#FutureForecasts: Week of July 10th - July 16th, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of July 10th - July 16th, 2017.

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Image via TheBolly.in

Image via TheBolly.in


Aries, you beautiful human being. How are you?


It’s great to see you emitting such a positive energy. It’s amazing to see how independent you’ve become.


It’s beautiful to know that you’ve grown up to be tender and wise.


It’s not secret that you’re a big deal—your presence shows it.


So what is it that you need to know this week? That it’s time to extend and offer or an invitation out to someone.


This person will make you want to be the best version of yourself. This person is someone that you would try your best to look good for (in a physical sense).


This person is someone that you wish to dance with and romance with…


The only problem is… how will you get there?


The truth is, it doesn’t matter how you get there, it just matters that you say yes to the inner stirrings of your heart.


Go for it, and the rest will sort itself out.


You have made far more difficult things come to being than this situation—so you will find that making your desires a reality right now will be a piece of cake.


Your energy is right and ripe. You’ll be viewed upon favorably. It looks like all of the connections are in all of the right spots.


Move swiftly, and don’t hold back your communication.


Share your thoughts and your feelings, and allow your thoughts and emotions to light the way—the same way a moon lights up a path for you on a dark night.


Be who you are, and make sure you share the real you with others.


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What is the biggest mystery in your life, Taurus? What is it that you don’t know how to do and you don’t even know where to start?


So many things are popping out for you.


Are you thinking of planning a trip? Learning a new life skill? Venturing out into the unknown? It’s time to live life, and spread your wings as if you’ll never get another chance.


Your today isn’t guaranteed, which means neither is your tomorrow.


Don’t be afraid to start from the bottom. Don’t feel like you have to have it all figured out.


Just ride the waves of life.


Allow negativity to leave your body, mind, and energy field, and ask the universe to protect you with a shield of neon violet light.


You are elevating your life in all ways right now.


You are being asked to put your money where your mouth is and grow into the person you see in your dreams.


Catching the light is one thing, but now you’re being asked to cultivate more light and implement it into your life in all directions.


It is not a time to play it small. It’s time to play it big.


Rise up—it’s time to meet your potential.


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Gemini, a card flew out of the deck while I was pulling other cards—and it’s signaling that you want what other people are getting!


You want everything to be fair, and you want it to work out, and you’re feeling emotionally tender.


You have worked so hard to be here. You have put in so much effort—and you’re wanting others to put in the effort with you.


The truth is—they are. They’re just doing it in their own way in their own time.


Don’t lock into fears that you are unlovable or not worthy—these fears stem from your childhood and any inadequacy you feel right now is tied to that previous trauma (and has nothing to do with your situation right now).


Everything right now is incredibly stable. Nothing is going to happen to your basic needs—you are safe, you are cared for, you are loved.


Although it may be uncomfortable, please look at the pain in your past. Acknowledge that the pain is not your fault. The pain that lives inside of others that they inflicted upon you is not yours. It’s a projection. It’s a deep wound, and you were compassionate to try to heal it for other people (when they are the ones who need to heal it for themselves).


If looking back feels like too much, acknowledge the milestones that you’ve crossed. The challenges that you have overcome with grace. The talent that lives within your veins.


You are worthy of love. You are worthy of success.


Connect with people this week who bring you the most joy. Laugh, have a great time with them, and allow yourself to be vulnerable.


Again, you are safe now.


The only thing you can do is acknowledge where the pain lives within your mind and set it free.


It’s time to let all burdens go.


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 Hi, Cancer!


How are you feeling this week? On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with your current circumstances?


What can you try that’s new that will elevate your human experience?


What do I even mean? I mean what can you do that you haven’t tried before that will boost your connection to other people and yourself?


The first thing you think about is the answer.


Destiny is calling you, again.


Will you answer her call this time? Will you show up with a good attitude? Or will you dig your heels into the ground and refuse to move—paralyzed with fear?


Last week’s full moon really did something for you—it boosted you with clarity, confidence, and information that makes you feel stable and mentally rich.


Was it a place you went? A new cuisine you tried? A milestone you crossed?  


It’s as if you can’t believe you are here looking at your life—a life that you wished for many years ago.


Sit in that energy this week—be proud. Enjoy the times. Look back on your past and acknowledge how far you’ve come—especially if it’s in regards to a long-term partnership.


After you’ve soaked that in—shake things up.


Invite your life-partners to try something new with you. Venture out into waters that are unknown, and sip on the waterfalls of life.


New phase, new horizons.


It’s time to venture out (and this time you’re the leader).


