#FutureForecasts: Week of June 5th - June 11th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of June 5th - June 11th, 2017.

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Photo via Google Images


Your central message: The rawness of an open heart propels you to give and receive great things.


It’s a week of emotional testing, Aries.


You may be feeling moody, moodier, and like moodiest human being on the planet.


These moods, however, are your key to success. Why are you feeling so moody? Are your moods signaling towards areas of your life that need to be tossed to the curb like garbage?


You’re like a little man-child, who is refusing to grow up!


Take responsibility for the things you see before your eyes because you too played a part in making them come to life.


Forest fires are wreaking havoc in your life, and they are going under the name of spiritual testing.


The thing is… the biggest spiritual tests we will endure are the ones that melt things we hold near and dear to our hearts—melting them away as if we have no say in the matter.


Those situations feel like emotional, mental, and physical forest fires. It’s not easy. It burns. It feels painful.


Breathe into that pain, and say it with me: “If it comes, let it come. If it goes, let it go.”


The things that are truly meant for you will not leave you (and you would not leave them).


Remember, life is a two-way street—so how is your side looking? Good? Not good?


You have a lot of work to do—you need to get organized. You have so much clutter all around you that you can’t even see the things on your side of the street that have died long ago, and because of that you have ignored the things that are alive and need attention.


The stability of your past is not the stability of your future—and what I mean by that is that YOU are the source of stability of your future (and you have not been the source of stability in your past).


It’s time to grow up. It’s time to address your fears. It’s time to lovingly face your insecurities, and build yourself up where you feel nothing holds you together.


When forest fires take place, all of the trees go down. It seems like an unbearable disaster, but the hidden gem is that the fire restores the soil.


New trees begin to emerge; giving birth to a new life, and a new forest that is stronger (and possibly more bountiful) than the one that stood there before the fire.


So when you feel fiery emotion this week—embrace it. Embrace it with all of your heart. Allow that fire it to give birth to a new you that is clearer and more vibrant.


What’s out of your control is the freewill choices of other people.


You can’t tame wild hearts. You can’t bind people down who have previously shaken your world. Their hearts are wild; they are part of your destiny, and they were presented to you so that you could learn a major lesson (or major lessons).


Have you accepted the lesson? Or are you still in denial—thinking that something is very much alive when you are the one who killed it years ago?


The advice is to allow yourself to be healed by change. Allow the current situations in your life to give you a fresh perspective—a perspective in which you take nothing for granted. A place where you cherish every moment with every person you love.


Snap out of ‘just existing’ and start feeling alive. Start taking care of the life that lives within your heart and connects in with your soul.


You are so much stronger than you realize.


Success, happiness, and abundance are in your cards IF you choose to step up to the plate and be an active participant in the game of life.


It doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that you start learning, and implementing that learning into your everyday life.


Your heart may have been broken because you left it all up to chance (you didn’t take the necessary steps forward to continue on a trailblazing path)—so don’t do that again.


Step forward. Move with confidence. Move with vulnerability in your heart. Speak your mind, and say it with love.


Partnerships that are worth your love will be worth your time and your effort. Give those partnerships the infusion of effort they (your partners need to receive)—and believe me when I say it will all turn out alight.


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Taurus, you will find your magic sweet spot within the most vulnerable pieces of your heart.


I’m going to ask you set aside five minutes each day to meditate upon the darkness that lives within you—meditate upon the things you have buried and hidden within the depths of your being.


Send love to those spaces, and wake them up by saying, “I love you. I am sorry for hiding you. I no longer wish to neglect you. Instead accept you, and I protect you with a shield of impenetrable love.”


Then head to your mirror, and compassionately look yourself in the eyes for as long as feels right. Don’t force anything. Just know that it’s okay to have any reaction (including tears—and if they come forward, let them fall).


Your life is restoring itself as you heal the pain in the pieces within yourself that you’ve pushed away.


