaging in stress relieving activities (yoga, pranayama, sun-gazing, etc.).


You’re going to have to make some major decisions over the next few months. You want your mind to be as clear and focused as possible. Trust me, you can do it, and you deserve the rewards.





Cancer, there’s a big change in your work life. You’re stepping out of your comfort zones, and into something wildly new—don’t feel scared or intimidated, this change is good.


I recommend that you engage in daily visualization practices. Set a timer for five minutes, and envision what the career of your dreams would feel like, look like, taste like—the whole deal. If you start to visualize things you DON’T WANT, stop your visualization immediately.


This visualization practice will strengthen your mind—and there’s also a note from your reading that you need to strengthen your body as well. Engage in physical strength training, dieting (cutting out dairy, and anything you’re intolerant to digesting).


Some of you may even have a dream of opening a gym, and you want to be in better physical shape before doing so… You need to know that now is the time to prepare. Your wave of opportunity is coming in close, so get ready mentally, physically, and financially.


Keep your sights high, and don’t share your dreams with anyone who will tear them down. You’re at the beginning of a journey, and every ounce of faith matters if you’re going to make this a success (and you will). It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Remember that during the hard times.



“The cycle of beginnings and endings is touching you right now.” It’s time to wrap up everything that’s undone, any relationships that need to be clipped, any health habits that need to be adjusted, any daily routines that need to be changed—change them now.


Drop the bad, and never look back.


You’re ready for the next steps, and your recurring thoughts are guiding you in the right direction. If you don’t know what to do, use this phrase to help: “Universe, please help me know where to go, what to do, what to say, what to wear, what do take action upon, and please help me know when to rest.”


You’re leaving a situation for something spectacular. You’re not leaving with a hard heart, and what you are leaving will still be there tomorrow, but you’re moving on to the next level of life.  A new adventure, and a new chapter. The people in your new chapter are waiting for you with open hearts and open arms.


How could you possibly say no? Your life is a dream come true.



Feeling sentimental, Virgo? There’s something from your past that’s attracting your attention. It’s identifying a situation that you need to address—old wounds, situations of ‘what-if,’ and what could be…


Feel your feelings. Do not stuff them down at this time, and do not brush over them with others. Be honest, be real. You’ve matured a great deal over the years, and there’s one piece of the puzzle that you need to learn from and release so that you can finally be whole now and move on.


You are so much stronger than you know. Don’t let past pain hold you back, but do use past pain to help you access the deeper parts of your heart, and open them to the light.


Ooooooh, what a delight.



Libra-li-cious. It’s all about you this week. Pump up the jams, and boost up your confidence (i.e. Fergalicious, anyone?).


Get into the gym, and work on your fitness. You’re hot, hot—and you don’t want to give yourself any reason to not feel that way.


Minimize your insecurities, style a new look for yourself, and reach out to your friends for emotional support when you need it.


You’ve been going through major shifts the last two years, and you’ve been locking yourself away to try to ‘stay safe.’


Promise me that you will stop doing that to yourself. You are meant to be out in the world, lighting things up, and having a phenomenal time.


You have big plans, and they’ve been hiding inside of you. Take them out of your heart and your mind, and put pen to paper. Make a plan, and make it happen.


You’re in the planning and prepping phase right now. It’s time to make your dreams your thoughtful reality.



Oh, Scorpio, aren’t you one to hold a grudge? This time, you’ve been holding a grudge for way too long.


It’s time to release the anger, guilt, and shame you feel in regards to this heated situation. These emotions are weighing you down, and preventing you from experiencing the highest levels of elation in your present circumstances.


The reason why you’ve been holding on so long is because you’ve been denying your involvement in the situation. You’ve been dying that you have played an equal part in creating the mess. What others did to you may not be okay, but ask yourself: Did I stick around when I saw the warning signs? Could I have prevented the situation? Could I have stopped it before the shit hit the fan?


Be honest. Relationship dynamics are never easy, and no one is saying you have to be perfect. We have hard situations present themselves to us so that we can learn and make sure they never happen again.


Do the grief work, and then do something fun. Don’t let anger take over your world, and don’t let resentment ruin the beautiful things you have in front of you.


Resentment is real, and it’s something that you don’t actually have to feel for that long (if you release it).



Dear Sagittarius, what does your week look like? Well… you might feel like demons are swarming you this week, but stay clear minded as best you can.


Right now is an opportune time to clear out the waters of your emotion. Do you want to have your emotional reserves clear as a pristine beach? Or murky like the Ohio river (which is brown and gross).


This week is an ideal time for you to write down what you would like to cultivate in the next thirty days. What things do you want to prep, what things would you like to plan? And what would you like to set up for the next six months?


Keep this list in a place that you will be able to see easily every single day, and make sure you keep an updated tally on what you’ve completed and what you’ve left to the wayside.


Your head is filled with creative juices, and your heart will sing with joy as soon as you let those creative juices flow.


Pay extra attention to your beauty care practices this week, and maybe work with a beautiful new flower essence (jasmine anyone?!).


Love you.



Capricorn, the distractions are just rolling in this week. What is today? What’s your calendar saying? What is going on in your personal life? What meetings do you have to attend? What dates have you scheduled?


All areas of your life are colliding, and it feels like a whirlwind.


Your life is flowing with abundance, and you’re feeling inspired by other people.


There’s a note here that you need to work on grounding yourself. It will help you stay organized, and keep you here in this physical reality (rather than having you float up in to the clouds).


Take extra time to pray and meditate, and ask your angels and guides if there’s something you need to change about your dietary habits that might help you. If something does come forward in a meditation, trust it, and take action. For some of you, you’d really benefit from trying out new cuisines from various parts of the world—it will be a fun experience, and get you out of your funk.


Push past your regular boundaries, and make an effort to compromise less, and embrace who you really are more. Your personal power allows you to shine brightly and clearly—don’t fog that up to make others more comfortable.



Awe, be so gentle with yourself this week! You are feeling extra sensitive, and extra intuitive—and nothing is more beautiful than that…


Avoid harsh situations, people, and toxic foods. Opt for green teas, white teas, peaches, oranges, papaya, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and anything that makes you feel stable and grounded.


You need to keep your body clear so that you can get clear messages from your intuition. You have to move forward and take action in a certain direction (calling something into your life). You will be able to do it if you take the time to meditate, visualize, and treat your body right.


Once you decide what you’d like to manifest this week, take some extra time to send love to every person you will interact with in a simple meditation. Envision yourself covered in a beautiful rose light, then send that love to others, and the earth, and your home, and your family, and stay here until you feel ready. Open your eyes, and repeat this exercise as often as you need.  



Pisces, we all know you’re the most emotional sign in the zodiac—and this week you are truly living up to your reputation.


There’s a partnership coming in, and it’s coming in strong. This is true love. This is being swept off your feet (or sweeping someone else off of their feet). This is a strong current of emotion. Fresh water into a stagnant pond. Butterflies, flowers, sunshine.


There’s one catch—it’s not in your life JUST YET. You have your eye on the prize, and you need to move to get there. You need to take action in the direction of your desires, and you couldn’t be more excited.


Take action. Send flowers. Plan a trip. Get yourself out of your comfort zone, and into the arms of your new lover. Awoo.