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Leo, keep your eyes and ears open this week.


The universe is sending you messages that you will ear through your ears, and it will light up ideas in your mind. Take those ideas and move forward with them.


Your creative energy is on fire. You are strong, warm, empowered, and taking over the world with your beautiful (and ancient) energy.


You’re seeing yourself in a positive light, but the truth is—others are seeing you as someone who is at LEAST ten times brighter than what you perceive yourself to be…


You are a force, and you are blowing everything up (in a fresh and exciting way).


Connect with your spiritual side this week—and do it a lot.


Your creative energy is rising, and your work is heating up (along with personal relationships). This is such an exciting time, and you want to keep your energy grounded during this experience so that you can utilize it to your full potential.


If you can, take some time out to go travel. Leave your day to day surroundings (even if it’s just for a day). Leaving will help you re-shuffle your mind, and boost you into a brighter clarity.


Hidden influences are that you should be very careful about what you say and who you spend your time with… everyone can see how vibrant you are, and very few people will be genuinely happy for you!


Yes, that sucks, but the thing is—you need friends who are on your level. You are so social, you will always have tons of friends, and you need to recognize who is a party friend and who is a genuine friend that you can lean on.


Take a break from your regular social scenes. Do things that inspire a sort of magic within you. Let things simmer for awhile. Enjoy the full flavors of life—and know that you won’t ever come across the same river twice. 


All you have is this present moment, so let go of whatever doesn’t serve you. Act on your impulses (in a wise manner), and get inspired by things that drew your interest in the past (painting, museums, clothing, styling, cooking).


Go back to what you love, and leave all judgement behind.


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Hey, Virgo.


There are times where we have to go into the depths of our soul, into the darkest places our hearts will ever know in order to find out what true friendship means.


It’s not just enough to go there, you have to light a candle and adjust your eyesight to see what it is that needs to be cleared out—and then you have to do the work.


You should journal out your dark feelings this week. You should share your thoughts with caring friends.


You should bring the light back into your dark life—and know that it’s okay to start slow, and start small.


Don’t turn on the big overhead lights. Start with something soft, and build up the light slowly from there.


Be gentle with yourself when you are experiencing deep heart pain. This pain is yours, which means you have the ability to heal it by gifting yourself with overflowing levels of compassion.


Be your own best friend, and then when you master it, you can be someone else’s best friend.


Your expectations show that you want to wish away the pain. You want to pretend like your bad experiences never happened—but that’s not realistic. That shoves your darkness deep within your heart, causing deep laisons that will take years to heal.


Instead, acknowledge the pain, and choose to turn your pain into golden lessons that you hold deep within your heart, enriching your life and your love.


Acknowledge where you’ve gone wrong, and don’t run from it. Apologize to yourself for it, and love yourself enough to admit that you previously got it all wrong.


We are all beings made up of dark and light—and we need both in order to shine bright.


Talk to the universe. Tell the universe what you need. She’ll respond in her own unique way—gifting you with passion and candles to light the way.


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Libra spread your wings!


Past pains are now cured, and you’re feeling the beauty of life.


When the sun is up that is—there’s something brewing underneath the surface.


You have it all. You have what you wanted and wished for years ago. So what’s wrong? What’s with the heavy darkness that sits beneath the surface (and goes undetected by most)?


What are those tears for? What are you holding onto your fears for??


Do a simple exercise this week to heal past pain: envision light grids of gold filing your body and healing the rips and tears that connect in with the deepest parts of your soul.


Envision this light flowing in so strongly that it creates and immediate healing effect. Allow it to fill your being so much that it overflows into your energetic body, healing your auric layers, and sending healing energy into all areas of your life.


It’s okay to allow your inner being to create waves.


It’s okay to let yourself change.


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Scorpio, your key to success is clear communication.


Write. Speak. Share. Create. Meditate.


Connect in with what it is you wish to say—it might not be easy to share, but the benefits of sharing far outweigh the cons.


You may have bright ideas in your mind this week. You may be making stellar connections that you just could not see before.


Let’s just say that it’s like a new light has been turned on in your brain. Let those synapses sing, and pounce upon opportunity as it flies into your mind.


This week you are truly unstoppable—and you definitely catching the eyes of the right people. 


No one is sent to anyone on accident. You’ll do well to remember that this week.


If and when you feel shy this week, move within.


What is your inner being saying to you? If you can, take time out every single day this week to connect with your inner-self. Write down the messages that being has for you, and if you can implement those messages immediately.


It’s not that everything will turn upside down and fall into place within moments (it may take a little while), but it’s planting the seed that counts. Right now you’re in planting mode.


