#FutureForecasts: Week of June 19th - June 25th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of June 19th - June 25th, 2017.

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Photo via Google Images

Photo via Google Images


Hi Aries, how are you feeling?


It looks like you’re on the defensive this week—and it’s all in your head. Are you building up fake scenarios, flying away from reality? Envisioning yourself stuck in emotional battles with the ones you ‘used to’ love?


You want them to see that you’re the one. You want them to see you as a champion, a winner, a warrior—but are you even connecting in the physical world with the people you are daydreaming of?


You’re tuned into your intuition, but you’re failing to make the connection that your emotions—the ones that are pent up and dying to come out—have been pushed under the rug. Things can’t hide for long, and your dirty secrets are about to spill out everywhere.


There’s someone in your life who you believe has the key to untangle it all. They are creative. They are pure fire—and they always seem to have it all. Jealousy circles them, and you are part of that jealous crew.


You feel like you deserve the best, too—and you do. However, it’s wise to not knock down others for having what you desire.


When the dust of your emotions begins to settle, you will realize that you have the same light as the person you feel has it all. You will see that if you raise your standards, make lifestyle changes to elevate your moods, and fly out of the situations that trap you and bind you down, you’ll be able to dance to the beat of your own drum again.


It’s been a long time coming—and now it’s time to address your fears and self-doubts. Meet those pent up feeling with love, and let them go.


Nothing can hide for long. That’s your message this week.


So address the darkness within yourself, for it too will come out in the wash.


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Taurus, wow! Old habits die hard!


Are you re-making mistakes from you past this week? It’s okay if that’s the case, as long as you are able to catch yourself in the act, and change course! This week is all about creating balance for yourself.


You’re in a creative cycle, and the last thing you want is to attach (or re-attach) yourself to someone who drains you! You can spot this person by looking out for anyone who claims and proclaims they are ‘living their truth.’


Those who are actually living in alignment with their soul mission will not spend their days talking about how in alignment they are… they will just live their lives with peace and purity. Their eyes will be light. Their mind will be calm.


Is your mind calm? Are your eyes light? Pay attention to how you feel after spending time with someone. Do you feel boosted? Or do you feel drained? These are cues on whether or not you should continue to spend time with someone, or distance yourself away.


If you make the best choices for yourself, and stay disciplined in saying no to the things that drain you, you will have it all. The world will become whole (because it already is whole).


You have everything in front of you to make your dreams come true. You have the love, the friends, and the support, and they will all come to you at the right time. Allow time to take it’s time, and in the meantime, you might benefit from journaling, writing, or expressing yourself in creative ways (like singing, too).


Use your voice, because it is the backbone of who you are and how you share yourself with others.


Stand up yourself this week. Take up space. Expand your horizons. Say no to playing it small.


You have a lot to do in this world, and I can tell you, it won’t get done if you’re trapped within the walls of insecurity and fear.


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Gemini, destiny is calling out to you this week. Are you listening? Are you answering the phone?


It seems as though you feel the pan is ready to strike hot! You’re orchestrating something massive. You’ve turned the heavy weight of the world into gold—glimmering as if you have been gifted with the Midas touch.


Your foundations, your money, your family—they are all so stable right now. You are growing your wealth in creative ways, and the payoffs will be huge.


Use your intuition to alleviate any blindspots you may have at this moment. Mediate on the topics of home, finances, and your foundations. Write down your intuitive insights, and take immediate action (if necessary).


It’s a new phase for you. You’re going for gold. You’re moving with passion. The fire has ignited. There’s nothing that can stop you. Keep going, the universe is cheering you on.


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Cancer, the sun is about to move into your sector—which means it’s your time to shine!


Get in touch with your intuition this week, and really listen to what it has to say.


Ask your intuition: “What truths would you like to show me?”


Don’t judge what comes up. Just listen. Call upon the Ascended Master, Manjushri, to cut ties between you and any illusions that are present in your life. Allow this to happen swiftly, and smoothly.


It’s your birthday season, which means it’s time to tie up loose ends from last year so that you can fully enjoy all that your new phase has to offer you.


You’re on a great path. You’ve spoken up this past year, and it may have left you feeling a little raw, but darling, it was all worth it!


People are recognizing your honesty and your connection to your inner truth. They see you living, not just simply existing.


They feel that warmth, and want to join in on your fun.


The advice is to not let everyone join in… not everyone is meant to be invited to your party.


Invite in those who wish the best for you—the ones who wish to see you happy, who will be there for you during your good times and your bad.


These people will show who they are very quickly. When you see the light in them, let them in. If they’re meant to stay, your connection won’t fade away. Just enjoy them for who they are in the moment (the same way you enjoy your own presence when you connect with yourself).  


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Leo, you and many other signs are embarking on a beautiful new phase in your lives!


