#FutureForecasts: Week of April 9th - April 15th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of April 9th - April 15th, 2017.

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Photo via Google Images



Aries, Aries, what is going on with you? Dreams coming true—slowly, but surely. You’re experiencing a period of growth, where you yourself are growing into a more honorable, devoted, mature, and warm-hearted person.


You’ll have to put some work into bringing your dreams to fruition this week because it’s not being handed to you on a silver platter. Go for what you want, and know that when you arrive what you want will be waiting for you. Your journey may have a few bumps on the road, but stay calm.


“I embody peace in all situations,” is what you should be chanting to yourself this week.


As you embark on your journey, look out for a feminine woman who can help you take practical steps towards your goal. She’s a bearer of abundance, and she knows how to help anyone get what they want without draining themselves (which you are on the brink of doing!).


You’re going to be feeling super sensitive this week, so take 15 minutes at the beginning of your day to a plush meditation pillow and engage in meditation.  I recommend you do this in the morning, as it will set a strong, positive tone for your day. After you’ve cleared your energetic body and your mind, go over your commitments. Make an action plan. Re-affirm your commitment to yourself, then go out and make it happen.


The outcome? The dust will clear, and you will see what you really have: a fulfilling life with family and friends, a beautiful home, and a beautiful soul.


Right now the sun is in Aries, so this is the best time for you to ‘do you.’


Go for gold.




Taurus, it’s time for a change. Goodbye to the old, hello to the new! With the impending full moon on April 10th, it’s prime time for you to release certain beliefs about what you can and can’t create in your life.


What would you do if all things were possible? Write it down, and make a commitment to work toward it (even if it’s just 1-2 hours per week).


You’re going to be feeling Monday's full moon in extra-strong ways (full moons boost our energy, and sometimes our aggression).


For you, it’s really important to get physical exercise, and feed yourself with the healthiest foods (download this free e-book with easy, filling recipes). Happy body, happy mind, happy life. You want to give yourself allllllllll of what you need so that you can be as happy as possible. If you start to get moody: excuse yourself and have some alone time (or you could do some irreversible damage).


Meditate with a  clear quartz about relationships this week, and what your ideal commitment would feel like with an ideal partner. If you listen to what your emotions tell you this week, you really could elevate your life to a whole new way of being.


When you feel small, talk it out with a trusted mentor or family member. Chat over coffee or tea, and once you receive the guidance they have to share, let go of the topic, and don’t ask too many questions. It’s better for you to take what they have to say at face value, and ponder over which pieces resonate with you, and then go spend some time outdoors in fresh air. Even just sitting on a park bench will do a world of wonders for you right now.


Your outcome: You have a lot of worry to release. Write a letter to your angels, and fully release all your problems to them, ask them for help in every area of your life, and know that the world is supporting you. Once you accept that, you’re going to float out of your problems, and you will feel so light and so confident. I’m proud of you.




Ahhh Gemini, do you always have to burn the candle at both ends? You need to give your mind a break this week, because you haven’t been thinking clearly in recent weeks. You’ve been missing the point, and over-stirring the pot when the answer to your prayers has been in front of you the whole time. You just need some distance from your “worries” to realize it.


You are expecting that the rain will clear and it will all work out—and it will—but in order for that to happen, you have to drop your attitude. You have to surrender your agenda, and see that there is a better solution that may not be your solution. You’re my way or the highway attitude will only bring more chaos and trouble your way, so again—drop it.


You are not seeing things clearly right now. The advice is to think back to advice your parents would give you when you were a child. What would they say to you right now? You can’t always get what you want, but you will have everything you need.


This week, when help comes your way: accept it. We all need help at one time or another. Be thankful for it, and “pay it forward” when you can... There’s more than enough to go around.




Cancer, what a glowing week for you. You are experiencing the love of a lifetime (if you allow the shell around your heart to crack open, and allow pure love to flood in!). Why block your feelings? Why not just let them flow?


If you care about someone, this week is the week to let them know. Don’t plan what you want to say, just let it flow.


The past doesn’t repeat itself if you’ve learned the lessons—so that excuse that ‘you don’t want to feel heartache again’ doesn’t apply here.


