#FutureForecasts: Week of July 4th - July 9th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of July 4th - July 9th, 2017.

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My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Full moon, who dis?


This week’s full moon is affecting your intuition, your sleep cycles, your energy levels—all of it.


Full moons do this because the moon has its own gravitational pull, and when it’s close to the earth, we will feel it!


So what’s going on for you? You need to take a quick time out, and possibly travel? If you aren’t traveling, revisit topics related to your first chakra of home, stability, and finances.


Are you letting money fly out of the window? Are you cultivating your talents so that you can make more money? You have a lot coming towards you right now. A lot of it will be good, but some of it will not (hey, that’s life).


The advice to you is to sit in the point of view where your highest self lives. If you were the best version of you (the happiest, most fulfilled, living out your highest potential) what would you do? Where would you go? What would you say? And who would you say it to?


Reach out to those people. Go visit those places. Plan to share your creativity with the world. Publish something. Share your feelings. Share your creative work. Just do it, Aries. Just do it.


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Your second chakra is on fire this week. This means your appetites will be heavy, and your creativity will be pulsing.


In terms of love: you’ll have a few different people trying to catch your eye (and the person you have your eyes on may also have some options of their own). Don’t fear: you stand out from the pack. It’s like a spotlight is shining on you—so don’t feel threatened. The contrast actually makes you look really, really good.


You know your creativity is on fire, but you might not know how to channel it in healthy ways. The recommendation is to journal out your feelings everyday for at least vive minutes. Engage in drawing, painting, styling your outfits to a T and getting your makeup on point (that’s all an art form in and of itself).


There’s also a note that you would really benefit from getting creative with cooking healthy meals in new ways, working out (Zumba, anyone?), and doing some deep soul searching. What’s the darkest part of yourself? What would happen if you looked that part of yourself straight in the eyes and sent some compassion there? I think it would make you light up in a good way.


This is a period of elevation for you. Life is changing so that you can become clearer about who you are and what is meant for you.


You are a child of the stars, and the chemical compositions within you match the stars (93% to be exact). Are you behaving that way? Or are you playing it small?


You’re a big fucking deal. It’s time to start acting that way. Destiny is calling you, and you want to make a great impression. Live up to your potential.


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Gemini, it’s time to examine the partnerships of your past.


Where did you go right? Where did you go wrong? What are the mistakes that you’ve known better than to do all along? And why aren’t you taking your own advice?


You have a partnerships of a lifetime before you. Have you been treating your partners in positive ways? Showing them that they are as special as you truly believe they are?


I know, I know. It takes a lot of time and effort—but isn’t it worth it to have harmony in your life?


It’s not that you are being horrible (well, for most of you that’s true), it’s just you’re not being thoughtful.  You’re trying to push and shove your independence—but that makes no sense because you’re always going to be an independent human being.


No one is bound to you. If you choose a partner, they are in their own life lane, and your lanes are just running next to each other. It’s an unhealthy pattern that tons of Geminis have because you have this ‘twin mentality,’ or dual personality. You always want to play devil’s advocate, but no one else is in on your game!


You create excess drama to entertain yourself, to build up a case and a cause to be better in other areas of your life—but you’re just selling yourself short.


Why build up drama? Why create illusions for others? It’s important to examine this habit this week and love yourself enough to love your own disloyalty to your highest destiny.


Be compassionate with yourself, and you will be compassionate with others. There is no war. There is no battle. There is no partner in your lane that you have to push off of your back. You are in your own lane by yourself.


Start healing wound from your childhood. Right now the sun is in your first house, your sense of self. Build yourself up (and this time do not tear yourself down).


It’s time to connect with the truest version of you. Live it. Breathe it. Be it. See it. Believe it.


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It’s a week of discovery for you, Cancer.


You were previously in a life phase where you were discovering your self worth. You were exploring the caves of your soul, re-connecting with your mission, and (even though you may be feeling scared) it’s time to spread your wings.


