#FutureForecasts: Week of July 17th - July 23rd, 2017

Welcome to your weekly tarot forecast for the week of July 17th - July 23rd, 2017.

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Image via Daily Mail

Image via Daily Mail

My goal for these readings is to help you connect in with the anchor of your soul. I wish for you to acknowledge and accept any emotional pain you are feeling (whether it’s new or old, from this lifetime or another), and send love to that pain so that you can finally set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…



Aries, this is your snapshot: Right now it’s time to connect with your inner-self through spiritual practices. For some of you this will mean meditating, for others it will mean praying, and for others it may be doing something like painting (something that allows your mind to wander).


Everyone connects with their inner world in different ways. Just do what makes you feel like yourself and you are there.


It seems as though you’ve recently tried to venture out and try something new. Doing things alone, blocking others out, and charging towards and unknown destination is first of all a great adventure, but it’s also scary—it’s the biggest learning period of your life.


Things are breaking right in front of you, and you are seeing that nothing in life is guaranteed. (EXCEPT your connection with your inner truth. Follow your heart, even if you’re stuck in darkness).


Time is unwinding things, and right now is a releasing period for all of us. The moon is waning (which means anything that doesn’t positively serve us will fall away by the new moon later this month). Get your ducks in a row, and continue to ‘clean house.’


This may mean giving away possessions you no longer need, letting go of friendships that drag you down, or even just dropping behaviors, mindsets, and mentalities that hold you back from living a whole life. 


Let’s be honest: you’ve been paralyzed. You know which direction to go, the people you want to see, the places you want to live, and you HAVE the inner reserves to do it! Your angels and your guides are screaming at you sending you the loudest signs, signals, and messages—and you’re not moving. Why?


The cards are showing that you need to allow yourself to believe that others will love you, that the world will deliver everything you need. Breathe into your fears, and fill them with light. When the light hits your fears, they will dissipate instantly. Try it. Breathe.


Your wave of opportunity has arrived. Take the leap. Do it for yourself (and don’t listen to the fears that tell you your loved one’s won’t be there for you if you do it).


You need to grow up: you are not a victim. You are powerful, you are intuitive, and you are on the right path.


Allow yourself to grow. Surround yourself with positive people, let go of negativity that’s harbored deep within your cells, and fill those spaces with neon violet light. It’s time to step deeper into the world of love.


It’s pure, it’s bright, and it’s oh, so supportive


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Taurus, the mysteries of life are your biggest strength right now. You don’t know what’s coming next—which means you could go anywhere.


Use this time period to align yourself with the golden truth that lives inside your body and soul. Ask your inner truth to reveal itself in loving ways that support your current existence, and watch out for clear signs and signals.


You may enjoy a trip (long distance or short distance), and during that trip you will find that your roots are rooted in places you didn’t even consider before! You may find ‘home’ within the arms of a friend or lover. You may find that you are able to spread your wings, and truly fly.


Throughout the week, remind yourself of the Maya Angelou quote: “If you want to fly, you have to give up the shit that weighs you down.”


You’re radiating with unstoppable power-(wo)man energy. You’re glowing (even if you feel dark), You’re mysterious, and awe-inspiring.


Dress up this week with clothing, accessories, and make-up that you enjoy. Maybe even chop your locks off?


I want you to refer to the disappointments of your past as guiding tools. Did a certain situation reveal what you don’t want in work or relationships? Don’t wallow, just use the situation as clarification for what you wish to experience in your life and what you would like to never show up again.


The moon is heavy, if we don’t see the purpose of it (to light up the night with easy, non-invasive light). The moon represents our emotional life—and right now your moon is strong.


Can you support yourself in more loving ways? Take yourself to a yoga class? Book a session with a healer? Carve out time to meditate? Write in a journal?


The advice is that you clear the blocks to your personal expression. Write. Paint. Talk. Sing. Listen to your intuitive urges—then follow them.


This whole emotional pain process (which is showing up as recent past pain) is here to help you acknowledge that you are bigger than you thought you were… you were playing it small, and the universe has major plans for you.


The universe is showing you that it’s time to grow. It’s time to take up space. It’s time to share your true face (and drop the masks).


You can do it, I see you.


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Gemini, what can you do this week to make your whole life experience a more positive one?


Look back into time—what do you wish you would have done differently? Are you making similar mistakes right now? Or staying in a behavioral loop that leads you no where?


Your heart is telling you to go far—that might be physically, or emotionally, or spiritually. It’s signaling that it’s time for adventure, and it’s time to ditch the fear to get going.


The last few years have been a transitional phase. You felt the beginnings of something new, but the old was still present. We are no longer in a transitional phase. This is the new phase. We’re in it. Are you seeing it? Are you feeling it? Are you being a ne and improved version of you?