I know, it’s scary to put your heart on the line! But oh, is it worth it. If you’re feeling skweemish, retreat from society, and disconnect your phone. Go for a walk in nature. Spend time with family. Calm your mind with yoga, or physical exercise.


You know what you want, but you feel you aren’t close enough to the people you want to be with—you have to step out of your shell and get to know the other person better. Go for it! You’ll never get what you want by sitting at home.


Trust yourself, and trust that you have what it takes to communicate your feelings in ways that will resonate with all parties involved. They want you just as much as you want them.  




Leo, my darling, it’s time to take better care of your needs! You need water, you need healthy food to fuel your fire, and you need to have fun with your playful companions.


You have so much love to share, but it seems like you’re holding back. You’re afraid of taking on other people’s shit—but your cards are saying there’s a simple fix to that: shielding your energy.


Call upon Archangel Michael and El Morya every day this week to clear and cleanse your energy field. Ask them to put up a shield of golden light that only allows positive energy to enter and remain in your energy field (while all "bad vibes" get shut down when they try to come near you).


If you have pearls, wear them this week. They evoke a peaceful energy that will leave you feeling confident and calm. If you're not rocking pearls, try to wear a gem stone that will have a similar peace-boosting effect like: aquamarine, selenite, and rose quartz. 


You’re the light that brightens up the world for everyone around you. The world loves seeing you, but you feel like there aren’t enough people who can match your brightness or believe in yoru capabilities.


Don’t worry about that, just follow you heart. You have more help getting to where you need to go than you are currently realizing. Be your softest self this week, and look for the blessing in every situation.


Be gentle, be vulnerable—there’s nothing wrong with being soft, it will be really good for you right now.  




Virgo, it’s time to spread your wings. Can you take a trip with a special someone in your life? It looks like a trip would deepen your connection, heat up your chemistry, and boost honesty and communication within the relationship.


You’ve been playing it cool, just allowing things to come to you, and not going too far out of your way to “go after” the things you want. In the past, this habit left you feeling like you have a lot to offer the world, but the world doesn't have a lot to offer you. It's as if you felt that there was a gaping hole in your life. 


This week is all about making you feel whole again.


What can you change in your behavior so that this 'void habit' doesn’t happen again in your future?


The cards show that it would be great for you to release the idea that things are always missing. Stop cultivating that mentality and switch it to a "I have everything I need" mentality. Commit to being grateful, and feeling full—even if you have to leave your comfort zone to do it.


The universe is testing you this week: Will you step up or step back?


What happens next is entirely up to you, and you must know this: You are being matched by your circumstances—what you give, you will get in return.


So the advice to you is to grow up. Put your grown up pants on, and share your feelings in positive ways with those who support you. Communicate more, bitch less. This simple shift will lead to a happy, healthy, more balanced version of you.




Libra, right now you are experiencing a period of innovation. You can take your life to the next level if you take it slow, and review the mistakes of your past.


What area of your life would you like to transform? Right now, it’s prime time to elevate things related to your root chakra. This includes money, finances, your home, your marriages, and your legacy.


It seems like you want to cultivate more money—but does more money just mean more savings? Or does it mean more income?


Monitor your approach here, because it seems like you have one goal and there are two separate ways of getting there. You need to acknowledge that distinction. Open up to the idea that that your achievement may happen in a different way that you may have originally thought.


If you’re planning long distance travel, you might want to hold off for right now.


You need to spice up your life, and turn up the heat—and honey that ain't gonna happen if you're going to the same damn place every time you go on vacation. Adventure to a land that is entirely new to you. 


This location may be linked to a friend who is asking you to visit them, or travel with them to a far away place.


Traveling somewhere new helps you meet an entirely different side of yourself that you didn't know existed. It brings back pieces of your soul that you felt were lost centuries ago. You need adventure right now, and that adventure has a hefty price tag. 


So, don’t shop this week. Focus on saving your dollar bills. You’ll want to indulge your senses on this trip—it’s one that you will cherish for a lifetime.




Oh God, Scorpio. It’s you against others this week.


You are standing tall and standing strong. You are letting the pieces of the puzzle unfold because you know that you’ve been right all along—you’ve just been waiting for the others to figure it out.