You’ve been so tested in your past, and you’ve managed that pressure and those tests in miraculous ways. It’s served you well, and it’s important to know that the things that have bound you are now loosening up.


Stretch your muscles—head to a workout class that makes you feel joyful—keep your vibration high.


Towards the end of the week you may be feeling like people are trying to bring out ugliness and negativity (not specifically within you, but just within anyone they can).


Protect yourself from this vampire energy by stating these words that are inspired by a meditation written by Alana Fairchild:


“I am a being of unconditional love. I ask that unconditional love to fill every part of my body, mind, and energy field now. I now command that any being that is draining my energy or fueling me with fear must leave my energy now. I revoke any permission I’ve given for them to stay in my energy field, and they must now go. They may not stay here any longer. I program my energetic field to now allow all negativity to continue to be released over the course of the next week, and I ask that positive energies stay in my energy field and continue to enter into my energy field. Of my own free will, may this now be so.”


As you release negative energy, you will find that your capacity to create positive experiences, and engage in fulfilling work flourishes.


Expect feelings of contentment, peace, joy, openness, and freedom.


Other people are seeing the best in you right now—and they wish to be a source of positivity within your life.


Accept invitations that float your way. Say yes to the unusual, and know that you may have to leave your comfort zone to reach your highest destiny.


The things that scare us the most are the things that change our lives forever. Allow yourself to change. Allow yourself to grow into a stronger, positively influential being.


Lastly, don’t feel scared. Everything you have experienced in your past has made you ready for what is in front of you in the present.


Go slow, and embrace all the mysteries life has to offer.


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Gemini, what beautiful cards!


I am so happy for you as I see this because it’s clear that you are finally embracing your unique identity and not only feeling but also seeing the value that lives inside of you!


Keep cherishing yourself. Keep healing your inner-world, and embracing this wonderful new phase in your life.


The world is working for you in ways that are not only surprising you, but also restoring you! In every sense of the word restore.


It’s as if the color is finally coming back into your world, and you are completely safe and protected.


Right now, your intuition is spot on. It’s like you can see any situation from all perspectives, and it’s as if the secrets of life are being whispered in your ears.


You have just emerged from a period of intense introspection, and healing—and you’ve found your inner light.


When you are in touch with your inner light (and you are), there is no darkness that will scare you—because you light up the room. You can see what others cannot, and you can be confident in the direction in which you are moving forward.


Protect yourself from the demons of your past by accepting hard learned lessons once and for all. Do not repeat past mistakes. You do not need to go through challenging times right now.


What you do need to do is acknowledge the darkness within yourself, and release it.


Release your tendencies to fill yourself (and others) with fear. Release your judgmental thoughts and habits. Release the worst parts of yourself so that you can blossom fresh and new.


There will always be situations that are out of your control—so don’t allow yourself to step back into a place ruled by worry. Cultivate a clear mind, and positive plan of action.


Connect with your spiritual side this week, and release your fears up to a higher power. Ask that higher power to help you in unconditional love, and be willing to hear the universe when it speaks to you.


Take some time out to connect with friends, and team up with major partners that are present in your life. There is a lot of connection to be had, and a lot of love to share.


Allow things to take their own time, and allow the full moon on June 9th to surprise you with one of the most incredible pieces of news you have heard since you moved into your new year (your birthday).


These last few months have been a testing time for many, and that period ends with triumph.


Play the waiting game. Do not push. Do not force. Just allow, and enjoy.


You’re headed in beautiful new directions, and you are zooming down the road to success, abundance, and fulfillment. It’s gorgeous.


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Cancer, honesty can sometimes sting—but honesty is entirely necessary if you want to live a life that’s in line with your fundamental truths.


In the past, it may have looked like you had it all on the outside, but on the inside you were yearning for a deep healing that would free you from dark secrets within the walls that confine you.


The way you dealt with those challenges was by reaching out for help from your trusted inner circle to propel yourself (and the ones that rely on you) forward.