Fly out of those caves, and into the light. Show people who you are; show them what you’re made of…


As you inhale this week start to feel the spaces inside your body where energy may be leaking out. These spaces will feel empty, drained, and possibly in pain. As you feel them, envision a light grid of gold filling those spaces and healing any energy leaks in your body (ask your body to do the work of healing yourself; it always will without fail).


Dress up in colors that make you feel vibrant—the hues that pull out the beauty within the pupils of your eyes—and don’t rush anything this week.


Take a minute or two each day (it can be at night or during the day), and send some love into the depths of your soul. Thank yourself for being in your body, and for living your life as your TRUE self (rather than a covered up, hidden version of yourself). Engage in a daily gratitude practice, and tell the people you love that you care about them—they’re feeling the same way, and you’ll just feel so boosted to hear it back.


Looking inside the depths of your soul isn’t scary, it’s liberating, and now is the time where you change from dark to light. From pain to pleasure.


If you can, set up a date to watch the sunset while you enjoy food or a drink. Make it an event. Make it a date.


Make the best of every moment. Nothing in this world lasts forever, and the space in your heart and mind are clear (and asking to be filled with the energy of sheer beauty).


The outcome is that you’re in the right place at the right time doing the right things connecting with the right people. It’s a beautiful wrinkle in time.


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Leo, take your own space and take your own time.


The many pieces of your life are coming together right now, and you want everything to fall into its right place—which means you need space to integrate it all together.


Your energy may have a tendency to feel super grounded this week. Use it as an opportunity to check in with yourself about all things related to your home, your money, your relationships, and your foundations. How are you feeding yourself in those areas of your life? Could you be treating yourself better? Could you be building stronger financial wealth?


Think about what you would like to see within the next six months. What do you want? How will you get there?


If anyone is throwing shade your way this week, let it roll off of your back. No one has time for petty bullshit, #amiright?


You’re so incredible, you’re a fiery explosion of stars. People will be intimidated by that, and that’s when they lash out. Be the brightest light, and give no fucks about what other people might say about you. (Many people want to be you, so if you hear chatter, or someone is a sniper from the side, take it as the biggest compliment: You’re so good, you can’t be ignored).


The full moon on July 9th is lighting up what you have and what you will receive. Play it cool this week, and allow all things to come to you. You are a magnet for vibrant people, lucrative business opportunities, and you’re the leader! This means you are setting the pace of how your life develops (whether you know it or not).


Hidden influences is that your foundations and your finances are a main focal point. They touch every aspect of your life, and there’s a message hiding for you. Should you save more and spend less? Should you find a happy medium? Should you upgrade elements in your home or physically move? There’s a lot happening here, and it’s going to be different for each person reading this… I suggest that you sit and meditate on what your first chakra is trying to tell you.


After you meditate, write it down, and create three action steps you can take that will help put this message into action.


You have a lot of say, and it’s important that you say it out loud. Don’t just write it to someone, have a conversation. Speak on the phone if the other party is at a distance. Share your true feelings without censorship, and don’t hold back!


A lot of times it’s hard for spiritual people who are ‘up in the clouds’ to communicate with others about their true thoughts and feelings and emotions about things that happen in this physical world. It seems like you have somewhat of a wall up, and it’s time to take it down.


That doesn’t mean everyone is going to come flooding into your space—it just means that you will begin to share how you feel, and you will finally be seen and heard and understood as the person that you really are (and not the person that others wish for you to be).


The outcome is that you are proving your worth (to yourself). Difficult conversations are an opportunity to share your value with others. You set the pace; you set the tone. You accept certain behaviors, or you bar them from your life.


Raising your standards is not a hard thing to do—what’s hard is telling yourself that you truly deserve what’s best for you.


Don’t undervalue yourself. You’re set to come out on top, so work it.


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Virgo, you have two storylines playing out right now. One story line is the actual truth of your situation, and the other is what you believe to be true (and they are not the same thing!).


I’m going to talk to you about your illusions:


You believe that you’ve positioned yourself in a place where you are strong, and you are more powerful than anyone or anything (including the universe and all it has planned for you). You feel like you could sell your soul to the devil, and cheat the devil out of it and get your soul back by not filling your end of the deal.


