#FutureForecasts: Week of June 26th - July 3rd, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of June 26th - July 3rd, 2017.

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Image via Fashion Chalet.

Image via Fashion Chalet.

I’m starting out with a special intention this week: My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Hey, Aries. I see you.


You’re mentally connecting with a partner from the past. You might know them, you might just know a distant memory—but whatever you’re thinking about it’s inspiring you to become stronger more grounded, less wasteful with your time and energy, and more connected to the groups and associations that run through your life.


This past partner has an energy so beautiful, and so subtle. They are filled with treasures, yet many fail to see those treasures in this person because they keep their light hidden (or at least they did when you knew them). You’re going through a similar period—you’ve been hiding yourself underneath dim lights and shadows—and now you’re stepping out into the light.


People are going to start seeing you for who you are—a valuable piece of society who adds color to this world (rather than steals its vibrancy leaving nothing behind).


You’re allowing the ‘playing it small’ version of yourself to die out. It’s an emotional process, and you need to know that it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel like things are messy. It’s okay to not have everything fine tuned.


Stay in the space of inspiration. Allow the tests to come. Allow people who aren’t right for you to melt out of your life, and then pick yourself up and go for what you believe is yours—and go towards it with confidence.


There will always be challenges along the way. Don’t judge, or resist painful lessons. Learn from them. Invite them to elevate your life to a purer level of being. With Neptune rolling around astrologically, there’s a high chance for deception, jealousy, and lies (but it doesn’t look like this is coming from you! YAY!).


When you see this negative behavior in others, walk away. You are not here to exist, you are here to live. So it’s time to move your foundation a little bit. Where would you go if you could pick up and leave?? Who would you see? What would you say? Start living this way.


This doesn’t mean be impulsive, it means listen to your inner truth, and allow it to be the foundation of your being.


Believe in yourself, Aries. Believe. You are turning a new leaf, and tomorrow will be brighter than today.


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Hi Taurus.


You’re back in your balance this week—phew! It’s been an eventful last couple of weeks for you, and now you’re able to accurately see where the missing pieces lie in your life, and it’s time to pick what will fill those spaces.


First of all—your energy is unstoppable. You’re emitting such a gorgeous glow, and you’re being highlighted with accents of luxury and genuine authenticity.


Have you ever heard that quote about how we are all 93% stardust? That the same particles that fill the stars fill our bodies as well? Well, this week, you are that startdust through and through. Feel it, breathe into it, be it.


Last week’s new moon was a big one for you. Use this next two week period to get organized, tie things up, and lock things down.


When you have an intuitive feeling—if in your heart you know that something is true—don’t back down. Your instincts are always right—even if they feel illogical at times.


Right now your mind is working, so put that brain power to use, and if you are at all questioned about your decisions—let it all play out. They will all see that you were right (with time).


Is romance on our mind? Embrace it! Get into it! Have fun with your outfits, have fun with your personal expression.


Romance is not an image, it’s a form of joy. Feel the joy—and know that when a romantic partner is right for you, they won’t have eyes for anyone else (say this to yourself when you need to so that you can keep any insecurities at bay).


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Gemini, this week is all about honest communication and hard work.


Easy come, easy go.


What are you working on? What partnerships are coming together? This hard work will refer to a job for most of you, but for others this is relating to love, home, and foundations.


The truth is, you’ve had your eyes set on an end goal for a very long time. You’ve been trying and forcing, and pushing, collapsing, then rising like a phoenix for a very long time. You’ve been doing this because you’ve had the belief that you have to do it all yourself—and the reality is that it always takes two (or even a village to make it work).


You have so many friends who would like to help you at this time. Accept their support, and lean into them.


You’ve tried to stay away from partnerships because you know that not everyone has the best intentions. You’ve seen ugly situations play out in the most vile of ways right before your eyes, and I’m here to tell you that this week it’s important to take your time.


Time is one of your friends. Patience is your friend. Give yourself space and time to merge the version of yourself that you show to the outside world with the version of yourself that exists at your core.


