#FutureForecasts: Week of April 16th - April 22nd, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of April 16th - April 22nd, 2017.

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Image via Vogue Archives

Image via Vogue Archives


First things first... Aries: You need to take time out for yourself. 

Sit in silence. Let your mind wander. Let go of your personal agendas (even if it's only for twenty minutes each day this week).

There's something you need to do, and it's related to love. Is there someone you have affection for, but have been too scared to let them know? If yes, you need to make it your priority to make your move this week.

Plant the seeds for a beautiful relationship. Make sure you water those seeds, tend to their soil, and do everything you can to make that plant blossom and flourish. 

Don't just do it with words, do it by taking action as well. Send flowers, or a cute gift that references an inside joke. Make it meaningful, make it fun. Do something that gets the butterflies going in their stomach (and in yours). 

The more joy you can bring to someone's world, the more they will value and appreciate you—you'll do well to remember that this week, Aries.


Your message is loaned clear: pamper yourself. Take a relaxing herbal tea bath, slather yourself in coconut oil, guzzle the green juices. Give yourself only the best this week. 

You have a lot on your mind this week, and you're seeing your situation with foggy goggles.

Stay away from mind-altering substances (like caffeine and chemicals inside processed food). They are the main culprits of any mental-fog you are experiencing. It's an ideal time for you to go on a cleanse, take a break from drinking alcohol, and drink ample amounts of fresh, purified water to recharge your body. 

After indulging in your "pampering time" this week, carve out some time to write about everything you want to accomplish + experience in the next six to twelve months. 

Your desires are within reach, but it seems like you need some help getting there. 

Turn to others who have accomplished some of the things on your list, and ask them for pointers on how to navigate your way.

Look for people who maintain healthy (and balanced) lifestyles, and are an unrelated third party. Getting a fresh perspective is the perfect way to clean the fog off of those goggles. 


Gemini, it's time to break out of your shell. Let go of the "should's, must's, have to's." There is no space for extra obligations this week—so don't say "YES" if you don't mean it. 

You have so much on your plate that you're having a tough time keeping your mind clear. Honesty is your golden ticket right now, and you have to be honest with yourself first.  

When you feel like your mind is foggy answer these questions:

1. What can I do right now? And what can't I do?

2. From the things I can do, what do I want to do? And what do I not want to do? 

Don't feel the need to analyze your answers, just be straightforward, and keep your priorities in check. 

Your advice is to step out into nature this week. Go outside to exercise—the fresh air will do wonders for your cognitive processing, and your decision making will be much better than if you sat inside all day. 

Walk away from unhealthy situations, spend time with loved ones, and trust your intuitive feelings. When your bright ideas do come to you this week, write them down, and form a solid action plan. When the time is right, you'll know it, and you'll be able to move forward with ease. 

Take this week to review, re-collect yourself, and remind yourself of all the good you have to share with the ones you care about most. 


Cancer, it's time to take cautious-yet-wise action toward your heart's desires. Oooooh!

Dive into the details, be meticulous, and remember to be kind to others during the process of bringing your dreams into your reality. 

This week, ask yourself: "What is it that I truly want?" 

You may want to move on, but you may not be crystal clear about what you want to move on to next.

Metaphorically speaking, the sun is shining down on you right now, and it's lighting up the best path for you. Look for that light, and know that you can really go in any direction you choose. 

The warning: don't go back to your past. It's over for a reason, and better horizons lie in a different direction—a direction that you don't know. Take things once step at a time, and set the intention to release past people, places, mindsets, and associations that no longer serve your highest destiny. 

Then let it go. Sigh it all out

Doesn't that feel good? 


Make a wish right now, and make it count. Your cards this week are showing that your life is about to become a dream come true when an interesting opportunity lands in your lap.

What's meant for you will always be yours—so this week, enjoy the process of getting to know something for the first time that will be yours for a long time. 

Amp up your gratitude practice (try writing down ten things you are grateful for each day), and be proud of every element of your life. If you don't like a piece of your life, don't play victim. Take ownership of the role you played in bringing it in, and use it as an opportunity to polish your life, and grow into something more beautiful. No pressure, no diamonds, right?

Being strong doesn't mean being guarded and blocked off. Make an effort to embrace a softer side of yourself. Take off your emotional shields. Take off your make-up, and take it easy. 

Wear no restricting and binding clothes right now. Keep things easy, and keep your diet simple. Drink ample amounts of water this week, and only consume fresh food. 

If you're feeling sluggish at the beginning of the week, don't fret. Let yourself let go. By the end of the week, if you take proper care of yourself, you will be feeling back to your unstoppable self again. 

What a week.


Virgo, are allergies getting to you? Try consuming local bee pollen, honey, turmeric, and coconut milk all together to tame the inflammation in your body and get your system moving again. 

This week is the perfect time to flip yourself upside down, and shake out your mind. Allow thoughts to just leave your head, and don't judge anything that comes into your mind (or world). 

You're finally able to see your life from a new perspective: one where you are thinking back to your childhood and thinking about what you would become as an adult. 

How does your current life circumstance compare to that? How do you feel about the differences you see? 

Use the gap to help you develop long-term plans to boost your finances, and all things related to your career. 

Are you happy with your career? Are you happy with your office? Are you happy with your productivity? Are you happy with your life? 