Water those seeds. Talk to them in loving ways, and allow them to grow into what they want to be (on their own). Then go within yourself and see what’s growing inside of you.


Look at the soil, take out the weeds, water the seeds.


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Sagittarius—new phase, new you.


It feels like you want to give birth to something new. What is it? What do you want to feel like you are living?


You’re very confident in your ideas right now, and it’s time to make those ‘ideas’ a reality.


How do you see yourself in your wildest dreams? What are you wearing? How is your hair styled? Who are you standing next to? Where are you standing?


Answer honestly, and then hop to it.


It’s time to go for what you desire—it’s time to stop holding back—it’s time to get your life back on track.


It’s time to elevate yourself out of the land of excuses.


Your new partners won’t tolerate nonsense, and you shouldn’t tolerate it either.


If you take a chance and take a leap of faith, you will find that your world can light up the same way It does in your day dreams.


Put your prayers into a candle, allow the candle to connect in with your wishes and desires, and then light it. It prolongs the prayer and can gift you with your wildest dreams. What’s the harm in trying?  


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Hi Cappi—you cutie.


How stable is your life right now? How beautiful are your foundations? How robust are your finances? How comforting is your home?


Are you giving yourself enough credit for all that you have? Are you downplaying your stability or your financial success by replaying ugly thoughts in your head that you are less-than?

I’m only asking because right now your cards are showing that you are VERY, beautifully stable. I want you to ask yourself those questions so that you can answer honestly and see where you are being too hard on yourself. The more you support yourself, the more the universe will support you as well.


Life is always mysterious. We never know what will happen next (even if we think we do). We never know if the choices we make are the best ones—we just have to live it out.


The best way to move through your life is to stay connected to the center of your soul, and live from that space. Communicate with your higher self, and ask that being to live through you. Guide you. Protect you. Direct you.


Some of you are sitting there saying, “I don’t know how to connect with my inner being.”


The answer for you is to spend time alone in nature. Meditate there. Envision yourself traveling inside of your stomach up into your diaphragm and breathe into the area right in front of your spine.


Don’t judge, just allow. Ask all foreign influences to leave your body, and ask your real self to step through—filling all parts of you.


The advice is to also breathe into your heart. Release trapped pain, and fill those spaces with pure love energy.


If you head into nature and engage in healing meditations there, you will find that you will be transformed—within a matter of minutes.


Give yourself as much time and space and water and tea as you need.


Allow yourself to understand your pain. Love your pain. Love your joy. Allow them to work in harmony together. You can’t love if you don’t know pain.


Do both. Feel the pain, allow yourself to love yourself to heal and grow stronger. It’s beautiful.


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Hi Aquarius.


You are so cute, and beautiful, and vibrant.


Your life is so shiny right now—clean, shimmering, glowing, and beautiful.


You may not know what’s coming next, but that is a source of enjoyment. It means anything can happen.


Allow all situation in your life to take their own time—maybe even take some personal time for yourself.


It seems like you are giving off so much love, you don’t even realize how much of a teasure you are to others. It’s beautiful. Everyone loves a glowing person who is so humble, and that is you right now.


Hidden influences show that you may be feeling a little emotionally low right now! When you feel aches in your heart or in your being, send love there. Send so much love that the pain has no choice but to heal and repair—elevating yourself and your life out of despair.


Trust me, no matter what pain you have seen in the past, it won’t repeat itself IF you choose to allow healing occur. Feel the pain. Feel the power. Feel what it is that you truly desire.


Feel it, be confident about who you are and what you bring to the world (even if you can’t see it just yet).


The pathway to the most beauty is found by traveling in the depths of your soul, exploring caves in deep darkness, and allowing your own breath to spark a burning flame within your self—and allowing that flame to light the way.


You’re right there. Spark it.


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 Pisces, life is going to test you. However—it’s not about the test… it’s about how you respond to the test.


Are you living up to your highest potential? Are you saying yes to excess drama when you could easily walk away?


Are you weighing yourself down, telling yourself you don’t deserve more than you’re receiving? Even when that’s not true at all?


Why sell yourself short when you could be a beautiful thriving adult?


Leave the childish antics behind. It’s time to embrace a more whole being.


Nourish yourself with beautiful thoughts, food, home décor, and more.


It’s all about elevating yourself out of the basic, and into the beautiful.


The advice for you is to team up with your real life partners. Take care of them. Take care of yourself. Be strong. Be caring. Be loving.


You can’t do everything alone, and you need a supportive team to help you reach your full potential.


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