You’re so capable of achieving your goals, and embodying the person you wish to see in the mirror. You are right there, and all you have to do is gift yourself with the energy of love. Love your wounds so much that hey heal upon your acknowledgement of them.


This is one of the most stable times in your life—and if you don’t believe me, I want you to sit down and make a list of everything that is moving in your favor right now. If time and patience are your friends, then gratitude is your best friend.


It’s a beautiful change of pace for you.


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Cancer, there is so much pensive thinking for you this week!


Why is your forehead so tense? Why are you frowning with your thoughts?!


Yes, topics of home and foundation are real and they can be heavy at times—but when they are heavy use it as an opportunity to lighten your load. Get rid of things you no longer use, let go of bad habits, and embrace a strong, grounded energy.


You are really present within your body. Some people are up in space, but you—well YOU are here on earth! HA!


Because you are down here on earth, you see people and situations for what they really are… You have the gift of spotting trouble from a mile away, and people will sit there wondering how you even saw it all coming.


The great news is that you can prevent excess damage from happening by troubleshooting foundational issues from the get-go—and you have the power to soothe people who feel out of alignment, out of place, and left astray.


If no one has told you this yet, you need to know that you are miracle worker! You have the power to turn fear into gold, into light, into vibrancy. Are you using your gift?


Test it out on yourself, first. It’s not that other people won’t enjoy it or be impressed (they will), it’s just that you deserve to benefit from your gifts before anyone else. Soak it all up.


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Leo, you are elevating yourself and your standards this week.


If there was any darkness hiding in your life, it’s getting the spotlight on it now. Use these events to clear out your blocks to fun.


Don’t rush this process. Stay with it—even if it feels uncomfortable.


It’s time to protect yourself on emotional and spiritual levels. Do this by setting an intention to be stronger than any negativity you see within your life. Ask a pyramid of golden sunlight to form around your body and aura. Ask it to program itself to allow negative energies to leave your body and mind, and to only allow positive energy to enter into your field.


Ask that this pyramid stay with you for as long as you need to heal and become a pillar of pure light.


Bad moods will come and go—don’t judge them. This clearing work is long lasting and is connected with immense spiritual growth. Your life is changing. You’re ‘growing up.’


You can’t predict everything, but you can work with everything that you have in front of you—so go for it. Go for gold. Throw away your fear. Ask the Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet to take it from you, and invite her to bless your life in all ways. Thank her for her help, and know that your requests are always heard by the universe (and never ignored).

If you make a point to meditate at night, and allow your third eye to open up to intuitive insight, then nothing on earth will be able to block your light.


Last week you gave up playing it small. Keep going.


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Hi, Virgo.


This week it’s super important that you tune into your feminine energy (of receiving, intuition, connecting in with the flow of the universe). These concepts are androgynous.


Are you in touch with your instincts? What are they telling you?


You might be emitting high levels of confidence about your physical appearance, your job, and all the other ‘things in life’—but are you confident about your own inner truth? Can you speak from your heart without losing your senses about what’s true and what’s not true?


It’s great to be confident, and have the ability to ‘fit in’ within any social situation (many people call this being a chameleon)—but are you being the person that you want to be? Don’t get lost in group thinking, and group energy—losing your own independent thoughts and your own energy.


Your intuition may be telling you that your life is cluttered and it’s time to clear things out. The best way to do this is to ask yourself: “What makes me feel like I’m alive? And what makes me feel like I’m just going through the motions of existing?”


Keep the things that make you feel alive. Go the distance. Cry if you need to cry. Scream if you need to scream. Life is not going to be sunshine and fairies. You will have yin and you will have yang. Embrace both sides—it’s the only way to truly feel alive.


Connect with a mother-like figure who can help you when you’re tired and your eyes are red, when you’re overwhelmed, and you feel like all hope is dead. That woman will guide you back to your foundations and help you reconnect with your personal truths.