Start to make plans for change, but don't take action just yet. Wait a few weeks, and use that time to continue thinking and tweaking your plan of action. 

When you're ready to move forward, you will know. Your mind will stop whirling, and swirling, you'll come from a place of logic rather than emotion—BUT the only way to get there is to embrace the emotions that are pouring out of you, and address them. 

Remember: Don't judge what your heart is telling you, just listen. 


Girl, you've gotta meditate. 

You're so busy, your mind is moving at a million miles per minute, and you're trying so hard to create solutions and positive plans of actions, that you are about to throw out the baby with the bath water. 

Be like the happy buddha this week: ENJOY LIFE. 

Joy is one of the most powerful emotions, and can transform any situation or circumstance from dull to diamond. 

You want to take action, and that's great. Clean your home, clean your desk, re-feng shui your home, revamp your calendar—whatever you do, just keep yourself focused on your goals. There's no room for monkey mind this week, be disciplined.

If you can stay focused, you'll be glowing with pure joy by the weekend. How nice is that? 

Ps. Some of you would really benefit from working with crystals this week. Sleep with them under your pillow, wear them, or keep one on your desk at work. It doesn't matter which type of crystal you should use, it just matters that you use one (if you want one). Even if you aren't into the metaphysical properties of a crystal, keeping one in your line of sight is a great reminder to accomplish your goal of staying focused this week, and every time you see it, you'll be reminded of that... Genius. 


Bright ideas are on your mind this week. Write them down, but don't share them with others just yet!

Your work is so brilliant right now that if you shared it with your contemporaries they might just try to steal your grand plan. So don't talk about it, be about it. 

What's yours is yours, and this week that is being put to the test. Are you confident enough to trust yourself to go out and make it happen without validation from others? 

If you can be strong enough and dedicated enough, you'll succeed in the end. It's a process, and to win, you'll have to cut ties with illusion. 

Call upon the Ascended Master, Manjushri—he's the one who dissolves your connection and associations with mindsets that are outdated, and from people who aren't what they seem. Give you confusion to him, and he'll gift you with undeniable clarity. Just trust the process. 


Sag, this week is all about releasing. You have to let go of the past, and when you do that, there will be a big transformation that streams through you like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. 

Don't freak out. This is a beneficial transformation, and you'll love the outcome. 

Beware: you're going to have to have some self-discipline this week. Resist your urge to tear things up, and do your best to take a balanced approach towards EVERYTHING this week. Be four-hundred times more compassionate than you are on a regular day (towards yourself and others). 

If you're having a tough time staying calm and grounded, get out of the house. Call a friend, chat over a glass of wine, and let it all out. Your wildness needs some direction, so make sure the friend you call is someone who can give you grounded advice. Make sure they are dependable, practical, and balanced. 

Seek out intellectual solutions to your "problems." If you can stay calm, and stop yourself from being overly emotional, you'll be celebrating with success by the end of the week—success that comes from self-discipline. I love you. 


Time to embrace your strength.

This goes one of two ways, Cap: physical strength training, OR mental strength. 

I say you do both. Hit the gym, lift some weights, do some cardio, get your body feeling good. It will clear your mind and strengthen your willpower. 

No complaining this week. #GoodVibesOnly, ya feel? 

If you can keep your self mentally and physically feeling clear, you'll be gifted with the Midas Touch. Your plans will work out perfectly, you'll know exactly where to go and what to do, and what to wear, and you'll have all the tools you need to get you there. 

Keep in mind that being so peaceful and so clear takes work, and this week your cards are showing that you would benefit from working with crystals. Opt for blue and purple gem stones. Wear them, keep them in your home, and make sure you charge them under the moon or under the sun. It makes them more powerful and juicy. Ohhhh yeah.  

Ps. Those of you who are single might meet an amazing partner this week. The prince on the white horse is riding into town—and you're the prince. Reach out to others, ask them out on a date, romance them. No excuses (and no fear), just do it. 


Oh my god, you are emitting some serious wisdom this week. You have everyone crowding around you, wanting your attention, wanting to hear your wise words, wanting to just be in your presence. 

You can really help people this week. You're such a great listener, and your creative mind delivers unique solutions. 

Go outside this week as much as yo can. Spend time with flowers. Work with flower essences. Grab an essential oil, and wear it like a perfume this week. It seems unrelated, but the aromatherapy will really help get the creative juices flowing. Try working with jasmine, gardenia, or any other flower that pops out to you. 

...and don't forget to have fun this week. Your childlike nature helps everyone enjoy life just as much as you do. Walk around with an open heart. 

You've been gifted a blank slate. Think about what you want to paint on your metaphorical canvas before moving forward—you'll be glad you did. 


Pisces, my friend!!!!! It looks like you have a romantic admirer. 

Don't get lost in the love this week, though. Stay focused on your target, and make sure you hit your marks. 

There will be more time for love during a a different week, so let things cook for now. 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and you have business to take care of... Your cards are showing that you know what to do, you just need to stop procrastinating, and move forward. 

If you are scared others might not understand your feelings, don't worry about it. Just know that what's best for you is best for everyone. That means, if you don't want to date someone, it's okay to let them down easy. Just don't string anyone along if you know they aren't right for you. 

Anything that makes you feel heavy has to go this week. It's okay to say goodbye.