The people who helped you then, are now seeing you as a source of inspiration. In their minds, they believe that if you could overcome that testing situation, they can also overcome anything.


As you move through this week, allow yourself to be reminded about the positive opinions others hold of you. Allow that to be your driving force to help you reconnect with your truth, and strip away dishonest conversations, associations, friendships, and relationships.


Be firm. Be grounded.


Allow the full moon on June 9th to illuminate areas of your life that were once foggy, dark, and hidden. Allow yourself to see the full truth of all situations, and focus on releasing that which no longer serves the path to your highest good.


The difference between the past and your current situation is that you are stronger and wiser. You know the truth of all situations, and you wear that truth as your best accessory.


It lights up your world, and it lights up your mind.


Your emotions will be strong this week. Feed them in healthy ways. Acknowledge every emotion that pops up, and honor it by allowing yourself to feel it with your whole being.


Take some time this week to pick out a piece of jewelry—something that you can wear every day. Hold it in your hand and write down that which you would like to release on a piece of paper.


Place this object outside under the full moon, and allow it to be ‘supercharged’ by the moon’s rays. When you wear this object, it will help you release pent up emotions in healthy ways, allowing past pain to leave your being for once and for all.


You are beautiful. You have wonderful companions and friends around you—call them. Spend time with them. They will uplift you out of any emotional swamp—like a helicopter rescue team in to save the day.


Boost your energy levels and your experiences by connecting with your spiritual side, and possibly writing a daily gratitude list (if it resonates with you).


Be thankful for all of the money you have, and all of the time you have, all of the energy you have, your health, your wellbeing, the clothes you are wearing… You are not in a state of lack.  The more you affirm your wealth, the more it increases.


This is a week where you can turn the page, and rise into a confident new phase.


Be stronger than fear or doubt. Do not hang out with people who weigh you down to make you feel like you are less than perfect.


You are at a time where if you face your deepest fears, you will be rewarded in the best of ways.


Say it with me: “My past makes me stronger, and allows me to connect more beautifully with the partners that are present within my life. I am stable. I am well.”


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Leo, it’s a sad thing to let friendships go—but when destiny calls, it means it’s time to get moving.


You’ve cleared out old karma, and lifted yourself into a new way of being; it’s a place of peace, and genuine happiness.


Trust yourself, and trust your choices. There is nothing presented to you that you cannot handle, so drop those self-sabotaging fears—and head to a mirror.


Look at yourself in the eyes and ask: “If I could do anything, how would I make money? If I could go anywhere, where would I live? If I could step out of the shadows, how would my life transform?”


Say it out lout, and write it all down.


You’re growing. Your opportunities are getting juicier, and you have to release any and all fear with undying love and compassion.


If you want to have the best partnership, you have to be your best self! If you want to be treated like royalty, you need to give your partner the same red carpet treatment as well.


There’s a partnership that’s coming forward right now that is loving. It’s super supportive, and it’s strong.


It’s so strong that you can actually glide on the wings of your destiny, and allow that partnership to take you to where you need to go.


You’ve proven in your past that YOU are what makes your foundation stable. You do not find stability in others, but rather you seek it within yourself.


Having this life mentality has served you well, and has attracted the right people to you in the right places.


When big partnerships come into play, we can oftentimes we feel scared, vulnerable, and also insecure.


When these feelings pop up, dive into the chamber of healing, and reconnect with your inner light. Do this by entering into the darkness of your being, and allowing the glow of your own soul light to fill you and radiate so brightly that it guides your way.


Wear clothes, and pieces of jewelry you love, and be sure to charge those special pieces under the rays of the full moon on June 9th.


This is a big moon for you, and it will be showing you what you need to release so that you can feel lighter, clearer, more confident, and more vibrantly attuned to your life path and your own divine timing.


March forward in your own direction, and always remember that your strength lies within your self and your independence.


Do not rush into one direction or another. Just follow your intuition, and allow it to take you to the physical places on earth that you know mean the most to you.