It’s a phase filled with emotional stability, foundational stability, financial stability, comfort, warmth, and freshness—like that of a beautiful spring day, blossoming with the scent of sweet flowers after a harsh, cold winter.


You’ve been patient. You’ve waited for this phase to emerge from the embers of a dying flame—and you’ve come out triumphant.


You are being asked to step forward into the light (even if every inch of you is wanting to stay within the comfort of the darkness). Do not allow intimidation to hold you back. Do not allow yourself to hide who you are and what you want for yourself, and what gifts you wish to deliver to the world (this relates to your work and your family legacy).


Get organized this week. Cross your t’s and dot your i’s. It’s time to prep, plan, and prepare for all that’s ahead of you. Your plate is relatively full, but you’ll manage (somehow).


Hidden influences are that there are friends surrounding you who wish for you to do well. They may be physically next to you, or they may be at a far distance—but in this digi age it doesn’t matter! You can feel their loving support in a matter of seconds with a warm phone call, or caring text message.


It’s time for you to embark on your own journey. A journey that isn’t determined by happenings of your past, and a journey that doesn’t focus too much on the future. It’s a journey that takes place in the present moment, where the sunlight hits your skin, where you take one step after another after another.


You’re calm, cool, and collected—you’re like a refreshing splash of cool water. Use this to your advantage. Get to work. Ground your ideas down. Make a plan. Make it happen.


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Oh Virgo, when you spot something you love—you go for it.


You’re like a hunter stalking your prey from afar. You’ve spotted your catch, you’ve caught your catch, and now it’s time to put the whole dish together.


Sprinkle in some extra seasoning, and slather your catch with some honey.


It looks like a person (or situation) from your past is part of your divine destiny. The fun thing with destiny is we know the path exists, but we don’t always know how it will look, where it will lead, and who will be alongside us for the journey ahead. 


Truthfully, you’ve been a little grumpy lately, and it’s killing everybody’s vibe. It’s time to let something go. You have too much on your plate.


A situation needs to be closed out, chapter finished, movie over. This thing that needs to go is blocking the dish from being fully cooked—you don't have time to focus on the great new things because something old is draining your focus, time, and energy.


The catch of today is going to be spoilt because you can’t let go of the rotten food from yesterday!


Whatever it is, let it go. You are strong enough to do so now (even if you weren't strong enough to do it before). Once you close out that unfinished business, allow yourself to be vulnerable in your present day relationships.


Vulnerability makes connections strong. It allows others to see inside our hearts, and peer inside our souls.


You don’t know if this new relationship or personal experience will last for long, but you will never know if you don’t try—give it your all. It’s who you are...


Take a leap of faith, stretch outside of your comfort zones. Go out of your way to take things to the next level.


Just go for it. You don’t have to tell anyone that you’ve made the leap, or share the news with the many (unimportant) people in your life. Do it for you—and don’t feel guilty if you choose to keep your changes to yourself.


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Pull yourself together, Libra.


You are not your mess. You are not your heavy emotions. You are not anything other than a human being filled with light and dark, and when you see the dark, release it, and invite a brighter light to come in to fill its place.


The lessons of your past make you stronger—more resilient.


Inhale light, let the heaviness go—sigh it out. Repeat until you feel lighter and clearer.


Hidden influences are that you need to spend more time in nature. You need to reconnect with your inner child by doing things that boost your confidence and self-esteem.


Go outside. Treat yourself to a new haircut. Buy a beautiful piece of jewelry, or a new outfit. Do something to celebrate who you are and all you have to offer to the world.


It’s recommended that you reach out to others to connect in heartfelt ways. If a person pops into your mind, reach out to them. Don’t hesitate, and definitely do not isolate yourself.


Although you may not realize it now, being outside of ‘familiar territory,’ is building your character in beautiful ways. Allow yourself to rise to the occasion and be strengthened so that you can better share who and what you are with the ones you love.


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Hi Scorpio.


This week is all about connecting in with your spirituality. For some of this it will mean playing music in the morning, for others it will be going into a seven-day silent retreat. Find what works for you, and embrace it.


Wednesday’s summer solstice (the brightest day of the year) is lighting up your personal truths (as they relate to your personal relationships). Don’t be afraid of digging deep into the depths of your soul to uncover how you really feel about things.


Share your feelings with kindness and love, and everything will work out well for you. Maybe you’ll even plan a trip with you and your loved ones.


Finances may be weighing heavily upon you now, but it’s a challenge you can withstand—call on a little help from your friends. Their support will amaze you, and you will feel uplifted by even just being in their presence (support comes in many forms, so keep your eyes out for the non-traditional ways you are being supported right now).


The advice is to continue to follow the beat of your own drum. Do not back down from what you know in your heart to be true! Keep going, and enjoy every step of the journey.


You are on the brink of success. Rise above feelings of doubt and insecurity, and allow yourself to grow into a stronger being with unshakable confidence.


You’re already there, allow yourself to see it.