So what does that mean for them this week? It means, they will have a bad taste in their mouth, and they need to take some personal time to put their tail between their legs and go home.


Trust your intuition. Don’t rush to take action. In fact, don’t rush anything.


Reconnect with a mother-like figure in your life, and engage in activities that feel like “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”


Feel free to slide out of dishonest associations—but don’t slam your door on the way out. Just leave quietly.


Once you do, you’ll be embracing a whole new, flourishing side of you. You’ve got it going on.




Hot damn, you are hot-and-cold. You’re going to be switching from “I’ve got it all together” to “I fucking hate you” all week.


What’s going on with you? You’re craving a vacation… but is it healthy?


Do you want to run away from every aspect of your life? Are you feeling fulfilled? Or are you feeling like you want an upgrade?


Something is better than nothing in your case. So, don't throw out the baby with the bath water. Take some time to reflect on your personal relationships, and ask yourself: Is there something I can do to bring more vibrancy into my love life and my friendships?


The things you feel like complaining about are simple fixes IF you put in the effort to make your life fun and entertaining.


Yes, it’s hard to accept the boring pieces of ourselves that we don’t like—but it’s one of those times where you need to look yourself in the eyes, but honest, and take action towards what you truly desire.


The problem isn't necessarily with others, it's with you.


Love yourself enough to walk away from your own “bad vibes,” and do yourself a solid by not hanging out with bad vibe people either. Reconnect with the best version of you.




Capricorn, clear communication is key this week for smooth sailing.


You have powerful, positive messages to share with work colleagues. HOWEVER: these colleagues are bitches. They are moody, they aren’t feeling the vibe up in here. So you need to do your best to boost the morale of your audience. Keep your conversations light, and get straight to the point.


Waste no hoe’s time.


You have things to do, so don’t get caught up in petty drama. Embrace your authority and power in all situations (as you normally do), and make sure you have numbers and facts to back up your statements.


You’ve got a lot coming to you this week—woohooo!


You deserve it. But who do you celebrate your success with… do you have that special someone (or even close family) by your side?


If not, it might be a great time to plan a long-distance trip abroad. Just do simple research now, and allow the pieces to come together within the next while.


Your work life is going to get a little more intense in the next few months, and you’ll want to have something to look forward to… Keep going for gold.




Oooh, Aquarius, aren’t you the lucky one?! It looks like you have everything you want. Friends, family, loved ones by your side.


They say the best things in life are free, and man, does this apply to you right now!


It looks like you have your sights set on something (or someone) that’s outside of your direct network. You’re going to travel to go see this thing (maybe a home, maybe a new love, maybe an old love—whatever or whoever this is, it's very close to your heart).


As you venture out to meet them (because it does feel like you are traveling this week or sometime in the close time range), you’re going to be tested. Were you right about this? Are you ready for commitment? How will your life change if you dive in with both feet? Is that change something you really want?


Do yourself a favor, and answer those questions honestly. You’re feeling some fear (which is connected to this week’s full moon), and you need to stare that fear directly in the eye.


As you're staring fear in the eye (while in your bathrobe looking in the mirror) say this: “I understand that you are just looking out for me, but I will take it from here. Fear, I now release you with love from all spaces in my life, and replace you with comfort and support. I am free, and now you are free. And so it is.”


Once you do that, the cracks that were keeping you away from having this relationship or home in your life will disappear—the whole picture will become clear.




In the past four weeks, it looks like you’ve been taking a break from society. You’ve been clearing out old ties that weigh you down, and you’ve been embracing the possibilities of a new future in a new location.


Go for that move. There’s no way to know that the future holds, and instead of crawling back in fear, it’s important for you to dance to the unknown. Go exploring, and I promise you, your life will be far from boring.


You have everything going for you right now, so reach out, seek the change, and listen to your emotions.


Use your emotions as a guidebook. If certain situations make you happy: move towards them. If certain situations put you in a bad mood: flee the fucking scene.


You life is so much more stable that you are giving yourself credit for, so root down in that stability with some easy grounding meditations. I like this one by Jeanine Sande on YouTube