#FutureForecasts: Week of April 24th - April 30th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of April 24th - April 30th, 2017.

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You need to free yourself from a situation that is weighing you down. Your cards are showing that you’ve been having some seriously dark feelings lately—and you need to know that help is around you (if you seek it out). 


This week, the universe is supporting you in beneficial ways to help you release judgements of yourself and (obviously) others—which is great news because doing the 'releasing work' is never an easy task to manage.


The advice is to throw the heaviness away; you don’t need it. What you do need is to center yourself with self care practices like yoga, meditation, spas, and massages. Use self-care as an opportunity to slide into a softer side of yourself, and let yourself receive the outpour of love that is available to you now.


If you feel like you don’t have loving people around you, get yourself outside into nature. Love doesn’t have to come from other people, it can be spurred by seeing a beautiful scene, or by rocking an outfit that makes you feel unstoppable.


You make your own happiness. Don’t forget that...



It’s all about cultivating balance. There’s your side, there’s their side, and then there is the truth (which is a mixture of both your side and theirs).


Every morning when you wake up, write down your dreams. Set yourself up for success (keep the notebook and pen right next to your bed—and DO NOT touch electronics before writing down your initial thoughts). Don’t judge, just write.


What key take-aways from your journaling can you act upon? Take action, and you’ll be on the right track, creating exciting new opportunities, and exciting new conditions.


Take extra time to be with friends and loved ones this week. They’re there for you, and make you feel more like your vibrant self.


Note: Others around you, like you, are growing their light. They are having their own intuitive ideas, amazing insights, and big personal realizations. Talk about it with them—not for your sake—but for theirs! They’re dying to talk about it with someone, and that someone is you.



Gemini, you’re dying to connect with a mother-like figure in your life. You’re missing that heart-felt connection that’s filled with unconditional love.


If that mother-like figure isn’t physically in this world, go for a walk in nature, and just have a conversation (out loud or in your head). Talk it out, and ask for their help from the spiritual plane. Don’t get trapped into the illusion that you’re alone.


Many of our deceased loved ones do help us, and all we need to do is ask. Keep the dialogue open, keep your optimism up, and I promise you, your hard work and determination will be rewarded.


This week, make sure you acknowledge all of the support you have on the physical plane as well. Ask others for help. Share your thoughts and feelings with them.


If you do that, you’ll not only be reaping the rewards, you’ll be dancing with glory. Make sure you take some time out to rest, too!



There is so much to tell you this week—the cards are just flying out of the deck.


What you need to know is that there’s a lot of business and fun chaos in your life right now.


You’re entering into a new phase, and you’re growing in your spiritual power. That means, you have more influence over what is going to happen to you in the near future.


First of all, sound your flute. Sing your own tune, and enjoy every minute of it. The ones who love you and wish you well will be there to stay (whether the music is good or bad), and the ones who don't wish you well will flee the scene. Don't give anyone's opinions more than two thoughts this week. Drown out overthinking with music. 


Listen to things that make you feel calm, and empowered.


Release everything that no longer feels right for you, and leave fear behind.


Whether you realize it or not, you're off in a new direction—but you may feel stuck and unsure of how (and where) to proceed. This is the same thing you faced last week!


So what’s a girl to do? Clear house. Clean out old emotional baggage (through meditation or energy healing work), improve the Feng Shui in your home, clean up your desktop, delete old messages in your phone and email. It’s time to lighten up.


You’re adjusting to your increased levels of potency, and you need to nourish your entire system. Eat tons of healthy fats this week (nut butters, coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, avocados).  Test out fun trends like coconut oil in your coffee. Have fun with it.


You’re getting busier, and you need the fuel.



Leo, you’re winning this week. You’ve worked hard, you’ve elevated your life situations, and you are dancing in your flower-y harvest.


Engage in energy clearing work this week: sage-ing, lighting palo santo, taking an Epsom salt bath, and cleaning up your diet. Do it all, and do it noooowwwwwww.


You don’t have time to waste. Your life is changing in miraculous ways that you couldn’t have even predicted six months ago. You are transforming into a whole new you—like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon and moving into flight.


The advice to you right now is to continue to elevate all areas of your life. Hang onto nothing. If even ten percent of it feels wrong, let it go. Your destiny is about to march into your life and turn things upside down, and you want all the upgrades you can get.


Rise again. Live up to your potential. Use your discernment wisely. Use your time wisely. Give out your love wisely. Spend wisely. Invest in yourself, and things that will secure an abundant future for you and your loved ones. Set yourself up for success.


Close all the old chapters, and you’ve got the gold.



Do you want to be victorious this week? If yes, then you need to start being more transparent and sharing your true feelings with others.


You’re going through a growth period—moving out of one stage of your life into a new, more advanced chapter.


Don’t let it scare you. Instead, allow the world to gift you with people and situations and opportunities that enhance who you are at your core (and bring that vibrancy out from under the shadows and into the sun).