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Sagis, what’s shaking?!


Cards are flying out of the deck, and they’re dying to speak with you.


First of all—please keep important information to yourself this week. Don’t unknowingly feed gossip about yourself to the world, or to people who don’t wish the best for you. Don’t complain. Release negative behavioral patterns, and be a field for positive energy (ONLY).


At the beginning of this week, you will be heavily work focused. Its’s a great time for you to sound the alarm, and launch a new project into the atmosphere. You are being recognized for all of your hard work, and if you ask other people to acknowledge it as well, you will be well rewarded.


You’re letting go of something… what is it you ask? It’s something to do with the way you spend your time. The cards recommend that you make a firm decision: either you dive into working more and putting in the long hours (knowing it will take you a long time and knowing it will be slightly draining), OR you free up more personal time and you focus on personal projects that lie outside of your standard realm of work.


Either way—you’re going to be SUPER busy.


Hidden influences are that this is a time for you to flourish! Step out in new directions, explore hobbies and work arenas where you have little to no experience, and allow yourself to learn something new! (This might mean learning a new language for some of you).


If you feel like you don’t know which way to turn, carve out time for you to sit by yourself and become evermore clear on who you are and what you came into this world to do… what is your calling? What is it that sustains your passion for life?


Listen to those answers, and allow them to open up a new life direction for you—leading the way light sunlight.


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Hi Capricorn! This is a very intuitive week for you (it might feel strange).


It might feel strange not because you aren’t intuitive, but because you are seeing smoke and fire—you’re hearing whispers from the universe, and you are unsure about whether or not you can trust those whispers!


This is your validation: Yes, you can trust them.


You know what else you should trust? Yourself, and that’s about it.


Other people may have left you high and dry—but the thing you need to know is that when people leave it’s because your world is opening up to better things (things that just feel more fluid in your everyday life).


Grab a pen and notebook this week and journal about the type of relationships you wish to see in your everyday life. Who do you want to return home to? Who do you want to wake up next to? What do you wish to see flood into your world?


If I’m going to be honest with you (and I will because it’s just immoral to lie to you here), you’re too focused on having material items and it’s weighing you down. The relationships that failed mainly failed because you weren’t being an authentic human being—you were being image obsessed.


That doesn’t mean you’re obsessed with $10,000 bags, or fake eyelashes—it means you were being way too obsessed with the ways in which people perceive you and you were failing to interact with others as a genuine human being.


Focus on getting your mind out of the clouds this week and coming back into your body. Exercise, stretch, engage in grounding meditations and techniques, and stay away from green juices (they lift your energy in an Ayurvedic sense to make you spacey). Stick to grounding foods like brown rice, squash, carrots—anything that grows under the ground.


We need you here back on earth.


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Aquarius, you already know where you’re going. You already know the direction in which your destiny is taking you.


All I can tell you is that you’d benefit from taking an extra five minutes of your day to wind down and connect in with your spiritual self. Do five minutes right when you wake up, and then do five minutes right before bed.


Connect with loved ones that make you feel whole. Connect with people of your past that have gotten lost in the world’s shuffle, but not in the shuffle of your heart.


You’re emotional this week. You’re vulnerable—and you’re beautiful.


You are a person with strong foundations. You need what you need and you need it now.


Listen to those needs. Embrace those needs—and don’t seek approval from anyone but yourself.


Your job this week is to only allow positivity to enter into your body, mind, and energy field. You are a magnet for positivity, and anything that doesn’t match that vibration must leave your energy field now, and cease fueling you with fear. You may have to remove yourself from the presence of certain people—don’t judge, just allow yourself to do so in a harmonious way as you tip toe away.


You know, you’re a real gem. You have so much to offer to the world, and you need to stand up for yourself in creative ways. One creative way is to not engage in combative discussion about your worth, and simply walk away.


You are worth something.


Will you accept your true value? Please say, “Yes.”


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Pisces, don’t get caught up in memories from your past—instead learn from them. Take the lessons and move on.


It’s time to set the bar higher and raise your standards—for everything.


You are a lady (or man) of the stars. You’re emotional. You’re vibrant. You’re ethereal.


You’re looking at friendships that you may have mistaken as being love relationships. You want the emotional support that you’re not getting, and it’s hard and it’s testing for you because you know exactly what you want—and you want someone who is up for that level of commitment as well.


The advice to you is that you are seeing everything clearly so don’t budge, don’t walk away from what you know is true, but don’t settle for someone who doesn’t want to commit to you, either.


It’s a thin line you’re walking, and right now you are walking it well. Be self aware this week, and be so self aware that you can be aware of what others are trying to communicate as well.


Listen to yourself, listen to others.


The only way to get a win-win situation is to be willing to see that you can’t control other people—you can only control yourself. Build independence and emotional strength this week. Your potential (or existing) partners will be impressed and will cozy up to you in no time.


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