Team up with a partner to help you make this phase one of the best phases of your life. It’s not cheesy—it’s real, and if you miss this opportunity, then you may have to wait up to ten years to get what you want.


Passionate relationships pave the way for a fulfilling emotional life—and a fulfilling emotional life brings passion into your career, your home, your appearance, your energy, and your lifestyle choices.


Keep your eyes on your long term goals, and get to work to knock off short-term tasks. Get busy.


Right now is a time period where you can make tons of money, elevate your foundations (home, career, long-term partnerships, family). There’s one warning: you have to do the work. There are no short cuts.


Work as hard as you can, push it. Go for everything you’ve ever wanted (and more). Your destiny is here for you.


The gold and good you’ve missed out on in the past is still available to you now. We live in a self-correcting universe, and your past choices will not stop you from receiving all that is meant for you.


Know that it’s yours and it will show up for you in your physical reality. Work hard, and trust. Trust is key.


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Cancer, there are two stories playing out for you right now: the story that you can see, and the underlying bigger meaning of your whole life circumstances.


What you can see is that you have to do two things to live up to your potential:

1.     Leave your comfort zone. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps, and lighten your load.

2.     Connect more deeply with your spirituality (in a soft emotional sense, not in a rigid ‘rules’ bound way.


Now the bigger picture is showing this…

1.     You’re going through a major growth period that relates to healing your inner child. Pain from your past may be resurfacing, and it’s important to immediately send love to that pain when it arises, and allow it to leave your body (being refilled with energy that lifts you and heals you in this current moment). As soon as you realize that this pain has nothing to do with your current situation, and everything to do with previously pushing your emotions under the rug—you will be lifted into greater clarity, and experience greater levels of self-confidence.

2.     Life is a process of ebbing and flowing—you know this. You don’t expect everything to be smooth sailing, and you know that you are in a period where it’s smooth, then it’s choppy. Your internal world is not matching your external experiences (your internal world is too heavy). Let the weight drop, let the moonlight soak into your emotional body and allow for gentle releases. It’s like going to yin yoga, rather than power yoga.

3.     Hidden influences are that you would benefit from engaging in physical activity: walking, unusual sports, and possibly muay tai? This physical activity helps you laser in your focus and makes you a more productive human being.

4.     ADVICE: Be honest with yourself about what you like and what you don’t like. Be honest about what you will accept in your life and what you will not accept in your life. Love yourself enough to walk away from situations that drain you and don’t positivity and inspiration into your life.

5.     The outcome: this whole life period (the last five years or so), has been showing you how to heal your heart and your emotional world. It’s been asking you to overcome your fears by sending love into the darkest spaces within your being, and it’s been trying to show you that if you send love into darkness it will spark a light. It will heal any past pain, and allow you to grow into an indestructible human being.


So what do you say, will you accept the lessons? It’s time to learn the once and for all so that you can let all the past pain go.


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Hi, Leo!


Right now it’s very important that you allow yourself to be the most vulnerable version of yourself. Take time away from the hustle and bustle—and focus on your self.


What is going on with you right now? What do you want to say to yourself? What do you want to be doing right now? Where are you in your life? What goals did you have a year ago from today? And how is it all going?


When you look into the depths of your eyes, what do you feel?


Answer these questions honestly and write it allllllllll down.


Your dark side is showing (and it looks good). Keep moving into your emotions. Keep feeling; keep sharing.


You’re expecting breakthroughs in your creativity and in your love life. Where you once were inspired by groups, you now will be inspired by your true nature. You’re inspired by the possibility of stability—of being grounded and supported.


What’s challenging you is that you have one specific idea of what that looks like, and that’s holding you back. Charter into unknown waters. Expand your horizons for what your life could look like, and don’t back down from living to your highest potential.


Vibrant people always have tons of flies around them at one point or another—bugs are attracted to the light! You contain the most vibrant piece of light known to man, and luckily you recognize it within yourself.


Put on some metaphorical bug repellent, and head out into the world (leaving your fears behind you). Turn darkness into inspiration. Turn pain into knowledge. Allow yourself to break, and allow yourself to fill those spaces in with golden light.


Call upon (or read up on) Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of strength and independence. She’s guiding you this week. She’s writhing through your veins. She’s inspiring you, and guiding you to your biggest realizations yet (about yourself, your life conditions, and your environments).


The biggest piece of advice I can share with you is that it’s time to embody your beliefs now more than you ever have before—you’ve got to walk your talk, darling. Live it. Breathe it. Be it.


What is ‘it?’ It is the magic of your inner being. You will find it when you open your energy to the vibrant colors of the universe. Ask them to meet you where you are, and fill your life with kindness and heart-warming adventure.


Allow yourself to go outside of the box—and this week accept all social invitations that come your way.