Obviously, this is just a metaphor (and not actually what’s happening), but long story short: You’re being an idiot. You can’t make a deal with others, and then try to cheat them out of it. It’s disgusting, and karma is the biggest bitch.


Continuing with your illusion:

You are wishing to break out on your own and live this life of gold, but what you’re cultivating and what you’re chasing isn’t gold! It’s bronze, and it’s going to turn green.  


You’re not operating from your truth center. You’re chasing illusion, and you’re broken good things in your life because of your internal confusion.


Your confusion is causing you to see situations all wrong—and the advice is to grow the fuck up. You’ve been sitting there thinking you have all the power, when really the power lies outside of you in the hands of others (and you’ve been extremely disrespectful to these people, you can only hope they will forgive you). They aren’t the one that’s insecure. You are insecure, and that’s where your deep connection to illusion and confusion is stemming from.


Now that we’ve gone through what you think is going on, and why it’s not valid, let’s talk about the truth…


The truth of what you need to know right now is that you’ve been though challenging situations so that you could see where you are hurt and where you are broken. Your homework is to repair the pieces of yourself that are broken (please go read Cancer’s reading this week, I describe a golden grid exercise that would be helpful for you).


You don’t know what’s coming next. Don’t pretend that you do. Don’t fake it until you make it. Feel it, be it, reel it in.


You are vulnerable right now, and now is the time to feel it. It’s okay to not have it all figured out. It’s okay to not be in control. It’s okay to feel any and all feelings you have at this time.


Don’t run, just breathe.


Get to work in terms of fixing your past mistakes. It won’t all be able to be salvaged. You’ve created some deep damage (and the only way to fix it is by healing yourself and apologizing to those that you have hurt).


It’s going to be hard, but you need to take it slow this week! Do half as much as you would regularly plan, and use that extra time to reconnect with what’s going on inside of you.


Place your hand on your heart, and now your other hand on your stomach. Apologize to yourself—and move on.


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Oh, Libra—jealous eyes are all over you this week.


Is it because you went on a killer vacation? Or that you are currently feeling yourself so much that others can’t take it?


Whatever it is, try not to get caught up in it this week. It’s part of life, and there’s a time and a place and a reason for why people don’t wish the best for you. (Maybe some of you deserve the hate? Just saying…).


Regardless, things are going really well for you. Money, contracts, partnerships—they’re all in the works for you right now and this weekend’s full moon on July 9th will show you which of those opportunities are the real deal, and which ones were just smoke in mirrors.


The advice for you this week is to look at your own darkness. What have you been hiding within yourself? What negative patterns have you been clinging to? Can you release them?


If you can release them, it will really help when you’re looking at the opportunities in front of you. You can’t have them all, nor should you want to… some of those opportunities are not in your highest and best interest! If you can be your own advocate and do your best to live up to your highest potential, you will see which partnerships will weigh you down, and which ones will lift you up.


Be patient. Be vibrant.


Allow yourself to grow at your own pace, and pay no mind to the feelings of others.


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Scorpio, the claws are out!


Not in a harsh way, in a very playful way.


Show them what you’re worth. Be strong. Be wild. Be confident.


Generally speaking, you like to be low-key. You like for people to get to know you, and you want them to be surprised about who you are and all you have to offer—but this week let that tendency go.


It’s really just a security blanket, and if you show them who you are from the start, they will never leave your side! (In a good way).


Hidden influences are that you are craving a partnership or close friendship. It’s yours for the taking—so take it.


Yes, you have been disappointed in the past, but don’t let that hold you back. What could you have done differently in the past? What could you have changed about your mindset or your approach to relationships? Take those lessons and run with them and leave the pain behind you.


You don’t have to take past pain forward into your present moment and into your future. Just be here.


Get out of your mind, and into the moment.


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Hi bae.


Here’s what’s going on: you’re shape shifting.


Your world is changing, and you are being asked to evolve! Are you evolving? Or are you digging your heels into the ground trying not to change?