Spread your wings, and take a leap of faith.


You’ve grown out of your old self-limiting habits, and it’s time to embody a lifestyle that is fresh and new.


The challenges you encounter will be healthy challenges. You will spread your wings, and as your arms are outstretched, you will be met with the most abundant and beautiful miracles you could ever expect.


Keep your life simple at this time. Take one step, then another. One step, then another—and know that divine timing is on your side.


Meditate. Visualize your body filling with golden, protective, and restorative light. Initiate yourself into the dawn of a new phase, and say ‘yes’ to the unknown.


Big trips are happening for you. Allow new experiences to ground you, and show you the true meaning of life.


Let go of anything that is old and outworn (maybe even clean out your closet). You will benefit from lightening your load by clearing out space physically, mentally, and emotionally.


As I said at the beginning of this reading— confront your fears. Look at them with love. Release them. Acknowledge and appreciate the strength and the power of just being yourself, and being in a state of love.


You are more vibrant than you even know, and you are recognized for all of the wonderful work you do in this world. Let your true colors show, and let go of anything that dulls you, mutes you, or holds you back.


I love you (and the universe does, too).


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Virgo, there’s a lot on your mind this week. There’s so much on your mind, and it’s all going in, and nothing is coming out.


Take some time to connect with your creativity this week. Get creative with your self-expression—even if it just means you surround yourself with a little bit more color.


When you surround yourself with color, you will be able to expand your energetic body out in colorful ways, which gives you an opportunity to connect with the creative forces within your body and soul.


Timing is on your side, and on your mind. You’ve been heavily focused on money making, and now it’s time for you to hear this loud and clear: It’s not all about the Benjamins.


Right now you have the power to create something that is incredibly powerful and meaningful in your life. This could be starting (or continuing) a big project, it could be planning a trip with friends, or it could be a beautiful new relationship that will bring abundant amounts of harmony into your life.


You’re being blessed right now, and the more you show up the more you will receive.


Your cards are showing that you have no idea what is coming next, and that can be a bit scary for those of you who aren’t used to trusting your intuition.


The message here is to not be afraid to lean on others for support. If you are open to healing your deep wounds surrounding love and partnerships, you will be met with more beauty than you ever could have expected.


Make a point this week to go outside of your comfort zone—that is where all the healing will take place.


Stretch those wings. Let go of the past. Move yourself out of your negative patterns, and out of your toxic relationships.


It’s a new day. It’s a new phase. It’s a new way of being.


Who are you without your negativity? Who are you without your chaos?


You have friends around you who can help you on this journey. These people want you to be the best version of yourself, and right now you are getting a chance to connect with them in ways that will help you. Appreciate them, don’t manipulate them.


Acknowledge where the darkness lies within your connection. Admit the deep, dark, scary secrets that you believe will drive them away. Your words could be made up of lies, but your energy can never lie—and valuable partners will see right through you.


They exude so much clarity that in your eyes it’s their clarity looks blurry—and it looks blurry to you because their vision is more finely attuned to look out for things that your eyes have never been trained to do.


Where they see smoke, they know there is a fire—so don’t try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes because you’re having trouble connecting with their point of view.


Don’t crush the people who could help you the most.


Elevate your habits. Raise your standards for your own behavior. End the lies and deceptions


You’re craving for these partners to continue down the road with you, but they won’t stand for your life’s lies.


The truth always has a way of coming out, and you don’t want it to come out in an embarrassing way that would drive love away from the chambers within your heart of hearts.


Toss your worries, your lies, and your deceptions into the fire. Ask the universe for guidance on where to go, what to do, what to say, and how to live.


The universe responds to every call, and will transform your circumstances in ways that make the impossible real.


You can live a beautiful life. You can have connection without deception. You can embody the best version of yourself—in a permanent way.