You’re sitting at a pivotal moment this week, Virgo, and the advice for you is to sink into the depths of your emotions. No mud, no lotus. Feel the fear, do it anyway.


What lies before you is brighter than anything you’ve ever seen before—and your attitude determines how much of that brightness you will be seeing right now.


You’re safe. You’re supported. You’re loved (deeply).



Libra, it’s all about partnerships for you right now. So first, let’s talk about you, then let’s talk about them.


YOU: Have so much going on right now, you don’t even know how you’re doing it all (it’s basically a miracle). Aside from that, the universe is just generally pouring blessings your way, so open up to receive your gifts.


YOUR PARTNER: Is so calm and at ease (maybe even a little sad this week). Let them know that everything is in alignment, that they don’t have to push so hard to get their treasures. Just like the sun wakes up and shines, that’s what they should do. If they can’t move forward, don’t hang on to a situation that should be put to rest.


You are so vibrant, so just being in their presence makes everything exciting and fun. Your presence transforms a situation into an opportunity. The heart of the issue at hand is that you’re so amazing. You have talents that were meant to shine, and you've been hiding them.


The advice is to not hide those gifts anymore! Share them, and anyone who doesn’t understand them can get out of your life’s lane. Tell them to take a hike (ahem, this may be what you need to say to your partner—ha!).


You’re here to help others, and to bring balance to the world. You can’t do that if you’re letting old, stale relationships hold you back.



All work, no play will never transform you into the one that will save the day.


Yes, you’re working hard, and no you don’t have time to waste—so why not infuse fun into everything you do? It will boost your discernment abilities, and help you get to the right destination in half the time.


You’re feeling like others aren’t recognizing the valuable offerings you’re bringing to the table—but what you need to focus on this week is clearing out old, toxic emotions. They’ve been swept under the rug, and now they’re clogging your discernment.


So, if you’re feeling let down: don’t stay there for long. Your cards show that you’re presenting the best ideas to the wrong people. They wouldn’t know gold if they held it in their hands.


The advice is to move along with your plans anyway. Keep it moving forward. What you will find is that you will be connecting with new people, at the right times, in the right places.


The key is to do the clearing work. So do it.



We’re keeping things sweet and simple for you this week.


1.     What you need to know: Good things are coming your way. Open up to receive. Heaviness lifted away. Light returning to the scene.

2.     What action do you need to take? You need to let go of bad feelings (which include shame, jealousy, boredom, etc.). You’ are so beautiful, but you’re having trouble seeing it, and it’s weighing you down. So instead of continuing down the path of struggle: take time out to rest, recharge, and appreciate yourself.

3.     The outcome: Blessings abound! You are really being rewarded for all of your hard work. Your recent actions are elevating your life and your world. Save your earnings for yourself, and don’t overshare with people who don’t appreciate.



You’re at a crossroads. There are two different paths you can take, which one will you choose?


You’re in a place where you are returning to your true nature, you’re being fed with positive foods, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, and you feel like you’re reaching new levels of potential.


The catch here is that you have to stop letting negative people take advantage of you. There are people preying on your kindness, and your open heart, and you need to revoke any permission you have given to them to be in your energy field.


Invite change into your life with a simple mantra of: “Universe, I invite you to change my life for the better.”


As you do this, you need to engage in self-care. You need to take time out for yourself, and you need to emotionally cleanse the waters of your soul.


The world is urging you to accept change, to release your fears, to release cords of attachment, and elevate into a happier sense of being.


You can do it; I know you can.



Aquarius, abundance is just showering down upon you. What is going on?!


Seriously big things coming your way this week. Some of you may have felt it last week, and some of you may feel it more this week. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Put something away for a rainy day.


There’s a special note for some of you that it’s wise to keep your good news to yourself (for now). You don’t want any evil eyes coming your way, as you’re growing in your light.


You’ve gone through a rebirth of sorts, and it’s finally time to spread your wings.


The advice to you is to surrender every aspect to your life to the universe. The universe has its own plans for you that are far better than anything you could ever put together for yourself. So let go of your attachment to specific outcomes, and be open to the magical surprises that lie in front of you.


What will happen is that your creativity will be flowing, and it will be flowing fast. Embrace it. Enjoy it.  



Yin and yang is the theme for this week. Where there is darkness, there is an equal amount of opportunity to grow in the light.


Don’t get down when challenges come your way, get into it. The only way out is through, and this is what this week has in store for you:


Self care. Time alone. Meditation. Contemplation. Emotional clarity (that comes from sifting through the emotional mud).


An elevation into brighter ideas and happier situations (where life becomes more playful).


There’s an ease in your mind where you can accept that the hard times you have gone through in the past were meant to happen for specific reasons, and you are finally at peace with past pain.


The advice is to relish in the good things that have come from the bad. You’ve turned sand into pearls, and that is part of your destiny.


Keep going down this beautiful, raw, emotional path. It’s the start of a very big blessing.


You’ve got this.