#FutureForecasts: Week of January 22nd - January 28th, 2018

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Photo via Google Images

Connect in with the anchor of your soul. Acknowledge and accept emotional pain you feel (new or old, from this lifetime or another). Send love to that pain; set it free. As you do this, may you be met with windfalls of abundance, and feel the warm embrace of the dawn of a new day (and for many of you: a new era). And so we begin…

This week’s readings are paired with mantras from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, Miracles Now.



Your miracle message is: “No is a complete sentence.” – Latham Thomas


Aries, it’s time to draw a line in the sand.


Your primary goal this week is to set boundaries with the people in your life so that you have the ability to give to yourself first, and to others second. It is completely okay to say no to plans, people, and partnerships. No is a complete sentence.


You have a finite amount of time and you have HUGE dreams. You need space to think, to move, to play, and to create your work. Do it for yourself, and don’t try to conform your light to ‘match what the market’ puts out.


Your differences will make you money—a lot of it.


Be sure to check in with yourself often, asking simple questions such as: “Am I having fun? Could I lighten my burdens and my emotional baggage?” Then listen to what your soul has to say in response to those questions, and don’t question it.


The skies are opening for you, and inspiration is yours for the taking. Don’t just follow your passion; be the passion, breathe the passion, and allow that passion to light an uncontrollable flame within your hearts and minds.


You’ve waited far too long to hold back now.


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Your miracle message is: “When you feel blocked, emotionally distressed, or overwhelmed, turn to your breath.”


Taurus, do not give up this week—on anything, or anyone.


You are just getting starting. You are in the development stages, and right now you need to keep things a little hush-hush.


The way to keep the inspiration and the motivation is through nourishment. Wear comfortable clothing. Take luxurious baths. Eat decadent fruits like blueberries, blackberries, and cranberries. Sip on some matcha. Add some bee pollen to your AM coffee. Do what you need to do to feel safe, inspired, and protected. There’s no misstep or mistake; there’s only growth.


Ask others to help you stay inspired. Cook together. Workout together. Journal together. Make vision boards together.


This week is calling for quality time with quality people (no compromises here).


You need to allow yourself to hit pause at home. To light a candle. To put on meditations and healing frequencies—to sing out loud to the music you love. You are your priority this week; nothing else.


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Your miracle message is: “I welcome abundance and I will pay attention to the guidance I receive.”


Gemini, the new moon that happened last week is still affecting you. It’s time to really address what it is you’re holding onto—and ask yourself: “If I loosened my grip, would it be able to flourish and grow into something greater than my imagination can fathom?”


This week is asking you to open up to the universe and say yes to the infinite possibilities that exist in every moment.


Feel the darkness, and feel the moonlight lining your skin. Your intuition is guiding the way. So take time to meditate. Take a nap. Rest, rest, rest, and rest some more.


This week is giving you time to recharge, to put down the stress, and to remember who it is you really are… before you experienced the throws of life.


Remember that person? So dreamy? So creative? So adventurous? So fun?


You are a magical person, and your creativity is beginning to take flight. Connect with your creativity through your heart. Call the people you care about, hit the road—enjoy this adventure that is life.


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Your miracle message is: “I am not my addictive patterns. I am happy. I am free.”


Cancer, it doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, what you do, who you do it with—it just matters that you allow yourself to to live a little. To adventure, to have fun, to embrace the lighter things in life—and to celebrate your life.


You play it safe so often—and that’s honorable—but right now, look for the rainbows and float with the butterflies. It’s a dreamy time, and you want to ride the waves of the lightness of your being.


You’re coming into contact with the true fibers of life this week. You’re settling into your life purpose. It’s big, bigger than you, bigger than this world—and it supports you completely.


I can hear you doubting your success from here, but I’m here to assure you that the universe is pouring out cascades of abundance in every area of your life. Soak it in. Spend it wisely. Invest in yourself. Invest in the vibrancy of your future.


Say yes (even if you don’t know where it’s going to lead you). The doors are open for you. You’re ready—step through.


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Your miracle message is: “Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is letting God talk to you.” – Yogi Bhajan


Oh Leo, this week is all about returning to your true nature as a being that embodies unconditional love.


Wear your heart out on your sleeve. Wear jewelry that your lovers have gifted you. Embody light. Carry less. Lighten your load. Let the universe provide for your needs. Drink ample amounts of water. Get plenty of sunlight. You need to be nurtured


Sage your home. Clean up your diet. Meditate. Reconnect with nature.


If you live in a cold place, put on nature sounds and meditate to the sounds of a jungle. Do what you can to allow your energy to open up. You’re blossoming this week, and the only person who matters is you.


Listen to your body. What do you need? Warmer jackets? Light fabrics? A vacation?