It seems like you are caught between two worlds. You’re trying to have your cake and eat it too, when really you should just eat the cake and enjoy it.


You’re moody, and you are annoying—ha!!!


The throat chakra is coming up for you: are you voicing your opinions in healthy ways? It seems like you need to speak up and speak out, and talk about the dark emotions you are feeling.


This isn’t a joke—it’s serious. 


You have a lot to do in this this (not necessarily in this moment), so right now it’s important for you to clear out the cobwebs of your inner and outer world. Clean it up, and stop blaming others for the mess. It’s you who is messy. It’s you who is not voicing important opinions.


I recommend that you meditate at night outside under the stars alone.


We are all made up of dark energies and light energies, and if you do not face the darkness within yourself it will begin to overtake you. It will begin to rule your subconscious mind and your emotions, and the only way out of that is through it. Face it. Look at it. Send those pieces of yourself lots of love.


You’re going to find that there’s a lot to uncover—you’ve shoved a lot of feelings and emotions under the rug. So instead of being defensive, be compassionate.


Be caring. Be daring. Share your moods. Share your thoughts.


You will never lose something that is yours by being yourself—and right now you’re not embodying the brightest version of you.


You can do it, if you let the things that are meant to leave exit your life for good.


Take the lessons, leave the pain behind.


You’ll feel so might brighter inside once you do this. Let this week be the stepping stone to pave the way for a better life.


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Capricorn, your environment is fueling you with positivity.


Connect with positivity everywhere you go, and take a chance on a new adventure this week.


If you can go adventuring with a new friend—do it.


This week is all about forming connections, while staying in the seat of your soul.


You know what power players look like; you know what it feels like to talk to them, you know how you feel when you’re inspired by them, and you know how to partner up with them…


The question for you is: are you able to be a power player this week?


Connecting with people is not about using them for their skills and talents, it’s about teaming up to bring out the best in all parties involved. Are you being your best self?


What can you do to bring out that person who works hard and inspires the world?


Don’t just go through the motions. Walk to your talk.


Walking your talk isn’t as easy as it sounds (and that’s okay). So if you have moments of feeling low, or feeling uninspired, move through it, and move into it, and see what it is that this stagnant period is meant to teach you.


Focus on being in your body. Connect with the people you love, and allow your inner fire to burn.


Light some candles. Turn up the romance.


It’s all you want and need right now.


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What makes your heart pound? What makes you sweat? What makes you feel like you need to flee from the very fibers of your skin?


Whatever comes to mind is IT. Don’t question it.


Stay away from that person, place or situation this week. They do not wish for you to live out the story of your highest good.


Take time and space to yourself. Don’t feel pressured to give into the desires of others.


Keep the details of your inner life to yourself. Fill yourself with vibrant white light that is flickering with flecks of neon violet light. Envision that light filling your entire body and aura.


Keep your true friends close, and start building up those friendships that share your same sentiments of kindness, spirituality, and true friendship.


Allow your true friendships to grow into a spiritual sexual relationship (if you see fit).


You are incredibly stable right now, and if you get your relationships in the right place, that stability will only be amplified.


Be the strongest version of yourself. Make no excuses. Be loving. Be kind. Be caring.


Embrace the mysteries of life, and take chances on those who have hearts that are true.


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Pisces, you are my favorite to read for! You have been going through such a journey and it is a pleasure to watch, and it is a pleasure to read your cards.


This week you see yourself flourishing. You are vibrant. You are colorful. You are beautiful, and you are humble.


Don’t share too much with others this week. Take extra time to meditate. Focus on igniting your third eye center. Connect in with golden cosmic light, and allow your body to do the work.


You’ve become so strong over the last few months, and now it’s time to pick your players.


Who do you want to be around? Who do you want to partner with?


It seems you have your eyes on the prize, and it’s time to make the move.


You have the ability to create a winning scenario—you have the Midas touch.


Use it. Don’t abuse it.


Embrace the new phase, take it slow, and don’t question why you want what you want… You just want it, and that’s reason enough.


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