But you have to be willing to be thankful for the beautiful people who put you to the test. You have to be thankful for this challenge of being questioned—because as you are questioned, you will have to answer deep soul questions that you haven’t even asked yourself.


The people who are ‘sussing you out’ are the ones who wish the best for you. They want the best for themselves, and they are coming from a genuine place of care.


If you take a balanced approach, address your internal fears (and send those fears away with love), and respect the people around you—then you will have the fiery connections you crave.


It’s as if you’re giving birth to a new, improved version of you.


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Libra, you are entering into a chamber of healing. You are being asked to go deep within yourself, and allow yourself to see the pieces of you that need the most restoration.


At this time, you may be triggered by the actions of others—things that seem to be disappointments.


Use these disappointments as a tool to see where lingering emotional pain remains in your body. Breathe into it, let it go, and fill those spaces back up with the purest light of love (in whatever form that takes for you).


You are blessed with a life of stability. You are protected. You are cradled.


Your pain ridden past caused deep liaisons in your heart and it limited your personal power. These affects are long lasting, yet they are able to be healed.


Imagine that your body is a grid of light. Where is the grid tattered and torn? Call upon Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of Strength, and ask her to repair those broken pieces of your soul.


You need to use this time to restore yourself so that you are strong for the life journey that lies ahead of you.


You need to have everything put back into place so that you can be confident in your spirit, and trust your intuitive insights and emotions.


Engage in creative activities this week. Paint, sing, write—it doesn’t matter what you do, just make sure you do something.


As the light grid within your body becomes stronger, you will feel like your body and mind are super inspired. Let that inspiration flow out of you now.


As you let this flow, the bad moods of others, and the disappointments will fade away and you will be able to help others snap out of their bad mood too.


The advice is to protect your heart from the vultures. Embody your strongest self, and team up with power players who love you as much as you love them.


Your loved ones are with you during this time, and the life you are creating together is one of stability, confidence, and is strong with personal power. Some of you may even get pregnant this weekend!!!


There’s so much success around you. Be thankful for all of it.


Upgrade the things you want to upgrade. It’s time to life the life that you will enjoy the most, and sometimes that means inviting in the new by seeking it out.


The full moon on June 9th is a day that will leave you feeling strong. You are protected, but there will be truths that are unable to hide. Keep in mind that the full moon only illuminates bad things because those things need to be cleared out.


Make the right choice—choose to honor your stability. Choose to protect your heart and your closest relationships. Choose to be thankful for the abundance in your life, and choose to trust the power of your intuition (and emotion).


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You are a force that should not be messed with, Scorpio.


Do other people know that? Or will you have to put them in their place?


You’ve done your best to warn people that their negative antics are not welcome in your life. You’ve been badly scorned in the past, and it’s not something you’re willing to put up with in your future.


So talk the talk, walk the walk—because there are strong, beautiful people out there who would love to have your attention.


You are setting the tone for your days, and you are creating what you want to see. Do not settle! It may feel like you want to give up, but elevate, elevate, elevate.


Leave no thought unturned, and allow your beautiful bounty to float your way. You don’t even have to budge and inch.


In the past, you’ve shown the world what you’re made of—and now there’s no questioning your abilities and skills.


The advice is to walk away from any and all situations that are bringing you down (this includes dragging you down emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically). Do more for yourself, do less for others.


What is right for you will always be right for the rest, so please… don’t feel like you’re letting anyone down by putting yourself first.


Not everyone has the best intentions for you, and you don’t need to take it personally.


Recognize that others may be caught in a zone of fear, and remove them from your thoughts. Remove them from your social circle, and revoke any permission you have given to them to fill you with fear.


As you do this, envision a beautiful sun falling down into your body, filling you from above and below. Allow this golden energy to stay with you this week, and envision it anytime you need to exit from the throws of a personal struggle.


You may be feeling vulnerable, but that doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself!


Call upon the people who you adore most, and let them know how you feel. A beautiful partnership could arise from your willingness to be authentic, raw, and real.