If you can, let go of burdens. Let go of conversations you don’t need to have. Let go of plans that don’t feed you with positivity. Let go of expectations of who you need to be, open up to who you really are…


You, in your barest form of self-expression, are leading yourself somewhere. Pay attention to your emotions. Pay attention to your energy level. Pay attention to your moods. Listen to them.


It’s time to gift yourself with self-appreciation. Appreciate your skin. Appreciate your hair. Appreciate your clothing (it’s decorating your body).


It’s time to take off the excess things in your life. Get back to basics. Get back to being yourself. You deserve it.


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Your miracle message is: “How to handle haters on the internet? Forgive and delete.”


What do you want to create in the next six-month cycle? Plant your seeds now, Virgo.


Days move into nights and as soon as you know it, years have flown by and we’ve been experiencing the same cycles again and again. Never toiling to our soil. Never elevating. Never rotating our crops.


It’s time to plan. It’s time to begin to create.


The life you want isn’t far away from you. It starts right here, right now. It comes together right before your eyes, and it gets better with you each and every day.


If you have an amethyst stone, keep it near you this week. It’s intuitive properties will help you understand that what you create is larger than yourself. You live and breathe for yourself and for the world at large.


It’s a tricky thing to understand—because you shouldn’t feel burdened by the world. You should feel supported, intertwined, and feel sparks of creativity as you move through your days.


Act on your bold ideas, even if they don’t immediately make sense. Make those phone calls. Book those tickets. Call those friends.


You need to drop the worries–and the only way you will successfully do that is if you carve out time to be alone. Give yourself time, and give yourself space. Head to a place where no one can reach you. Contemplate your thoughts, contemplate your life.


The breakthrough comes after the breakdown—and there’s nothing wrong with breaking down.


I urge you to light an intention candle. Get a reiki infused candle, or just grab any candle from the store. Write a letter to the universe. Ask for help. As for clear and undeniable signs that you will easily understand. Write down your worries, write down your fears, and write down the things that you are dying to live out in your lifetime.


Hold the candle close to your heart, and allow it to connect with your energy. As you light the candle ask for help manifesting your soul’s deepest positive desires for the highest good of all involved, or something better.


As the candle burns it magnifies your intentions and you’re able to “keep the prayer going” while you relax into the present moment. It’s a call for help out to the universe, and it’s time for you to ask for help. It’s time for you to accept help. It’s time for you to feel some semblance of happiness.


Don’t back down. Don’t give up right before the miracle hits. Don’t give up on yourself. We’re here for you, and we’re energetically holding your hand and walking with you every step of the way.


Remember: the universe supports you, and it can’t operate any other way.


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Your miracle message is: “Your presence is your power.”


Transformations are never easy. You change shape, you change form, you change your auric color, and you aren’t always able to recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror.


It’s not meant to tear you apart—it’s meant to strengthen to you to help you get to places you couldn’t even imagine in your wildest dreams. Keep that in your back pocket this week.


You are mid-transformation. It will hurt sometimes. You will feel sensitive. You will quite possibly feel confused. Don’t judge it, just open up to something bigger and better that you can’t see.


The world has a plan, and it doesn’t always clue you into why that’s the plan—but it is always working out for your highest good.


Transformations heighten our sensitivity. So this week pay attention to your emotions, your thoughts, your reactions to your relationships and your environments. Be gentle with yourself. Drink tons of water. Eat nourishing foods. Avoid stimulants. Do less, be more.


The universe is working everything out. All will end fairly. Just focus on being kind to yourself and the people around you. Be present in this moment. Feel your energy. Return to your body. Get out of the future. Get out of the past. Be here now.


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Your miracle message is: “I welcome abundance and I will pay attention to the guidance I receive.”


Take a look at the home you are living in. What can you do to make it a warmer place? What can you do to make your heart glow when you walk in the door? Or when you are lounging on the couch?


Its’ time to ‘get real’ about your living quarters. Is it time for a move? Is there some improvement you can make?


For some of you, you’ll be packing things up. For others you’ll be donating your excess belongings to charity. And for others, you’ll be buying ample amounts of candles and decorations to make it a soft landing pad so that you can decompress from the outside world.


Yes, it can be scary to ‘move in’ somewhere, or ‘move out’ of your comfort zone—but you have to be strong. You have to allow yourself to grow and move on to the next level in life.


You past experiences, past lives, past fears are all holding you back—and it’s not acceptable behavior anymore. Deal with the things you’ve pushed under the rug. Take responsibility for where you are, and why you are there.


It’s not a bad place to be, and when you drop the fear and open yourself up to your potential (open yourself up to experience personal growth), you will find that you’ve been in a beautiful place all along. There was just fog holding you back from seeing things clearly.