No doubt, if you take the road worth living, you will feel the connections of a lifetime. You will engage in relationships, friendships, and career opportunities that will make you whole. They will light you up from the inside out, and you will finally be able to embrace all of the abundance that is meant for you (this is an abundance of time, energy, bright ideas, finances, opportunities to travel, and also rest).


The advice for you this week is to wake up your intuition. See things for what they reall are, not for what you are making them out to be.


You may have to leave some things behind—but don’t worry about it. Just focus on taking one step after another after another to get closer and closer and closer to the core of the true you.


Ask yourself each step of the way: “How am I feeling? Am I satisfied? Am I anxious? Does this feel right? Does this feel wrong?”


Don’t be so afraid of getting in touch with your own negative energy along the way. Call it out. Tell it to leave. Fill that space with love (and forgiveness). It’s better to have cried tears of pain because you were honest, present, and real than to have no real life experience in your eyes at all. Remember that not just this week, but for forever.


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Libra, it is time to spread your wings and head out into a new direction on your life path!


These are exciting times for you. Past pains are now cured. Your energy is attracting new friends, new people, new places, and new windfalls of abundance.


Have fun with everything right now from embarking on new adventures to shaking it up with your wardrobe.


Your past is not your present, but it can inspire you to connect in new and interesting ways with your partner(s). Chances are you and your significant other are on the same life path, sitting in different lanes (as it should be), and now is a great time to connect on mental and intellectual levels.


Watch an interesting documentary together. Start a book club. Go to a group meditation together to get deep into the insights of your own mind.


While you’re at it, you may want to see if your circle of friends might want to join in on all the fun.


Connecting with groups of people (especially new groups of friends) is ideal for you at this time. It brings more peace and more prosperity into this world—and allows you to fuel your existing partnerships with more love!


If you ever feel empty or dissatisfied at this time know that those feelings of emptiness inside of you can be filled with something. Try to fill them with love… You’re refreshing the tone in your life, make it worthwhile.


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Scorpio, do not pretend to be weak to make other people feel strong!


You can see the truth of the situation; you’re seeing that it’s time to move on to better things.


Don’t think of it as moving on, think of it as moving up, and moving deeper into the truth of your spiritual being.


You’ve been hoping and wishing and praying that a solution comes into your life and that a tiring situation comes to an end… the only thing that’s stopping it from getting there is your attachment to your situation.


That is the most annoying thing to hear, but in reality, you have to let go of the drama (and stop feeding the drama), and allow the universe to show you a better way.


You’re being tested by the universe, and in those moments, it’s best to turn the whole situation over to the universe. Pull a Gabby Bernstein and say, “Universe, show me what you’ve got.”


Then be open to the insights that fly into your mind or present themselves to you in undeniable ways.


Work hard this week, and stay focused on the task at hand. You have a lot to do, and if you ever want to move on, and up, and away from the situation you’re currently tied up in, then you will need to keep your eyes on the prize.


It’s all about you.


Hidden influences are that you need to re-organize your home and amp up the feng shui. Is your home filled with clutter? Do you have a mirror in front of your bed that is said to bring a third party into your relationships? Whatever your feng shui faux pas are, fix them.


You need everything in your home (and in your life) to be organized, color coded, labeled, and ready to grab within an instant. You don’t have time to waste to deal with disorganization, so get it together now before it gets worse.


It’s not always a fun task, but it’s definitely worth the hassle.


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Sagittarius, you need a vacation!


What is going on my dear? Why are you so grumpy? You need to snap out of it!


You’re letting the weight of the world get to you, and your feelings of ‘nothing is fair’ are so au contraire.


Grow up. Stop being negative. Stop planting bad stories about other people into the minds of others. Stop looking out for trouble. Stop telling people that their intuitive insights are wrong. Stop being the Debbie downer.


Why? If you continue, karma is going to bitch slap you back in time.


Instead of being negative, engage in healthy behaviors that release negativity like painting, singing, dancing—anything that involves expressing your creativity.