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Virgo, this week you have the ability to heal and repair yourself. You have the Midas touch, and you’re elevating situations left and right—even if it means just making a simple phone call.


You have the ability to elevate someone’s world—helping them let go of their own harmful patterns. It’s not that you’ve dong the work for them, it’s just that you’re helping them see their own blind spots, which allows them to elevate into a better (more self-aware) state of being.


You’re helping others lighten their load. You’re showing them that they actually can survive with less, and live a happier life in doing so…


With less physical material, there’s more room for emotional growth. There’s less heaviness, and more freedom.


As you held others realize the core of their being, you’re also getting exposed to the core of your own being.


The advice for you this week is to drop the fluff. Feel who you are—take off the layers and the masks.


You’ll do well to be yourself, and be honest about who you are and what lights up your world.


While you may have been confused about the intuitive insights of others (in the past), it will all make sense to you now. The smoke has cleared, and it’s the dawn of a new day. Someone may have questioned who you are, what your beliefs are, and how you hold yourself accountable for your actions—and you may have not had the answers at the time.


It may have felt like someone was taking a leather whip to your ultra-sensitive skin… and honestly, it may have ripped you apart (just a bit).


Nothing happens in vein. This occurred because you needed to learn how to express your foundational beliefs about life, love, and deep-seeded partnerships.


Romantic relationships aren’t just about sex—they’re about allowing someone to see into your foundations, and help you grow those foundations in creative and expansive ways.


If you’re itching to jet off somewhere new—or revamp your personal style (with heavy foreign influences) go for it, and enlist some help.


You have friends who wish to help you, and they will be there for you when you feel the heat and the pressure of life.


Remember, this week is wonderful for you energetically, so rise to the challenge of being your most genuine version of yourself.


Partnerships can only work if you’re willing to love and care for one another. Are you opening to the present? Or keeping yourself tied up in the past? Any move is the right move—you need to move (or you’ll stay stuck). Keep going.


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Libra, I’m going to be extremely direct and concise in your reading.


Here’s where you’re coming from:

You are coming off a very vulnerable phase. You are still drying the tears on your face, and smearing your make up and evaluation who you are and what you’re doing in regards to first chakra related issues (home, finances, security, family). You’re trying to boost your confidence and be your best self (and this is good).


Here’s where you are (currently):

Your destiny has brought you here for a reason. What is it? You may need to look to external sources of inspiration to really see it click in… Pay attention to all the things that bother you. What emotion does it bring up? Does it bring up a pain or a habit that you wish to release out of your being? Try saying this Doreen Virtue quote: “I release that in me which angers me when I think of you.”


You’ve experienced some seriously dark energy in your life time—some of it was so deep that it actually lodged itself into you (and you’ve cast out that dark energy out into others). What can you do to elevate your own behaviors? Energy clearing. Journaling. Saging. Meditating—and taking responsibility for the ugliness you’ve created.


Set the intention to turn that pain into inspiration. To let it leave your body and be transformed, filling you with divine inspiration. Where there is dark, there can be light.


As you move through this week and you start to notice your own darkness, choose to be the light. Choose to not go there. Choose to be stronger. Choose to creatively release your unhealthy foundational habits—and choose to accept that you are the root of your own darkness. (It sounds strange, but it will heal you). 


Here’s where you’re going:

You are moving into a place of increased balance. You are seeing that the world offers infinite possibilities and you are not bound to any one path. You have the ability to change your circumstances and elevate your being into a cleaner, purer life.


Let go of judgement of others for now.


Focus on being your best self, right now, right where you are…


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Scorpio, this week is testing your mental capacity.


Your challenge is staying strong and centered within your being, and being firm about your greater beliefs in the world.


The sun is shining its light on your face, and right now the heat is so intense you may feel like you’re about to melt. If you feel like something is melting out of your life, let it.


The things that are meant to stay will stand the heat of the fire, and then you’ll have more room and emotional capacity to enjoy it.


This is a situation where destiny really does come into play. You may feel like your sense of self is drooping, but do not give up on yourself or your life mission. Yes, life can be heavy sometimes—but maybe if you removed some of your armor (that you hide behind), things wouldn’t feel so heavy.


The thing is your bright ideas will bring you success and happies. The clouds always clear and the sun always beams down. A good rain is necessary for a good crop.


Trust the process of life. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Put the bow and arrow down.


It’s not a time to fight. It’s a time to allow. Can you do that?


If you can, you’ll see your life blow up in the most beautiful of ways. I love you.


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Hey, Sag.


How’s it going this week? I want to help you open up and enjoy your life—and that’s the baseline energy of this reading.


Life isn’t about being perfect, or getting the ‘most ideal’ of everything—it’s about being alive—that means that there’s contrast. There’s the good, the bad, and the ugly—and you’re a human being here to enjoy the process.