That fog is lifting this week (or rather you are lifting out of the fog). Apologize to anyone you’ve hurt in the process of holding yourself back. Just say it out loud to the universe or to the walls.


Expressing an intention for healing and moving on is all that’s needed to bring you to a place of new growth.


Be honest with yourself, and answer this one thing: “What is it that your heart truly desires?”


Go toward it.


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Your miracle message is: “Ninety percent of the practice of creating new habits is just showing up.”


Wow. Take a step out of your body. Look at yourself the way a stranger would look in your eyes.


Do you see how much you’ve transformed over the last four years? Do you see the way your life has played out? All the places you’ve gone? All the friends you’ve made along the way? All the experiences that have touched your heart?


Your life is far from dry, boring, and barren. You are a vibrant being. You are filled with life, color in your cheeks, and clarity in your mind.


It’s true—not everyone’s life will look the same. It’s easy to get into the ‘comparison game’—but don’t go there. Don’t do that to yourself. You’re selling yourself short. You’re failing to see the beauty of being in your own lane, being in your own body, being in the creative crevices of your own mind.


Go back to your ancient self—the one who creates things just by thinking of them. Who manifests magical things right into reality. The one who adventures off into the night with only moonlight guiding the way.


The people you meet along the way are just confirmation that you’re going down a ‘good path’ for you. It’s okay to forget who you are as long as you come back to the center of your soul, appreciating your perspective. Appreciating the life that lives within your mind.


Your creativity is what guides you to people, places, and things. Ask the universe for undeniable signs and signals that you will easily understand. You need help reading the roadmap of life right now.  


There’s nothing wrong with needing help at this time in your life. Your purpose is so large and so big. Rely on other people to help you decode the signs as you live.


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Your miracle message is: “There is always a solution of the highest good.”


Last week’s new moon asked you to cultivate something new in your life. Plant the seeds, watch them grow, enjoy the beautiful process of life.


The universe works in mysterious ways. The universe is filled with infinite possibilities. It’s the main reason why we have to trust our intuition and spiritual sight. It leads us to places we otherwise wouldn’t find. It guides us to be infinite—to embody the pulse of the universe, and allow it to pulse within our own veins.


However, it’s not enough to just do do do—hoping it will all work out.


We have to take care of ourselves, our bodies, our minds. We have to make sure we’re in a receptive mode to accept the abundant gifts of the universe.


We have to have space for the magic. We have to throw out the things that disconnect us so that we can replace them with things that do connect us to the infinite possibilities that exist within our spirits and our souls.


It’s simple. Start with your emotions. Start with your current energy level. Start with your intuitive insights. Start by listening. Start by nourishing your wants and needs. Fill yourself up.


That’s the message for you this week… fill yourself up.


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Your miracle message is: “Love can come from any form of authentic connection.”


Oh wow, Aquarius! We are in your season, and you are growing stronger each and every day.


Express your creativity. Sing. Write. Paint. Compose.


Do it for yourself. Do it to keep the world spinning ‘round.


Get dressed up. Do it for yourself.


Allow yourself to flourish. Do it for yourself.


When you allow yourself to be happy, to be creative, to be free—you allow yourself to live in vibration with your highest self.


Do you know what that means? It means you have all the time, energy, and attention to do the things you are put on this earth to do. There are only right moves. There is only purity, clarity, and cool communication.


Dip your toes in the water. Live a little. Live in the center of your being, and happy outcomes flutter into your life without an extra blink of the eye.


You are what makes your life strong. You are what makes your life whole. You are what makes your life complete.


Balance playtime with companions with solitude. Do your own thing this week. Do you.


You are in your golden zone. The universe is matching you. The universe is pouring out opportunities, abundance, money, adventures—anything your heart could desire.


Say yes, and continue to be open to receiving the opportunities of your dreams. You deserve it.


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Your miracle message is: “My positive energy leaves a powerful impression on the world.”

Listen to your body. What does it need? Will you give it what it needs?

Listen to your emotions. What are they telling you? What do you need to do?

It’s okay to cancel plans. It’s okay to show up for yourself, even if it means not showing up for others. You are the center of your universe. You need a reminder of that this week.

Life is a journey. Pace yourself. There’s no need to rush. There’s no need to force things to look a certain way. In fact, you’ll benefit from letting go of what you think things should look like…

When life gets ‘off plan’ you can open up to possibilities that are greater than what you originally imagined. Look for the silver lining this week.

Drink tons of water. Breathe in plenty of fresh air. Give yourself time. Give yourself space.

You have so much love right in front of your eyes. Hold it close. Cherish it.

That’s the real focus of this week (going inward and listening to your heart’s messages). Forget about the outside world for just a minute, for just a day, for just a week.

You are safe. You are protected. You have love. You have a home (even if that home is just the bare earth underneath the bare sky). The universe is protecting you—please believe it.

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