Some of you need to buy yourself a gift, and others of you need to change jobs, go back to school, and learn about the etheric world (maybe that means you will start taking reiki healing classes, or something of the likes).


Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it. Do it with a friend if you can, and make a point to get yourself out of your comfort zone.


You’re too comfortable right now, and that’s why you are feeling so foggy and grumpy.


No more playing it safe. No more saying yes to things you don’t want to do. No more with the ‘should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.’


It’s time to open up to a better way of being that will make you happier. You don’t know which direction to take because you don’t know the destination. That’s great because Lewis Carroll has a solution for this type of problem. He writes in Alice in Wonderland, “If you don't know where you're going, any road'll take you there.”


Embrace it. Have fun with it. Let your life get a little trippy. It’s all about the ride.


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Capricorn, slow and steady wins the race…


I know I don’t need to tell you that, but it’s your MO this week (and it’s a smart move).


Many of you are examining partnerships, and you are trying to decide the best plan of action. You’re trying to decipher the best partner to have at your side. For some of you this will be a romantic partner, for others of you it will be a business partner (or a foundational partner).


Allow yourself to take your time in making this decision because you do not have all of the information you need yet. You have not seen all sides of the other party, and you won’t make the best decision if you rush into things right now.


Focus on yourself this week. Are you the best partner? Are you worth investing time into?


Clean up your side of the road before you start placing your demands on other people. Clean out yor closets. Clean up your presentation (do you need to get your eyebrows done, clip your toe nails, or just do any sort of basic care? Do it. Other people are notice).


Once you take care of yourself, invite your potential partner out for an intimate (and enjoyable) dinner (or date night). Dress up for the occasion. Show the other party how wonderful you are—show them that you are dedicated, and make for a wonderful person. Be so amazing they can’t ignore you.


You’re such a hard worker, and you often overlook the power and potential that lies within your partnerships. You get so wrapped up in tasks and in your work that you’re forgetting about the bigger picture of life.


Life is meant to be enjoyed. Are you enjoying it? Are you adventuring and exploring who you are with confidence? Or are you falling asleep at the wheel? Listen to what you body needs, then give it to yourself. Fill yourself up and then you will make for a dreamy partner.  


It’s time to let go, submit, allow, and receive.


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Aquarius, are you spreading your wings?!


Your energy feels so happy at this moment—it feels so warm, so loving, as if you’re hugging everyone around you.


Your past is empowering you. You’ve learned essential lessons that now you are putting to good use. You’ve made horrible mistakes, but they haven’t gone to waste because they taught you so much about yourself and have built up your self-worth. Now not only do you respect yourself more, but you also respect others (which is major when it comes to living a life of authenticity).


Hidden influences are that you’re dying to express thoughts, and feelings, and emotions about your inner world. You feel like you have a heavy burden on you, and you feel as though you’re forced to keep secrets that you don’t want to keep.


This is where journaling comes in… write it out on a piece of paper, and then burn it up.


Once you’ve let those feelings go, your creativity will be activated, and your appetite for life will boost back up. Be the burning flame. Set your life on fire (in a good way, you trailblazer).


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Hi P.


Whatever you’re doing this week, make sure you don’t repeat mistakes of your past.


Don’t get too caught up in over-analyzing anything—just take some time out for yourself and allow all situations to unfold naturally.


You, like others, are spreading your wings. Are you spreading yourself too thing, though?


It feels like you have to be honest about your physical fatigue! There’s only so much one person can do and handle—I know that all of the opportunities presented to you right now look golden, and it is worth it for you to go for them. Let yourself be tired right now, this phase will pass and your schedule will slow down.


If you do feel like you can cut something out of your schedule without missing out on a big opportunity, then cut it. Nothing is worth more than your emotional, mental, and physical health.


So, if you find yourself in a bad mood—take a time out.


Maybe you can carve out time to meditate each morning and see how that affects your ability to do it all? Maybe chant? Maybe just play music you love?


Replenish yourself in the smallest of ways, and it will all add up to the biggest success.


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