Good news is that you’re coming out on top right now. You’re like a shooting star in the sky, riding the waves of the milky way.


While you’re here, envision yourself soaking in the stardust. Let it fill every part of your being, filling your mind, your body, your emotions, and all the spaces where your soul meets your body. Carry this feeling with you everywhere.


It’s important that you choose to radiate positive energy this week because you are at a pivotal point in your life. It’s elevation time, and you need to focus on yourself this week so that when the doors start to open for you on the next (elevated) level, you have the internal resources to walk through the many doorways of opportunity.


Your life is not about material items. Your life is not about what others think of you, or how they perceive you with their visual eyes. Your life is about your emotional experience. It’s about your intuition; your connection to the world and the things around you. It’s about your ability to feel and express yourself in ways that help you relate to others and the larger purpose of the world.


If you don’t know where to go or what to say or what to do, turn the page and start anew.


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Capricorn, oh my god! Are you in a relationship?


It can go one of two ways: you need to clear out the energy of a past lover, or you need to break up with the person you are seeing.


For most of you this is related to a past love that is long gone. They really hurt you and it caused long term damages. It’s time to accept the lessons and leap forward into a new love. Let your heart heal itself (our bodies always heal themselves—you have to allow it to happen).


It’s okay to feel pain. Embrace the pain. Feel the burn. When you feel it, you can heal it.


Send so much love into every corner of your being. Engage in restorative meditations that surge your body and soul with light.


Connect with friends that lift you into greater levels of joy and creativity and stability. It’s not the time to call flaky friends—go for the stable dependable ones (even if they seem like they might not be as fun on the outside).


The advice is to talk everything out. Be clear about what you are saying and be sure that your words match your actual feelings. Embrace the truest version of you. Do not dilute your words to make them ‘easier’ for other people. No, it’s not easy—but it is worth it.


If you are a beautiful person with honest intentions for everyone to enjoy stability and genuine happiness, then there will be no issues at the end of the day. Everyone involved will understand where you are coming from—and you need to get it off your chest.  


It’s time to reconnect with your light, and embrace what life is giving you. Hold your hand out, and know that what you’re wishing for will be delivered to you. Take some time out to focus on yourself—the ‘you time’ will restore your colors.


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Aquarius, your week starts out slow and then picks up pace towards the weekend.


Pace yourself.


Right now your goal should be to connect with your inner joy and creativity. Find inspiration from darkness you’ve experienced in the past. Be strengthened by it. Embrace your independence, and let yourself really come undone.


Don’t worry about fidgeting with straightening your hair, putting on make-up, or doing anything to alter your appearance. Go au-natural this week, and enjoy every single minute of it.


You’re charting off in a new direction—your own direction to be exact. You don’t know how to do it, but you know it’s right for you and you are willing to break through any blocks and barriers that stand in your way.


I see you. You’re tired and you are determined. Don’t be afraid to take it slow, and connect with friends you meet along the road.


Your destiny isn’t a destination—it’s a journey. It’s a life’s experiences. No, your destiny may not be what you thought it would be. You may not have it all at one time—but it’s about focusing on what’s in front of you.


I’m not going to say that you should drop your expectations of life—I’m going to say that if you want more than what you’re being given in your current circumstances then it’s time to spread your wings and fly to a place that’s better suited for your soul’s needs.


A fresh start is in the cards your you and your cards are showing me that first of all you know exactly what I’m talking about, and second of all—you’re going to have to leave some people behind. For some of you it will feel like people are leaving you behind, but trust that this is a blessing in disguise.


New cities bring you new experiences. Go seek them out Embrace unplanned surprises, and hold those little surprises close to your heart.


You have a lot of soul searching to do—and for many people this means you’re going to search the world and find your soul.


Tell me, how beautiful is that?


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Wow, Pisces, you are on fire this week.


You look beautiful, and you are making splashes in your surroundings. You are a creature of the stars, and everyone is noticing,


Can you take time out to travel this week? Even if it’s just upstate or somewhere a few hours away? It would do you good to stretch your legs and get out of your usual neighborhoods.


Although others view you as someone who is keeping it all cool, calm, and collected, you are feeling like you are ready to break free.


You’ve been so heavily focused n work and money making that you’ve forgotten that there’s more to life than just meeting your basic needs.


What you need is passionate attention, creativity, and going back to the beautiful basics of our human existence.


In order to do this successfully, you will need to acknowledge the darkness within yourself and stand up to it. Tell that darkness it is no longer welcome within your being, and ask the ruler of your heart and soul to step forward and fill those freshly cleared spaces with healthy ego habits and genuine self-confidence.


You are powerful. You are strong, You are the one that sets the tone for your life and your life’s circumstances.


You have the power to turn dark into light. You have the power to spark your soul and ignite your life (it’s a choice, however, and the choice is all yours).


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