Per usual, destiny calls at the right time. Let go of the fears that say you aren’t good enough, send yourself some love, and start cultivating your desires into a fresh, new reality.


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Sag—you, like many others this week, are going through a time of deep transformation and healing.


You are preparing for a new phase to begin—now is the time to tie up loose ends, and confront the fears that are holding you back from being the truest version of yourself.


You’re disappointed. You’re at a loss of words, and at a crossroads with a masculine figure in your life.


You feel like your hope has been stolen away from you, and the truth of the matter is that you want to be stronger, and because you want to be stronger, you want a partner that is stronger.


In the past you had no problem airing your disappointments, and you believed that you could overcome any poison big or small.


You were honest with yourself, you were honest with your partner. What could possibly go wrong?


I’ll tell you what went wrong: the foundation of your connection might not be built upon solid ground.


Did you build this connection because you deeply respected this person? Were you coming from a good place when you joined forces and linked up? If yes, did you let negativity seep into the lines that connected you?


This isn’t the beginning of the end (for most of you)—this is just an opportunity to clear your connection from the things that weight it down.


Take things extremely slow this week, and use the full moon on June 9th to clear out old habits that are hurtful to yourself and others.


It’s an emotional time for you, and you need to make time to see your friends. You need to have fun. It will uplift your energy, and take the pressure off of your current partnerships.


Have fun. Plan a surprise for someone else. Do things that you know your friends and partners will enjoy, and do it out of the goodness in your heart (rather than a place of ‘I am only giving to receive’).


We never know what will happen in our lives, so all we can do is dance along to the music playing in our life, and enjoy life’s mysteries.


The piece of advice for you this week is to talk about your future. Talk about where you are going in the next 6-12 months, and make it a talk that is exciting.


Breathe new life into your relationships by acknowledging that there’s a lot of good.


You’re feeling stressed right now because of yourself, not because of anyone else.


If you can calm your emotions, and put a plan in place for this next phase of your life, you’ll be surprised as to what you can build. Bravo!


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Capricorn, it’s time to jet off in your own direction.


Be strong in your convictions, and know that everything always happens for a reason.


You are so strong right now that you might be blown away by your own presence!


The spiritual practices of your past have led you up to this point, and it’s important to stay humble as you grow into new dimensions and into new heights. We all started somewhere and it’s important to remember where we came from.


Your love relationships will come front and center this weekend, and there’s an important note for you: Be honest about your past. Be up for the challenge of working through kinks, and do not be afraid that things won’t work out.


What’s meant for you will always be yours. It will never melt away.


So stretch out your arms, and allow yourself to accept deep love and deep healing.


If you’re in a new relationship, or a relationship that has recently gone through troubles, please keep the details of your inner-love life to yourself. There will be so many people who want to pass judgement and throw fuel into a painful fire—which will re-ignite old pain and fester old wounds.


Allow yourself to move on from a situation—really letting all aspects of it leave your mental, emotional, and physical spaces.


You’re not going to be able to enjoy a full relationship until you let the old one go in all of its forms.


If you’re looking at travel, keep your eyes open. You may find that you’re ready for a new life in a new destination—but don’t hop into that new life too quickly.


Start to play around with the idea, feel out what you will need if you do decide to make that jump, and allow the idea to cook slowly on a backburner until you are fully ready.


There’s a lot of dishonesty around you right now, and you need to see the full picture before you can make decisions about ANY area of your life.


The full moon on June 9th will bring all of this to a close (if you let it). The lies will be unable to hide under the full moon’s rays, and you’ll start to realize that your initial intuitive thoughts about a person or a situation were right from the start.


Trust your feelings. Let people know how you feel, and know that when you open your life up with compassion and a willingness to be real, the universe will match your honesty each step of the way.


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This week, I recommend you make it a point to dive into to the mysteries within your life.


You have the Midas touch if you are willing to be honest about who you are and the visions you see about yourself and your direction in life.


Close your eyes. Connect with the calm, blue pulse in the center of your body. What does that pulse wish to reveal to you? Allow it to play in your mind like a movie screen, then write it down.


Getting in touch with your inner truth has been a big theme for you in your recent past. You are becoming evermore clear and evermore honest.


You are letting go of mindsets, beliefs, and physical clutter that created chaos within your life.


The great thing about your current state of elevation is that you are being and active creator in your life. You are turning what was once dark into beautiful, shimmering objects that enhance who you are at your core.


What’s in your control is that there is a new zest for life. You may be planning long distance travel, or picking up and moving your entire life to another destination.


Play the waiting game right now. You’re tempted to make a leap, and leap quickly—but the thing is… it’s not time yet.


Wait. Allow all situations in your life to mature; allow the conditions to become fully ripe. Big shifts, big relationships, big moves, and big changes are upon you.


Big changes take time. Enjoy the early early stages of this change, because it’s a time you will never get back.


When you take your time (and don’t jump into things prematurely), you get a chance to see everyone and everything for what they are… This means you won’t be so emotionally involved that you won’t see someone for the liar that they are, or the cheater, or the deceiver.


I’m not saying the people you are with right now are bad, but I’m just recommending that you take this time to be honest with yourself about others.


Do the people you are with have the best intentions for you? As you answer this, I urge you to look at actions, not words.


Your intuition will be ON this week—and this Friday’s full moon will be strong.


Allow this full moon to awaken big epiphanies within your body and mind. Allow the moon to illuminate the things you have been hiding (and the things other people have been hiding from you as well).


When you set the intention to have a life built upon honesty and truth, the universe will deliver all you need to hear and deliver it to you right when you need to hear it.


So again, don’t take action. Let things reveal themselves to you. Let things come to you.


The things that float your way are meant for you. You don’t have to question them; you can just be grateful for them.


So, as this full moon reveals hidden truths to you—allow yourself to be mad. Allow yourself to be fully disappointed, and know that your treasures can come into your life when you let go of the fool’s gold.


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Pisces, you’re always wanting to do things as part of a partnership—however, this week it’s important to do some deep soul searching on your own.


When destiny calls, you better pick up the phone—and this week, destiny is calling. In fact, destiny won’t stop calling. It’s like destiny is calling so much that you might be feeling like the lyrics of Bug-a-Boo by Destiny’s Child.


Instead of being thrown off, be investigative: Who are you without your money? Without your clothes? Without your home? Without your favorite foods? Without your usual comforts of life?


These are the questions you need to ask yourself this week.


Ask: “Who am I?”


It’s so important to be clear about who you are, and how you feel about yourself. That way you can identify when chaos and negativity are YOURS or when it’s just your friend’s.


This week, there are going to be some crazies climbing up your tree. You need to set boundaries, and let them know that they are no longer welcome in your sphere. Revoke any permission you’ve previously given to them to affect you negatively, and feed you with fear.


You are so strong, and people rely on you for strength!


In fact, many people steal your strength and try to play if off as their own (but you’re the grounding force holding most situations together).


You’ve done more than your fair share of caring and keeping things together with positivity—even in places where you don’t need to do it.


Who are you when you take back your personal power? Who are you when you cut ties with the people who pull you down?


This week, you would do well to fly far, far away from everything you know and think about these questions—answer them honestly and without obligation.


You have so much to offer, and there are others who will give as equally as you give—people who care, people who share your positive sentiments, and want to connect on a positive plane.


These people may be partners from your past, or this concept might even remind you of a time in your life when that held true. Return to these people or ideas, and think about why you distanced yourself and why you let them go.


When those answers come to you, you will finally see what you need in a partner—and from there, you can seek those partners out.


Don’t be afraid to raise your standards, fly out of bad situations, and cut ties with anything that weighs you down.


Life is short, and you’re on the right path. Don’t let anyone block you from being yourself in all your glory.  


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